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Ellen DeGeneres Facts – # 100 Fun Facts

Ellen DeGeneres Facts - Biography

Ellen DeGeneres Facts – Biography

Ellen DeGeneres Date of Birth

1. Ellen DeGeneres Born on 26th January 1958

The famous actress and the award winning host is an outstanding American celebrity born in 1958.

Yes, the powerful star of the past many decades is only fifty-five years old.

Her birth month is the coldest month of January and her lucky birth date is twenty-six.

Ellen DeGeneres is popular worldwide for her outstanding performance as a host and for her sensational comedy sitcoms.

2. DeGeneres’s Birth Town

The American star, Ellen DeGeneres was born in the biggest municipality in Jefferson Parish in New Orleans.

The birthplace of this legendary figure is the beautiful land of Metarie, Louisiana, United States.

The area was a big base for farmers at the time of DeGeneres’s birth.

Modernization was incorporated into the region in 1990s.

By that time DeGeneres was a big celebrity of American history.

3. DeGeneres’s Middle Name

The name Ellen DeGeneres is not it.

The interesting celebrity has three names printed on her identity card.

Did you know that her full name has been identified as Ellen Lee DeGeneres?

4. Ellen DeGeneres Zodiac Sign

Ellen is an Aquarius.

Loving, having good nature, being peaceful, a little flirty, and confident are a few of the traits that Ellen possesses because she gets them from her Zodiac Star.

Family Life Ellen DeGeneres

5. About Ellen’s Family

Ellen belonged to a dual income household.

Her mother Elizebeth was a speech therapist and her father Elliot was an insurance salesman.

They got divorced when the Ellen was just a teenager.

Her brother Vance is a successful artist too.

He is a popular producer and a talented musician.

Ellen’s mother soon got married again to another salesman and left her birth town to live with her new husband along with the young teenager.

6. Ellen’s Step Siblings

Everyone knows about DeGeneres’s famous brother Vance but there are very few people who are actually familiar with the fact that Ellen DeGeneres also have more siblings.

Yes, she has two-step sisters who came into her life after her mother married again.

Ellen DeGeneres Personal Facts

7. How Tall is DeGeneres?

The renowned celebrity Ellen DeGeneres is not just a pretty and elegant woman but also a quite tall.

She is around five feet and seven and a half inches tall.

8. Ellen’s Other Name

Like every normal person, Ellen has a charming nickname.

Her close friends and family address her through a different and more adorable name.

To most she is THE ELLEN DEGENERES, but for those she is close to she is known as the smart and intelligent Tilly Mint.

9. Where Ellen Lives

The Ellen DeGeneres currently lives in Beverly Hills with her partner where she enjoys a beautiful life.

10. Ellen’s Eyes

The beautiful star Ellen Degeneres is known all over the world for her many talents.

The best thing about her overall personality is the color of her eyes.

Ellen DeGeneres has electric blue eyes that add to her beauty and compliment her fair and flawless skin.

11. Blonde DeGeneres

This beautiful star is a blonde.

Yes, her hair is a fine yellowish golden that compliments her blue shinny eyes and her light complexion.

You can call Ellen blonde but you cannot call her dumb!

12. Ellen’s Link with Cambridge

Did you know that the comedian DeGeneres is biologically related to the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine? In one of her shows (2011), she informed the spectators about the letter she received from the Genealogical Society in England that Catherine and Ellen share a predecessor.

The Duchess of Cambridge is DeGeneres’s fifteenth cousin.

13. About Ellen’s Ancestry

Ellen DeGeneres is a blend of many cultures.

Her ancestors came from different countries of the world.

No wonder the wonderful actress is full of life and passion and possesses a colorful personality.

She does not only come from English but also German, Irish and French background.

14. Ellen’s Education

The inspirational star DeGeneres comes from a good scholastic background.

She had her initial education from the Grace King High School in her birth city and then did her graduation from Atlanta High School.

Afterwards she started a degree in communications studies from the University of New Orleans but left it after the first semester.

