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Bono Facts U2 - Biography

Bono Facts U2 – Biography

Bono Early Years

1) On 10th May 1960 – Bono was born

Rotunda hospital, established in 1745, is not only accredited as one of the oldest maternity hospitals in the city of Dublin but is also the birthplace of one the most famous Irish singers known today.

On 10th May 1960, this Dublin-based rocker was born to Bob and Iris Hewson.

In a deeply sectarian Ireland, Bono- christened Paul David Hewson- was born in a combined Catholic/Protestant household.

2) The Child

When Bono approached school going age he seemed well adjusted to his new routine and received significantly better grades from his teachers and made friends successfully.

However, things changed for the worse when he reached secondary school; Good grades lost their importance with Bono and he started cutting classes, which eventually resulted in him getting in trouble with school authorities.

3) High School Blues

Bono’s high school, Mount Temple Comprehensive School, was Ireland’s first co-educational and non- denominational high school.

Following his mother’s death Bono found solace in acting.

He joined the school theatre group where he found his passion for performing on stage and music.

4) Religious Upbringing

Bono’s father was a Roman Catholic and his mother was a member of the Church of Ireland.

His had initially decided that their eldest child would be raised Anglican and their second child would be raised Catholic.

Even though Bono was the second child he used to attend Church of Ireland services with his mother and brother.

After the death of his mother Bono’s father brought him up under the Catholic Religion.

5) But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

About the same time as his forming the band Bono and his band members joined a religious group called “The Shalom Fellowship.”

All three of them, having strong Christian roots, struggled with balancing their beliefs with the rock and roll lifestyle.

Though the small prayer group disbanded after friction between them members started to become increasingly frequent, the members of U2 decided not to let their religious beliefs affect their work.

Despite this agreement many of U2’s songs such as ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”, “Please” and “Gloria” have spiritual overtones.

All of which contain references to “The Sermon on the Mount”.

Start of U2

6) From Finglas to Fame

Bane was raised in a North side suburb, Finglass, where David Evans, his brother Dik Evans and Adam Clayton formed a band which went by the name “Feedback” in response to an advertisement given out by Larry Mullen Jr to form a band.

The band performed various gigs after which they changed their name to “The Hype.”

Dik Evans later left the group to join a band named the “Virgin Prunes” after which the remaining four officially went from being “The Hype” to “U2.”

The band signed with Island Records in 1981 and had their first music breakthrough on the release of their album The Joshua Tree.

7) The Man

Bone is best known as the heartthrob front man for the band U2.

He is also a renowned humanitarian, venture capitalist and the proud owner of a five star hotel.

8) U2

Bono (vocalist and guitarist), Adam Clayton (bass guitarist), The Edge (lead guitarist, keyboard player, and vocalist) and Larry Mullen, Jr. (drummer) first formed the Dublin-based post-punk band in 1976 in their teenage years.

A band that started off with inadequate musical talent and poor ability to do covers went on to becoming an international hit by the mid-80s, selling twelve studio albums all of which are included in the all-time best-selling music artists, having sold over 150 million records worldwide.

9) Becoming Bono

“Lypton Village” was a surrealist street gang of creative youths; Bono had been a part of it since his adolescence and it was here that he was first given the name “Bonavox of O’Connell Street.”

“Bonavox” which meant “good voice” in Latin later evolved into “Bono.”

This nickname turned stage name was given to him by his childhood friend Gucci-Gavin Friday.

Both Gucci and Lypton Village continued to be artistic as well as emotional support for Bono for years to come.

Bono U2 Songs

10) Unconditional Love

In 1980 “I will follow” was released, a song Bono dedicated to his mother, describing a mother’s unconditional love for her son.

Having lost his mother at 14, there are many songs that refer to the loss Bono felt upon having his mother pass away: “Mofo”, “Out of Control”, “Lemon”, and “Tomorrow”.

11) Out of Control

“Out of Control” is a distinct song that is unique for being U2’s first song that was played on the radio.

