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Beyonce Knowles Facts - Biography

Beyonce Knowles Facts – Biography

Wonder Years of Beyonce

1. Beyonce born on 4th September, 1981 in Houston

Beyonce Knowles was born on 4th of September 1981 in Houston, Texas.

She is the daughter of Mathew Knowles and Tina Knowles.

Her father, Mathew Knowles worked as a salesman for a firm selling medical equipment, while her mother is a well-known fashion designer.

Beyonce Knowles is an African-American.

Her father is African American while her mother is a Louisiana Creole.

Beyonce Knowles is the descendant of Joseph Broussard, who was an Acadian leader.

2. Little sister Tina following the footsteps of Beyonce

After getting baptized, she was named “Beyonce”, which is her mother’s maiden name.

She is the elder of the two daughters of Mathew and Tina Knowles.

Her younger sister’s name is Solange Knowles and who is also a singer, actress, model and songwriter by profession.

3. Beyonce a very quiet and shy child

Did you know that as a child Beyonce was very shy? Her mother, in order to help her overcome her shyness, admitted her into a dance class.

And during this dance class, Beyonce not only excelled in dancing but her hidden singing talent was also unleashed.

4. Beyonce’s childhood hobbies

Beyonce Knowles used to play games such as ‘Brick Breaker’ and ‘Tetris’ during her childhood.

Singing and dancing were Beyonce Knowles’s hobbies from her childhood but another hobby that is not known to many people is that she loves to play Nintendo games when she is free.

She was even spotted playing one of the Nintendo games with her nephew Julez, in an official TV commercial.

Beyonce Education

5. The singer in her discovered at Mary’s Elementary School

From her childhood, Beyonce Knowles started showing her interest in singing.

She took her initial education in Fredericksburg, Texas, at Mary’s Elementary School.

She opted for dance classes and during her time at this school her interest in singing was discovered.

Beyonce Knowles was very young at that time when her dance instructor found her hidden singing talent.

It is reported by her instructor that during one of her dance classes, Beyonce Knowles was successful in finishing a song that her instructor was humming.

She managed to keep her voice stable while singing the high-pitched notes of the song.

6. Beyonce took part in singing competitions held at school level

Before she actually pursued singing as a profession, her interest in singing and music was evident from the fact that she participated in various singing competitions.

She even won a competition that was held at a school level.

She sang the song “Imagine” by John Lennon and her performance was remarkable.

7. Her performance on a stage as a part of school choir

It was in the year 1990 that Knowles got into Parker Elementary School in Houston.

It was a music magnet school and it was in this school that Knowles became part of the school’s choir and started to perform on stage.

8. Early Years

Due to her growing interest in singing and music, she decided to get enrolled in the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

After that, she joined the Alief Elsik High School.

From her childhood, Beyonce Knowles took part in all sorts of singing competitions and was keen to try her luck in other singing avenues.

For two years, Knowles performed with the St. John’s United Methodist Church.

She performed as a soloist in this choir.

Early Career of Beyonce

9. Formation of “Girl’s Tyme”

From an early age it was evident that Beyonce is destined to be the part of the glamour industry.

At the tender age of eight, she was placed in an entertainment group called “Girl’s Tyme” that performed dancing along with rapping.

Impressed with the group Coast R&B approached the girls and offered them a chance to perform in one of the most distinguished talent show called Star Search.

Although the group did not win the talent show, but for Beyonce it was a turning point.

10. Journey from the formation of “Girl’s Tyme” to “Destiny’s Child”

In the year 1990, Beyonce along with her other band member Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams started their endeavors in the world of music and formed an all-girls R&B group.

Initially, the band was not very successful but later they enjoyed success when Columbia Records launched them as “Destiny’s Child”.

Their first album that was titled after the band name received positive feedback and acclaim from the mainstream music industry.

Beyonce Career With “Destiny’s Child”

11. Second best selling album by the “Destiny’s Child”

After a very successful debut, “Destiny’s Child” released their second album, which became one of the best-selling albums released by the band.