The desire to prove herself was greater for Ellen, thus she decided to pursue a career she liked.

15. Boring Child

Most of us think that Ellen DeGeneres must be the funniest child ever.

In reality, Ellen describes herself as being a very boring child.

She says she was more into balance sheets and income statements as a child.

She once said, “ People always ask me, were you funny as a child.

Well no, I was an accountant”.

16. Ellen’s Horrifying Childhood Memories

Ellen DeGeneres was once sexually abused by her step dad.

Who could tell by looking at that prominent face and promising eyes full of humor and excitement that once the young teenager Ellen had to go through such horror and pain? Most of her comic art is a reflection of her childhood.

17. DeGeneres’s First Love

Everyone knows about Ellen’s sexual preferences but very few know that the first woman Ellen DeGeneres fell in love was a poet two years older than Ellen was.

The couple was full of life and color but Ellen’s happiness was short lived.

Soon after the two got together, the young poet had a car accident and passed away.

DeGeneres was broken at the tragic end of her happy love story and wrote her first monologue “A Phone Call to God” in which she discussed her sorrow.

Early Inspiration, Ellen DeGeneres

18. Ellen’s Motivations

When her parents got divorced, Ellen used to make her mother, Betty, laugh to get over the grief through famous comedian skills.

It was at that time that she realized what her real potential and ability was and what she wanted to do in the future.

In addition, her brother’s success story acted as a motivational force for her.

“Everybody knew who he was”, DeGeneres confessed later.

“That’s what motivated me to do something, because I watched him get all this attention and glory”.

19. Who Inspired DeGeneres?

Ellen DeGeneres claims to be inspired by two personalities namely Woody Allen and Stieve Martin at the start of her career.

She started as a comedian in clubs and coffee cafes.

It was not until 1981 that she became the official host of the Clyde’s Comedy Club.

The Many Shades of Ellen DeGeneres

20. Multi-talented DeGeneres

Did you know that before Ellen started a career as an actress and comedian, she performed a number of jobs in various places.

No wonder her work till this date reflects her diversified personality.

She was a sales clerk for some time, worked as a waitress, a house painter and bartender before she became the famous Ellen DeGeneres.

21. The Athletic Side of  Ellen

There are many sides to the fancy and interesting personality of the world’s most famous show host.

As a teenager, Ellen DeGeneres, was an active sports person.

Very few people actually know that their favorite Comedian once participated as a member of the Varsity Tennis Team during her school life.

Ellen DeGeneres Early Career

22. The Spectacular 80’s of Ellen’s Life

In 1981 Ellen was hired as permanent show host of a comedy club in New Orleans.

This was the first boaster to Ellen’s career.

In 1982 she was given the title of “ShowTime’s Funniest Person in America”.

And in 1986, she was seen on the famous “Tonight Show starring JohnnyCarson”.

The late eighties brought a start to Ellen’s movie and television career.

23. Ellen’s First Sitcoms

Even though her first few television sitcoms were short lived, Ellen proved her acting skills through her sitcom that went on air as Open House.

She played the role of a funny and goofy receptionist residing in L.A.

This experience not only proved that Ellen was capable of acting but also opened the gates of opportunity for DeGeneres in Hollywood.

24. DeGeneres Experience of “ ELLEN”

The ABC Sitcom, ELLEN, proved to be a big success story for Ellen DeGeneres.

She earned numerous nominations and awards for the sitcom.

She starred as an employee working in a bookstore and received a lot of appreciation from her viewers and her fans worldwide for the show.

Her character in the show was also called Ellen and the show was named after her.

25. These Friend of Mine

Did you know that the most popular sitcom of Ellen DeGeneres had a different name when it actually started? The famous show Ellen that gave Ellen DeGeneres worldwide appreciation was named as These Friends of Mine when it was on aired for the first time.

The name was changed to Ellen in the later seasons of the show due to the fame it was gathering because of Ellen DeGeneres.

