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Angelina Jolie Facts - Biography

Angelina Jolie Facts – Biography

Angelina Jolie Date of Birth

1. The Famous Actress, Angelina Jolie Was Born In 1975

Angelina Jolie was born as Angelina Jolie Voight, on a summer’s morning on June 4th, 1975.

She is an internationally acclaimed actress, film director and screenwriter.

She has been very successful in her work, and has received an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

2. Angelina, Born in California and Daughter of Actor Jon Voight

Angelina Jolie was born in Los Angeles, California.

Her parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand had two children, Jolie and brother James Haven.

Jolie comes from a film-music industry background, with her father being a famous actor and her uncle being songwriter Chip Taylor.

3. Jolie and Her Mother had a Strong Relationship

Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand divorced in 1976.

Angelina Jolie and her brother decided to stay with their mother.

Bertrand had an interest in acting, but wanted to focus most of her attention on her children and gave up her acting career.

Jolie and her mother had a close relationship, and had a routine of watching movies together.

Jolie says this is what inspired her acting, the love for movies she and her mother shared.

4. Jolie Was Inspired to Act at the mere age of 6

Her mother remarried, and filmmaker Bill Day became Jolie’s stepfather.

When Jolie was six, the family moved to New York.

Jolie wanted to become an actress, and when they moved back to Los Angeles when Jolie was 12, she was enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

She trained for two years with the company.

5. Jolie Has Been Exposed to the Film Industry Since She Was 7 years old

Jolie’s first appearance on screen was with her father, who is also an actor, Jon Voight.

She has a small role as a child at the age of seven, in the movie Lookin´ to Get Out which was made in 1982.

When she was 18 years old, she starred in a low budget film, Cyborg 2.

AT the age of 20, in 1995, she landed her first lead role in a major film, Hackers.

Only 3 years later, in 1998, she starred in the television film, Gia, a biographical film that received high praise.

6. Her Multicultural Background

Angelina Jolie comes from a rather diverse background.

Her father has German and Slovakian roots, and her mother is of French Canadian, Dutch and German descent.

Jolie has reported that she has Native American roots as well, like her mother, and says she is part Iroquois.
Teenage Years

7. Jolie Changes Her Mind, Decides to Become a Funeral Director

When Jolie was 14, she decided to leave acting and left the Institute.

She decided to become a funeral director for some time.

Afterwards, she decided to become a model, and at the young age of 14, began modelling in Los Angeles and major cities such as New York and London.

8. Angelina Jolie Was an ‘Interesting’ Teenager

During her time as a model, she spent most of her time away from home.

Angelina Jolie was involved in one of her most serious relationships of her teenage years at the time.

Her boyfriend lived with her, and she would often go ‘moshing’ with her boyfriend.

She entered an era of ‘Goth-hood’, wore only black clothing, and was interested in knife play.

9. Jolie’s Mother Set Reasonable Limits

Jolie’s mother had a sensible way of raising her daughter.

Bertrand was aware that if she constricted her daughter to rules and regulations, it would only push her daughter farther away.

When Jolie met her boyfriend at the age of 14, her mother allowed the two to live together in her house.

She preferred that Jolie was in the same house as her rather than living somewhere on the streets and living a “reckless” lifestyle.

10. Jolie says Teenage Romance Was Like a Marriage

Her teenage relationship of two years was rather serious, and Jolie describes it as similar to a marriage.

She does not regret her breakup or her relationship.

She says that the end of her two year relationship spurred her to take up acting again and ‘do something’ with her life.

11. Jolie Picks Up the Pieces after Break-Up

Her relationship, which she says was an emotional roller coaster, ended after two years.

Angelina Jolie moved back to the same city where her mother was living, and rented an apartment on the same street as her mother.

She finished high school, and decided to once again devote her attention to the theatre.

Angelina Jolie: Growing Pains

12. She Suffered From Depression as a Teenager and Adult

Angelia Jolie suffered severe depression during her teenage years and even during her early twenties.

Her depression caused suicidal thoughts.

She attended Beverly Hills High School where most of the students were from rich families.

She was constantly teased by children, which exacerbated her depression.

They ridiculed her thin frame and her braces and glasses.

13. Jolie Says Cutting Herself was “Therapeutic”

Her depression and isolation from other students at her school made it difficult for her to make friends.

Angelina Jolie was lonely and depressed, and found an outlet for her pain in harming herself.

