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Ashton Kutcher Facts – # 100 Fun Facts

Ashton Kutcher Facts - Biography

Ashton Kutcher Facts – Biography

Early Years

1) Ashton Kutcher (Born in 1978)

One of the most desirable American actors, the extremely famous and handsome Ashton Kutcher was born on 7th February, 1978, to parents Diane nee Finnegan and Larry M. Kutcher, in the town Cedar Rapids located in Iowa, USA. Kutcher went on to become a model and later leaned towards acting and production.

2) Family

Kutcher’s mother, Diane, is of German, Bohemian and Irish descent, and was an employee at Procter and Gamble; his father, Larry, is also of Bohemian ancestry and worked in a factory.

Kutcher has two other siblings, his sister Tausha who is older than him and his brother Michael, who is Kutcher’s fraternal twin.

Michael had a heart transplant when he and Kutcher were quite young and later suffered from cerebral palsy.

3) Suicide Attempt

Kutcher suffered from a traumatic time during his teens when his brother Michael was attacked by cardiomyopathy.

His life at home had become pretty tense and nerve-racking causing Kutcher to become stressed at all times.

He started keeping himself occupied with other chores and didn’t feel like staying at home.

This is when he attempted to commit suicide.

He was only 13 when he tried jumping from a balcony of a hospital in Cedar Rapids, where Michael was admitted.

Fortunately, his father interceded and stopped him from ending his life.

4) Ashton is Kutcher’s Middle Name

Kutcher’s real and full name is Christopher Ashton Kutcher.

His middle name is Ashton and he began using it as his first name when his modeling agency asked him to do so.

His agency already had signed a deal with a model named ‘Christopher’ and they didn’t want any confusion; hence, they suggested that Kutcher uses his middle name and he happily obliged.

5) Has Webbed Toes on his Left Foot

Ashton Kutcher has an extra toe on his left foot and his two toes are combined.

Fused toes are commonly referred to as ‘webbed toes’ and it is not commonly found in humans; one in about twenty five hundred children is born with webbed toes.


6) Kutcher’s love for Acting

Ashton Kutcher went to Washington High School situated in Cedar Rapids before moving to Homestead in Iowa, where he went to the Clear Creek Amana High School.

While he was in his freshman year at Washington High School, his love for acting took root.

He took part in different plays staged in school and felt a deep connection with acting.

He made his first appearance in a play titled ‘The Crying Princess and the Golden Goose.’

7) Wrestled in High School

Kutcher was also involved in wrestling when he was in high school but he got severely injured and then stopped this activity.

8) Kutcher- Arrested for Stealing During his Senior Year in High School

When Kutcher was sixteen years old, his life at home became unbearable when his parents got divorced.

This episode adversely affected Kutcher to such an extent, that he burglarized his high school with his cousin to steal some money, but was arrested while he attempted to escape from the building.

He was charged with third-degree burglary and was put on a probation period for three years and also had to perform community service of 180hours.

9) Kutcher became Sensible after Being Arrested

The entire experience of being caught while escaping a crime scene and probation knocked a lot of sense into Ashton Kutcher.

He claims that this incident matured him and made him realize what he really needed to do with his life.

He states that although this event made him lose his girlfriend, the chances of getting scholarships from colleges and led to him being banished from school, it still ‘straightened him out.’

10) Studied Biochemical Engineering to Discover a Cure for his Brother

During the summer of 1996, Kutcher commenced his under-grad studies at the University of Iowa, where he decided to make his major Biochemical Engineering.

Kutcher believed he would be able to get his hands on a cure for cardiomyopathy, from which his brother Michael suffered during childhood.

11) Problems at College

Though Kutcher stated to have organized himself after the theft incident in high school, he still couldn’t stay away from trouble during his time at the University of Iowa.

He was chucked out of biochemical engineering as he was too boisterous and rowdy for the department.

Kutcher states that he hardly had a clue about what was happening to him; he partied all night long and used to wake up oblivious about what had happened the night before.

Financial Troubles

12) Did Different Jobs to Pay for his College Tuition

After being kicked out of his department at IU, Kutcher started realizing his responsibilities and began doing work to pay for his college tuition.