26. First Leading Role

Did you know that your favorite comedian’s first leading role in the movie Mr. Wrong turned out be a huge failure at the box office? The movie’s failure showed unexpected results and created a desire for Ellen DeGeneres to prove herself on the big screen.

Ellen had huge expectations with Mr. Wrong and was not at all happy with the outcome.

However, she accepted the failure with open arms.

27. Coming out of the Closet

Ellen DeGeneres announced her sexual preferences for the first time in Times magazine in 1997.

She confidently celebrated the idea of finding women attractive and confessed that she no longer wanted to hide her true personality from her fans.

It soon became a hot topic and resulted in many controversies for Ellen.

28. The Ellen Show

Did you know that the popular “The Ellen Show” sprung by Ellen in 2001 was a complete failure? The Show had to be closed down because it could not achieve the required amount of ratings.

It was one of the weaker moments of Ellen’s life when she had to face the consequences of announcing that she was a lesbian.

Rise to Fame, Ellen DeGeneres

29. Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

This show was started to air in 2003 and received both positive and negative remarks from the audience.

It was known for its humor and criticized by many but it was able to receive fifteen Emmy Awards in the first three seasons.

The show earned best ratings ever and serves as a milestone in Ellen’s career.

30. Hosting Awards

DeGeneres was not just a host of television shows but also was the live host of many award shows.

She added life to the events she hosted through her talented skills and humorous nature.

She was given the honor to host the Grammy Awards in the two subsequent years 1996 and 1997.

In the years 2001 and 2005 she hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards.

And Oscar knocked her door in 2007.

31. Finding Ellen

Remember the funny and adorable Dory? Dory is the wonderful character of the hilarious animated movie Finding Nemo.

Do you know who the magical voice behind the character Dory was? Yes, it was none other than the remarkable Ellen DeGeneres who showed she was much more than an actress and comedian in 2004 by playing the voice of Dory.

More Success for Ellen DeGeneres

32. Year 2007

The year 2007 turned out to be a very happening one for Ellen DeGeneres.

Not only was she rewarded her fourth Emmy Award for the Outstanding Talk Show Host but she confidently appeared on the cover of the magazine, W, wearing a menswear.

She announced proudly that she does not feel comfortable wearing a dress and wants to be shown to the world for who she really is.

In addition, she was offered to host the world famous Oscar awards in the year 2007.

33. Ellen the Cover Girl

The fifty year old comedian and host, Ellen became the face of the Cover Girl Magazine after marriage to the famous superstar Portia.

The woman aged gracefully, no wonder she was able to deliver the models hit look.

34. Judging American Idol

The responsibility to judge our all-time favorite singing contest was on the strong shoulders of the beautiful and graceful comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

When Paula left the judge’s panel, Ellen joined it in 2009 and made the show a wonderful success through her comical sarcasm.

However, it was short lived and she left the panel in the coming year.

35. Riding on Ellen

The world famous amusement park, Disney Land, has an adventurous ride for Ellen’s fans called Ellen’s Energy Adventure.

As the name suggests, the ride is designed for individuals full of energy and fun.

The ride was launched for the first time at Walt Disney in 1996 and was called Ellen’s Energy Crisis.

However, the name was later changed by replacing crisis with adventure to make it sound safe to the riders.

Ellen DeGeneres: Personal Relationships

36. Ellen’s Taste for Celebrity Blood

Most of the relationships Ellen DeGeneres has been with were the famous celebrity beauties.

She had an open affair with the actress Heche in 1997 and in 2001 she got together with the famous photographer Alexandra.

In 2004, we hear of yet another connection between Ellen and the movie star Portia de Rosi to whom Ellen got married in 2008.

37. Portia and Ellen

The two spectacular celebrities are very much in love.

Yes, they are married and yes, they are gay! They got married in 2008 and are still together.

Portia is younger than Ellen DeGeneres and the two love birds spend a lot of quality time with each other despite their busy schedules.

Ellen proudly described Portia onstage at Melbourne as the most charming person she has ever met.