She had a previous passion for knife play, which fueled her need for cutting herself.

She says that the cutting made her feel “alive” and was “therapeutic”.

She also started doing drugs and by the young age of twenty, she had tried a large variety of drugs, such as heroin.

14. Jolie and Father, Jon Voight Have Had a Difficult Relationship

Jolie has never had a stable relationship with her father.

She blames him for her parent’s divorce due to his extra-marital affairs.

She has seen the suffering and pain her mother had been burdened with as a single mother and has little to thank her father for.

15. Jolie and her Father’s On and Off Relationship

In 2001, she appeared with her father in her hit movie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

The father daughter reconciliation did not last long, and in 2002, Jolie officially had her last name of Voight, removed.

She had previously been using her middle name as her surname, but decided to officially make the change after becoming estranged from her father once again.

16. Voight Bad Mouths His Own Daughter

In 2002, after Jolie officially dropped his name from her own, Voight insulted her in an interview with Access Hollywood.

He stated that she had “serious mental problems.”

Jolie stated that now that she had become a mother herself, after her adoption of son Maddox, she did not think it was proper for her to continue her relationship with her father, Jon Voight.

17. The Death of Jolie’s Mother Brings the Two Together Again

They say tragedy brings you closer, and with Jolie and her father, this might be true.

When Jolie’s beloved mother died after a long battle with ovarian cancer in early 2007, Voight and Jolie met up again after a separation of six years.

Personal Life of Angelina Jolie

18. Jolie Meets First Husband, Jonny Lee Miller on the Set of Hackers

Angelina Jolie met her first husband during the filming of her first major film, Hackers.

Her romance with actor Jonny Lee Miller was the first serious relationship since her teenage romance.

In 1996, when Jolie was only 21 years of age, she married Miller.

19. A Different Kind of Wedding

The Miller and Jolie’s wedding was a rather strange one.

Angelina Jolie wore an unconventional outfit of black rubber pants and a white T-shirt.

If that sounds odd enough, her white T-shirt had the name of her groom written in her own blood!

20. “We were simply too young”

After around a year of marriage, Miller and Jolie decided to separate in 2007.

They finally divorced in 1999.

The decision was a mutual one, and the two actors remained on good terms with one another.

Jolie says that the marriage happened at the wrong time, other than that there were no issues.

She says that Miller was the best husband anyone could ask for, they were just “too young” for the marriage to work out.

21. Jolie has a Brief Relationship with a Woman

Jolie is not shy of talking about her love life.

One particular area of interest for many was a report that she was in a relationship with actress Jenny Shimizu.

Jolie says that had she not married her husband, Miller, she would have progressed the relationship with Shimizu.

22. Jolie’s Second Marriage, with Billy Bob Thornton

In 2000, after a brief relationship, Angelina Jolie married actor Billy Bob Thornton in Las Vegas.

The couple had met almost a year before, but Thornton was engaged at the time to another actress, Laura Dern.

Jolie did not want to pursue a relationship with an already committed man, and waited for Thornton to resolve his issues with Dern first.

23. More Love, More Blood

Jolie’s second marriage was similar to her first in the bizarre gestures of love the couple had for one another.

The couple was famously known for wearing a vial of each other’s blood around their necks.

The media had a great interest in the couple’s life, and they were often at the centre of public scrutiny.

24. Jolie was Surprised by the Sudden Decline in Her Marriage

In 2002, the couple announced they would be adopting a child from Cambodia.

However, all of a sudden, only three months after announcing the public statement about the next major step in their life, the couple separated.

Angelina Jolie says that she herself was surprised by the separation, and states, “…overnight, we totally changed.

I think one day we had just nothing in common.”

Fight With Depression – Angelina Jolie

25. Jolie Wanted to Hire a Hitman to Kill Her

Angelina Jolie has spoken openly about her depression and her deep history with drugs as a teenager and young adult.

What came as surprising news was that once, in 1997, she was so intensely depressed and confused about life, she almost hired a hit man to kill her.

26. She Has Been in a Psychiatric Ward

Some people suffer from cold feet before their marriage, but Angelina Jolie had more serious issues on her mind before she wed actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Only three days before her big day, Jolie was admitted to the Los Angeles psychiatric ward due to severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

27. Jolie Rebounds Once Again

Similar to her teenage years when she befell a decline in her interest in life but rebounded with graduating from high school and pursuing her acting career, Jolie also found her feet again after her separation from Billy Bob Thornton.