Bono had written the lyrics of this song on his 18th birthday:  “It was one dull morning/I woke the world with bawling/I was so sad/They were so glad . . .” The song is about being born — or rather objecting to it — and feeling that you have no control over your life.

12) Gloria

Gloria was a song that was a product of U2’s album, October, and is rich with it’s religious and spiritual connotation.

Bono claimed that he faced much difficulty writing this song, eventually he referred to the psalm and wrote it in Latin.

13) Showing Polish Solidarity in 1983

‘New Year’s Day’ is a song motivated by the solidarity movement in Poland, it hailed number two on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart.

The song was also the first U2 video to receive extra airplay on MTV.

This gave the band exposure allowing them to be titled as the “Band of the Eighties” by the Rolling Stone Magazine.

14) Singing a Rebel’s Tune

The early years of the band reflect Bono’s rebellious tone due to his underlying political rage and anger expressed in various songs found in the albums, War, The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum. A Song for.

15) Drugs and Addiction

As usual, the theme of the song “Bad” is subject to much debate.

However, according to Bono, the song is about drug addiction, specifically heroin, which was rampant in Dublin in the 1980’s.

Bono lost many of his friends to heroin overdose.

16) U2’s first number-one in America

“With or Without You” is an evergreen track, a crowd-pleaser, which was released on the Grammy Award-winning album The Joshua Tree.

The song was U2’s first number-one song in America.

Some might interpret this song as being about Jesus Christ but others simply attribute it to being a romantic love song for someone you cannot be with.

17) The Streets have no name in Africa

“Where The Streets Have No Name” is a track that Bono wrote in remembrance of the trip he and his wife took to Ethiopia in the 1980’s.

During this trip, the couple volunteered at various refugee camps that were stationed as orphanages.

However, this track did not seem to reach the top of the charts in America, but it is often said that it does wonders during U2’s live performances.

18) All Bono wants is Ali

Bono stated  that “All I Want Is You,” from the album, Rattle and Hum, is one that he specifically wrote for his wife, Ali.

The lyrics of this song are not only poetic and symbolic but they also describe the desire for true, unconditional love, and the promises a lover makes to ensure the purity of love.

19) The IRA to punish Bad Boy Bono

Bono was threatened to be kidnapped for his open condemnation of the IRA’s Enniskillen Bombing in 1987 during the live performance of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.

So much so, IRA supporters also assaulted a vehicle transporting the band.

20) The Alter egos

The Zoo TV Tour allowed Bono to showcase several of his stage personas; these included the “The Fly”, a representation a stereotypical rock star; the “Mirror Man”, a parody of the American trend of live broadcasted television preachers; and “Mr. MacPhisto” a blend of a corrupted rock star and the Devil.

21) One

“One” is one of the most powerful lyrics Bono has written.

This song is given much more importance, not because it has lyrical power but because the band was on the verge of breaking up and it was making of this song that brought them back together.

22) A house still doesn’t make a home… Don’t leave me here alone

“Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own”, is another song that goes under Bono’s category of family tributes.

This track was a dedication to his father after his long battle with cancer.

The song is featured on U2’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” album but was originally sung at Bono’s father’s funeral in 2001.

Awards and Recognition

23) According To The People

In 2002 the BBC aired a program based on a poll to determine the top one hundred figures the public of the United Kingdom considered greatest in history.

Bono was nominated alongside notable figures such as Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria, Lady Diana, John Lenon, Margaret Thatcher.

He had the honor of being at the eighty-sixth number on this list.

24) Elevation: Of Rock stars and Honorary Degrees

University of Pennsylvania awarded Bono an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree for his tireless efforts as co-founder of the organization Debts AIDA Trade Africa to act as a force for change.

25) Bono sweeps the Grammys for New York

U2 took over the 2005 Grammys by winning five awards including Best Rock Song for “City” and Album of the Year and Best Rock Album for How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

Bono’s love for New York City had inspired him to write the song, City of Blinding Lights, and he had dedicated it to his fans by specifying “And I miss you when you’re not around”.