He served as an employee in the Department of Cereal at the General Mills factory located in Cedar Rapids where he used to clean cereal dust from the floor and was paid $12/ hour.

13) Donated Blood in Exchange for Money

Kutcher experienced such hard times during his days of college that he even used to donate his blood at times for money.

Beginning of His Career

14) Won ‘Fresh Faces of Iowa’

During his days of college, Kutcher was once hanging out at a bar named ‘The Airliner’ in Iowa where he was approached by a talent hunter who was in search of new faces.

On his encouragement, Kutcher entered the modeling competition “Fresh Faces of Iowa” and went on to win the show.

His triumph took him to New York, where he had to take part in the International Modelling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention.

15) Modeling Career

Kutcher did not win the IMTA Convention and came second to Josh Duhamel, but he did succeed in getting a modeling contract from the Next Modeling Agency situated in New York.

This contract was the start of his modeling career.

Kutcher appeared in various ads and did lots of shoots.

Two of his most popular modeling projects were those done for Abercombie & Fitch and Calvin Klein.

He was even involved in some modeling assignments in Milan and Paris.

16) Start of Acting Career

After gaining adequate success in modeling, Kutcher decided to direct his attention towards acting.

Acting after modeling also seemed like the most sound and wise decision.

Ashton Kutcher shifted to Los Angeles in 1997 to audition for different shows and try his hand at acting.

One of his initial auditions included one for a small role at NBC, but he wasn’t selected for it.

Rise to Fame

17) How Kutcher Landed ‘That 70s Show’

In 1998, Kutcher’s agent found out that a new series titled ‘Teenage Wasteland’ was being planned and asked Kutcher to audition for a role in it.

He auditioned for the role and asked the judges to inform him if he had landed the role by 3:45p.m.that day.

He had also auditioned for a role in the show ‘Wind on Water’ and had been offered the role, but Kutcher was reluctant to accept it.

He had to inform the committee of ‘Wind on Water’ about his decision by 4:00 pm the same day.

Lucky him, he got a call from ‘Teenage Wasteland’; this show was later renamed to ‘That 70s Show’.

18) Got his Big Break from‘That 70s Show’

Ashton Kutcher is famous for his role as Michael Kelso in one of the most famed and hilarious shows of the 90s, ‘That 70s Show.’

Kelso is a silly but handsome boy in his group of friends who aims to do big in life, on the basis of his stunning looks.

The show began in 1998 and was concluded in 2006; Kutcher played Kelso in 184 of the total 201 episodes of the show.

Some sources state that Kutcher, along with his fellow co-star from the show, Topher Grace, made around $250,000 per episode during the final season of the sitcom.

19) Tallest Cast Member of ‘That 70s Show’

Ashton Kutcher is 6ft, 2.5in tall and is the tallest amongst the entire cast of ‘That 70s Show’.

20) Appeared in Cameo Roles in Television Shows and Dramas

Kutcher appeared in briefly three different television shows.

In 2001, he played Dean Cassidy in one episode of ‘Just Shoot’; in 2002, Kutcher was seen playing the short role of Cousin Scott in an episode of ‘Grounded for Life’; and in 2008, he played the role of Beaux in ‘Miss Guided.’

21) Starred in Several Comedy Movies

While Kutcher was doing That 70s Show, he began receiving several offers from Hollywood.

Kutcher starred in lots of comedy films.

Some of his famous ones include ‘Dude, Where’s My Car’ in 2000 in which he played the role of Jesse Montgomery III,‘Just Married’ in 2003,‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ in 2003,‘Guess Who’ in 2005,‘What Happened in Vegas’ in 2008 and ‘No Strings Attached’ in 2011.

22) Gained Fame from ‘The Butterfly Effect’

Kutcher is especially known for his work in ‘The Butterfly Effect’, which is an interesting psychological and science-fiction thriller movie of 2004.

Kutcher was the lead protagonist of the film and played the role of a boy who suffered from blackouts that could take him back in time where he could change the events that took place.

Though the movie received mixed critical reviews, it did fairly well at the box office and earned around $96 million from a $13 million budget.

23) Talks about ‘The Butterfly Effect’

According to Kutcher, ‘The Butterfly Effect’ was a truly enlightening movie and described the happenings of life really well.

