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John Donahoe Facts – # 50 Facts 

John Donahoe Facts - Biography

John Donahoe Facts – Biography

John Donahoe: Wonder Years

1. An Ordinary Kid Born in Evanston

What is one of the most inspiring facts about John Donahoe is that he is an ordinary kid born in Evanston who works hard through college and twenty years at a good firm, and eventually makes it to one of the world leading internet companies.

2. Education of John Donahoe

John Donahoe has a BA degree with high distinction in Economics from Dartmouth College.

He has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

3. Passion to be a Leader

As a young man, Donahoe does not foresee his success that is to come in the later years.

All he knows is that he has a passion to be a leader and always feels at home in leadership positions.

He is a leader in his fraternity and also captain of his college basketball team.

It can be said that leadership comes naturally to the CEO of eBay.

4. Follows the Advice of His Professor

Another individual that Donahoe says has changed his outlook on life is a professor he meets at Dartmouth.

Professor Hennessey has taught business and ethics at Dartmouth.

He has given Donahoe some important pieces of advice, which he remembers to this day.

Hennessey has taught Donahoe to remove the word “I” from his mindset, and to use self-reflection as a way to keep his mind and heart clear.

Beginning of Career of John Donahoe

5. Has Worked for Rolm Corporation and Salomon Brothers

Prior to his twenty years leading up to Worldwide Managing Director for Bian and Company, John Donahoe has also worked for Rolm Corporation and Salomon Brothers.

His experience coordinating with the world’s financial markets makes him an excellent choice for eBay’s CEO, where his responsibilities also include controlling eBay’s global eCommerce.

Bain & Company: John Donahoe

6. Donahoe’s Boss at Brain & Company is a Mentor to Him

Donahoe’s boss at his previous company, Bain & Company, Thomas Tierney, is also a great mentor to him.

He helps Donahoe through any issues, both personal and professional.

After Donahoe presents at meetings, Donahoe says that his boss not only have something positive to say, but tells him what he can do better for next time.

This helps push Donahoe to keep trying to do better.

7. Quits Bain & Company Twice before becoming its CEO

When he starts at Bain & Company, his wife Eileen completes law school and receives an offer to clerk for a federal judge.

Donahoe does not think twice, knowing this is an opportunity his wife cannot miss.

Therefore, he speaks to his boss, saying that things are not working out and he has to quit.

His boss works things out with him and Donahoe is able to take his kids to school.

Years later, John realizes he wants to spend more time with his children and wants to quit again.

His boss tells him to take a sabbatical instead, and two years later, Donahoe becomes CEO of the company.

Former eBay CEO: John Donahoe

8. Works Hard as the President of Marketplaces

Perhaps a great reason for John Donahoe’s success is that he takes his company forward as a partner and not a competitor.

He allows the company to take the opportunities of commerce with small entrepreneurial businesses and big retail markets.

He worked hard as the President of Marketplaces for three years and Marketplaces is now the 52% revenue generating business for eBay.

9. The Former President and CEO of eBay Inc.

John Donahoe was a president and CEO of eBay Inc., an online auctioning website.

He takes over as CEO in 2008, after Meg Whitman resigns from her 10-year post as CEO of the company.

Before his CEO post, Donahoe is President of Marketplaces at eBay, and during this time, he successfully doubles revenues and profits for his section.

10. John Donahoe is Promoted to CEO of eBay-2008

When John Donahoe was promoted to CEO in 2008 by eBay, he makes many big claims of a turnaround for the company.

By 2009, the company stocks have gone down over 50 percent and this is the most difficult time in his career, he starts to wonder if the efforts are all ‘worth it’.

However, by late 2009, he sells Skype for $2.5 billion, which leads to a high and low roller coaster ride for the company.

11. eBay Connects Consumer and Seller

Donahoe reportedly spends only $3 billion during his tenure as CEO to acquire partnerships with companies that help eBay’s sellers sell products.

EBay does not own any of the products that are sold on their website.

