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Kate Perry Facts - Biography

Kate Perry Facts – Biography

Wonder Years of Kay Perry

1) Katy Perry Is Born on October 25th, 1984

Katy Perry is born as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

She is born on October 25th in 1984.

She uses a stage name by which she is more commonly known, Katy Perry.

2) Perry’s Parents are Strict Pentecostal Pastors

Perry is born to parents Keith Hudson and Mary Perry.

She has two other siblings and is the middle child of the three.

She has an older sister, Angela, and a younger brother who is named David.

Perry’s parents are devout pastors and raise their children with strict rules.

3) Religion Brings Her to Music

She attends many Christian schools and camps during her childhood.

As her parents are pastors, much of her childhood is filled with ministry work, singing in the church and working with the community.

The only music that fills Perry’s ears as a child is gospel music.

4) Gospel Music Is Perry’s First Love

Interestingly, Katy Perry does not start out as a pop singer.

As a young child and teenager, she has very little access to pop music, and is instead influenced by gospel music.

Her career in the music industry begins with it too.

She releases her first album as a teenager using her original name.

5) Perry Isn’t Allowed to Listen to “Secular Music”

As she grows up, Perry is not allowed to listen to “secular music.”

She is immersed in religious music and gospel music and that is what begins her career.

Perry learns how to dance in a community center in her area, and is taught the swing, Lindy Hop and the jitterbug.

6) Katy Perry Changes Direction

Perry also records a second gospel music album, but this one is not released.

She eventually begins to play with different types of music genres and soon adopts the pop music genre.

In 2007, Perry adopts her stage name of Katy Perry and signs a contract with Capitol Records.

7) Katy Perry Never Takes the College Plunge

As a teenager, Perry attends the Dos Pueblos High School for only a year.

She takes the GED and receives a high school diploma equivalency after dropping out of high school.

She does not pursue postgraduate studies, rather decides to go forth with a career in music.

8) Being a “Copycat” Is What Pushed Perry to Sing

Perry says that her interest in singing starts when she copies everything her older sister does and back then, Angela practices singing along with cassette tapes.

Perry then takes these tapes and in private, she learns the songs which she then performs for her parents.

Impressed, her parents decide to enroll their daughter in vocal training classes, which she begins at age nine and practices until she is sixteen.

9) Her Voice Is Discovered

At the age of 15, Perry is a regular singer at the church and her vocal skills are quite developed.

A group of veteran rockers from Nashville, Tennessee notices Perry’s singing at the church one day.

They bring Perry back to Nashville, Tennessee where they want to help her develop her talent.

10) Katy Perry Learns the Guitar

The veterans help Perry develop her songwriting skills, and teaches her how to play the guitar.

The country music artists have Perry record demos of her music in the hopes that she is the ‘next best thing’ as she is a fresh, motivated and new face in the music business.

Early Career of Katy Perry

11) Katy’s First Album

Perry signs a deal with the Christian music labelling company, Red Hill.

It is with this labelling company that she creates her first album, at the mere age of 15.

The album is a gospel rock album, which she releases under her original name of Katy Hudson in 2001.

12) Perry Goes on the Strangely Normal Tour

To promote her debut album, Katy embarks on the Strangely Normal Tour.

Others artists who are on the tour with Perry include Phil Joel, Earthsuit and Luna Halo.

Unfortunately, Perry’s album is unable to make any profit or find her success as the company shuts down soon after her album is released.

13) Katy Hudson Becomes Katy Perry

Katy wants to change her surname from Hudson to Perry as she believes her birth name is much too similar to the name of the famous Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson.

Perry is her mother’s maiden name, and so she adopts the name Katy Perry as her stage name and is currently what she is known by worldwide.

14) She Begins Work with Glen Ballard

At the age of 17, after the unsuccessful stint with rock gospel music, Katy changes direction and leaves home in pursuit of something different.

She moves to Los Angelesb with her mother.

It is here that Perry works with Glen Ballard and the recording company, Island Records.

15) Why Katy Perry Choses Glen Ballard

Katy initially has no idea which producer she wants to work with, or which music genre she wants to develop her talent.

When she goes to L.A., she sees Glen Ballard on television talking about the musician, Alanis Morisette with whom he has done work earlier.

Morissette is an influential artist for Perry, and so she decides to meet with Ballard.

16) Work with Ballard Doesn’t Go as Planned

After setting up a meeting with Ballard, Perry gives him a taste of her music with one of her previous songs.

Ballard decides to work with Perry, and helps her with her song writing skills.

