George Clooney Facts

George Clooney Facts

George Clooney Facts - Biography

George Clooney Facts – Biography

1. George Clooney was born on May 6th 1961 in Kentucky.

Clooney did not have a life full of luxury and fame.

He grew up working in tobacco fields as a young boy and made money out of sheer hard work.

His first appearance in Hollywood was as an extra in the TV series Centennial in 1978 and he was reported to cycle his way to audition for lack of cash.

2. Before making it to the big screen, Clooney was inclined towards Christianity.

In an interview with Larry King, Clooney discloses that a large part of his childhood was spent being an altar boy in a neighborhood church.

3. Handsome as he is, Clooney was shortlisted in September 2007 in GQ Magazine’s list of the 50 Top Stylish Men in the past 50 years!Definitely a big milestone for the humble actor cum screenwriter.

This was not the first or the last of awards for Mr. Clooney.

In 1996 he was nominated for the ’50 Most Beautiful People of the World’ in USA Today, together with making it to People’s magazine list of ‘100 most beautiful people in the world’ and that too twice.

4. Not only does Clooney have the beauty to top the list of the ‘Most Beautiful Men Alive’, he also made it to Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 50 Smartest People in Hollywood.

What a perfect combination of beauty and brains!

5. If the above accolades were not enough, Clooney is also one of the only two men to have ever appeared on the Vogue magazine cover,Richard Gere being the other guy.

However, Clooney wins the battle here too because he was showcased on the first ever cover of the Men’s Vogue in 2005 as well.

6. After dropping out of the Northern Kentucky University, Clooney made a small film with his cousin actor Miguel Ferrer.

Immensely enjoying this experience, he finally decided to give acting a shot as a full time profession.

Little did he know he would become one of the most sought after actors in all of Hollywood.

7. Having a passion for sport, George Clooney even tried out for the Cincinnati Reds to pursue a profession in baseball.

Let’s just say this actor cum director cum screenwriter has tried a bit of everything in life.

8. With fame and the talent to act in his blood, it is known that Clooney had spent some very close times with his aunt Rosemary Clooney who was a famous songstress and actress of her time.

During his first days in Hollywood, Rosemary’s place is what Clooney called home.

9. George Clooney has more than just acting up his sleeve.

Since 2008, he has been nominated as the United Nations Peace Messenger.

Clooney made a small movie called Darfur in 2007 to promote awareness among the masses of the International Crisis.

Proving to be a big help during the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the 2004 Tsunami and during the 9/11 relief, Clooney has gained a lot of respect for his charitable efforts.

10. Ever had a chance to get an autograph from George Clooney? No? Well you better hurry because Clooney is listed amongst the Top 5 Best Autographers in Hollywood by the Autographer Collector’s 14th annual survey.

11. Are you in love with Clooney’s Roman haircut? Guess what, this haircut was never intended by him or his hairdresser.

Intending to give his character a wild look, for Clooney it was a complete blunder at first; however, the Roman haircut received much fame and became Clooney’s look ever since his movie “From Dusk till Dawn.”

12. If you wish to have a dream date with Clooney, line up! In 2006, George Clooney was the #1 Dream Date option on

13. Not only is Clooney great on the silver screen, he has made his mark on television as well.

ER was one of his first successful acting projects.

Working on it from 1994 to 1999, Clooney received two Emmy awards for the Outstanding Lead Actor in Drama Series.

14. Outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, you will find Clooney’s hand and shoe prints as part of a fame drive for the amazing actor.

It is not often that showbiz sees a personality as rich as Clooney’s.

15. If you are a diehard Clooney fan, you would have noticed his inclination to be filmed in roles involving robberies! From Dusk till Dawn in 1996, Out of Sight in 1998, Three Kings in 1998, O’ Brother where art thou in 2000, Ocean’s Eleven 2001 and Welcome to Collinwood in 2002 all have been super hits with Clooney in one of the most dashing roles in each.

16. Despite some serious and flirty high profile relationships, Clooney is not one for marriage.

After his failed marriage to Talia Balsam in 1993, he has sworn to never remarry no matter what.

17. In November 1997, George Clooney was quoted as the ‘Sexiest man alive’ by People Magazine! As if once was not enough, he topped the list again in 2006 and received this honorary title, much to the delight of his fans.

18. Did you know Clooney suffered some life threatening injuries during his shoot for Syriana? Though he received an Oscar for the Best Supporting Role in Syraina, Clooney sustained some major damage to his spinal membrane, causing spinal fluid to leak into his brain.

Massive headaches and terrible back pain had to be treated over a course of months to get his body back to normal.

19. Clooney’s love for pets is heartwarming.

From raising and tending to an old pig till his death, to rescuing a stray dog from a homeless shelter, Clooney has performed many acts of kindness.

20. For Clooney aging gracefully is a must.

One of his very famous quotes from the Playboy Magazine narrates his point of view about how he prefers to look while he grows old: ‘You don’t want to try to look younger because you’ll look wrong,’ he said.

‘You dye your hair, you look wrong.

You wear a bad toupee, you look wrong.

You wear makeup to hide things, you get your eyes done, you look wrong.’

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