He said in an interview, ‘I thought that it was a fantastic metaphor for life, and pretty enlightening.

And I appreciated the opportunity to play a character that’s blind to the trauma that takes place in his life.

The violence that is in the movie, I thought, was a fantastic metaphor for how blind we are as a society, and as people, to the things that actually do happen on a day-to-day basis, and how we kind of just block them out.

And whether it be through our media or whatever, we go, Oh, it’s not happening in my world, so it’s not happening.’


24) Kutcher Punk’d Lots of Celebrities

‘Punk’d’ is a fun and exciting reality TV show that first broadcasted on MTV during 2003.

It was created by Jason Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher; Kutcher also hosted and produced the show.

The show features pranks being carried out on common people and celebrities that are caught on hidden cameras.

The first episode of the show featured the singer, Justin Timberlake.

‘Punk’d’ was initially aired from 2003-2007, took a 5 year break, resumed in 2012 and is still being aired.

25) Got Punk’d by John Edwards

Ashton Kutcher and John Edwards were flying from Minnesota to Iowa after completing a campaign in Minnesota.

They were flying in Edward’s Air Force One jet.

As they were getting off the jet, a secret service personnel came up to Kutcher and asked him if he had a gray bag in the luggage.

After Kutcher answered ‘yes’ to his question, the guy started interrogating him about a firearm in the bag; this seriously disturbed and worried Kutcher.

When that man told Kutcher that the secret service was going to detonate his bag, Kutcher started saying, “Detonate it? I’m not trying to kill anyone, I promise.

Detonate it! Do it! Please.” And then the entire secret service shouted, “You just got Punk’d.”

This entire incident is videotaped and is in the possession of John Edwards.

26) Became a Part of ‘Two and a Half Men’

In 2011, Kutcher was made part of the well-known and hilarious sitcom, ‘Two and a Half Men.’

He replaced Charlie Sheen, as the latter was kicked off the show after he made reproachful comments about the show’s creator.

The 9th season of the show introduced Kutcher as Walden Schmidt.

That season’s premiere was watched by more than 28.7 million people; this was the highest number of viewers the show ever scored in all its seasons.

27) Produced Several Television Shows

Ashton Kutcher is a recognized producer and has to his credit the honor of being the producer of lots of television shows and dramas.

Apart from producing ‘Punk’d’, Kutcher was the Executive producer of ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ for 8 episodes, ‘Beauty and the Geek’ for 48 episodes, ‘Adventures in Hollywood’ for 8 episodes, ‘Miss Guided’ for 7 episodes, ‘Game Show In My Head’, ‘The Real Wedding Crashers’ for 7 episodes, ‘Room 401’ for 8 episodes and ‘The Beautiful Life’ for 5 episodes.

His other productions include ‘Pop Fiction’, ‘Opportunity Knocks’ and ‘True Beauty’.

28) Acclaimed Hollywood Producer

Kutcher has also produced many Hollywood movies.

He was the Executive producer of ‘The Butterfly Effect’ in 2003, ‘A Lot like Love’ in 2005, ‘Spread’ in 2009 and ‘Killers’ in 2010. Kutcher also acted in all of these movies.

29) Voice for Episodes of ‘Robot Chicken’

Kutcher has also been the voice for different characters in the animated comedy television series ‘Robot Chicken.’

He gave the voice for Kelso and Michael Knight in episode Gold Dust Gasoline, was TiVo User in Toy Meets Girl; voiced for Blitzen and Templeton Faceman Peck in the Nightmare Generator and again voiced for Blitzen in the episode Robot Chicken Christmas Special.

30) Was Considered for Pearl Harbor and Batman

It is a surprising fact that Ashton Kutcher was considered for the role of Batman in Batman Begins, but the role eventually went to Christian Bale and he was also considered for the role of Danny Walker in Pearl Harbor but lost it to Josh Hartnett.


31) Dated Late Hollywood Actress Brittany Murphy

Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy entered into a romantic relationship at the end of 2002.

The two were also seen together in the 2003 romantic comedy ‘Just Married.’

Their relationship didn’t last for long but Kutcher and Murphy didn’t hold any ill will towards each other after their break-up.