In 2004, Perry is to release an album, which comes with a DVD to help promote her music, but it never surfaces.

In 2005 there are rumors again of an album release, but to no avail.

17) Perry Leaves Island Records

After the company began to decline, Perry ceases to work with the record company and The Island Def Jam Music Group.

She no longer works with Glen Ballard.

Some of the songs she produces with Ballard include “Box”, “Simple” and “Diamond” which she posts on her MySpace account for people to listen to.

18) Perry and Ballard’s Collaborations Take Flight

Some of the songs she produces with Ballard are used in successful stints.

Her song, “Simple” is one of the songs found on the soundtrack of the hit 2005 movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Other songs which are written by Perry while working with Ballard are “Long Shot” and “I Do Not Hook Up”.

Both of these songs are later used by the budding artist at the time, Kelly Clarkson in her 2009 album, All I Ever Wanted.

19) Katy Begins Her Journey with Columbia Records

In 2004, Perry begins to work with the recording company, Columbia Records.

The company has other plans for Perry, and does not immediately set out to create an album.

Instead, they have her work on the album, with a team, which is called The Matrix, which is in need of a female singer.

The project is not a success, but Perry does gain the media’s attention.

20) Perry Tries Her Hand at Her Own Album

Perry gains more attention as a singer.

After the initial recording project is shelved, there are no other collaborations for Perry to work on, so she begins to record her own album.

With most of the album completed, Columbia Records decides they no longer want to work with Perry and she is once again without a producer or company.

21) Katy Perry Fights Back

Even though Perry has been going through a tough time with finding a stable label, she never gives up.

In 2004, Katy Perry joins Kaya Jones and together the duo is featured in Mike Jagger’s song, “Old Habits Die Hard.”

Although this is not all that she has in mind, Perry is willing to increase her popularity and fame anyway possible.

22) Katy Appears in Music Videos

In 2006, Katy appears in a music video of the song, “Goodbye for Now”, which is created by P.O.D., an American metal band.

She also makes an appearance in the music video for the song “Learn to Fly”, a single of Carbon Leaf, an indie band.

Perry has begun to try out different music genres, and is working with an independent record and label company, Taxi Music.

Katy Perry Signs with Capitol Music Group

23) Perry Catches the Ear of Jason Flom

Before Perry is dropped by Columbia Records, Perry is recommended to the chairman of the recording company, Virgin Records, Jason Flom.

Flom looks for success, and wants to hire someone who becomes a global hit.

Perry is exactly who he is looking for, and although other Virgin Record executives are not too keen about his risky idea, Flom goes ahead and takes Perry under his wing.

24) She Joins Capitol Music Group in 2007

At the beginning of the year 2007, Perry joins the new company, Capitol Music Group.

Virgin Records has just recently merged with the Capitol Group, that create a well-equipped and influential company.

Perry is in luck.

The group decides to finish the album that Columbia has rejected, which becomes her debut pop album, One of the Boys.

25) Flom Rearranges Perry’s Talent

Flom is not too happy about the recording done at the Columbia studio.

He appreciates the music, but suggests to Perry that her album needs a ‘mega hit’, something that captures the attention of a national and international audience.

Perry begins to work with songwriter, Dr. Luke.

26) Dr. Luke and Perry Create Magic

It seems Dr. Luke is finally able to extract the talent from Perry that she has within her all along.

Songs that are created by the team include her hit single, “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold”.

Perry not only develops  her writing skills, but also develops her real talent.

27) Capitol Music Group Begins to Advertise Perry

Another area that requires lots of work is developing Perry’s public image.

The company begins a strong campaign to bring attention to Perry and her music.

Towards the end of the year in November 2007, a music video of her song, “Ur So Gay” was released.

28) Madonna is a Fan!

Perry’s introduction to the music market is a success.

The campaign works well, and an EP version of the song “Ur So Gay” is released online to create more coverage of her work.

This catches Madonna’s attention, and the music guru mentions Perry on a radio morning show, Johnjay & Rich.

29) Perry Decides She Wants to Act, too

In March of 2008, Katy Perry appears on the ABC Family television show based on horseracing, Wildfire.

She appears as herself on the series’ episode, “Life’s Too Short” as a performer in a nightclub, where she performs the song, “Thinking of You”.

30) Katy Works Hard to Promote her Album

Due to her history of unsuccessful albums, the company decides to send Perry on a two-month tour during which she performs on radio stations.

This is to promote not only the upcoming album, but also to promote and create an image of Katy Perry herself.