Angelina Jolie began to work with the United Nations Department, UNHCR, and adopted her first son, Maddox in 2005.

She transformed her image in the Hollywood community, from depressed Goth to a devoted citizen of the world and loving mother.

28. Jolie Adopted her First Child in March 2002 as a Single Parent

Even though her marriage fell apart around this time, Jolie went on with her plan to adopt a child from Cambodia in March 2002.

Her son, whom she named Maddox Chivan, was seven months old at the time and lived in an orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a city which had attracted much of Jolie’s attention in previous years.

Jolie had applied for adoption during her filming of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider but the process was delayed due to issues which arose in the US with Cambodian adoptions.

The Beginning of Brangelina

29. Angelina Jolie Meets the Love of Her Life, Brad Pitt in 2005

In 2005, Jolie found herself in the midst of a controversial Hollywood scandal.

She had been accused of being a ‘home wrecker’ and the cause behind the divorce of the previously very happy couple of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Rumor was that Jolie had begun an affair with Pitt while they were filming their movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

30. Rumor Has It!

The media loves talking about Angelina Jolie, and news about her life will appear online within minutes.

Rumors about her impending nuptialsto fiancé, Brad Pitt, have started ever since gold bands were seen spotted on the couple’s fingers.

Rumors that Jolie was suffering from Hepatitis C and was on the verge of death also circulated the web with massive strength.

The most recent rumor to be found online about Jolie is that she is pregnant with her seventh child.

31. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Dubbed as Brangelina

After two marriages, Jolie has settled with the famous and very gorgeous Brad Pitt.

Pitt was previously married to Jennifer Aniston.

It has been said that they met on the set of their movie together, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The couple has adopted three children together and have three biological children of their own.

Their clan has received much media attention.

32. Jolie Denied Rumors of Affair with Brad Pitt

Jolie repeatedly denied reports of her affair with Brad Pitt while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

She says that she would never do what her father did to her family.

She also stated that she would never be attracted to a man that cheated on his wife.

33. Jolie and Brad Pitt Announce their Relationship to the World with Joyful News

Jolie and Pitt did not officially discuss the nature of their relationship until early 2006, when Jolie stated that she was pregnant with their first biological child.

The couple has been together since then, and have two more biological children, and have adopted two more children as well, making a total of six children.

After over six years of a loving relationship, the couple announced their engagement in April 2012.

34. Angelina Sends Brad Dinner From Afar

Jolie was recently in London to attend a G8 summit meeting.

Before she attended the meeting though, Jolie had some household duties she had to ensure were completed.

Her fiancé, Brad Pitt is a big fan of curry and has a favourite Indian spot in London.

It was stated that Pitt had been craving a good curry, and being the superwoman she is, Jolie had a large order of chicken korma and a chicken tikka freezer packed to take home.

35. Jolie Takes Good Care of Her Husband to Be

Her son Maddox and her bodyguard were sent to pick up the large curry order and they also stocked up on Pitt’s favorite beers, Kingfisher and Cobra.

Luckily for Jolie, she would be flying on a private jet so she did not have to worry about baggage allowances or weight issues!

Angelina Jolie Career

36. Jolie’s Portrayal of Supermodel Gia Carangi was a Huge Success

The 1998 HBO film, Gia was a huge success for Jolie.

The story of Gia in some ways reflects the Jolie’s own turbulent beginnings.

Gia portrays the story of supermodel Gia Carangi, who went through a roller coaster of destruction during her career.

She became addicted to heroin, which caused a decline in her personal and professional life, and eventually died of AIDS in the 1980s.

Jolie played her role very well and was praised for her nerve and display of desperation in the film.

37. Jolie and ‘Method Acting’

Angelina Jolie is very devoted to her acting, and this is what has made her such a success.

During her filming of Gia, she was married to Jonny Lee Miller.

Jolie is a fan of Lee Strasberg’s method acting, and would remain in character even when off the set.

She would be difficult to handle and would not want to contact her husband, Miller, during this time.

She would make excuses, such as “I’m dying” or “I’m gay”, remaining in the distressed character she was playing.

38. Angelina Jolie a.k.a. Lara Croft

In 2001, Jolie starred in the movie remake of the video game, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. She received international recognition for her role, and became famous in the global film community.