The last time he met her was about 2 months before her death.

While talking about Murphy in an interview, he says, ‘I just celebrate who (Murphy) was.

She was like the person who walked in the room and was the first person to dance.’

32) Dated January Jones

Ashton Kutcher also dated actress January Jones.

They both started dating each other sometime during 1998 and finally broke up in 2001.

Marriage to Demi Moore

33) Relationship with Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher began dating veteran actress Demi Moore sometime around 2003.

Despite their big age difference, the two hit it off from the start and showed immense compatibility.

Their affair was one that always stayed in the limelight and attracted paparazzi.

34) Took Demi to Iowa to Meet His Mother

During October of 2003, Ashton took his girlfriend Demi Moore to Iowa to meet his mother.

His mother had prepared a nice meal for the two that consisted of enchiladas, ham and chicken breast.

35) Demi Makes Ashton a Better Person

Ashton Kutcher was extremely fond of Demi Moore when they were in a relationship and loved being with her.

While talking about Moore in an interview, Kutcher said, ‘I love being with her.

She makes me a better person.’

36) Marries Demi Moore

On 24th September, 2005, these two love birds tied the knot in a small ceremony officiated by a rabbi of the Kabbalah Center.

Moore was 42 and Kutcher was 27 at the time of their marriage.

Around 150 guests attended the wedding, including Moore’s ex-husband and eminent Hollywood star, Bruce Willis.

37) My Other Dad

Kutcher shared a pretty healthy relationship with Demi Moore’s three daughters: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah.

He treated them with love and care and was strict towards them when it came to their dating boys.

His step daughters call him ‘My Other Dad (MOD)’ and Kutcher likes that.

38) Healthy Relationship with Demi Moore’s Ex-Husband

Ashton Kutcher had a good relationship with Demi Moore’s ex-husband, Bruce Willis.

Willis approved of Kutcher’s marriage with Moore and also appreciated that Kutcher was friendly with his daughters.

While talking about Ashton Kutcher in an interview, Bruce Willis said, “Ashton’s a pretty cool guy.

We hang out.”

39) Moore wanted Kutcher’s Baby

Ashton Kutcher loves kids and always wanted a baby from Demi Moore, especially after their marriage.

Moore was 40 at the time of their marriage and tried quite hard to get pregnant; she put her body through a lot of trouble for Kutcher but failed each time to conceive his child.

40) Kutcher Divorces Moore

On 17th November, 2011, Demi Moore announced that she wanted to divorce Kutcher.

The couple stayed separated for more than a year and finally on 21st December, 2012, Kutcher filed for divorce from his wife.

The principal reason for this incident is believed to be Kutcher’s recurring nonchalance towards Moore and the fact that he cheated on her.

Other Ventures

41) Owns Restaurants in Los Angeles

Ashton owns two restaurants in Los Angeles: Dolce and Geisha House.

Dolce is a wonderful restaurant that serves scrumptious Italian food.

Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Jamie Kennedy and Wilmer Valderrama are the other celebrities that own shares in Dolce and Geisha House.

Geisha House is amongst the most popular celebrity owned eateries in Los Angeles that has an amazing ambience.

42) Owner of Katalyst Network

In 2000, Ashton Kutcher, along with Jason Goldberg opened up Katalyst.

It is a production house that was established to create movies, television shows and dramas.

Later, Anthony Batt also joined their team and Katalyst was turned into Katalyst Network.

43) Katalyst Network- An Innovative Company

Katalyst Network was included in the ‘Top 50 Most Inspiring Innovators’ by Ad Age in 2010.

In the same year, the company was named as one of the most creative companies in the Fast Company Magazine’s section ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Companies.’

Apart from creating movies and television shows, Katalyst is also involved in making social plans for Nikon, Mountain Dew, Levis, Virgin Mobile and Intel.

44) Launched his own Twitter Client

Kutcher is a fervent user of Twitter and is very fond of this social media site and technology too.

Recently, he launched his own Twitter client named A+ in collaboration with UberMedia.

One of the most attractive features of A+ is Live Preview.

To prepare A+ Kutcher hired IT students from Columbia University.

45) Has Invested in Numerous Technology Establishments

Ashton Kutcher is a huge fan of technology and has shares in different technology and IT related startups.