The company wants fans to be waiting desperately for her album.

31) “I Kissed a Girl” Makes Perry’s Producer Worry

Perry’s song, “I Kissed a Girl” is officially released in May 2008.

Perry’s producer has concerns regarding how the audience may react to the song.

Due to its controversial theme, the song is not expected to be a success, particularly in the “Bible Belt” area.

The company decides that the song requires support and backup, and the song is played on national radio.

Rise to Fame

32) “I Kissed a Girl” is a major hit!

Fortunately, a radio station that is located in the Bible Belt area takes a chance and plays the song.

The radio station, The River, situated in the area of Nashville, plays the song, “I Kissed a Girl”.

The song becomes a major success, and is the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks.

The single is a hit worldwide, and is on the top of the charts in thirty countries!

33) I Kissed a Girl and Everyone Liked It!

Katy Perry releases her first pop single, “I Kissed a Girl” which is an immediate success.

The catchy tune and the controversial topic invoke a lot of attention in the pop music industry.

Her quirky looks and hit video of the song also increase its popularity.

34) Perry Establishes Herself as an Artist

The Capitol Music Group is not ready to let Perry relish in her success just yet.

With her single “I Kissed a Girl” climbing the charts, the company decides to send Perry on the Warped Tour music festival.

This is done to ensure that Perry is seen as a stable and talented artist, and is not waved off as a one hit wonder.

35) More drama!

As her image and talent are developing with music lovers worldwide, Perry decides to take on a few extracurricular activities.

In the summer of 2008, Perry appears on the soap opera, The Young and the Restless as herself.

She also sings with Gavin Rossdale in his song, “Another Night in the Hills”.

36) Perry’s Breakthrough with Her First Mainstream Album

In 2008, Katy Perry releases her first pop album, One of the Boys.

It is with this album that Perry break through the music industry and establish herself as a mainstream pop singer.

37) Katy Perry Releases Her Album, One of the Boys

Perry’s album, One of the Boys is released in the summer of 2008.

The album is initially met with mixed reviews.

The album is amongst the top ten on the Billboard 200, at number nine.

In the US, the album is certified platinum.

38) Perry and the “Hello Katy Tour”

To support and advertise her first mainstream album, Katy Perry goes on a “Hello Katy Tour.”

This increases her popularity and her fan base.

39) Perry’s Single, “Hot n Cold”

With the release of her second single, “Hot n Cold”, Perry finds further success.

The song is her second single to reach the top three in many different countries all over the world.

In the US, the song reaches number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

It is also a success in Denmark and Germany.

40) Perry’s Singles, “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold” Are on Fire

In 2009, Katy Perry’s hit singles “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold” have both reached a great level of success.

They are certified platinum three times, having reached sales of over three million digital versions each!

41) Perry is Listed in the 2010 The Guinness Book of World Records

With the success of her two singles, “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold” Katy Perry find a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

She is recorded as the “Best Start with the US Digital Chart by a Female Artist”.

This is due to the fact that both of her first singles have sold over two million copies.

42) The Past Decides to Catch Up

Remember the album Perry have worked on during her time with Columbia Records? After Katy’s success, the company decides to release the album.

When Perry hears about the release, she requests that the album not be released until her fourth song has been released.

Just as they have not heard Perry  before, Columbia Records go ahead with the original release date, and the album is released on January 27, 2009.

43) Katy’s First World Tour

In 2009, Katy goes on her first headline word tour, dubs the Hello Katy Tour.

She is to visit countries located in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The tour is held approximately 11 months long, with Perry is beginning the tour in January and returning in November.

It is to be a massive and important tour, with 89 concerts.

44) Katy Perry meets Katie Perry

During her Hello Katy Tour, Perry performs at the annual prestigious Life Ball, which takes place in Vienna, Austria.

When touring Australia, it is rumoured that Perry may initiate a legal proceeding against the designer, Katie Perry and her trademark name.

However, Katy denies this; her lawyers takes back their opposition to the trademark.

45) Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s Scene is Cut

In the 2009 film, Get Him to the Greek, Perry is to appear in a scene in which she kisses her future husband, Russell Brand.

The scene is cut because producers think that viewers may not appreciate the two’s on screen romance.

46) Katy Lends Her Talent

As she has previously been doing, Katy is featured in different songs by a variety of music artists.

In 2009, Perry appears in two singles, in the American band, 3OH!3’s song “Starstrukk” and in Timbaland’s song “If We Ever Meet Again”.