She also found a place amongst video game enthusiasts and her fan club increased.

When Angelina Jolie made the Lara Croft sequel, The Cradle of Life in 2003, she made her position as the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

39. Jolie as an Action Film Star

Jolie’s success continued throughout the years.

In 2005, she established her role as an ‘action’ film star in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

In 2008, she starred in the movie Wanted which is her biggest non-animated success.

Another movie released in the same year, Changeling earned Jolie an Academy Award for Best Actress.

She received much praise for her role as a distraught mother in the movie.

40. She Produced an Eye Opening Film, A Place in Time

Jolie created an eye-opening documentary in 2007.

The films Jolie creates are not the typical movies one would watch in a theatre.

They are documentaries rich with information and history, beautiful in both their ideas and their story.

Her film, A Place in Time shows life in 27 different locations around the world in just one week.

The film was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival.

41. Angelina Jolie Tries Her Hand at Directing

Angelina Jolie was moved to create a drama regarding the Bosnian War of 1993-1995.

It was her directorial debut and the movie, In the Land of Blood and Honey was released in 2011.

42. In the Land of Blood and Honey is Filmed to Bring Attention to the Forgotten Bosnian War

Jolie’s other film, In the Land of Blood and Honey, is a love story about a Serbian soldier and a Bosnian prisoner of war.

The movie takes place during a turbulent time; the Bosnian War.

Jolie says that the movie reflects her own experiences of the two visits she made to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

She stated that she wanted to create a film that brought attention to the survivors and the issues of a war that took place not too long ago.

43. In the Land of Blood and Honey Receives Mixed Reviews

Angelina Jolie was moved to create this film, and scripted the film herself.

The movie was both praised and criticized by Serbians and Bosnians.

Bosnian war victims, however, were very happy that such a movie had been created which reflected their troubles and sufferings.

Serbians were not very happy as they said it was biased in its history.

Sarajevo made Jolie an honorary citizen of the capital.

The film, In the Land of Blood and Honey received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Foreign Language Film.

44. Jolie Says Changeling was a Tough Movie To Work In

Jolie had recently suffered the tragedy of losing her mother when she filmed the movie, Changeling.

Already emotionally distraught, Jolie says the movie was hard on her as a mother.

“As a mum it was horrible,” she said, stating that losing a child was the worst fear of any parent.

45. Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actress

In 2009 and 2011, Angelina Jolie was considered the highest paid actress by the economic magazine, Forbes.

In 2011, Jolie made a spectacular US$ 30 million.

She has an estimated net worth of US$ 120 million.

Angelina Jolie: Family and Children

46. Jolie Adopts More Children

Angelina Jolie has not only funded and supported areas of conflict with her aid and humanitarian efforts; Jolie has taken a personal approach to the issue.

She adopted her daughter, Zahara from an orphanage in Ethiopia in the summer of 2005.

There were worries that Zahara was an AIDS orphan, but fortunately, she was not.

Zahara received the best medical care when she arrived in the US, and was treated immediately for severe dehydration and malnutrition.

47. Jolie Gets a Scare From Zahara’s Biological Mother

In 2007, more than two years after Jolie adopted daughter Zahara, it was reported by the media that Zahara’s biological mother wanted her daughter back.

Jolie was rightfully unsettled with this news.

Fortunately, it was not true.

When interviewed, the biological mother stated that she was grateful that Jolie had adopted her child and that her daughter was “very fortunate”.

48. Brad Pitt Travelled with Jolie to Ethiopia to Bring Zahara Home

When Jolie went to Ethiopia to take custody of Zahara, she was not alone.

Brad Pitt travelled with Jolie to the country, and was by her side when they brought Zahara home together.

In 2005, Pitt announced that he was going to be adopting Jolie’s adopted children, Maddox and Zahara.

In 2006, the claims were verified when Jolie had her children’s surnames changed from Jolie to Jolie-Pitt.

49. Jolie Travels to Namibia for The Birth of Her Child

Angelina Jolie and Pitt had been the centre of the media’s attention for some time.

They were aware that the birth of their child would only make matters worse.

In order to have a private and peaceful birth, Jolie travelled to Namibia for the birth of her daughter, Shiloh Nouvel.

Shiloh has a Namibian passport.