In fact, eBay is only paid when a transaction is made between a consumer and a seller.

12. Expansion of eBay

Interestingly, eBay has begun to build another office just in the backyard of its competitor, Amazon’s office in Bellevue, Washington.

The rapidly expanding company will need more room, and the new office is said to be almost double the size of the company’s existing office.

13. eBay is 70% Fixed Price Items and 30% Auction

Many people think that eBay is a site mainly used to find collectibles and hard to find items.

Donahoe says that five years ago, that may have been the case, when eBay is 70% auctions and 30% fixed price.

Now, it is 70% fixed price items, and 30% auction.

Donahoe says this change has come from the customers themselves, and eBay is just going along.

14. eBay’s Idea for Creative Business

EBay’s newest idea for creative business is same day delivery.

CEO John Donahoe says that it can provide same day delivery at a large scale, but will need to work with other companies that are looking for the same thing.

15. eBay’s Dual Rating Policy

Before John Donahoe takes over as CEO, eBay starts a dual rating policy for their consumers.

A buyer and a seller can rate each other based on their experience as negative, positive and neutral.

However, soon after Donahoe is appointed CEO, he revokes the seller’s ability to give negative feedback to their buyers after many have complained to the company.

16. eBay’s Shares Rises upto 46% Under Donahoe’s Leadership

Within the last year, under John Donahoe’s leadership the company’s shares have gone up 46 percent, according to CNBC, with a 26 percent increase in PayPal revenue and $14.1 billion in revenue for eBay itself.

17. eBay Has Made Shopping Easier and Simple

eBay is working with many other companies and retailers nationwide to make shopping easier for consumers.

Donahoe is seen buying a hammer from Home Depot with neither his wallet nor his cell phone.

With the option of paying with PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay, all he has to do is enter his phone number, a PIN, and the transaction is done.

18. Introduces eBay App for Mobile Phones

Working together with social networking website to increase the ease at which people can buy and sell.

The new eBay app for your mobile phone makes selling and buying that much easier.

Donahoe is proud of how quickly the website has gone mobile, and says this will help the customer take charge.

19. eBay-The First Company to Introduce Mobile Transactions

John Donahoe calls the eBay’s exploration of the benefits of Smartphones the “commerce revolution”.

He makes eBay the first large market company to make transactions capable through the mobile phone.

He says Smartphones are changing the ‘way we shop and pay’.

20. e-Bay-a Stepping Stone for Modern Mobile Transactions

John Donahoe has reportedly said in 2012, that the company expects a total transaction of $10 billion through PayPal and market place divisions, which is double that of 2011.

In 2013, it has been reported that PayPal is processing around $315 million dollars in payments every day with $10 million in mobile transactions.

EBay is creating the stepping stone for modern mobile transactions.

21. eBay Buys GSI for $2.4 billion

Donahoe’s wisest decisions come after 2010 when a further downfall in eBay’s stocks is seen.

In March of 2011, John Donahoe announces that eBay is buying GSI for $2.4 billion, which helps companies build and maintain their online stores.

Today, GSI commerce is one of the three major earning points for the company bringing in 8% of the revenue.

22.  eBay  Teams up with Discover

By mid-2012, John Donahoe makes a wise decision, announcing that eBay is teaming up with Discover to bring PayPal to over 7 billion retail customers.

Today, many large-scale retail stores and individual companies want eBay to help them expand their business online.

23. Fires 325 People in Company’s Reconstruction

Even after eBay’s stocks rise back up in 2012, John Donahoe has to fire 325 people in their reconstruction plan.

Donahoe assures the lay off for 325 positions is not for cost reductions, rather the company wants to focus on ‘streamlining the creation of great products.’

Despite these words to the media, Donahoe’s decision to lay off workers saves the company $15 million by the end of 2012.

24. Plans to Make eBay Worth $300 billion by year 2015

John Donahoe’s remarkable efforts with the company are a result of his 26-year financial experience.

He now tells the media how he will be leading the company to a worth of $300 billion by the year 2015.