Ellen said, “She is the most kindest, the most compassionate, the most brilliant, most beautiful human being I have ever met in my entire life”.

38. Children: A Big No

Even though the couple has now been married for almost five years, Ellen and Portia are not even close to thinking about starting a family.

They both feel that children are not their department and have mutually decided to not have any.

They just cannot seem to share each other even with a toddler.

Thus, the idea of adopting a baby is not in their dictionary.

Other Facts about Ellen DeGeneres

39. Rejecting Friends

Ellen DeGeneres was offered a role in the popular comedy sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S before she started playing the role of the famous bookstore worker in the record-breaking show ELLEN.

For some reason DeGeneres turned down the offer.

Why she did it is still a mystery to many.

40. Ellen’s HOT SOX

Remember the long, sparkling socks that were the trendiest in the early seventies? Ellen DeGeneres was in love with them as a child.

She enjoyed wearing the hot sox but eventually when she moved to Texas after her mother’s second wedding, she had to give them away.

41. Ellen, The Dory

Did you know that you will hear Ellen DeGeneres’s voice soon in another animated movie? Ellen has announced to her fans that Finding Dory, a sequel to the famous animated movie Finding Nemo is going to be in theaters by 2015.

And our favorite stunning star is going to play the lost Dory’s character in that movie.

42. Bronchitis Attack

The popular celebrity Ellen DeGeneres is not as healthy as she looks.

Did you know that she suffer from bronchitis, a respiratory disease.

43. Visiting Lover’s Town

Even though Ellen has been in love with her wife for the past eight years, she has never had the honor of visiting Portia’s town ever.

It was not until March of 2013 that Ellen actually went to Australia with her wife for the first time.

The beautiful couple walked the roads of the country and were applauded by the entire town.

For Ellen it was a breathtaking moment.

She said in one of her interviews, “I would kiss the ground but I have bronchitis and I don’t want to give Australia bronchitis.”

44. Hello Australia

In one of her shows, Ellen DeGeneres announced proudly that soon her spectacular show will be taken to the lovely Australian grounds.

She said that there will not be any live shows but she will come to Sydney where she will record segments that will soon come on air later in 2013.

So, hold your breath Australians, Ellen DeGeneres is on her way to surprise you!

Personal Values of Ellen DeGeneres

45. Traditional Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres believes in values.

Being so devoted to such values is a trait found in very few people nowadays.

She says, “Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need.

To me, those are traditional values”.

Who ever knew that The Ellen DeGeneres in reality is such a down to earth person who believes in such traditional values?

46. Ellen Says No to Dramas

Ellen DeGeneres believes that most of the people like to have drama around them because for them the whole idea is a source of comfort.

She advises everyone to face the music rather than avoiding the truth.

She once said, “So many people prefer to live in drama because it’s comfortable.

It’s like someone staying in a bad marriage or relationship- it’s actually easier to stay because they know what to expect every day, versus leaving and not knowing what to expect”.

Ellen believes that uncertainty is better than living a drama!

47. Ellen is Deer Friendly

Ellen objects at the idea of having deer heads sticking out of the walls of people’s houses.

She finds the concept very wrong.

She thinks people do such an act because they find these animals very beautiful.

She made fun of such people once very cunningly by pointing out that she thinks her mother Betty is very pretty yet she simply keeps her pictures in her house! Ellen being Ellen made her point clear through a smart funny message.

48. Bullying is Not a Word in Ellen’s Dictionary

Ellen DeGeneres is a not a fan of bullying others to get a laugh.

She proudly explains that most of her work is directed towards making people laugh, as laughter is the best medicine one can find but she does it not by making fun of others.

She says,” Most comedy is based on getting a laugh at somebody else’s expense.

And I find that that’s just a form of bullying in a major way.

So I want to be an example that you can be funny and be kind, and make people laugh without hurting somebody else’s feelings”.

For Elle, being funny and bullying are two very different words.

49. Shifting Towards Happiness

The famous Ellen DeGeneres is of the view that the whole world is a sad place.