50. Jolie Celebrates the Birth of Her Daughter

Angelina Jolie was so happy and relaxed when she gave birth to her daughter, Shiloh Nouvel.

She donated US$ 300, 000 to local hospitals in Namibia, where she had given birth.

She also pledged further funds for the building of a school in the Swakopmund, a city in Namibia.

51. Pictures of the Couple’s First Biological Child Go For Sale

Pictures of the new mother and her biological child were said to be sold to the People magazine for a reported US$ 4.1 million.

The British magazine, Hello! bought the photograph rights for US$ 3.5 million.

The profits were donated to charities for African children.

52. Jolie Adopts for the Third Time, Bringing her to a Total of four Children

In 2007, Jolie adopted her fourth child, a three-year-old boy from an orphanage in Vietnam.

Jolie and Pitt wanted to adopt the child together, but Vietnam has laws against unmarried couples adopting a child.

Therefore, Jolie adopted her son, Pax Thien, as a single parent.

53. Angelina Jolie is Pregnant, With Twins!

In 2008, Jolie announced proudly that she and Brad Pitt were expecting twins.

This would an additional two children to the already full house of four kids.

This time Jolie spent time in a resort hospital in Nice, France, where reporters and photographers lived outside waiting to catch a glimpse of the pregnant wonder woman.

54. Jolie Loves Spending Time With Her Children

Angelina seems like a busy woman, but never too busy to spend time with her brood of children.

She takes them along with her on trips to the farmer’s market and takes them for horse rides as well.

Jolie has repeatedly been photographed by the media with her children.

55. Brangelina is Going Strong!

Even after six children and seven years of being together, Jolie and Pitt find time for themselves.

The lovebirds are still very much in love, despite rumors that they are going through a rough patch recently.

Wherever one goes, the other usually follows, and they never forget to bring the children along.

The couple recently dined at a lavish restaurant in Budapest during a visit to the city for Pitt’s latest movie.

56. Brad Pitt is an Amazing Father and Husband

Brad is an amazing father, and plays soccer with the children.

He has adopted the three children Jolie adopted, and has legally made them his children.

What more could a woman want? He says his latest movie, World War Z, was made for his boys, because they love zombies and he wanted them to be able to watch a movie that they enjoyed and could watch before they turned 18.

57. Angelina Describes her Family as “Very Normal”

Jolie’s family is constantly evolving, and currently consists of two very successful actors, and six children.

Jolie says that her family is “very normal” and she has tried very hard to keep her children and their personal life “well grounded.”

She states that she is more of a friend to her children than a mother, reflecting some of the mothering skills her mother had with her.

58. Jolie’s 4 Year Old Could Be Making More Money than You!

Jolie’s children are being introduced to the film industry.

Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne, has played a role in the movie, Maleficent.

The four year old was paid US$ 3, 000 per week! Other siblings also are in the movie, but have smaller roles.

The movie is reported to be released in March 2014.

59. Brangelina’s Biological Child is Not the Only One Who Can Make Sales

Rights to the pictures of their fourth child, Pax Thien were sold to the US magazine, People for US$ 2 million.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were quick to bring Pax to the family, and in May 2007, the boy’s surname was changed from Jolie to Jolie-Pitt.

60. Angelina’s Twins Make More Money than Any Celebrity

In the summer of 2008, Jolie gave birth to a baby girl, Vivienne and boy, Knox.

The twins’ photographs were sold to the US magazine People and the British magazine, Hello! for a total of US$ 14 million.

This made these photographs the most expensive celebrity photographs ever taken.

The money was donated to the couple’s Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

Angelina Jolie Awards

61. Jolie Wins Multiple Awards for Her Role in Gia

Jolie won her second Golden Globe Award for her spectacular portrayal of Gia Carangi in the television movie, Gia. Jolie also won her first Screen Actors Guild Award.

She was also nominated for an Emmy Award.

62. Angelina Jolie Wins Her First Academy Award

Angelina Jolie’s next major role fit the theme of roles she had been taking on lately.

She played a socio path in the hit film, Girl, Interrupted in 1999.

The movie was an adaptation of a novel of the same name.

She was a supporting actress, with the main role given to Winona Ryder, but this movie is what made Jolie a Hollywood hit.

She won her third Golden Globe Award for this movie, her second Screen Actors Guild Award and most impressively, her first and only Academy Award for her role as a supporting actress.

