Gary Vaynerchuk Facts

Gary Vaynerchuk Facts

Gary Vaynerchuk Facts - Biography

Gary Vaynerchuk Facts – Biography

1) Gary Vaynerchuk was born in Babruysk, U.S.S.R which is now known as Belarus.

In 1978, when Vaynerchuk was only 3 years old, his family immigrated to the United States.

They settled in the city of Edison, located in the state of New Jersey.

2) Vaynerchuk is a multi-talented individual, and has created his own social media agency with his brother, of which he is currently the CEO.

He is also an avid and popular video blogger, has managed a wine store, is a sought after public speaker and is also the author of two books.

AT the age of 37, Vaynerchuk has accomplished much more than many people of his age.

3) The successful entrepreneur graduated from Mount Ida College in Massachusetts.

Every weekend during his college years, he would work at his father’s liquor store.

After graduating, he realized that the store could become something more and changed the store to something more sophisticated, creating the ‘Wine Library’.

4) After transforming his father’s liquor store into the Wine Library, Vaynerchuk began a video blog called the Wine Library TV.

He would taste different wines each episode and would entertain and educate viewers about wine.

After a total of 1000 episodes, he replaced Wine Library TV with another video blog called, The Daily Grape.

5) The Daily Grape did not attract as many viewers as its predecessor, and Vaynerchuk decided to devote his attention to his agency.

In the middle of 2011, he told his viewers that he would no longer be doing any further video blogs.

6) Vaynerchuk has not only used his talent in creating public videos, but has also begun his own book series.

In 2009, he signed a contract with Harper Studio for ten books.

The contract was worth over US$ 1 million.

His first book was released in October of the same year, titled, Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion, in October 2009.

From its initial weeks of release, the book was a success.

7) Vaynerchuk’s book, Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion helps people realize what they are truly looking for and what they are passionate about.

Vaynerchuk believes that with the advances of technology trends and social media, it is easy for anyone to produce and create a business, as long as they have the passion.

8) Vaynerchuk would work in his father’s liquor store during his high school and college years, which is where he gained most of his knowledge about wine.

He would read magazines and books about wine while he was working.

He also self-taught himself further about wine, delving into an area that he was passionate about.

This is what his book refers to – if you have the passion, you can do anything.

Vaynerchuk is now known as a wine guru in America.

9) Vaynerchuk had a business mentality from a young age.

When he was only eight years old, Vaynerchuk created a lemonade stand system in his neighborhood.

This was not just one stand in the front of his house.

He created seven stands around the area.

10) In 1997, teamed with passion and know a full knowledge and expertise about wine, Vaynerchuk took advantage of the emerging online era, and created the website,

This company website had a drastic effect on his father’s business, and by 2005, he had increased revenue substantially.

The store had a revenue of US$ 3 million, and Vaynerchuk led them to a whopping US$ 45 million.

11) Vaynerchuk, the wine guru, had a large list of followers when he was video blogging.

His unique style of speaking about wine attracted all types of individuals.

Wine tasting has long since been regarded as a ‘posh’ activity, and there are many stereotypes surrounding the idea of wine experts and wine tasting.

Vaynerchuk would dispel this thinking with this straightforward talk and comedic ways of educating people about wine.

12) Even after he officially stopped blogging, Vaynerchuk has around 1 million Twitter followers.

He has been successfully noted as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs, and BusinessWeek has listed him as one of the top 20 people who can inspire other entrepreneurs.

13) Vaynerchuk is a successful author and public speaker.

These two talents are what have attracted businesses to come to Vaynerchuk for advice.

In 2009, together with his brother, the two created a consulting agency, VaynerMedia.

They work with companies that are looking for consulting advice and with those companies that have just started in the business sector.

Vaynerchuk has also invested in many of the start-up companies that come to him for advice.

14) Vaynerchuk, with his many talents and spectacular business mind, is a simple man at heart.

The wine guru’s favorite drink is a simple soda, root beer.

He wants simple things in life, and the one thing that motivates him the most is his family, whom he always puts first.

Vaynerchuk says that appreciates the loved the ones in his life.

The realization that everyone around him is alive and healthy, is enough to get him out of bed in the morning.

15) Vaynerchuk is a natural speaker.

He interacts with his audience and believes that including the audience in speeches and talks is essential to their understanding of what he is saying.

He prefers to talk less and listen more.

He encourages his audience to ask questions about anything, as he speaks about a variety of topics which include entrepreneurial skills, social media, and customer service.

16) Vaynerchuk did not want to work at his father’s liquor store.

However, he did not let this get in the way of pursuing what he was really interested in – business.

Instead of trying to change the situation, he changed himself.

He educated himself about wine and transformed the store into a much more successful business.

17) One of Vaynerchuk’s dreams was to appear on the cover of the Wall Street Journal.

In 2006, this came true, and his caricature appeared on the front of the prestigious business journal due to his success of the wine website he created and the wine store he transformed.

18) Vaynerchuk realized that to connect with the audience about wine, he needed to be like the audience.

Rather than talk about wine as though it was something only the rich and famous knew how to handle, he spoke about wine in an unpretentious way.

His audience appreciated this immensely, and Vaynerchuck found himself appearing on popular shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Today Show.

19) Vaynerchuk realized early on that the best way to connect with an audience was to connect through the internet.

Rather than using media tools such as the television and the radio, he began to visit blogs and social media websites.

This is how Vaynerchuk attracted consumers to his website, Wine Library TV.

20) Vaynerchuk has his own vision of business, which is obviously proved successful for him.

He believes that you need to have a good and able team that can execute your ideas properly.

He believes himself to be the idea behind the company, and the others are who follow through with the ideas.

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