The album was titled “The Writing’s on the Wall”, and it featured hit singles including “Say My Name” and it was a commercial success.

12. The success of second album of “Destiny’s Child”

Their second album made a total sale of seventeen million copies and it was highly appreciated by the audience as well as the critics.

This album was applauded with over six Grammy awards nominations.

13. Role of Beyonce’s father in the success of her band

After the failure of her first band, Beyonce Knowles’s father, Mathew Knowles quit his job as medical-equipment salesman and helped in managing ‘Destiny’s Child’.

He worked as manager, guiding and transforming these girls.

14. Beyonce Knowles along with her band sang a song for the movie “Charlie’s angels”

The band also recorded a song called ‘Independent Women Part 1’ for the movie ‘Charlie’s angels’ in the year 2000.

This song helped in further enhancing the position of this band as this song topped the list of United States billboard hot 100 for eleven weeks on a stretch.

15. The third very successful album released by Destiny’s child

In May 2001, the band released its third album ‘Survivor’.

The album proved to be a success with hit songs such as the title song ‘Survivor’ and ‘Bootylicious’.

Beyonce Knowles, along with her band members got a Grammy Award.

16. Beyonce Knowles gives another hit album with her band Destiny’s Child

In the same year, the group released another album in the month of October.

The title of this album was ‘8 Days of Christmas’.

In spite of the success these girls were enjoying while being part of Destiny’s Child, disputes started to arise amongst them.

17. Beyonce Knowles last album with her band

Despite the huge success of her album ‘Dangerously in Love’ and the hit song Beyonce recorded for this album including Naughty Girl, Baby Boy and Crazy in Love, she still turned back to her band for another release.

In the year 2004, Beyonce Knowles’s band, the ‘Destiny’s Child’ released its last album together named ‘Destiny Fulfilled’.

After its release, the group officially announced that they will from now onwards concentrate on their solo careers.
Start of Her Acting Career

18. Her debut in the Television show MTV’s Carmen

Although she earned a good name as a singer with the success of her group albums, but she did not stop there.

Beyonce Knowles started to explore new avenues.

She moved from being just a singer to an actor too.

It was in the year 2001, that she first appeared on the television screen as an actor in MTV’s Carmen.

19. The Beyonce Knowles’s first movie “Austin Powers in Goldmember”

In the year 2002, she got the chance of working in a comedy film with Mike Myers.

The title of this movie was ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’, which was a spy parody.

Her acting talent as a comedian was discovered in this movie.

This movie remained a hit in the box office of the U.S. for a week and earned a total of $73million.

She also recorded the soundtrack for the movie.

20. Another step in her acting career with the movie “The Fighting Temptations”

Next in her acting career was a movie named ‘The Fighting Temptations’.

In this film she worked with Cuba Gooding.

Jr. Beyonce Knowles recorded the title track for this movie as well.

This film was also a comedy but unlike her previous acting experiences that received good reviews, this film was not well-received.

Beyonce Goes Solo

21. The success of her first solo album “Dangerously in Love”

Along with the success she enjoyed as being part of a group, she started to work on her solo album.

In the year 2003, she finally released her first solo album named ‘Dangerously in Love’.

This album proved to be a success, both critically and commercially, making sales of millions of copies.

Beyonce Knowles was honored with five Grammy Awards for this album.

22. Beyonce Knowles’s collaboration with other singers for her first solo album

This album was a combined effort of different artists, as Beyonce worked with Sean Paul, Jay-Z and Missy Elliott.

During all this time, Beyonce Knowles was reported to be dating Jay-Z.

However, none of the two verified this news at the time of the release of their album.

23. With the gained popularity, Beyonce made tours to Europe and North America

The year 2003 and 2004, were full of tours and concerts for Beyonce Knowles.

In the year 2003, as her solo album was gaining success, Knowles went for a tour in Europe, promoting her album.

After this tour was over, she went for another tour with Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott.

This tour was held in North America and is known as Verizon Ladies First Tour.