63. Jolie Has Won Her Fair Share of Humanitarian Awards

Her work has not gone unnoticed.

She has received awards for her humanitarian work ever since 2002.

She was the first person to be awarded the Citizen of the World Award by the United Nation in 2003.

In 2005, the United Nations US division awarded Jolie the Global Humanitarian Award.

In the same year, she was granted Cambodian citizenship for her work in the country.

After ten years of work as a Goodwill Ambassador, Jolie was given the gold pin, which is awarded by the United Nations Refugees division for long-term staff.

Other Accomplishments of Angelina Jolie

64. Jolie’s Book, Notes From My Travels

Jolie knows how to use her influence in the media to bring to light many global issues.

She has not only visited many countries strife with disaster and suffering, but she has also penned her visits in her book, Notes From My Travels.

Due to her success and large fan base, her book was a must have for many people.

This was another very effective way of bringing light to very pressing global issues.

65. She Has Also Filmed an MTV movie to Promote Global Awareness

Other ways that Jolie has promoted global awareness is through mass media film.

In 2005, she filmed The Diary of Angelina Jolie & Dr. Jeffrey Sachs in Africa, which was aired on MTV.

The film showed her visiting remote villages and aiding villagers.

Angelina Jolie Humanitarian Work

66. Working with Refugees Around the Globe

Angelina Jolie is a big promoter of humanitarian causes.

She simply does not donate money to the causes she believes in.

Rather, she believes in visiting the refugees and working with them directly to help understand their lifestyle in a better way.

She is a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

67. Jolie Says Acting is What Brought Her to Humanitarianism

Jolie says that her acting career has brought her to many different parts of the world.

She says that her exposure to so many different countries has brought her attention to global issues.

In 2001, while filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in Cambodia, Jolie saw first-hand how refugees were suffering.

She decided to contact the United Nations and asked for a list of troubled areas in the world.

She began her humanitarian projects, and started visiting refugee camps all over the world.

68. Jolie Was Previously a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN

In 2001, Jolie became a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency.

She has worked for many years with the United Nations, and is now a Special Envoy.

As a Goodwill Ambassador, she devoted much of her work and attention to providing aid for refugees located in war torn countries such as Cambodia, Darfur and Jordan.

69. Jolie Has Received Much Acclaim for Her Work with the UN

Jolie received a Global Humanitarian Action Award in 2005 for her strong efforts in collaboration with the United Nations in helping refugees.

Jolie is unique in her work with refugees, as she does not shy away from meeting them in person and travelling to dangerous countries where her life could be at stake.

She has made it her duty as a famous actress, to bring attention to global issues.

70. Jolie was Motivated to Visit More and More Refugee Camps

Angelina Jolie first visited Sierra Leone and Tanzania in 2001.

Jolie was devastated by what she saw.

Rather than be discouraged by the amount of suffering and troubles she had witnessed during her 18-day trip, Jolie was motivated to visit more countries.

She returned to Cambodia and visited the refugees for two weeks.

She also met with Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

71. Jolie Covers all the Costs of her Humanitarian Trips

Angelina Jolie does not do humanitarian work or visit these war torn countries for exponential media coverage.

She covers all the costs herself, and has never asked for ‘funding’ or bragged about her journeys.

She does not believe in being treated better than other UN volunteers, and will sit and talk with locals as one of their own.

72. She Has Visited Refugees in Over 30 Countries

Angelina Jolie has not stopped visiting troubled countries.

She has met with refugees in more than 30 different countries.

Jolie states that she intends to bring attention to these forgotten people, who are going through pain every day.

Jolie says that these people should be looked up to, for they have survived such drastic conditions that many in first world nations would never dream of going through.

73. War Torn Areas Don’t Frighten Jolie

Angelina Jolie is not afraid of visiting areas that even some locals would have trouble journeying to.

She has visited Sudan, particularly the Darfur region, when it was in turmoil during the Darfur conflict of 2004.

In 2005, after the Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan, Jolie travelled with Brad Pitt to visit the victims of the terrible natural tragedy.

In 2007, she visited Chad during a time of civil unrest.

In both 2007 and 2009, she visited the war torn Iraq when it was undergoing its scariest years of the Gulf War.

She even visited Afghanistan in 2008 and 2011, areas that have been evacuated by local Afghans themselves.

74. Angelina Jolie a Proud Supporter of Malala Yousafzai

On April 4th, before attending the G8 meeting, Jolie attended the 2013 Women in the World Gala.