He has invested in Airbnb,, Foursquare, Path and Skype. Kutcher is also the co-founder of A-Grade Investments.


46) Nominated for Numerous Awards

Kutcher has been nominated a number of times for different kids and teen choice award categories.

He has been nominated once for Best performance in a TV Series in Young Artist Award 1999; once for Sierra Award for Best Male Newcomer in the Las Vegas Film Critics Society 2000; six times for various categories in Teen Choice Awards 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012; once in each MTV Movie Awards 2001 and 2011; for different categories in Kids Choice Awards 2004, 2006 and 2007; once in Hollywood Film Award 2006, Critics Choice Award 2007, Screen Actor’s Guild Award 2007 and People’s Choice Award 2010.

47) Winner of Several Teen Choice Awards

Has won Choice Reality Hunk, Choice TV Reality/ Variety Host and Choice TV Actor in Teen Choice Awards 2003; Favorite Movie Actor and Favorite TV Actor in Kid’s Choice Awards 2004; Choice TV Personality, Choice Reality/ Variety TV Star- Male and Choice TV Actor Comedy in Teen Choice Awards 2004; Choice TV Male Personality, Choice TV Actor- Comedy and Choice Movie Rockstar Movement in Teen Choice Awards 2005; Choice Movie Actor- Romantic Comedy in Teen Choice Awards 2008; and Choice Movie Actor- Romantic Comedy in Teen Choice Awards 2010.

48) More Movie Related Awards

In 2004, Ashton Kutcher won the Hollywood Film Award for Best Ensemble for his work in ‘Bobby’.

He has also won the Choice Movie Actor: Romantic Comedy award for his work in ‘No String Attached’ in the MTV Movie Awards in 2011.

Kutcher also won the award for ‘Favorite Web Celeb’ in People’s Choice Awards 2010.

49) Nominated Twice for Razzie Award for Worst Couple On Screen

Sadly Ashton Kutcher has been nominated twice for the Razzie Award in the category ‘Worst On Screen Couple’ in the Golden Raspberry Awards during 2003.

Kutcher and Brittany Murphy; and Kutcher and Tara Reid were nominated as the two worst couples on screen for their work in Just Married and My Boss’s Daughter respectively.

50) Nominated Twice for Razzie Award for Worst Actor

Kutcher was nominated twice for the Razzie Award in the category ‘Worst Actor’ in the Golden Raspberry Awards.

Once, he was nominated in 2004 for his acting in ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’, ‘My Boss’s Daughter’ and ‘Just Married.’

The second time he was nominated for this award in 2011 for his work in ‘Killers’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’, and he won the Razzie that year.

51) Teen People Magazine’s Hottest Stars

During 2002, Ashton Kutcher was named one of the 25 hottest stars under the age of 25 on television in Teen People’s Magazine along with Christina Aguilera, Kirsten Dunst, Josh Hartnett, Avril Lavigne and Katie Holmes.

52) TV’s 25 Greatest Teen Idols

Kutcher is always admired and praised for his handsome looks.

In the January 2005 issue of the TV Guide, he was ranked seventeenth amongst the ‘25 Greatest Teen Idols’ on television.

53) VH1’s Hottest Hotties

Ashton Kutcher’s striking looks hardly ever go unnoticed.

In ‘VH1’s list of 100 Hottest Hotties’, Ashton Kutcher was ranked at number 3.

54) Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People

Each year, Time Magazine publishes its list of ‘Top 100 most influential People’ of the year.

This list includes people from different professions.

In 2010, this list included Ashton Kutcher in it.


55) Opened DNA with Moore

Kutcher and Moore established a charity organization titled DNA that is the acronym for ‘Demi and Ashton Foundation.’

The organization works to save and protect  children from being sexually harassed and exploited.

DNA was started when the two were still married to each other; after they split up, DNA was renamed to Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children.

56) Habitat for Humanity

Ashton is highly motivated to do good for the society and during 2006, he declared that for all of the first fifty thousand users who add him up to be their friend on MySpace, he would donate a dollar each to the Habitat for Humanity.