47) Perry Releases a Live Performance Album With Moderate Success

In 2009, MTV Unplugged states that they are having Perry perform on their show.

There is also a live album that is released later and includes two new tracks.

In November 2009, the album is released.

It receives moderate success and is number 168 on the Billboard 200.

48) Katy is a Sit-in Judge on The X Factor

The talented singer appears on the hit British television show, The X Factor as a guest judge.

She fills the place of the original judge, Dannii Minogue who is on maternity leave.

Other judges on the show include the infamous Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh.

Katy Perry: Living the Dream

49) Perry Releases Her Second Album, Teenage Dream

The second album that Perry releases is an immediate success.

Fans have been awaiting the arrival of her second album, Teenage Dream.

The album is a mix of ecstatic and optimistic songs with upbeat and catchy tunes.

Her album tops charts all over the world.

50) Teenage Dream is a Grand Success!

Five of the album’s hits find themselves on the Billboard Hot 100, “California Gurls”, “Teenage Dream”, “Firework”, “E.T.” and “Last Friday Night.”

Teenage Dream becomes the first album by a female artist to achieve such an amazing accomplishment.

Overall, it is second only to Michael Jackson’s album Bad in achieving this success.

51) The California Dreams Tour

After the success of her first tour, Perry goes on another tour to support her second album in 2011.

The California Dreams Tour is even more successful than her first tour due to her increasing popularity and fame.

The tour is extensive, includes 124 concerts, and earns over US$ 59 million in profit.

52) Perry’s Second Mainstream Album is the Beginning of a Success Story

Perry releases a second album in 2010, Teenage Dream.

This second album is a better hit than the first, and reaches the top of the Billboard 200 within its first week of release.

In the US alone, the album has sold over two million copies and has been certified Platinum.

53) Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry

One of the singles which appears on the album, “California Gurls” features a hot rapper, Snoop Dogg.

The single is at the top of the Billboard 100 for six weeks.

The second single released, which is called, “Teenage Dream” also finds its place amongst the top of the Hot 100 list.

54) Perry’s Third Song Makes Fireworks!

Perry finds great success with her third single, “Firework”.

This single also is at the top of the Hot 100 list, making it the album’s third consecutive single to top the charts.

This accomplishment makes Perry the first female in over ten years to have three consecutive singles from the same album to reach number one status.

55) Perry Works With Kanye West

In 2011, Perry collaborates with rapper Kanye West, releasing a remixed version of her song, E.T.

This is released as Perry’s fourth single from her album, Teenage Dream. E.T. also finds its place on the top of the Hot 100 chart, and is number one for five weeks.

By May 2011, Perry is the first artist to be amongst the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 for 52 consecutive weeks.

56) Her Success Continues On

Perry finding continuous success with her singles.

Her fifth single from the album is titled, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” also tops the Hot 100.

With this, Katy Perry becomes the first female to have five songs from the same album reach number one on the Hot 100, and ties with Michael Jackson who has set the same record.

Her album, Teenage Dream has six number one songs, breaking previous Billboard records.

57) Teenage Dream Makes History

Her sixth single, a more serious single than the others, “The One That Got Away” is released as the final single from the album, Teenage Dream.

This single does not make it to number one on the Hot 100, but does find itself amongst the top three on the list.

With this last single, Teenage Dream becomes the third album in history to have six songs reach the top five!

58) Perry Pushes a Little Too Hard

Perry is motivated to create more magic.

With the continuous success of her singles, Perry tries to further it with another song.

She collaborates with rapper, B.o.B in an attempt to create another hit, but the song does not reach the top spot.

59) Katy Perry Releases Her Own Fragrance

In 2010, Perry has her first fragrance released called Purr.

The fragrance is available in a limited number of stores.

The bottle is in the shape of a cat, reflecting the name of the perfume.

Her second perfume released is named, Meow.

60) Perry Hits Theatres with The Smurfs

Her debut film has Perry voicing a Smurfette character in the animated film, The Smurfs in the year 2011.

The 3D family movie earns US$ 557,771,535 in total during its time in theatres.

In 2012, she is the main character in her 3D concert film, Part of Me.

The biopic describes her life as a singer and takes the viewer on a journey through her tours.

It also explains her marriage to the comedian, Russell Brand and how it falls apart.

61) Perry Performs with Other Top Artists

In September 2011, Perry performs at the 2011 Rock in Rio Festival.

She performs in front of a massive audience of 100 thousand people, where her talent is highly appreciated by the audience.