24. The talented singer wins the hearts of her fans by performing the American National Anthem

This music diva did not stop at any moment of her career; she always went to get hold of all new opportunities that may arise.

After her two successful tours to Europe and then North America, she performed in the Reliant Stadium.

She won the heart of her fans by singing the American national anthem at this event.

25. After the success of her first album, her fans waited eagerly for her upcoming album

Before the release of her second solo album, the news of her second album spread on worldwide music shows and channels.

People waited for this album and this album got much popularity due to the fact that Beyonce Knowles was releasing this album on her 25th birthday.

26. The successful release of her second solo album “B’Day”

Finally in the year 2006, her second album “B’Day’” was released on the 5th of September.

This album also added to the successful singing career of Beyonce Knowles.

This album did a good business.

In the first week of its release, it made total sales of more than 5 million copies.

She was acknowledged as one of the top singing sensations with the success of her two consecutive albums.

27. Beyonce Knowles reached her fans all over the globe through her world tours

Along with her busy schedule of recording songs and working on her new albums, Beyonce Knowles continued her tours.

Her hard work and workaholic nature surely are the secret of her success.

In the year 2007, she carried out her first ever worldwide tour.

In this tour she performed in around 97 places.

She earned over $90 million on this tour.

28. The release of new and improved version of her old album “B’Day”

Beyonce Knowles deliberately tries to enhance and improve her albums and offer her fans a good deal of songs every time.

In the year 2007, she re-released her solo album “B’Day”.

This time she released it with five more songs.

29. Beyonce Knowles produces one of the finest videos for her songs

With the increasing emphasizes she placed on improving her songs’ lyrics, she also paid attention to the songs’ videos.

The video of the song ‘Single Ladies (Put a ring on it), won numerous awards in the year 2009 such as BET Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards and Scottish MOBO Awards.

It also won three awards out of the nine nominations it got in the MTV Video Music Awards.

30. Beyonce Knowles collaborates with a Colombian pop singer Shakira for her song “Beautiful Liar”

The song “Beautiful Liar” of this album, grasped the attention of many people.

Beyonce Knowles collaborated with Shakira, a Colombian Latin pop singer.

The lyrics of this song were written by Knowles, Ian Dench, Tor Erick Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen.

31. The theme and lyrical significance of her song “Beautiful Liar”

This song proved to be a huge success for both the singers.

The lyrics of this song are based on a theme of two females who are in love with the same man.

It did not portray the fight amongst the two ladies for the love of a single man but its theme revolved around how both the ladies did not find that man to be worth fighting over.

32. Beyonce Knowles surprised her fans with her moves in the song

Knowles showed her outstanding dance moves in this song.

This song was a type of treat for all the Beyonce Knowles fans as for the first time they saw this diva doing belly dancing.

Jake Nava directed the music video of this song.

She went on another tour after the re-release of her album.

The main highlight of this tour remained the song ‘Beautiful Liar’, which has won numerous awards including the MTV Video Award.

33. The release of her third album “I Am Sasha Fierce”

In the year 2008, Beyonce Knowles launched her third solo album ‘I Am Sasha Fierce’.

This delightful music diva took her fans by surprise with this album that was split into two discs.

Beyonce created the alter ego of Sasha Fierce for this album.

More Acting Opportunities

34. Another acting experience in the movie “The Pink Panther”

Beyonce Knowles proved herself not only as a singer with extra-ordinary vocals but also a good actor.

In the year 2006, her singing career was at its peak when she chose to work in The Pink Panther.

This was a comedy film and due to this film, Beyonce got a chance to act opposite Steve Martin.

The film made an average business at the box office, earning around $ 160 million.

35. The rise of Beyonce Knowles’s acting career with her successful movie “Dreamgirls”

Many critics gave negative reviews of the movie ‘The Pink Panther’, but Beyonce Knowles is certainly not amongst those who back out easily.

She continued her acting career with the movie ‘Dreamgirls’.

In this film, she was cast opposite Jaime Foxx, Eddie Murphy and Jennifier Hudson.

Unlike, her previous movie that received bad reviews, this movie got great reviews from the critics.