26) Most influential according to Time

In 2004, Time Magazine enlisted Bono among the “100 Most Influential People” in its special issue.

Bono was again found in Time’s 100 special issue list in 2006.

27) Sir Bono?

In 2007 Bono was awarded an Honorary Knighthood by The British ambassador of Ireland, David Reddaway, on behalf of the Queen of England.

Titles such as “Sir” and “Dame” are conferred only on the citizens of countries of which The Queen is Head of State.

Even though technically one cannot address Bono as “sir”, the U2 singer’s new title is Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. (KBE)

28) Person of The Year

Person of the Year is an annual issue of The Times Magazine which publishes public figures who were most influential throughout the course of the year.

The issue of 2005 named Bono alongside Bill and Melinda Gates as the most influential people of the year.

29) Bono and the Government of Chile

In 2004 the Government of Chile awarded Bono the Pablo Neruda International Presidential Medal of Honor, a title named after a notary and influential writer, poet and diplomat.

30) Bono makes Three Wishes

In 2005, Bono was among the fortunate three to receive the TED Prize, which allows each winner “A wish to change the world”.

Bono wishes were to improve and promote his One Campaign along with the availability of the Internet as a very basic facility in Ethiopia.

Sadly, the third wish was rejected for not being the “way” TED worked around helping Africa.

31) Bono at Harvard

In 2001 Bono gave was chosen by the class senior at Harvard University to give their Class Day address.

In this speech Bono mentioned he had enrolled in Harvard and he worked with Professor Jeffery Sacs at the Center of International Development where he studied economics and learned much about the lack of development in third world countries as a result of debts.

This had played a major role in his attentions to the developing countries.

32) Radio Academy Award

Bono and former Pulp lead man Jarvis Cocker were classified as the high achievers at the U.K.’s annual Sony Radio Academy Awards in May 2010.

The occasion in London revered the best of British radio talent, along with Cocker, who had begun as a show host for BBC 6 Music earlier in 2011.

Cocker had the honor of picking up his Rising Star prize alongside Bono.

Bono Social Work

33) The Face of Fusion Philanthropy

Bono has been hailed as, “The face of fusion philanthropy for his efforts of forming strong allies with and between a diversity of leaders in the government, among religious circles, philanthropic organizations, media and even in the world of business.

He has exercised these connections in favor of humanitarian relief.

34) Performing for Charity

Bono and the band performed alongside Sting in 1986 on Amnesty’s Conspiracy of Hope.

U2 also performed in other projects of the Live Aid and Band Aid with Bob Geldof as the organizer.

Another collaboration between Bono and Geldof led to the organization of the Live 8 concert in 2005 where U2 performed as well.

35) Bono, Bush and AIDS

During a visit to the White House in March 2002 following President Bush’s announcement of a $5 billion aid package for Africa to combat AIDS, Bono stated that this aid was an important step towards this crisis that required urgent attention.

The statement was made during his speech on the White House lawn where he was accompanying the President.

36) Pride In The Name of Love

As an active humanitarian Bono consistently worked on campaigns against poverty and helped in creating awareness of AIDS and HIV in Africa.

His endeavors led to him being considered as a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize four times.

He was officially listed as a nominee in 2005.

37) The Saints for New Orleans

U2 paired up with Green Day to re-sing cover of a punk rock song by The Skids in the 1970’s.

The track mentions New Orleans, storms, and flooding, and received much appreciation for the support it gave when the two bands played it live when the New Orleans Saints returned.

38) Bono goes Green

Bono has been accredited as one of the pioneers of the “go green” movement along with Al Gore.

Having been equated to John Lennon for his inspirational songs, Bono also spreads the message for saving planet Earth and exhibits so through his “green” living (referring to the zero emission sports cars he owns).