Other performers at the festival include Elton John and Rihanna.

Accolades: Katy Perry

62) Appreciation for Her Work

At the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, Perry receives five nominations.

She is  nominated for Best New Artist and Best  Female Video, but unfortunately does not win, losing to Britney Spears.

At the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards, she wins Best New Act.

At the 2009 Grammy Awards, Katy Perry receives her first Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her catchy single, “I Kissed a Girl”.

Also in 2009, Perry is awarded the Best International Female Artist Award at the BRIT Awards.

63) MTV Awards Katy Perry

In December of 2011, MTV awards Katy Perry with the Artist of the Year award.

Her success on charts worldwide influences this decision highly, proving that Perry is becoming an amazing success story.

64) Katy Perry Has Had Nine Grammy Nominations

Perry’s success has been noted repeatedly, and she has been nominated for nine Grammy Awards.

Unfortunately, she has yet to win one of the prestigious awards, but is not one to give up.

In 2012, Perry is named the Woman of the Year by Billboard.

Perry has broken numerous Billboard records with her hit singles.

65) Perry Is the Only Artist to Sit for 69 Consecutive Weeks in the Top Ten

Though she may not have the Grammy Awards to show it off, Katy Perry sure has talent, and her fans know it.

She is the only artist that has been on the top ten of Hot 100 for 69 consecutive weeks! Her success has hit off with sales of 11 million albums and over 75 million tracks are sold online.


66) This Girl Makes Money!

In 2011, Katy Perry is ranked at number fourteen on Billboard’s top ‘money-makers’ list.

For the year 2011, she makes more than a whopping US$ 11 million! In 2012, she earns a total of US$ 45 million, giving her a net worth of US$ 55 million for that year.

67) Katy Perry Is the First Artist to Have Five Songs Sell Over 5 million Units

At the beginning of 2012, Katy Perry is given the title of the sixth best selling artist in the US based on digital sales of 37.6 million units.

Around the same time, Perry becomes the first artist to have released five songs, all of which are sold more than an impressive 5 million digital units.

68) Perry’s Success Attracts Endorsements

With Perry’s increasing success, companies are finding ways to have her work with them and appear on their covers or promote their products.

EA Games hired Perry to be the face of their new game, The Sims 3: Showtime.

69) More Top Hits for Perry

In March 2012, Perry re-releases her hit album, Teenage Dream, as Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection.

This album includes new hits, such as “Part of Me” and “Wide Awake”.

Just like the other hits from the original album, these songs also find their place at the top of the Hot 100.

70) She Plans to Launch Her Own Record Label

Perry decides that it is time to create her own record label.

She is surely becoming an eminent artist and believes that she can work more independently with her record label.

The record label is going to be under Capitol Records, but Perry will mainly be in charge.

Katy Perry: Political Views & Social Work

71) Perry and President Obama are on the Same Team

In November 2012, Perry is an avid supporter of the US President, Barack Obama during his second run for the presidency.

She performs at his rallies, and also supports him through her Twitter account.

Perry is a fan of Obama because of his views on same-sex marriage and equal rights.

72) Perry is a Gay Activist

Despite criticism about her songs from gay activists, Perry considers herself one of them.

She has proudly announced her support for gay people.

In 2008, Perry votes against an amendment, which states that marriage is a union between a man and a woman only.

73) Katy Perry Works with UNICEF

Perry has worked with UNICEF.

In April 2013, Perry works with the influential organization to help educate and feed children.

Perry is also a strong advocate for the empowerment of women, and in the same month, she appears in a video titled “Chime For Change”.

This video aims to spread positive messages to motivate women to take control of their lives.

Plans: Katy Perry

74) It Seems Perry’s Days of Fireworks and Teenage Dreams Are Over

When she is asked about a fourth album, Perry is hesitant to give too much information.

She states that the next album is going to be different from the rest, and she plans to use different vocals.

Her new music will have a “dark” touch, in comparison to the more upbeat and fun songs she has released thus far.

75) Perry Needs to Live Before She Can Sing Again

At the end of 2012, Perry states that she wants to take a break from song writing and recording before she releases any new albums.

She has learnt from previous mistakes about going forward too fast, and does not want to “hurry up to fail”.

She says “I need to live so I have something worth singing about.

That’s always been the case for me”.

76) Perry Knows What She Wants for Next Album

It’s not that Perry doesn’t have any ideas for her next album.

She has already designed the entire album in her mind, from what kind of artwork is going to be on the cover to what kind of vocals she is using in the music.

