Julia Roberts Facts

Julia Roberts Facts

Julia Roberts Facts - Biography

Julia Roberts Facts – Biography

1) Julia Fiona Roberts was born to parents who were actors and playwrights.

Her mother and father managed an acting school for children.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s children attended this school, and when Julia’s mother gave birth to her, King’s wife footed the hospital bill.

2) Roberts’ family is full of actors.

Her brother and her sister are both actors, and her niece, Emma Roberts, has also joined the entertainment industry.

Roberts did not reconcile with her older brother until 2004 when he visited her after she gave birth to twins.

Her brother had been battling drug issues for some time.

3) After she graduated from high school, Roberts knew exactly where she wanted to go.

She moved to New York City and began to take acting classes.

Her family’s history with the industry prompted her to try acting out for herself.

4) She became quite successful early in her acting career.

In 1989, she played a character with diabetes in the movie Steel Magnolias.

She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for the role, her first Oscar nomination.

She also won her first Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in Steel Magnolias.

5) In 1990, soon after her imminent success with Steel Magnolias, Roberts starred in the international hit, Pretty Woman that co-starred Richard Gere.

Roberts was given the role after a number of actresses turned it down.

She was not one to give up a great chance so early in her career.

For this role, she received her second Academy Award nomination and her second Golden Globe Award, both for Best Actress.

6) After this success, Roberts acted in blockbuster hit, Sleeping with the Enemy and various other films.

She then decided to take a two year break from 1991 – 1993, during which her fans and the critics missed her presence in films.

7) As a producer, Roberts has collaborated with her sister Lisa who is also an actress.

Together, they have adapted books from the American Girls series.

The series deals with pre-teen girls from various eras of American history.

So far, Roberts has produced four movies.

8) Roberts met her second husband in 2000.

The couple married in 2002, and has three children to date.

Two of the children are twins, and Roberts reportedly went through a tough pregnancy with them.

Her third child was born in 2007.

9) In 2010, Roberts announced that she was a believer in Hinduism and actively practices the religion.

She has a picture of her guru, Naeem Karoli Baba, of whom she is a devout follower.

She says that his personality and his teachings are what attracted her to the religion in first place.

10) UNICEF is an important organization for Roberts and she supports it with both her time and resources.

In 1995 in collaboration with UNICEF, she went to Port-au-Prince to experience the poverty first hand, and was devastated by what she saw.

Her visit promoted others to give, and a total of US$ 10 million was donated due to her visit.

11) In 2005, Roberts was the highest paid actress in the world.

When she began her acting career, she was paid US$ 300, 000 for her role in Pretty Woman.

Due to her evolutionary success over the years, she was progressively paid higher and higher amounts for her roles in movies.

In 2003, she was paid US$ 25 million for acting in the movie Mona Lisa Smile.

In 2010, Roberts was worth US$ 140 million.

12) As a young girl, Roberts loved animals dearly.

She wanted to be a veterinarian for some time, inspired by her childhood love for animals, but instead enrolled in journalism.

Her love for animals however, never wavered, and she had proposed at a young age to become a vegetarian.

She is a successful horseback rider and performed her own riding in the movie, Runaway Bride in 1999.

13) Julia is known for the contagious trademark smile.

She has been stated to light up an entire room with her wide smile.

Her beauty and her grace have given Hollywood films a feel good actress, and she has played up to her role in many films such as Pretty Woman and Mona Lisa Smile.

14) Roberts is not afraid of change, and has developed her acting skills in many different genres of the film industry.

She has played characters in serious thrillers, romantic comedies, dramatic films, and more recently, in animated films.

15) Roberts has a special routine for when she is getting her makeup applied before she goes on set.

She believes that if she lies down on her back instead of sitting upright, the makeup will have a more relaxed look.

16) Roberts’ beauty has been admired ever since she was a young woman.

She has appeared on the People magazine’s list of “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” more than ten times.

In 2011, she appeared on the list of “100 Hottest Women of All-Time” by Men’s Health magazine.

17) Roberts is a big fan of the Indian culture, and has watched a fair share of Bollywood movies.

The Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai Bachan is one of her favorite actresses, and she admires her for her talent and her beauty.

Roberts believes Bachan is one of the world’s most beautiful women.

The Roberts’ production company is called “Red Om”, which is both her husband’s last name spelled backwards, and also includes the Sanskrit sound, ‘Om’.

18) She used to buy her own organic vegetables at the market near her apartment in New York.

One of her favorite hobbies is knitting.

She is quite the regular woman regardless of her amazing talent and successful career.

Relaxing with her children and husband is her most coveted hobby.

19) She is a hard worker and committed entertainer.

She returned to work only 9 months after the birth of her third child.

She also worked on set and completed the movie, Charlie Wilson’s War while 4 months pregnant.

20) She is not a big supporter of George W. Bush and while he was in term, she was not afraid to voice her opinions.

She is quoted to have remarked about Bush, “He’s embarrassing, he’s not my president.

He will never be my president.”


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