39) Bono In Vuitton

In 2010 Bono made his first commercial without his band mates instead he had his style icon wife pose alongside him.

The ad that reads “Ever Journey Begins in Africa” portrays the humanitarian power couple arriving in the grasslands of Africa.

The ad tactfully coincided with Paris Fashion Week’s Africa Rising Exhibition, which showcased contemporary African Art.

Bono and his wife both donated their appearance fee to charity organizations that focused on the development of third world countries.

40) Edun

Bono and his wife launched a global fashion brand in the spring of 2005.

The brand focuses on positive change by establishing trade relations with Africa.

Edun helped establish the Conservation Cotton Initiative Uganda, which provides training and enterprise support to cotton farmers in Northern Uganda.

Edun’s aims are to support at least 8000 farmers by the end of 2013.

In 2009 Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (better known as LVMH the luxury goods conglomerate) bought 49 percent of Edun’s Shares.

Edun’s Spring collection will be exhibited in Manhattan.

41) Man of Peace award

The Man of Peace Award an award created by the annual World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Rome in 1999.

It is awarded to “personalities from the world of culture and entertainment who have stood up for human rights and for the spread of the principles of Peace and Solidarity in the world, made an outstanding contribution to international social justice and peace”.

In the year 2008 Bono was awarded the Man of Peace award for his worldwide philanthropic work.

42) DATA

DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, and Africa) was set up in 2002 by Bono and Bobby Shriver, in collaboration with campaigners from the Jubilee 2000 Drop the Debt Campaign.

DATA objectives are to eliminate poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

It also promotes Americans to voice their opinions in front of senators and other legislators.

43) For profit or charity?

Journalists Richard Tomlinson and Fergal O’Brien wrote that Bono used his band’s 2006 Vertigo world tour as an excuse to promote his charity campaign but instead led to his banking much more profit compared to the charity he made, making up to $ 389 million from selling tickets for the concerts.

44) Corruption in Africa

Criticism kept pouring in November 2007, when Bono’s charity campaigns were scrutinized by Jobs Selasie, head of African Aid Action.

Jobs’ opinion was the these charity donations only sought to increase the prevailing corruption in Africa and made the country more dependent on foreign aid rather than trying to stand on its own feet.

45) Product Red

Product Red is another endeavor that was initiated by Bono and Bobby Shriver to raise funds for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

Bobby Shriver was the CEO of Product Red, while Bono is its recent public spokesperson representing the brand.

Product Red is a brand that is accredited to partner companies, such as American Apple, Converse, Express, Microsoft, The Gap, Dell, and Giorgio Armani.

Movie Appearances

46) Bono an Actor?

Bono made several appearances in acting roles.

He appeared as himself in “Entropy” and “Bruno”.

He also starred in “Entourage”.

He played fictional characters’ roles in “Million Dollar Hotel” and “Across the Universe”.

47) The Million Dollar Hotel

Bono also tried his luck in acting projects the most famous of which is “The Million Dollar Hotel” which he co-wrote with Nicholas Klein.

He even acted in the movie along with Milla Jovovich and Mel Gibson.

Other movies in which he made an appearance were “Entropy” and “Across the Universe”.

Other Media

48) Bono and Vanity Fair

In 2007 Editor Graydon Carter, the editor to Vanity Fair worked with Bono who acted as co-editor for a special African issue of Vanity Fair.

The issue was a blend of twenty covers featuring Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali, Warren Buffett, Don Cheadle, George W. Bush, George Clooney, Djimon Hounsou, Bill and Melinda Gates, Iman, Jay-Z, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Barack Obama, Queen Rania of Jordan, Brad Pitt Condoleezza Rice, Desmond Tutu, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, and Bono. Annie Leibovitz was the photographer for the issue’s session.

49) Mythomaniac

Under the heading of The Rock Star’s Burden, Paul Theroux published an op-ed in the New York Times criticizing stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Bono for trying to be known to the public for their good deed.

