Britney Spears Facts

Britney Spears Facts

Britney Spears Facts - Biography

Britney Spears Facts – Biography

1. Britney Jean Spears was born on Wednesday, December 2, 1981in McComb, Mississippi but was brought up in Kentwood, Louisiana.

She was born to Lynne Irene and James Parnell Spears.

Britney Spears has a brother named Bryan James and a sister named Jamie Lynn.

Britney shares her birthday with other famous celebrities from Hollywood namely actress Lucy Lui, Grammy winner Nelly Furtado, TV actress Rena Sofer and drummer Brian Chase.

2. When Britney Spears was 11 years old, she managed to get a part on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, which was quite famous.

Many other celebrities who are now very famous were apart of the show as well at that time.

These include singer Christina Aguilera, singer Justin Timberlake, N Sync member JC Chasez and Canadian actor and musician Ryan Gosling.

3. Britney Spears’s younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears is also a celebrity though not as famous as Britney herself.

She was a part of Nickelodeon’s show Zoey 101 where she played the role of Zoey.

4. Jamie Lynn, Britney’s sister, has made headlines due to her teenage pregnancy.

In 2007, when she was only 17 years old, she became pregnant with boyfriend Casey Aldridge’s child.

The two never got married and ended their relationship in 2010.

5. Britney Spears’s mother Lynne Irene Spears is not only the mother of two celebrities but is a writer herself.

Along with daughter Britney, Lynne has co-written a book namely Heart to Heart (2000),which is based on Britney’s life.

Apart from that, a novel “A Mother’s Gift” was penned down by her in 2001.

A TV movie by the name of “Brave New Girl” is based on that novel.

In 2008, Britney’s mother released a journal titled “Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World”, which was based on what her family has to go through with all the media following them around.

6. Britney is a super successful American singer.

Until date, she has been able to win a total of more than 250 awards worldwide.

Of these awards, she won the majority of 35 awards in the year1999, which is one of the most successful years of her musical career.

She was also able to win 19 awards in 2008 at major award functions.

7. During the New Year Eve of 2004, Britney Spears created history for being married for the shortest duration.

It was for only 55 hours.

While in Las Vegas, Britney married her friend Jason Alexander.

However, the marriage was annulled after 55 hours, which shocked the world.

She crossed the likes of Renee Zwelleger and Kim Kardashian to make her marriage the shortest one as yet.

8. Imagine being a mom and still considered appealing by others? Britney Spears has been exactly just that.

In a recent poll, it was shown that Britney is the 3rd “Hottest Celebrity Mom” with Halle Berry was on the 2nd and Angelina was on the 1st position.

Britney was able to beat the likes of actress Salma Hayek, actress Kate Beckinsale, actress Jessica Alba and singer Jennifer Lopez.

9. Only a few months after her much talked about 55 hour wedding, Britney began dating Kevin Federline, who was a dancer.

They seem to be madly in love and made a number of public appearances.

Only after three months of dating, they got engaged.

The couple was under constant media attention, as during that time Kevin ended his relationship with pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson.

Shar was pregnant with Kevin’s second child at that time.

10. After her divorce from Federline, she was not given the custody of her sons because of her dependency on drugs.

Custody was awarded to Federline instead.

In a strange act of madness, during those days, Britney even shaved her head.

She was also admitted to a psychiatric ward at UCLA Medical Center.

11. Some singers are quite famous for their magical live performances.

Guess we cannot count Britney Spears among one of those celebrities.

Britney is quite popular to be known as a singer who usually lip syncs during her concerts or during TV performances.

12. When Britney Spears first album came out, it was a huge success.

The American rapper Eminem’s song “Real Slim Shady” was also released during that time.

The music video poked fun at many celebrities including Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, N Sync and Carson Dally.

13. Britney Spears loves to clean around.

She is known to take a shower twice in a day.

She loves cleaning her house.

She also does not leave without making her own bed every morning.

14. eBay is a website where you can sell and buy anything.

Sometimes it just gets too strange.

In year 2006, a fan made a bid of $ 500 for a Britney’s left over sandwich and he even bought it.

15. Justin Timberlake is Britney Spears’s ex-boyfriend.

Justin Timberlake’s hit single “Cry Me a River” is inspired by none other than Britney Spears.

The song was released after they broke up.

The video also features a Britney Spears lookalike.

16. 2003 Video Music Awards received immense popularity not because of the winners that went home with the VMAs like Justin Timberlake and Coldplay, but for other reasons.

It was the performance of Madonna, Britney and Christina that made the night so special.

At the end of the performance, there was a lip lock between Madonna and Britney, as well as Madonna and Christina.

This stunt became so popular that it was voted as “Top Kissing Moment” of the decade.

17. Do you know the most used words in Britney Spears’s songs? The words are none other than “Baby” and “Crazy”.

18. After her public meltdown in the year 2008, Britney Spears did not have a cell phone.

It was only in late 2011 that she got a cell phone.

However, her cell phone usage is still very much restricted and monitored by her father James Spears.

19. When Britney Spears released her 7th studio album “Femme Fatale”, she leveled the record with renowned singers Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey to have the 3rd most number one albums by a female artist in the history of the music industry.

20. The music video of Britney Spears’s hit single “Baby One More Time” has been shot at the same high school where the famous movie “Grease” was shot, Venice High School.

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