She points out that it is evil and fearful.

According to her, the only way one can survive all this negativity is by making a turn towards happiness and laughter.

Hence, she has picked up the work of spreading joy and fun in the world as her occupation.

For Ellen, the sign of a successful and peaceful life is being happy.

50. Contributing Towards Laughter

Ellen DeGeneres says that she wants to contribute towards making people laugh.

For her it is the purpose of her life.

She said, “If we’re destroying our trees and destroying our environment and hurting animals and hurting one another and all that stuff, there’s got to be a very powerful energy to fight that.

I think we need more love in the world.

We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy more laughter.

I definitely want to contribute to that”.

Through these words, she shows she is not only environment friendly but also wants the world to be a happy and cheerful place.

51. For Ellen DeGeneres Ego is Bad

“I work worry hard at trying to see the big picture and not getting stuck with ego.

I believe we’re all put on this planet for a purpose, and we all have a different purpose… when you connect with that love and that compassion, that’s when everything unfolds”.

For Ellen, ego is the root of all destruction.

For her avoiding it is actually everyone’s purpose in this world.

52. Compassionate Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres is a woman of compassion.

For her being compassionate is important and it is the driving force that makes her believe in everything.

She said, “I’m not an activist; I don’t look for controversy.

I’m not a political person, but I’m a person with compassion.

I care passionately about equal rights.

I care about human rights.

I care about animal rights”.

This statement is a proof of how passionate Ellen is and how much she believes in being politically correct.

Compassion for her is the source from where she gets all her charm.

Ellen DeGeneres: Inspirational, Quotes

53. Health and Fitness

Ellen DeGeneres often gives advice to her audience to be healthy and physically fit through her famous grandma joke.

The purpose behind the jokes to send across the message to her fans that how much being healthy is actually important.

She tries to add humor in it and try to make sure that every individual is concerned about their health.

Exercising is important even if it I walking a little very day.

Ellen herself works out on an elliptical machine while watching animal planet.

54. Ellen Stands Up for Homosexuals

Ellen DeGeneres is of the view that most of the gay people get their homosexuality from the heterosexuals.

She quotes her example and explains to the world that she was raised by heterosexuals and was always a part of their world.

The change of preferences thus has little to do with her own self.

She explains to the heterosexuals to stop looking down on homosexuals as they have emerged from the culture and environment made by them.

55. Changes in Barbie

Ellen DeGeneres said, “I think they should have Barbie with a buzz cut”.

The famous star is apparently not very satisfied with the fact that all the Barbies enjoy having long hair.

She believes that the length of hair does not measure beauty and find the idea discriminatory.

The funny remark about Barbie made by Ellen DeGeneres is a proof of how she feels.

She wishes to see a Barbie who is wearing short hair.

56. Ellen’s Peaceful Minutes

Ellen DeGeneres says that every day she takes around fifteen minutes to enjoy the peace of her mind.

The rest of her day however, is filled trying to fight worldly affairs in order to survive the fearful world.

“I get those fleeting, beautiful moments of inner peace and stillness- and then the other twenty three hours and forty five minutes of the day; I’m a human trying to make it through this world”.

57. Sensitive DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres claims to be very sensitive.

She says that because she was always raised in an atmosphere where people always told her that everything is fine, she finds it very hard at times to respond to the harsh world.

As a reflex action, she says, she has become extra sensitive and gets disturbed by the sad things very easily.

58. DeGeneres Encourages Critics

According to Ellen DeGeneres, one should sometimes encourage criticism as it is the only way one can find out where they are wrong and how to improve one’s self.

She said, “  Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others”.

Thus, the famous star always welcomes criticism as she feels it best way to learn more about your own self.

59. Faithful Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres was raised as a Christian Scientist but she is not one now yet she regards faith and religion very highly.

For Ellen, religion is very important and she believes having faith is the essential for every human being.

It provides a code of conduct for a person and spells out how one should live.

Thus, Ellen describes religion as an important pillar of life.