The article labeled them as “mythomaniacs”, people who try to convince the world of their worth.

Business Ventures

50) Clarence Hotel, Dublin

Bono and Edge made a joint venture for testing their entrepreneur skills by buying a seventy bedroom two star hotel.

In no time the duo had the hotel refurbished transforming it into a forty bedroom five star hotel.

The Clarence is situated in the heart of Dublin overlooking the River Liffey.

It is a tourist favorite when it comes to exploring culture and Irish tradition.

51) Bono And Facebook: Riches Galore

Elevation Partners, “a private equity firm focused in media, entertainment and technological businesses,” paid $90 million for Facebook before it went public in 2009.

Bono having invested in Elevation Partners, now owns 2.3 percent of the shares of Facebook making his share worth a whopping $1.5 billion.

Along with his other investments Bono could surpass former Beatles super star, Paul McCartney, as the world’s richest rock star.

Other Work by Bono

52) Apart from U2

Bono also spends time writing songs that are not exclusively for U2.

He and the Edge have recorded several tracks together, and example is for the rock musical, Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.

53) A Poet

Bono had been reported to be writing the foreword for a collection of poetry titled “Third Rail”.

The book’s foreword gave details of the interpretation of the poetry, stating “The poets who fill the pews here have come to testify, to bear witness to the mysterious power of rock and roll…Rock and roll is truly a broad church…”

54) Elevation Partners

The panel of the Elevation Partners private-equity firm also has Bono on its board.

It worked towards purchasing Eidos Interactive in 2005 and had moved in the direction of investing in other entertainment businesses.

55) Lady Gaga, the Edge, Bono and Usher

In 2011 the New Year’s bash for Bill Clinton’s foundation was being supported by artists such as Lady GaGa, Usher, and U2’s Bono and The Edge.

The “socially responsible” artists performed at an event that took place in October at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and were gathered once again for the New Year’s celebrating at Clinton’s foundation.

The event was titled “A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation” was broadcasted exclusively on various channels.

56) Idol finale

“American Idol” did not only get Lady GaGa to perform but had Bono, the Edge and Tim McGraw perform alongside Beyonce and Carrie Underwood.

This helped increase the Idol’s ratings during the final episode.

57) Oprah and Bono

2010 brought U2 and Oprah Winfrey together as she invited Bono to join in with the few celebrities that were presenters on her new network- she had invited Bono because of his commendable philanthropic nature and believed that it would work to make “good TV”.

58) Bono performs on New Years

Yet again, Bono makes one of his smashing New Year’s performances in 2010.

After announcing the heavily crowded line-up for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Party with Ryan Seacrest, NBC revealed the Carson Daly could also host a grand New Year’s Eve blast which included the appearances of various stars: U2, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and My Chemical Romance are booked for the annual gig.

59) Hope for Haiti

The concert in New York City was not just a show that took place in London; January 2010 was a gig that showed the teaming up of Bono with Jay-Z and Rihanna.

The stars got together and sung a joint track called, Stranded, which was subtitled “Haiti Mon Amour” or “Haiti Mi Amore”.

“The idea of the song is ‘We’re not gonna leave you stranded’ and that’s what the chorus is,” Swizz Beatz, the producer, told Rolling Stone.

“So me and Bono started going back and forth with ideas, and he was like, ‘You know this word stranded keeps standing out to me”.’

60) Working with Danger Mouse

U2 invited Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse to record their new album.

Lead vocalist Bono told reporters of the release that was to take place early in 2011 and that they had recorded 12 songs together.

They had planned on working on “club” tracks featuring Will. I. Am and David Guetta.

61) Will.I.Am and Bono

Inspired by Barack Obama Will I Am debuted his new album with “America’s Song” in January 2011.

The song premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Show where he collaborated with Seal, Bono, Marry J Blige and Faith Hill in the live performances.