57) Built Homes for the Underpriviliged

Kutcher spent one whole week in Central America constructing homes and establishing shelter for the deprived and destitute in that region during 2008.

58) A Day Made Better

Kutcher joined hands with ‘A Day Made Better’, which is a charity foundation that helps teachers around the globe and supplies them with necessary amenities for their classroom and funds to get those facilities.

Kutcher donated a handsome amount to this organization and played a part in their great work.

59) Apne Aap

Ashton Kutcher also provided funds to Apne Aap, which is a foundation that works against anti-trafficking and has helped over fifteen thousand at-risk women, providing them with a safe environment.

60) Chrysalis

Kutcher is an ardent supporter of Chrysalis.

It is a nonprofit foundation that is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the homeless, needy and destitute people of the society.

61) Artists for Peace and Justice

Started in 2009, Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) is a fundraising foundation established by Paul Haggis and his friends.

It works to help the deprived communities of the world and has recently directed its efforts towards rehabilitating Haiti.

Ashton Kutcher is amongst those celebrities who extended their helping hands towards APJ and supported them magnanimously.

62) Free The Slaves

Free The Slaves is a wonderful organization that was created with a mission to free the slaves in this world and help them get freedom from their unhealthy and tormented life.

Ashton Kutcher is a keen supporter of this organization and provides them with funds graciously.

63) Supported GEMS

Ashton is also a supporter of GEMS; GEMS is the acronym for Girls Educational & Mentoring Services.

It is a one of its kind of establishment in New York that is created solely to help sexually abused girls and women.

64) Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP)

Ashton Kutcher has also supported CTAOP.

CTAOP was set up by Charlize Theron to help the youth of Africa battle AIDS.

65) Raising Malawi

Ashton Kutcher donated generously to Raising Malawi; it is a non-profit foundation established by Michael Berg and Madonna during 2006 to alleviate the hardships of the impoverished orphans in Malawi.

66) Extended Support to UNICEF

UNICEF is another name amongst the list of non-profit organizations that Ashton Kutcher supports.

UNICEF works in around a hundred and ninety countries to better the lives of children.

67) Supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Kutcher simply adores kids and loves to help them, which is why he donates generously to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

It is one of the most prominent and notable charities in the U.S. that works towards health care and research.

Political Views

68) Believes in the Right to Vote and Voice Your Opinion

Ashton Kutcher strongly believes that everyone should vote during the elections and voice their opinion through their vote.

This is why he participated in the ‘Declare Yourself’ campaign that took place before the 2004 Presidential elections.

69) U.S.- Russia Innovation Delegation

During February 2012, Ashton travelled with President Barrack Obama’s U.S. – Russia Innovation Delegation to Russia.

It was the first delegation of its kind and its aim was to help engender positive ideas and views about U.S. – Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission.

Other objectives of the delegation were to speak to the Russians on the issues of safeguarding children and anti-trafficking.

70) Liberal Democrat

Ashton Kutcher is an open-minded democrat and supported Clinton and Obama.

In addition, he believes homosexuals should be given equal rights.

Present Day

71) Kutcher to Star as Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher is going to star as the prominent and influential, late co-founder of Apple in the movie ‘Jobs.’

The film is a tribute to Steve Jobs and focuses on his life and his contribution to Apple.

Kutcher has been signed to play Steve Job’s role and is working arduously in this role.

72) Is Currently Dating Mila Kunis

Sometime during the start of the year 2012, Ashton Kutcher started dating actress Mila Kunis.

Kutcher and Kunis had worked together in the past in ‘That 70s Show’.

Kutcher is very secretive about his relationship with Kunis and doesn’t like the interference of the media in their private life.


73) First Person to have 1 Million Followers on Twitter

Ashton Kutcher has to his credit the honor of being the very first person who had 1 million followers on Twitter.

His tweets made him immensely popular among Twitter users.

In 2009, Kutcher gathered a total of 1 million followers on Twitter; now he has a lot more followers than that.

Before that, only CNN channel had this much Twitter followers.

74) 500th Customer to Go Aboard Virgin Galactic

Recently Ashton Kutcher signed up for being the 500th person to ride in Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic is the brainchild of Sir Richard Branson and was created to promote space tourism.

This spaceship takes its passengers on a 2.5 hour tour of the space that costs them around $200,000.