60. Only Vegetables

The world famous comedian, Ellen DeGeneres does not eat anything with a face.

Yes, it is true that Ellen DeGeneres is very particular about her food.

She is a vegetarian.

She believes in animal rights and slaughtering them in order to serve them on a plate is wrong in her eyes.

61. Ellen’s Desire to Win an Oscar

Very smartly, Ellen DeGeneres points out that her dream and main desire is to win an Oscar one day.

She said,” But seriously, I think overall in the scheme of things winning an Emmy is not important.

Let’s get our priorities straight.

I think we all know what’s really important in life- winning an Oscar”.

This shows that Ellen’s real goal is not to flaunt her Emmy awards in the world but her aim is to win an Oscar one day and that is what she is working for.

62. Ellen, The Glove Maker

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres spent ten years of her life learning how to make gloves when she was a kid? Her family told her it was kindergarten but in reality, they were sending her to a factory which made gloves and that is where Ellen learned this extraordinary task.

Her family was of the belief that it is a good thing if one knows how to make gloves.

63. Ellen Wants to Meditate

The famous Ellen DeGeneres wants to learn to be patient because she feels that it is the only way one can meditate.

She wishes to close up her mind and feel peaceful but her restless personality does not allow her to do to so.

Her dream is to be able to do meditation because for her it is the key to peace and humbleness.

Hobbies of Ellen DeGeneres

64. Ellen DeGeneres’ Hobby

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres actually at the heart is a furniture designer? The famous star enjoys designing furniture and does it all the time as a hobby.

She takes pride in having a great sense of designing when it comes to furniture.

She has also said many times that if she was not a comedian she would have taken this as a career.

65. Ellen’s Own Zoo

Ellen DeGeneres is a big animal lover.

She loves to work for animal rights and is a vegetarian.

She turned after watching a footage of what goes around in the farms and slaughterhouses.

She has many animals in her house and on her farm, ranging from dogs to cats and cows to horses.

In short, the charming star has a small zoo of her own.

66. Portrait Collector

The fascinating Ellen DeGeneres is so many things.

She is all in one but there is another interesting fact about the Ellen.

Did you know that Ellen loves collecting portraits? She collects portraits of different people and like to wonder who these people are in the paintings and what can be their life story.

She also collects antique mirrors.

67. Ellen’s Passion

You may think that Ellen’s DeGeneres passion is comedy but you are wrong! The famous star believes that her passion is music.

She loves nurturing new talent and talk about music and that is why she has a record label.

It makes making all this possible for her.

Ellen DeGeneres: More About Her Personality

68. Ellen Feels She is a Kid

Ellen DeGeneres does not give any importance to her age, she still feels she is a child at heart.

And why should she not? The remarkable personality is always full of life and wonder and comes up with the most interesting things one can ever imagine.

Her mind thinks like child’s. She once said,” I don’t pay attention to the number of birthdays, it’s weird when I say I’m 53.

It just is crazy that I’m 53. I think I’m very immature.

I feel like a kid.

That’s why my back goes out all the time, because I completely forget I can’t do certain things anymore.”

69. All in One

Ellen DeGeneres can get bored very easily.

That is why she is always doing one thing or another.

She is a comedian, an actress, a host, a book writer, a music nurturer and what not.

Her personality is just as colorful.

She is a lesbian, a vegetarian and an aquarian.

She is almost all in one!

70. Ellen’s Johnny Carson Blouse

Guess what happened to the shirt Ellen DeGeneres wore on her first break at the Johnny Carson’s show? No, Ellen never threw it because it was worth a lot of memories for her.

She still has it but instead of wearing it, she uses it to clean the dishes at the dinner parties.

Ellen now laughs that that blouse was not at all her style.

71. Always on the Go

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres finds it very hard to live in a place for too long? Once she told her amazed audience that she has moved around ten times in the past fifteen years.

Remaining still and in one place is an art unknown to the great star and her desire for change makes her to always be on the go.

72. Blessed Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres feels that she is very blessed.

She has an amazing life.