The Gala honored women from all over the world.

Jolie went to the Gala in support of the Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head in Pakistan by Taliban.

75. Angelina Has a Soft Spot for Children, Founds the Maddox Chivan Children’s Centre

Angelina has not only worked with the United Nations in efforts to change the world.

She has also started her own cycle of change.

In 2006, along with the Global Health Committee, she created the Maddox Chivan Children’s Centre.

Named after her eldest child, the centre serves as a daycare for children who have HIV in the Cambodian city of Phnom Penh.

76. Jolie and Pitt Establish the Jolie-Pitt Foundation

Also in 2006, Jolie along with Bard Pitt, created the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

This foundation has been founded to aid and fund global humanitarian issues.

The next year, Jolie collaborated with Dr. Gene Sperling to create the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

This foundation aims at helping fund educational programs for children who have been affected by conflict tragedies and natural disasters.

77. Working with Microsoft and Legal Advisors to Help Children

Angelina Jolie has worked with influential companies to help various organizations and people, in particular, young children.

In 2008, she partnered with Microsoft, to create the Kids in Need of Defense.

The idea behind this establishment is to provide immigrant children who have moved to the U.S. with probono legal guidance.

In 2010, she began her own program, the Jolie Legal Fellows Program, which is a collaboration of lawyers who will help support child protection in war struck Haiti.

78. Jolie is using her Own Funds to Create Schools in Afghanistan

It has been many years since Jolie first began her humanitarian efforts, and she is nowhere near giving up.

Jolie, now a special envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) built schools in a small town Qala-I-Gudar in Afghanistan in 2012.

She plans on building more schools with the funds from her recent jewellery line.

79. Jolie Creates the Malala Fund

In collaboration with Vital Voices and Women in the World, Jolie created the Malala Fund to support the young Pakistani girl who was shot in the head.

Malala herself will be in charge of the fund.

The ambitious young girl was so excited and grateful for the funds to help other young girls go to school.

80. Angelina Jolie and Hilary Clinton on the Same Page for Women’s Rights

Interestingly, secretary of State, Hilary Clinton and actress Angelina Jolie have more in common than they may think.

Clinton was also on board for the promotion and support of Malala Yousafzai.

81. Angelina Jolie Visits the Democratic Republic of Congo

Angelina Jolie visited the conflict area of Congo, where rape by soldiers and officials has become an important global issue.

Along with British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, Jolie visited a refugee camp where she met with women and young girls who were victims of rape.

The International Rescue Committee is working in the Congo to stop this type of violence against the women and children of the area.

82. Angelina Jolie Speaks Up About Rape at the G8 Meeting

Angelina Jolie raised her voice in an attempt to create awareness of the very serious issue of rape in conflict areas.

She spoke at a meeting of G8 foreign ministers in an effort to push for action towards this serious global issue which Jolie believes with proper enforcement, can be prevented.

83. Jolie is a Strong Advocate for Rape Victims, Referring to them as “Forgotten Victims”

Angelina Jolie is finding ways to promote awareness of rape victims, particularly those who are victims of rape in conflict areas.

At the London G8 summit meeting, Jolie stated, “Rape is not a women’s issue, or a humanitarian issue, it is a global issue.”

She also referred to the rape victims as “forgotten victims of war: responsible for none of the harm, but bearing the worst of the pain”.

Angelina Jolie, An Inspirational Personality

84. Angelina is Becoming More Involved in Humanitarian Efforts and Cares Less about her Appearance

Most famous actresses would worry first if they had their eyebrows done before boarding a plane, regardless of whether they were going promote awareness of rape in a conflict area.

Angelina Jolie on the other hand, proudly donned gray locks during her visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

Though her hair may be graying, her face and stance is healthy and fresh.

85. Jolie Will Always Be ‘Wild’ At Heart

Angelina Jolie has not changed much since her early days as a wild and eccentric actress.

Just recently, the mother of six donned a pair of tight leather pants as she boarded her flight from London to Los Angeles.

Other than her son Maddox tagging alongside her, Jolie looked much like her younger self.

86. Angelina Jolie is an Inspiration to Woman

Jolie has been used as the model in a painting of the Virgin Mary in a painting by Kate Kretz titled, “Blessed Art Thou.”

The painting has received controversial reviews.