In an interview with CNBC, Donahoe says that the mobile technology is ‘blurring the lines between e-commerce… and what used to be called retail.’

The online and offline transactions are now combining to be just commerce.

25. eBay is a Strong Advocate for Working Women

Donahoe urges working women to push for flexibility in their jobs.

He says that he has experience with such issues first hand.

Of eBay’s 900 directors, 24% of them are women.

EBay itself is a strong advocate for working women, as their previous CEO is a woman.

Donahoe is making changes to eBay to help women advance in their professions.

26. Wants eBay’s Employees to Use eBays Products

Donahoe is very critical of eBay’s competitor, Amazon.

Like any other loyal CEO, Donahoe does not appreciate having employees of his company using anything from the competitor.

At a meeting, he has with eBay employees, Donahoe says that he has seen Amazon’s boxes in the Mailroom and does not want that to happen again.

He states that employees should only be using eBay products whenever possible.

27. Fighting Cyber Attacks

John Donahoe has one of the greatest challenges as CEO to fight away constant cyber-attacks.

He says there are people spending all twenty-four hours trying to break into eBay’s technology.

He has listed the number of cyber-attacks to 5000 every day.

Skype and Paypal: John Donahoe

28. Interim President at PayPal and Director of Skype Global

In January of 2012, John Donahoe is also appointed the Interim President of PayPal after the previous President, Mr. Thompson resigns last year.

He remains in control of the position until the successor, David Marcus, is appointed.

In 2009, Donahoe also served as the Director for Skype Global.

29.  Famous Brands Expand Their Business Through Paypal

Under John Donahoe’s leadership, world famous brands like Toys “R” Us, and Macy’s are expanding their business online by making their transactions and payments through the secure system of PayPal.

Donahoe is often quoted saying that if PayPal can capture at least 1 percent of offline payments, its revenue will double in size.

30. Donahoe’s  Achievement-Growth of Mobile Commerce Through PayPal

Since John Donahoe’s tenure as the CEO, eBay has seen an increase in online sales.

As of 2012’s second quarter, eBay has a sales growth of 23 percent.

One of the greatest achievements of eBay is the growth of mobile commerce through PayPal.

Donahoe says there is a ‘staggering surge’ due to eBay’s mobile app.

31. Why Skype is Sold

On selling Skype, Donahoe says, “When I took over as CEO I sold Skype despite its phenomenal growth—it was growing 80 percent a year—and the fact that it was one of the coolest brands on earth with close to 500 million users worldwide.

But Skype didn’t have any synergies with eBay and PayPal.”

32. Skype does not Offer any Benefit ‘to Commerce and Payments’

Another reason Donahoe gives for selling Skype is that he thinks despite being a great way to connect people, Skype does not offer any advantage ‘to commerce and payments’.

Intel Corp: John Donahoe

33. Board of Trustees and Board of Directors

Apart from being the CEO of eBay, Donahoe also serves as on the Boards of Trustees for his former under-graduate school Dartmouth College and on the Board of Directors of Intel Corporation.

34. Holds $300,000 Worth of Stocks of Intel Corp.

John Donahoe holds over 500,000 shares with eBay.

As director for Intel Corp., Donahoe has over $300,000 worth of stocks. In 2011, John Donahoe’s pay is just a little shy of a million dollars.

Family Life of John Donahoe

35. John’s Father is a Role Model for Him

Donahoe says that his father plays a large influential role in his life.

As many children, he does not realize this at the time, but now, as an adult, he remembers things his father has taught him and they are what have helped him succeed.

He says that one of the things he will never forget and has instilled in his own behavior is the equality, which his father showed everyone.

36. An ideal Working Couple

John Donahoe and his wife Eileen are an ideal working couple.

They have been successfully married for 28 years.

With 4 kids, they have been able to work around issues and make compromises, and are now both successful in their careers.

Eileen is US ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council.

37. Donahoe’s Wife lives in Switzerland

John Donahoe and Eileen Donahoe have been married for twenty-eight years now.