She has it all and gets to do whatever she wants to.

She loves being herself and making people laugh and according to her the best part about all this is that she gets paid for having an amazing life! For Ellen it is a blessing not to just enjoy doing what she does but also to be paid doing what she enjoys.

73. Favorite Color

Did you know what is Ellen DeGeneres’s favorite color? She once said that one of her most favorite color is baby blue.

Many believe that Ellen has a special preference for blue color because her eyes are also the same color.

Some say Ellen enjoys the beauty and the color of the water is most beautiful.

However, Ellen simply says she likes blue.

74. Favorite Foods

Guess what Ellen’s Favorite foods are? Ellen loves eating Pizza.

She says she can die for cheese pizza.

She enjoys having ice cream and her favorite pass time snack is Cheetos.

Ellen loves having junk food.

75. Favorite Music

Music is an Ellen DeGeneres’s passion.

She enjoys listening to music and loves being able to discuss it.

She has devoted her life towards nurturing new talents and welcoming musicians to the entertainment industry.

Her favorite type of music include R&B and old school R&B.

76. Favorite TV Shows

Ellen DeGeneres is a big TV fan.

She enjoys watching television in her free time.

Amongst her favorite shows are “Queer Eye of the Straight Guy”, “Trading Spaces” and “While You Were Out”.

Ellen told her audience that she enjoys watching these television shows.

77. Favorite Movie

Ellen loves watching movies and whenever she gets time she watches one with her partner, her friends and even alone when no one else is free.

Ellen DeGeneres takes her free time very seriously and makes the most of it.

Watching movies is one of the things that she likes doing in her free time.

Her favorite movie is Tootsie.

78. Favorite TV Station

One of the TV stations that Ellen loves watching is very unusual.

Architecture has always interested Ellen DeGeneres and the TV channel she watches most of the time provides her with immense information about architecture.

Her favorite TV station is HGTV.

79. Favorite Talk Show Host

The famous talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has been inspired by another host for her work.

According to Ellen it is not wrong to be inspired by someone but it is wrong to try to be someone else.

One should be comfortable in their own skin and try to win people’s heart by one’s own personal work.

Ellen DeGeneres’s all time favorite talk show hosts is Johnny Carson.

80. Absolute Favorite Comedian

Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian.

She has been inspired by a bigger comedian for her work.

She regards Bob Newhart as a source of inspiration and motivation for her amazing standup comedy and says that he was actually the reason why Ellen took up comedy as a career.

81. Favorite Game of Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres loves playing video games.

Like her personality, her favorite game is ping-pong.

Like a ping-pong ball, Ellen is always hopping from one place to another.

Her taste in games also reflects her restless and on the go personality.

82. Ellen’s Fear

Ellen is afraid of one of the most mystic animals.

Yes, we are talking about snakes.

Ellen DeGeneres finds this creature very scary and regards it as her biggest fear.

It is not an overstatement to say that Ellen is petrified of snakes.

Other Accomplishments of Ellen DeGeneres

83. Ellen’s First Book

Ellen DeGeneres was not satisfied with just being the best host, she wanted more for herself and in 1995 she published her very first book named “ My Point…..And I Do Have One”.

The book was a big hit for Ellen and was New York Times best seller.

84. Ellen’s Comedy CD

Even after being so successful, Ellen DeGeneres wanted more from life and wanted to give more her fans.

As a result, in 1997, Ellen released her very own comedy CD for her audience called“Taste This”.

Again Ellen’s work was appreciated worldwide and people fell in love with the talented star.

85. Ellen’s Second Book

Ellen DeGeneres published her second book in 2003.

It was called “The Funny Thing Is…” and was published by Simon and Schuster.

The book consisted of many small stories and essays.

It was a new way of communicating comedy and it received a lot of appreciation from the masses.

Ellen DeGeneres: Awards and Recognition

86. Nationally Recognized

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres was the first ever nationally recognized comedian in the history of New Orleans in 1982.