Kretz says she was inspired by Jolie’s beauty and work.

87. Jolie is an Independent Woman, She Doesn’t Have an Agent or Publicist

Jolie is a proud and independent woman.

She does not have an agent or publicist that manages her affairs, even though she is a famous actress and filmmaker, not to mention a devoted mother of six children! Jolie has always been very flamboyant and does not shy away from the intense media attention she has received ever since her early success.

88. Angelina Performed Her Own Stunts in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Not surprisingly, the wonder woman Angelina Jolie performed her own stunts in the filming of the movie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

She trained hard for the movie and was not dismayed when she received cuts and injuries during a chandelier scene that was filmed for the movie in 2001.

89. Jolie Does Not Shy Away from the Media

Angelina Jolie says that with fame comes the media.

She says that regardless of whether or not the actor wants people to know about their life, the media will find ways to get involved.

The actor is also always under public scrutiny, “So whether they share or not, their cover is already blown.”

90. Angelina Jolie Attacked by “Doxxing” Prank

Recently, Angelina was victim to the prank known as “doxxing.”

This is a serious hacking into one’s most important information such as Social Security number, financial information and bank account details.

Other celebrities who have been targeted by this prank include Lady Gaga and First Lady, Michelle Obama.

91. Jolie had Previous Husband, Thornton’s name erased from her body

As her journey through life evolves, Angelina Jolie has also managed her tattoos to follow through.

She has covered some tattoos or has had them removed, such as the name of her previous husband, Billy Bob Thornton.

92. She Knows How to Fly!

Another indication of Jolie’s independence and multi-talented nature is the fact that she has a private pilot license.

The famous actress even owns her very own single engine aircraft! She can take her children for a ride whenever they want.

93. Brangelina one of Hollywood’s Top Earning Couples

As of January 2013, Angelina Jolie and Pitt have a combined net worth of US$ 270 million.

In 2008, they were 5th on the Forbes’ list of Hollywood’s 20 Top-Earning Couples.

They earned a combined US$ 34 million during the 2007 and 2008 fiscal year.

Angelina Jolie as a Sex Symbol and Icon

94. Angelina Puts Her Topless Photo Up for Auction

In a recent controversial move, Angelina Jolie has had a topless photograph of herself with a white horse put up for auction in London.

In the picture, which has spread all over the web within minutes of the news being released, Angelina is seen with a white horse and shows the more ‘natural’ side of Jolie.

95. Topless Photo is Part of “The Wild Side of Photography”

The photo, which is gaining widespread attention all over the world, was photographed by David LaChapelle almost 12 years ago, when Jolie was only 25 years old.

It is part of a series of nature photographs, called The Wild Side of Photography.

The photo will be auctioned next month in London, and is estimated to go for around 25-35, 000 pounds.

96. Jolie’s Lips Don’t Lie

Angelina Jolie has been most notably known for her luscious full lips.

She is a beautiful woman, and has been regarded as the world’s most beautiful and sexiest woman by many popular magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and People and in 2009, by Vanity Fair.

97. Octomom is Copying Angelina Jolie

Everyone has his or her share of admirers, but Angelina has a special one.

‘Octomom’, Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets and a total of 14 children.

She has an eerie resemblance to Jolie and takes her fair share of photographs that are copies of Jolie’s photographs.

98. Angelina Jolie has fourteen tattoos

Jolie has a beautiful collection of tattoos that span the journey of her lifetime.

Her most famous is the Latin proverb, “What nourishes me, destroys me.”

She also has a quote by Tennessee Williams tattooed, and many prayers and signs of protection symbols.

She also has the six sets of the geographical coordinates of the origins of all of six of her children.

99. Angelina’s Pose Gains Worldwide Attention

In a pose at the previous Academy Awards, Angelina created a media sensation with her bare leg that she ju tout proudly in front of her.

Angelina Jolie has not been very open to the public media, which made her alluring pose that much more wanted and surprising.

What’s most interesting is, within minutes of the image being shown on television, Angelina’s leg was all over Twitter, with its own account, ‘AngiesRightLeg’ and already had thousands of followers.

100. Angelina Jolie is Proud of Being Beautiful and Sexy

When Angelina Jolie was asked about how she felt about being labelled as one of the world’s sexiest women, Jolie stated that “I’m a woman, and anytime you tell a woman that she looks nice, it’s not going to upset her.”

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