36. Beyonce makes a mark with her acting career

Beyonce proved the myth that singers cannot act completely wrong.

She is not only a well-recognized singer but also an accomplished film actress.

She has appeared in many successful Hollywood ventures.

In the year 2008, she appeared in the movie Cadillac Records, co-starring with Adrien Brody, this film was a commercial success and received an overall positive response from the critics too.

37. Her role in the thriller movie “Obsessed”

She delivered an awesome performance in her movie ‘Obsessed’.

The star cast of this thriller included Beyonce Knowles along with Ali Later and Idris Elba, who is acknowledged for the hit series ‘The Wire’ on HBO.

The role played by Beyonce Knowles is about Sharon Charles, who is a wife of a Finance Executive and suspects her husband to be in an extra-marital relationship.

38. The popularity of her fight scene in her movie

The overall movie did not do a good business and received negative reviews from the film critics.

However, the intense fighting scene between Beyonce and Ali Larter helped this movie in winning the award for best fight in the MTV Movie Awards.

Awards and Recognition for Beyonce

39. Accolades won by her album “B’Day” and its song “Beautiful Liar”

The positive reviews received by this album and particularly, by the song ‘Beautiful Liar’, proved to be turning point of Beyonce Knowles’s singing career.

This particular song was nominated in the Grammy Awards for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.

Moreover, it was honored as the best selling British song in Ivor Novello Awards.

40. Accolades received by Beyonce Knowles for her third album

This album included hit songs such as ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).

The album’s first track ‘If I were a boy’ was ranked number one in the UK singles chart.

This album showed the versatility and maturity of the singing of Beyonce Knowles.

Along with the good reviews this album got, it earned six Grammy Awards for Beyonce Knowles.

41. One of the top eight singers of the decade

Brian Hiatt regards Beyonce Knowles as one of the top eight singers in the past ten years.

Although, he is not sure that Beyonce will be able to get awards because of the new competitors in the industry like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, but it will not impact the career of this superstar.

42. Barack and Michelle Obama chose the song “At Last” for their first dance

Beyonce has always been a hard worker throughout her career and made the most out of the opportunities that came her way.

Beyonce also has the honor of singing for the president and his wife at the ball after his inauguration.

The president Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama danced to Beyonce’s track “At Last” at the Inaugural Ball held on 20th January, 2009.

43. Beyonce takes home most of the Grammy Awards

Beyonce is the only female singer to win a total of six Grammy Awards in one single night.

44. Beyonce receives the award for Entertainer of the year

In the year 2004, Beyonce was awarded the Entertainer of the Year award by the exalted NAACP Image Awards.

More Success for Beyonce

45. Another very successful world tour in the year 2009

Beyonce Knowles promises her fans a complete package of entertainment.

She not only reaches her fans through her albums but also her world tours.

One such tour was held in the year 2009.

She took part in around 108 shows and it helped her in earning approximately $119.5 million.

46. Her collaboration with Lady Gaga for the song “Telephone”

After her very successful collaboration with Shakira, which helped Beyonce Knowles in winning many awards and good reviews, at the start of the year 2010, Beyonce Knowles decided to collaborate with Lady Gaga for a song.

Like Knowles, Lady Gaga is also one of the female singers who have given consecutive solo hits.

They both joined hands for the song ‘Telephone’.

47. The success of Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s collaborated song

This collaboration proved as successful as her previous collaboration with Shakira.

The song was ranked number one in the United State Pop Songs chart.

It also got nominated for best pop collaboration with vocals in the Grammy Awards.

48. Beyonce collaborated with Jay-Z for their hit song “Bonnie and Clyde”

Beyonce Knowles always tried to keep her personal  life and professional career separate, but people started to notice her relationship with Jay-Z from the time Beyonce and Jay-Z collaborated for the song ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ for the first time in the year 2002.

This song turned out to be a hit and top the U.S. charts.

49. Beyonce earns the title of Best Dressed Celebrity

According to the well recognized magazine called People Magazine, Beyonce was called the best dressed celebrity.