She gave her birth town a new identity and brought fame to New Orleans and herself through her different, comical and interesting work.

87. Many Other Awards

Ellen has earned numerous awards for her performance over the past many years.

People just know about her Emmys.

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres is also the winner of the Golden Apple Award, a Lucy Award and Amnesty International Award.

88. Best Actress Nomination

Ellen DeGeneres got nominations for Emmy’s best actress awards many times.

Her most popular comedy sitcom “Ellen” was the reason behind this success.

The sitcom enabled Ellen to secure a nomination each season for her acting as the best actress.

89. Best Female Stand Up

In 1991, Ellen DeGeneres was given the honorable and prestigious award of Best Female Standup in the American Comedy Awards.

This award was a milestone in Ellen’s career and it was when for the first time she was given the recognition for her work all over the country.

90. Hollywood Squares

Did you know that our favorite Hollywood star Ellen DeGeneres had a special guest spot in the famous syndicated game show Hollywood Squares.

She had a place at the Center Square on the show.

Her presence at the show made the entire show lively and comical.

91. Ellen’s Celebrity Friends

Ellen DeGeneres is a very friendly person and has many friends in show-biz.

Making friends comes naturally to her because of her lively personality.

A few well-known celebrities known to be on good friendly terms with Ellen DeGeneres include Jennifer Aniston, T.R. Knight, John Mayer, Heath Ledger and Courtney Cox.

92. Ellen’s Daughter: Rafter Yellow

In one of her shows, Ellen introduced a young teenage girl as her daughter to her audience.

The girl was an actress called Rafter Yellow.

The whole point behind this prank was to humor her audience and just add a little surprise element to the show.

The only truth is that Ellen and her wife have no kids and do not even plan to have any.

93. Vegan Cooking for Carnivores

Ellen DeGeneres along with her wife Portia de Rosi and her personal Chef Roberto Martin published a recipe book in April 2014.

The book consists of one twenty five special vegetarian recipes, Ellen’s cook has especially created for the two lovers and has received a lot of appreciation from the vegetable lovers.

94. Wanting Marriage Rights

The famous gay celebrity Ellen DeGeneres is vocally very happy in her marriage to the famous Australian Hollywood actress Portia but she has always objected at not getting full rights of being married from the supreme court.

She has become an ambassador for gay marriages and has joined in this battle by writing briefs to the Supreme Court in favor of gay marriages.

95. Ellen’s Peaceful Ranch

Ellen DeGeneres along with her wife Portia de Rosi bought a beautiful ranch in 2009 near the Santa Monica Mountains.

Finally this year Ellen has announced to her fans that she has decided to settle down with her beautiful and stunning wife in a permanent home and maybe it is going to be the Peaceful ranch they bought many years back.

96. DeGeneres’s Social Work

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres once set up a hurricane Katrina relief fund for the people who had suffered in the hurricane.

She was able to raise round seven million through this fund because of her name and fame and helped any affected people.

97. Ellen’s Most Favorite Audience

Ellen DeGeneres proudly tells everyone that her mother Betty DeGeneres has attended Ellen’s show many times.

She is Ellen’s all-time favorite guest and makes her feel even more special and powerful while hosting her show.

98. 25 Year Celebration

In 2006, Ellen DeGeneres celebrated twenty-five years of her comedy life in her daytime talk show with her show audience and all other important people in her life.

That show was an epic example of the beautiful years of Ellen’s life and her contributions towards American comedy.

99. First Lead Gay Character

Ellen DeGeneres has played the first lead gay character ever in the history of Hollywood.

The common belief is that being gay is not very respectful.

However, Ellen Degeneres proved all of them wrong by doing such a role and showing the world that such a show and such a character can be successful.

100. Ellen DeGeneres’ Net Worth

In 2007, FORBES Magazine calculated Ellen DeGeneres net worth to be sixty five million dollars.

It was a big achievement for the big star as it showed her what the world thinks she is worth in terms of dollars.

Today, Ellen DeGeneres’ net worth is around $450 million.

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