Bono Inspiration

62) I saw ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball’ and it became a part of me. It sowed a seed…”

An  interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1986 revealed Bono’s inspiration towards his involvement in social and political causes as the Secret Policeman’s Ball benefit shows and  the human-rights organization Amnesty International.

63) Bono targets Terrorism

“Please” is a track referring to terrorism and the crises in Northern Ireland, however the song and its lyrics (“September, streets capsizing . . . /Shards of glass, splinters like rain . . .”) gave way to new interpretations about 9/11.

64) “The one thing, on which we can all agree, is that God is with the vulnerable and poor.”

Bono authored his first book called On The Move.

This small book of fifty seven pages was first published on 3rd April 2007.

It is based on the speech Bono made at the 2006 NPB.

It gives an inspiring message as to how the west can bring about positive changes in developing third world countries.

The book is a reflection of his own beliefs and is a call to everyone to do their part in serving humanity.

65) Bono inspires Pixies back in Action

The last record that the Pixies’ recorded was in 1991 that led to the band splitting for two years.

The band reunited in 2004 for a series of concerts and to release their new album; they confirmed that they had considered heading back to the studio for a recording because Bono had urged and inspired them to do so.

66) Paying Tribute to John Paul II

Bono revered the pope personally by paying him a tribute using words like “street fighter” and “a campaigner fighting for the poor in the world”.

He went on to thank John Paul II for helping alleviate 23 countries of the world from their debts.

67) Bono bringer of harmony

Bono addressed President Bush at the 54th Annual National Prayer Breakfast at the Hilton Washington Hotel during 2006.

His speech contained references from the bible and he encouraged care towards socially and economically deprived.

He also tried to eliminate religious differences by stating that it did not matter what religion a person belonged to because all religions emphasize on providing care for the needy.

68) Bono’s request to Help eradicate AIDS

Bono started off World AIDS Day in Australia in December 2011 by requesting people to place demands on their country’s leaders to provide financial assistance to combat the disease despite the global recession.

The humanitarian musician was committed to raising finances, spreading awareness and urging communities’ world over to dedicate themselves to the cause he had dedicated himself to.

69) Bono, Australia and Foreign Support

Meetings were arranged with Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd, Australia’s former prime minister so that Bono could congratulate the country’s leaders for promising a small portion of Australia gross national income as foreign aid to Africa.

Bono told the media, “I usually have to twist the arms of political leaders to think more about the world’s poor but I actually don’t have to do that in Australia, there’s bipartisan support for 0.5 per cent..”

Bono Personal Life

70) “Blue-eyed boy meets a brown-eyed girl, Oh oh oh The Sweetest Thing”

Bono attended Mount Temple Comprehensive school where he not only met his band members but also his future wife, Alison Stewart.

On 21st August 1982, Bono married his high school sweetheart.

The couple is happily married with four children.

71) Bono gets heart disease scare

In contrast to spreading rumors, Bono was in good health.

Managers confirmed that the lead singer of U2 had made a trip to Princess Grace Memorial Hospital while he vacationing in Monaco, the spokeswoman stated that there was no such incident of a chest pain or heart problem involving Bono being rushed to the hospital.

72) A friend in need

Maria Shriver was found seeking comfort from close friend Bono after rumors were confirmed that her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with their longtime housekeeper.

The former first lady of California seemed to be in fine spirits after having lunch with her friend.

73) Breaks Record

The Irish rock band went on breaking new records in 2005 and 2007; they overthrew the British band the Rolling Stones and set a new record of grossing $558 million from their tour and live concerts.

74) Wages vs Charity: The Defense

An agent for Bono’s Aids charity had spoken out after the society came under attack for squandering more capital on wages than in a better direction.

Even though Bono had thrown himself into the humanitarian field, his One Campaign still seemed to be going in and out of trouble with the media and other critics.

2011 sought to reveal the miss allocation of the $15 million that Bono had grossed for charity budget and had not assigned properly.

Bono and his charity group had ended up spending more on the wages of people who were employed in his One campaign, so much so that the much criticized “gift box” trend was also uncovered.