She is also the second African American model to appear on the cover page of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2007.

50. Beyonce ranked among the beautiful women in the world

Many people aspire to be like Beyonce and are awe-inspired by her beauty.

According to a survey conducted by the People Magazine in the year 2006, Beyonce was in their list of 50 Most Beautiful People.

Next year, FHM ranked Beyonce on number 25 in their list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

Beyonce Personal Life

51. The rumors of Beyonce Knowles’s relationship with Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z was spotted together on many occasions such as the basketball matches and New York Fashion Week.

It was due to this reason that this couple started to gain popularity even though they wanted to maintain their privacy.

52. Beyonce and Jay-Z gave yet another hit song “Crazy in Love”

Whenever Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z collaborated for a song, it became a huge success for both of them.

In the year 2003, the couple again collaborated for the song ‘Crazy in Love’.

Hence, this song also became the best selling single of all time.

The couple made their first ever red carpet appearance in the year 2004 at the MTV Video Music Awards and became the center of attention of all media.

53. Beyonce Knowles weds Jay-Z on 4th April 2007

At the beginning of the year 2008, rumors began to spread about the engagement of Beyonce and Jay-Z.

These rumors were finally approved on the 4th of April of the following year.

Beyonce married Jay-Z; the marriage ceremony was small with only some close family members and friends included in the guest list.

Beyonce Knowles’ wedding dress was designed by her mother Tina Knowles.

54. Beyonce Knowles’s sums up the reason for getting married to Jay-Z

Like all the ordinary single ladies, this stupendous singer took her time to find the one perfect partner with whom she can spend her whole life with.

At the time of her marriage, she said, “We have been together since I was 20 years old.

We took our time and developed an unbreakable friendship before we got married.”

55. Break from her music career in the year 2010

In the year 2010, after the release of her hit song with Lady Gaga, Beyonce Knowles decided to take a break from her singing career and spend all of her time with her family.

She said in one of her interviews, It’s definitely time to take a break, to recharge my batteries,” Furthermore, she said, “I’d like to take about six months and not go into the studio.

I need to just live life, to be inspired by things again.”

Family Life of Beyonce

56. Beyonce shared news about her pregnancy with everyone

At the famous MTV Video Music Awards in the year 2011, Beyonce revealed her baby bump on the red carpet.

Beyonce never likes rumors, so instead of giving opportunity to the paparazzi to interfere in her private life, she openly and proudly announced the news of her pregnancy.

57. Beyonce is a woman who knows how to keep her marriage working

There are always rumors about celebrities’ affairs and many of the star marriages end up in a divorce.

However, Beyonce is not just a caring mother but also a considerate wife.

Beyonce in her interview to Oprah talked about her marriage to Hip-hop producer and Rapper Jay-Z and stated, “I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man.”

58. Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl

Beyonce Knowles had her first baby on January 7, 2012.

This baby girl was named Blue Ivy Cater.

After Beyonce gave birth to her beautiful daughter, she was reported to have said, “Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven.

We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support.”

59. Beyonce Knowles expressed her feelings at the time of her daughter’s birth

Beyonce Knowles always has the support of her very loving husband Jay-Z.

At the time she conceived their first daughter, Jay-Z dedicated the song Glory on his blog to her daughter.

The lyrics are,  “The most amazing feeling I feel/ Words can’t describe the feeling, for real/Baby I’ll paint the sky blue/ My most greatest creation was you.”

The couple celebrated the birth of their baby together.

60. Donation to the Lenox Hill Hospital

To celebrate the happiness and joy that came in the life of Beyonce Knowles and her husband, with the birth of their daughter, the couple spent around $ 1. 5 million on the gifts they brought for their daughter.

She truly believes in helping the people as much as she can.

At the time when she gave birth to her daughter in Lenox Hill Hospital, she donated $100, 000 to this hospital.

The Comeback

61. Beyonce’s “I Am” tour

Beyonce loves to see the world and her sensational tour called “I Am” gave her the opportunity to sing for her fans and also visit the most exotic places in the world.

