Dr. Dre Facts

Dr. Dre Facts

Dr. Dre Facts - Biography

Dr. Dre Facts – Biography

1) Dr. Dre, born Andre Romelle Young in 1965, is a successful entrepreneur.

He has worked as a record producer, part time actor, and a well-known rapper.

Success has followed Dr. Dre since he first began his career as a DJ at a young age.

2) Dr. Dre was never very successful academically.

He moved high schools due to poor grades.

However, this did not dishearten him, and he tried to succeed in school.

He was a hard worker going through difficult times and did not lose hope.

3) Dr. Dre originally had other plans as a young man.

He tried to register in an aviation program, but due to poor grades, he was deemed ineligible.

He then began to focus on his love for entertainment, which would be the start of his successful career.

4) He has been constantly inspired by many individuals, and has tried to learn as much as he can from them.

As a DJ in his early years, he was named Dr. J, which was derived from the nickname of his favorite basketball player, Julius Erving.

5) The famous name, Dr. Dre, was an evolving combination of his previous DJ name, Dr. J and his first name, Andre.

He was subsequently known with this alias.

6) Aviation was not the only thing Dr. Dre had on his list of potential accomplishments during his high school years.

He was an avid swimmer, and was part of his high school’s diving team.

Unfortunately, due to low attendance, he was forced to leave the team.

7) Dr. Dre had a very turbulent time during the first few years after high school.

He moved around quite a bit, shifting between his father’s house, grandparents’ house, and his mother’s house.

During this time, he attempted to further his education and attended an adult school for a brief period before dropping out.

8) His work as a DJ at a local club became his life.

He found himself lost in the entertainment and the beats of the music.

Around this time, he met famous rap icon, Ice Cube, and together the duo began to record songs for a recording company, Ruthless Records.

9) In collaboration with others, they formed a group called N.W.A., which stands for Niggaz With Attitudes.

The group’s first album was a major hit, despite it being highly controversial for its heavy use of profane and vulgar language.

The group was even sent a warning letter from the FBI for the content.

10) Dr. Dre is not one to be ‘messed with’.

In 1991, he was fined US$ 2, 500 for assaulting a television show host.

He disagreed with her views on the issues of the group N.W.A and had felt insulted by her version of the story.

He was also sentenced to 2 years of probation and had to complete 240 hours of community service.

11) Dr. Dre easily bounces back from failure and letdowns.

After leaving the N.W.A, he co-founded another record group, Death Row Records, and was the main artist for the company.

It was with this recording company that Dr. Dre began to find real success.

He recorded his first solo album, The Chronic, which was a major success and reflected Dr. Dre’s unique talent both as a lyricist and rapper.

12) Dr. Dre is the reason for many famous rapper’s successes today.

He produced songs with the popular rapper, Snoop Dogg, producing his first debut album, which was number one on Billboards 2000.

In 1998, he began working with then budding artist, Eminem.

He produced the hit song, “My Name Is”, the song that brought Eminem his fame and publicity.

13) When Dr. Dre did not agree with the values or the methods of other members of groups that he was collaborating with, he would move on to find a better option for himself.

After discovering corruption in the recording company, Death Row Records, Dr. Dre began his own label, Aftermath Entertainment.

14) During difficult times, Dr. Dre always managed to find a solution for the company he was working with.

He worked hard to find success, and did not let go or give up easily.

When Aftermath Entertainment was going through a difficult time, he was not hesitant to take advice from a friend and try to improve the label by signing to be famous rapper, Eminem.

15) Dr. Dre had a son in 1981, whom he did not meet until 20 years later, when his son became a famous rapper himself, known as Hooded Surgeon.

He had another son in 1988, who died later of a drug overdose at the young age of 20.

In 1991, he had a third son with then girlfriend, Michel’le, who also sang for many of the songs produced with Death Row Records.

In 1996, he married his current wife, Nicole Threatt, and the couple has two children, one daughter and one son.

16) In 2001, Rolling Stones magazine found Dr. Dre to be the second highest paid artist of 2001.

That year, he earned a total of US$ 52 million.

Much of his profit comes from sales of songs, which he produced that are hits even today.

In 2012, Forbes estimated his net worth to be around US$ 270 million.

17) Dr. Dre is the CEO of his two major companies, Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.

Beats Electronics is an electronic audio company that specializes in headphones, earphones and speakers.

Dr. Dre believes that most headphones do not give the sound quality the song and the listener deserve.

18) The audio electronics that are offered by the Dr. Dre’s successful company, Beats Electronics, are equipped with high quality HD sound systems.

A pair of Dr. Dre’s famous headphones costs around US$ 299.99.

Many other electronic companies have collaborated with the company, such as HP and HTC, and offer packages, which include a promotional package by Beats Electronics.

19) The amount of work Dr. Dre has accomplished over the years is the only evidence of his age.

Otherwise, he looks young for his age of 48 years.

He has worked hard for much of his life, and has been a part of many successful achievements and productions.

20) In 2011, Dr. Dre decided to direct more of his attention to his family and his loving wife of almost 17 years.

More recently, with his enthusiastic stamina and forever need to stay active, Dr. Dre says that he is ready to get back to work in the studio again.


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