The campaign was criticized for sending out expensive gift boxes to media organizations.

One spokesperson Oliver Buston then realized that it was his duty to defend the way the campaign was being slain and insisted that the money was being used to promote its campaign and raising awareness rather than being handed straight to those who need help.

75) Bono for President!

Due to his growing popularity the former British prime minister Tony Blair was convinced Irish singer Bono was so influential that he could be running the world if he hadn’t said no to politics for his musical career.

The U2 vocalist had spent years wading through political debates and had used his star status to get a hold of a variety of influential public figures, including Blair, former U.S. president George W. Bush, and most recently enjoying afternoon tea with Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev.

76) To Russia with love -2010

Bono took time off from U2’s world tour expedition to have tea with Russia’s Dimitry Medvedev.

The singer was invited by the President to join him at his holiday estate near the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

The tea party was a series of conversations with reporters along with Medvedev complimenting Bono on writing music that “unites generations”.

The meeting took place a day before U2 play their very first Russian concert.

77) Trouble in Edun

Bono and his wife suffered quite a financial loss in 2009 as their clothing line amounted to $9 million in losses.

The singer and his significant other, Ali Hewson set up Edun in 2005 to generate funds for Africa but accountants soon revealed that the charitable fashion endeavor was plunging to its failure.

78) Smoking in Bed

Nothing was more frustrating for U2’s Bono when he found that he lacked the will power to recover from his emergency back surgery.

Bono resorted to smoking to deal with this frustration as the North American Tour was forcibly postponed resulting in the band losing its headline appearance for Britain’s Glastonbury festival in 2010.

79) Bono the Event Organizer

Sean Penn decided to celebrate his 50th birthday by rocking out to various bands- he enjoyed a weekend with U2 and Bono.

Bono is not only a friend who can lend a shoulder but also assures a worthwhile birthday party.

80) Problem of Spine cracking Proportion

Right before the world tour Dr. Muller Wohlfahrt told reporters, “Bono suffered severe compression of the sciatic nerve.

On review of his MRI scan, I realized there was a serious tear in the ligament and a herniated disc, and that conservative treatment would not suffice.

I recommended Bono have emergency spine surgery with Professor Tonn at Munich’s LMU University Hospital on Friday.”

Bono Personal Interests

81) For the love of Sunglasses!

Having been associated with sunglasses for the first time in 1992, Bono is almost unrecognizable without his shades.

However, the iconic look is more than just a fashion statement, Bono revealed to the Rolling Stone that he suffers from photosensitivity, and that if someone was to photograph him he would see the flashlight for the rest of the day.

82) Loving the Fans

U2 performances are known for their Bono-fan interactions.

Bono often interacts with the crowd by either pulling up audience members onto the stage or moving himself down to the audience.

There have been many instances including at the Live Aid concert in 1985 where he jumped off stage and randomly asked a woman from the audience to dance with him as the band continued playing in the background.

Similarly during the Vertigo Tour in 2005, Bono drew a boy from the crowd onto the stage.

Not only that, but the lead vocalist of U2 is often comfortable with allowing his fan to hop onto the stage while the band is performing.

83) No To Illegal Downloads

U2 lead vocalist Bono is famous for condemning online service providers for being a gateway for customers for setting up businesses to download records online.

He dubbed these internet service providers as the “reverse Robin Hoods”.

The singer accuses web executives of reaping benefit from the music industry, which results in loss to all proponents of the industry whenever illegal methods are used to retrieve albums from the internet.

84) Bono’s take on religion

During the violence in Northern Ireland, the young Bono was not lost in all the turmoil that seemed to be affecting the youth.

In fact, he was brought much closer to embracing the Christian faith during his 20’s.

The artist was quoted on World Faith News online as explaining during the talk-show Larry King Live: “I learned [as a child] that religion is often the enemy of God.… Religion is [actually] the artifice—you know, the building—after God has left it.… You hold onto religion, you know, rules, regulations, traditions. I think what God is interested in, is people’s heart.”