While he is constantly at the eBay Head Quarters working as CEO, his wife, Eileen mostly lives in Switzerland.

He says they talk to each other and constantly ask themselves if they are doing all right.

38. Likes to Spend Time with His Children

Donahoe loves his four children, now between the ages of 16 and 26.

Any time that he has free from work, he spends it with his children.

He spends time with his children as they play sports and help coach them as well.

Due to the little time he has with his children, he savors every minute he has with them.

Personal Interests of John Donahoe

39. Interested in Politics

Donahoe likes to contribute to political candidates he believes in.

He previously has helped Republican candidates.

Recently he has become interested in the Democratic movement, and has been contributing to Democratic candidates such as Kirsten Gillibrand and Barbara Boxer.

40. Donahoe’s Favorite Leisure Activities

John enjoys watching basketball, and playing golf from time to time.

He likes to relax with a good book, and one of his favorites is Narcissus and Goldmund, by Hermann Hesse.

His favorite film is “The Mission”, and he enjoys vacationing in the Cayman Islands.

John Donahoe: Accolades

41. eBay Ranks at No. 228 on Fortune 500 Companies

EBay outperforms Amazon with the 2012 stocks and now ranks at number 228 on Fortune 500 companies.

42. Business Week Lists his Total Compensation as $30 Million

Donahoe receives a total compensation of over $4 million by the end of 2011, according to Forbes but Business Week lists his total compensation by the end of 2012 at almost $30 million, including short-term and long-term compensations.

43. Fortune Magazine Quotes-‘eBay is Back!’

Fortune Magazine reports in February 2013 with the headline ‘eBay is Back!’ acknowledging the CEO, John Donahoe, for his efforts and success that have led eBay to market stocks that are according to Fortune, ‘red-hot’ with a 70% increase since last year.

Inspirational: John Donahoe

44. Advice for Women

His personal advice to all women at eBay’s Women Summit is to find flexibility in their careers as he does.

He says the worst thing to do is to assume that women cannot do something.

45. Has no Fear of Failure

Donahoe is not afraid of failure.

He says that you can learn a lot from failure, and sometimes it can be a good thing.

He has had his fair share of adversity and criticism, with the public wary of his ability to lead eBay successfully.

Donahoe does not let this affect him, and holds his head up high and continues on.

“Never let failure scare you off.”

46. 30 Years of Experience in Business and Finance

John Donahoe is six feet tall with ash blonde hair.

Now at the age of 52, he is running into his sixth year as the Chief Executive Officer of eBay.

In total, John Donahoe has 30 years of work experience in business and finance.

Other Facts about John Donahoe

47. Follows a Strict Routine

Donahoe has a strict routine that he follows by.

He wakes up as early as 5 am, and will be seen in the office at 6 am. Before heading to work, he will do a quick workout.

He enjoys keeping himself healthy and following a proper routine.

He has a busy schedule at work, with meetings that usually last the whole day.

48. Marc Andreessen Praises Donahoe’s Success

Fortune Magazine has quoted John Dunahoe’s fellow eBay board member, Marc Andreessen, praising Donahoe’s success saying, “If Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are the template for the founder CEO”, then according to Marc, John Donahoe has now become the “template for the professional CEO.”

Many professionals who are not self-made can look up to Donahoe for inspiration.

49. Introduces No-Cash Solution to E-commerce

Since 2005, eBay has witnessed a shift in customer choice to competitors like Amazon and GOOG, and it does not take John Donahoe to recognize this opportunity to introduce no-cash solution to e-commerce.

Now, companies with credit card terminals accept PayPal payment by entering only a mobile number and a PIN code.

50. Does Not Want to ‘Live the Life of a Management Consultant’

When John Donahoe is twenty-three years old, he tells his then fiancée, Eileen that he does not want to ‘live the life of a management consultant’.

Twenty-seven years later, he has changed the outlook of the world’s largest online transaction company as the CEO.

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