She toured a total of hundred and ten cities.

Beyonce when interviewed about her magnificent tour, she exclaimed, “I made some great memories this year and really learned to enjoy life.”

62. Release of her album 4

Beyonce launched her fourth studio album titled “4” on 24th June, 2011.

Columbia Records launched the album and it is the first album Beyonce released after replacing her father as her manager.

According to the estimates her album has sold 1.3 million copies in the United States alone.

Charity Work of Beyonce

63. Beyonce reveals her charitable side

Beyonce along with her band member Kelly Rowland established an organization called the Survivor Foundation.

The foundation is dedicated to help the victims of the disastrous Hurricane Katrina.

Under this organization, many events including the Music World Cares Christmas Carnival were organized to let the victims of the hurricane enjoy the Christmas.

64. Beyonce the Ambassador for World’s Children’s Day

Beyonce loves kids and was also the Ambassador for World’s Children’s Day in the year 2005.

She also released a soul touching anthem “Stand Up For Love” just for this occasion.

Around the world, every year on Children’s Day Beyonce’s anthem is played to raise funds and awareness about the issues that affects children.

65. Her support for the “Food Bank for New York City”

Beyonce Knowles’s generosity is evident from her support for one of the major non-profit organizations ‘Food Bank for New York City’, which works for the hungry-relief of many poor people situated in New York.

With high earnings, this celebrity believes in donating some of her wealth to the underprivileged people of her city.

66. Beyonce plays her part in spreading awareness through “Candie’s Foundation”

Apart from all her music ventures, Beyonce Knowles supports various causes such as her support for the ‘Candie’s Foundation’, which is a non-profit organization aiming at spreading awareness regarding teen pregnancy and parenthood.

Beyonce Knowles took part in several programs and campaigns of this foundation to raise awareness about such issues.

67. Her charity work for the “Miami children’s hospital foundation”

She is certainly a lady with a golden heart as she involves herself in so much public welfare programs and charities.

One of the most prominent charity works she did was for the ‘Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation’.

In south Florida, this hospital is the only hospital that specializes in child care.

Beyonce’s charitable nature has helped this hospital in transforming into an outstanding pediatric hospital.

Business Ventures

68. Beyonce launched an exclusive maternity clothing line

Beyonce has always been praised for her fashion sense, as soon as she announced the good news that she was expecting a baby, she also shared her plans of launching an exclusive clothing line for soon to be mothers.

During, her pregnancy Beyonce adorned the most unusual yet stylish maternity clothes like hot pants made of leather and short dresses.

69. Beyonce not only a singer but also an entrepreneur

Beyonce has ventured into many successful business ventures.

In the year 2011, she launched her new fragrance named “Pulse”.

The launch of this perfume took place in the lively city of New York and Beyonce wore an elegant blue mini dress.

70. Perfume ranges launched by Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles is recognized for her inspirational business strategies.

She knows exactly how to maintain her fame and stay in business.

It can be clearly seen from the fact that with her singing and acting career, she continued to take up new opportunities and launched several perfumes.

Her perfume range includes true star launched in 2004, true star gold in 2005, diamonds intense in 2008, heat and heat ultimate elixir in 2010, heat rush in 2011 and midnight heat in 2012.

71. Beyonce launches yet another business venture

In the year 2005, Beyonce and her mother jointly launched a ready to wear fashion line dedicated at providing trendy clothes to the women called the “House of Deréon”.

According to Beyonce’s mother, the clothes they are designing truly reflect the style and taste of the superstar herself.

Currently, House of Deréon is operating in the United States of America and Canada only.

The Good Life

72. The exclusive luxury rides owned by this talented singer

This music sensation owns a number of stylish and posh rides including a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II.

With its solid performance, this car adds to the personality and style of this influential celebrity.

Beyonce Knowles along with her rich rapper husband owns the luxurious Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

This high performance car incorporates advanced technology features, which enhances the personality and charm of this celebrity couple.