85) Singing about Religion Too

The album, War, Bono wrote the lyrics of various bass-driven songs deriving inspiration from Psalm 40.

Even though the songs were exclusively released in Germany, they have been proved to be fan favorites and have frequently been used to close shows.

When a show is concluded with a song similar to”40,” bassist Adam Clayton and guitarist Edge switch instruments, and then the band members exit the stage in sequence.

86) Streaking and Dining

27th March 1992, in a London based Russian restaurant, Bono dined with eighteen of his guests while being completely nude.

One might think the owner of the restaurant would find this shocking but he remarked that Bono was exceptionally nice and very civilized.

87) Bono a Canine Lover

The Irishman is a dog lover.

He owns two German Shepard named Fanny and Angel.

88) Chess Master

Bono as a boy had varied interests one of which was chess.

He was reported saying: “I never knew what I wanted to be.

One day I’d wake up and want to be a chess player—the best.

I’d read a book on it, and at twelve I studied the grandmasters, and I was fascinated.”

Other Facts about Bono (U2)

89) Time Magazine cover

Bono and his band are the only fourth musicians to appear on the cover of Time Magazine.

The other three being The Beatles, The Band and The Who.

90) The wanderer

The Wanderer is U2’s only track that does not feature Bono on lead vocals instead the song was sung by the legendary Johnny Cash.

However the country-feel-howl before the song ends is credited to Bono.

The song was recorded in 1993 and was followed by many more notable artists collaborating with U2.

91) The Case of the Stolen Suitcase

A suitcase that was stolen in 1981 was returned to its rightful owner in 2004.

This suitcase contained the original lyrics to songs written by Bono for U2’s album titled “October.”

92) Bono and Jagger

Mick Jagger’s fourth solo album “Goddess in the Doorway”  was released in 2001.

Bono was guest vocalist on this album.

93) Song Oscars

Bono and the gang were nominated in the category of Best Original Song in 2003 for their track “The Hands that Built America” in “Gangs of New York.”

They lost to Eminem’s track “Lose Yourself” from “8 Mile.”

94) Harmonicas

Bono who is known for his raw vocals cannot only play the guitar but is skilled at playing the harmonica.

95) All For A Hat

Bono sang at a charity concert with Luciano Pavarotti in 2003.

For this event he had his favorite hat specifically flown to Italy from London.

96) Hair transplant Accusations

In the August 2002 issue of Q magazine Chris Martin, front man of the well known band Coldplay, claimed that Bono had gotten a hair transplant.

Bono quickly denied all accusations of a scalp cover up.

97) The Bono Car of Fame

Bono is famous for owning a yellow Ford Cortina with a leopard skin interior.

98) Trouble with the Parents

U2 won various awards attributing to their originality in music that included the 22nd Grammy awards and the 2003 Golden Globe award for best original song, “The Hands That Built America”.

However, the live broadcast of the ceremony took a downward turn with the Parents Television Council when Bono’s excitement for receiving the awards led him to express himself in profane swear words.

The profanity was condemned by the Council by filing complaints regarding the violation of FCC indecency standards.

99) Amsterdam the Savior from Taxes?

Bono and his band members faced criticism for moving a part of their high banking multi-million track catalogue from Ireland to Amsterdam prior to the announcement of tax implementation of musicians.

The Dutch laws exempted musicians from this tax, allowing U2 to pay minimal or no tax at all.

100) Bono’s Strong Words about Giving

When accepting the ‘HEART OF ENTERTAINMENT’ Award, Bono said, “Eight million people die every year for the price of going out with your friends to the movies and buying an ice cream.

Literally, for about $30 a head per year, you could save 8 million lives.

Isn’t that extraordinary? Preventable disease – not calamity, not famine, nothing like that.

Preventable disease – just for the lack of medicines. That is cheap, that is a bargain.”

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