Kutcher is thrilled about this adventure.

75) Sean Diddy Combs Pays Tribute to Ashton Kutcher

Sean Diddy Combs paid a tribute to Ashon Kutcher in ‘The 2010 Time 100.’

Combs mentioned in his tribute that Kutcher and he are like yin and yang: he is upfront and straight forward while Kutcher is more relaxed and urbane.

He also appreciated the work Kutcher and Moore do via Twitter.

Combs wrote about Kutcher, ‘This guy will show us the future.

And it’s gonna be a blast.’

76) Does MMA to Fight Off Fat

Ashton Kutcher is a huge fan of Brazilian jui-jitsu and practices Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) on a routinely basis to maintain his slender and attractive physique.

Kutcher is such a big devotee of this form of martial arts that he has even gone to Brazil to train for it.

77) Is a Chicago Bear’s Enthusiast

Ashton Kutcher is quite a huge fan of the Chicago Bears and is frequently seen wearing Chicago Bear’s T-shirt.

His love for this football team is equally shared by his current girlfriend, Mila Kunis, as they both were spotted grabbing ice cream after watching a Chicago Bears match wearing T-shirts supporting the team.

78) Delta Chi Fraternity

Ashton Kutcher is a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity.

Delta Chi, also known as D-Chi is a social society that was established at the Cornell University in 1890.

Kutcher is a part of this fraternity along with Alan Heitz and Kevin Costner and attends its meetings.

79) Distinction of Being in 2 Movies that Premiered the Same Day

Ashton Kutcher is the only actor who has the distinction of having two of his movies premiere the very same day.

His films ‘Open Season’ and ‘The Guardian’ both opened on 29th September, 2006.

80) Doesn’t believe much in Religion

Though Ashton Kutcher was raised in a very strict and orthodox Catholic family, he himself isn’t a big follower.

He doesn’t follow any religion in specific but is a believer in spirituality.

He doesn’t believe that kneeling and reciting a certain verse repeatedly will help anybody.

81) Owns Two Pets with Funny Names

Ashton Kutcher is actually an animal person and own two pets: a cat and a dog.

He calls his dog Mr. Bo Jangles and his cat, Fido.

82) Loves Listening to Music

Ashton Kutcher devotes a good deal of time listening to music and is often seen listening to his favorite songs, wearing his Sennheiser headphones.

Sennheiser is Kutcher’s favorite brand of headphones.

83) Enjoys Partying with Friends

Apart from listening to music, Kutcher loves hanging out with his friends and partying hard.

He is repeatedly spotted partying at various clubs in Las Vegas.

84) Close Friends with Wilmer Valderrama and Tom Welling

Ashton Kutcher is quite close to Wilmer Valderrama and they both have a strong friendship.

They worked together in ‘That 70s Show’ and have often been seen together at parties and other places.

Kutcher is also good friends with Tom Welling, who is best known for his work in TV series ‘Smallville.’

He and Kutcher became friends when they started modeling.

85) Most Disturbing Moment in Movie History

Ashton Kutcher is included in the Premiere Magazine’s list of ’50 Most Disturbing Moments in Movie History’ and is placed at number 35.

You can just see a picture of Ashton Kutcher in the list but there is no explanation given beneath it as to why he is mentioned in that list.

Luxurious Lifestyle

86) Huge Fan of Expensive Luxury Vehicles

Ashton Kutcher owns 6 pricey and gorgeous vehicles that he loves to drive every now and then.

He has a $2m, lavish caravan that is fully furnished and contains seven plasma screens.

He also owns a spectacular red Ferrari that is a beauty to look at.

Kutcher is a bike aficionado as well and owns a Harley-Davidson mountain bike that cost him around $15000.

His remaining three luxury vehicles include a silver Fisher Karma, a black Lexus LS Hybrid and a NaviStar CXT.

87) Owns Two Extravagant Houses

Besides his stunning mobile mansion, Ashton Kutcher possesses two stunning houses: one in Beverly Hills and the other in the Hollywood Hills.

The Beverly Hills house is worth 3.15 million and is big enough to easily accommodate sixty people at the same time.