73. The unique gadgets which signifies the stardom of Beyonce Knowles

The class and style statement of Beyonce Knowles is evident from all the gadgets she owns.

Not only she owns expensive and luxurious cars but also cell phones.

It is reported that this music diva uses a Porsche P’9981 Smartphone.

With its good outlook and finest feel, this phone was custom made for Beyonce.

74. Private properties owned by Beyonce Knowles

She sure is one of the richest celebrities and this is shown from the lifestyle she has.

She owns several properties, including her exotic house in Scarsdale.

It is reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z brought this luxurious home at the time of their marriage in the year 2008.

This property covers a large area with lush green wide gardens and large parking area that has ample space to accommodate many vehicles at a time.

75. This rich singer owns large and luxurious mansions

One of the many properties this celebrity couple includes a two story mansion, which is located in the Indian Creek village in Florida.

This property is worth around $9,300,000.

She shares her neighborhood with a number of other rich and famous celebrities including Julio Iglesias, Adriana Lima, Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula and Enrique.

76. Celebrations for her 31th Birthday

It is hard to manage time when you have such a busy schedule but Beyonce Knowles somehow manages to take some time out of her busy schedule for herself and her family and friends.

She celebrated her 31th birthday in South of France on a private cruise.

Some sources were even able to take some picture of this private birthday party and they reported that Beyonce’s birthday cake had the names of her loving husband and adorable daughter.

77. Her exotic vacation in Monaco

Beyonce Knowles was also spotted enjoying holidays in Monaco, a perfect holiday spot with restaurants, beaches and scenic beauty.

The selection of this place for holidays shows that Beyonce Knowles loves to spend time in holidaying.

Another vacation spot for her is Miami.

She has been spotted enjoying her personal time with her husband in the dazzling city of Miami.

78. One of the richest celebrities in the world

According to the famous Forbes magazine, Beyonce has a total worth of eighty million dollars, making her one of the Richest Celebrity who are under the age of thirty years.

Personal Interests of Beyonce

79. Her passion for vintage musical equipment

Being part of the music industry and still staying away from musical instruments is hard for any celebrity.

This Houston-born music diva has a passion for musical equipment and she has a wide range of antique musical instruments.

In many of the pictures posted on social networking sites and other source, it is evident that she has a good collection of vintage music equipment including an old radio, keyboard, meshed speakers and other equipments.

80. Beyonce’s favorite holiday destination

This talented singer surely takes breaks between the hectic routine days.

One of her numerous holiday destinations include Anguilla in Northern Caribbean.

The calm beaches, magnificent landscapes and luxurious resorts present in this island are perfect for a busy person such as Beyonce Knowles.

81. Beyonce Knowles with her pet dog

This extremely caring and loving celebrity owns a pet dog as well.

She brought this dog in the year 2008.

The name of Beyonce’s dog is “Munchie”; it is a Shih Tzu dog.

Beyonce Knowles is spotted with her dog at many events and she even brought her dog to some of her recordings.

Her dog is ranked amongst ‘America’s Most Eligible Pets’.

Endorsements and Controversies

82. Brand endorsements done by Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles has become a brand and is one of the most demanded models for brand endorsements.

She has endorsed several brands including L’Oreal, DirecTV and General Mills.

83. The star broke her toe while running away from her fans

Beyonce Knowles is a very hardworking star; the stardom she achieved was due to her passion and commitment to her work.

Because of her ever-increasing fan following, she has kept bodyguards with her at the time of public appearances.

At one such incident, it is reported by sources that one of her bodyguards broke her toe while trying to protect her from a bunch of fans.

84. The star got stuck in a controversy because of her love for clothes and shoes made of animal skin

There is a cost attached to the high style statement that Beyonce Knowles has set for herself.

Recently, she was slammed by PETA because she ordered shoes made of animal skin.

The shoes were made from Stingray, Calf hair and Anaconda skin.

85. Beyonce Knowles gives the proof of being a responsible citizen by positively handling all the allegations of PETA

She certainly knows how to handle all the controversies and publicity related to her.

The PETA statement said, “These custom-made kicks come with a high price and it’s paid by the various animals who were beaten and skinned alive or cruelly farmed and killed.

Although most people aren’t as familiar with the types of animals (snakes, stingrays, crocodiles, and ostriches) killed for this single pair of sneakers as they are with the cats and dogs we share our homes with, these animals are highly sensitive living beings who try hard to avoid capture and suffer enormously when trapped, netted, speared, and skinned alive.”

Beyonce Knowles responded very ethically to all these allegations and stopped wearing shoes made out of animal skin.

86. Beyonce the face of Pepsi

Beyonce just like any other celebrity has endorsed many of the most popular brands.

In the year 2012, Beyonce signed a fifty million dollar deal with Pepsi.

The terms of this deal were that Beyonce will appear in an international commercial for Pepsi and Pepsi will also fund some of her creative ventures.


87. Beyonce supports the Democratic Party

Beyonce supported the Democratic Party in the elections held in the year 2012.

To confirm her vote to the world, on a social networking site she uploaded the picture of her ballot paper.

Beyonce Inspirational: Quotes

88. Beyonce’s inspiration Diana Ross

An American artist Diana Ross inspires Beyonce and her music; she has been quoted to have said, “Diana Ross is a big inspiration to all of us.

We all grew up watching everything about her – her mike placement, her grace, her style and her class.

89. Beyonce’s list of achievements

Beyonce is a well established name in the music world; she is the only female singer with her single and album reaching number one position on the music charts of both United States and United Kingdom.

She is also the first female singer to have the honor of receiving the prestigious International Artist Award at the famous American Music Awards.

90. Celebrity that appeared in more than 300 magazine covers

Beyonce also holds the honor of being the only female celebrity, belonging to African American descent to appear on the most magazine covers.

She has been featured in more than 300 magazine covers.

91. She starred in one of the all-time expensive movie “Dreamgirls” with an all-black cast

Beyonce started her acting career, her film “Dreamgirls” is the only film in Hollywood to be made with such a huge budget and featuring all the Black actors in the main lead.

This action movie received three nominations at the prestigious Academy Awards in the Best Song category.

92. The title of her song “Bootylicious” takes its place in the dictionary

Personalities such as Beyonce Knowles are born to create name in history.

Due to her charismatic personality and widespread popularity of her song ‘Bootylicious’, The Oxford Dictionary decided to add the word ‘Bootylicious’ in their dictionary.

93. Destiny’s Child the most popular all female group.

Destiny’s Child is one of the most successful groups in the history of the music industry.

It is the only all girls band to receive a total of hundred and fifty-four awards.

94. Beyonce: the most “Googled” celebrity

In the year 2010, Beyonce was the most “Googled” African American female celebrity.

95. Beyonce: the most desirable woman

Beyonce has a sex appeal and a huge fan following.

According to a popular website AskMen’s, Beyonce was declared the “Most Desirable Woman of the Decade”.

96. Her album “Dangerously in Love” makes it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Beyonce’s album “Dangerously in Love” was ranked in the top two hundred Definitive Albums in the history of the music industry by the celebrated Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Only few artists from her generation made it to this list.

97. Beyonce treats her fans with utmost respect

In the month of June 2007, Beyonce Performed in a gig in Saint Louis, during the gig two of her fans got hurt due to a fireworks accident and were taken to the hospital.

Beyonce impressed everyone by going to the hospital and making sure that her fans were not hurt.

98. Beyonce featured on Sports Illustrated

Beyonce Knowles is the only African American to be featured on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Although, the same magazine featured Tyra Banks in the year 2007, but Beyonce’s appearance is unique because she was neither a model nor a sports person.

99. Beyonce becomes the highest paid actress in Hollywood

Beyonce is one of the highest paid African American actresses in the history of Hollywood.

100. Beyonce an inspiration for many people around the world

Beyonce is one such star with a very diverse career.

Her success is due to the fact that she is multi-talented; she is an accomplished singer, amazing dancer and talented actress.

She inspires many people with her skills, achievements at such a young age and financial success.

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