Before buying the Hollywood Hills mansion for 3.5 million, Kutcher was staying in it and paid a rent of $50,000/ month.

The highlights of this manor are its world-class gym, massage room and a huge hot tub.

88) Trusts Topman for his Winter Clothing

Ashton Kutcher likes the Topman brand, especially for their winter clothing.

Amongst other clothing items from the brand, Kutcher owns a comfy burgundy cardigan that looks really good on him.

89) Likes his Ray Bans and Rolex

Ashton Kutcher loves wearing black Ray-Ban shades and a Rolex Sea Dweller wrist watch.

He is time and again seen wearing these two items on various occasions, which shows his affection for them.

90) Has a Total Net Worth of $140 Million

Ashton Kutcher has a total net worth of $140 million which is quite a gigantic amount.

His two chief earning sources are acting in movies and appearing in sitcoms.

Kutcher is paid around $10 million for every Hollywood movie he acts in and takes approximately $650,000 to $70,000 for each sitcom episode that he appears in.

91) Deep Love for Apple Inc. Products

Ashton Kutcher is a technology enthusiast, which is why he loves the brand Apple Inc., as it brought about revolutionary innovation in the field of IT.

Kutcher has an iPhone and Mac Book, and is often seen happily using them.


92) Model, Actor, Producer and Social Activist

Ashton Kutcher lived a beleaguered childhood and teenage that were mainly dominated by problems at home and poverty.

This man has definitely come a long way.

He started out with a modeling career and then went on to become a recognized television star, Hollywood actor and producer.

He also has shares in different companies and restaurants.

He is a big social activist; he has his own non-profit foundation and donates generously to various other charitable organizations as well.

93) Kutcher on Working Hard

Ashton Kutcher aims to be the hardest working actor in Hollywood.

He says, ‘I’ll probably never be the best actor in Hollywood, but I hope to be the hardest working.’

94) Ashton Kutcher Talks about Love

Ashton Kutcher becomes a bit skeptical when it comes to love.

He defines ‘love’ like this: ‘I don’t know if it’s truly like a 100%t attainable everyday in the human form.

But I think that to me love is when your desire for someone else is greater than your desire for yourself, or equal to that.

That’s a very tricky thing to attain. I think that a lot like love is what most of us call love.’

95) Ashton Kutcher and Spirituality

Though Ashton Kutcher does not have much faith in religion, he does believe in spirituality.

While talking about this topic, he said in an interview, ‘Spirituality is doing things and then seeing the results and then believing in them.’

96) Uses Twitter to Spread Positivity Amongst People

One reason why Kutcher was named as Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential people is because of his positive and beautiful tweets.

Unlike most celebrities, Ashton Kutcher does not use Twitter to promote himself and his movies; instead, he makes use of the Twitter platform to start constructive conversations with people that encourage them to do more good and contribute towards society.

97) Ashton Kutcher Talks about His Success

Ashton Kutcher finds his success very weird at times and it all seems like a dream come true to him.

He says, ‘It’s weird. I think that every time I have a movie come out that’s successful or a show come out that’s successful is kind of like a dream coming true.

In a way, when dreams come true more than once we start to call them reality and now it’s become like that.

It’s like I’m going, wait a second.

I’m there.

I don’t have to keep driving myself crazy about this thing.

It was more like a dream.

What I’m doing now never seemed like it was something that was possible.’

98) Quit Smoking by Reading Allen Carr’s Book

While talking to Jay Leno, Ashton Kutcher informed the public that he gave up smoking cigarettes by reading Allen Carr’s famous book ‘The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.’

He quit smoking as his role in the movie ‘The Guardian’ demanded it.

Kutcher plays the role of Jake Fischer who is a swimming champion and has a traumatic past.

99) Believes that People shouldn’t get Attached to Somebody’s Looks

Ashton Kutcher believes that one should not get too involved with his own or somebody else’s looks, as looks will eventually fade away.

He once stated in an interview, ‘Looks fade. Don’t get too attached.’

100) Believes Good Things Come to People who Want Them Badly

Ashton Kutcher does not believe in the old saying that ‘good comes to those people who wait.’

According to Kutcher, ‘I don’t believe that old cliché that good things come to those who wait.

I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can’t sit still.’

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