She states that she knows what she wants to do, but wants to take her time in doing it.

This is a smart move on Perry’s part, as she has earned the time to sit back and enjoy her success.

Fans are readily awaiting her next release.

77) Katy Perry Wants to “Honor the Music”

Katy Perry says she does not want to do what she does last time by re-releasing a successful album.

She also does not want to recreate the same music.

Perry is aiming to do something different, and this is not only for her fan base, but also for herself.

She states that she can’t be proud of music or create music that has no history or importance to her.

78) The Public Is Awaiting New Music from Perry

In March 2013, Capitol Records state that although Perry has had a successful year, it is time for her to create “some new music”.

This statement reflects what the public is also thinking.

79) Katy Perry’s New Album is on its Way

Katy’s fourth album is said to be released in the summer of 2013.

In addition to creating her own songs, Katy is also collaborating with other top artists such as Sia, Dr. Luke and Bonnie McKee.

Katy announces in April 2013 that her fourth album is on its way to completion with more than half of it done.

Katy Perry Personal Life

80) Perry Meets Actor Russell Brand

When filming the movie, Get Him to the Greek, Perry meets actor Russell Brand on the set.

The two meet again at the 2009 MTV Awards and soon after begins dating.

81) The Two Get Married Indian Style

The couple is engaged in December of the same year that they meet while they are vacationing in the exotic land of India.

Less than a year later, the couple gets married at the same place where Russell Brand has proposed to Perry.

The wedding is a traditional Hindu style wedding, and takes place in Rajasthan, India.

82) Perry’s First Marriage Is Short Lived

After over a year of being married, the couple begins to notice differences amongst themselves and decides to separate.

In December 2011, two years after they are engaged, the couple decides to divorce due to “irreconcilable differences”.

Perry states that they are having issues over whether or not to start a family together.

83) Katy Perry Is Not Afraid to Talk About Her Problems

After her breakup with her husband, and now a boyfriend, John Mayer, Katy Perry is having issues dealing with her relationship problems.

She has decided to consult with a “heartbreak coach” who helps her deal with the problems emotionally and mentally.

84) Katy Perry Patches Things with Rihanna

Katy Perry and fellow artist Rihanna are previously very good friends.

After Rihanna decides to stay in an abusive relationship with previous boyfriend, Chris Brown, Perry no longer wants to keep relations with Rihanna.

Perry is a strong advocate for women’s rights and believing in oneself, and doesn’t agree with Rihanna’s decision.

However, in February 2013, it is stated that the two friends have decided to patch things up.

Personal Interests: Katy Perry

85) Do You Know Katy Perry is a Fan of Barbie?

At the end of the year in 2011, just before Christmas, Katy Perry announces she is to work with Mattel in creating a Barbie which fit her style.

This is a big move for Perry and brings her a new fan group of young girls.

She hopes to inspire girls, both young and older, to work hard and believe in who you are.

86) Her Childhood Influences

When she is a child growing up, the main influences on Perry’s music are Alanis Morissette and Freddie Mercury from the band, Queen.

After Mercury’s death, Perry writes “Without you I wouldn’t be making music or doing what I do because your lyrics inspired me as a 15 year old girl.”

87) Queen’s Songs Inspire Her to Move Towards the Pop Genre

After her unsuccessful attempts with the rock and gospel mix, Perry decides to move towards the pop music.

She states that this decision is influenced by Queen’s song “Killer Queen”.

Another inspiration that inspires Perry to make an important decision, is Morisseette’s album, Jagged Little Pill.

Perry decides to work with the producer who collaborates with Morissette on that album, Glen Ballard.

88) Katy Perry Has Many Favorite Female Pop Singers

Many female singers have influenced Katy Perry’s work over the years.

These women include Cyndi Lauper, Shirley Manson and Joan Jet.

Katy appreciates their work, as she believes they are women who are passionate about their work and storms the music industry “with a vengeance”.

89) Heartbreak is Easy to Write About

When Perry writes her own songs, she is mainly inspired by real life events that she has experienced that have left some impact on her life.

She states that heartbreaks are the easiest to write about, and many of her songs in the album One of the Boys dealt with heartbreak.

90) Perry Writes for Other Artists as Well

Perry’s amazing song writing skills have been used by many other artists, including budding artist Selena Gomez and Jessie James.

Perry takes pride in her work and always delivers the best for fellow artists, without any concern about how well the song is performed, and only making sure that she creates something worth hearing.

Katy Perry Controversy

91) False Rumors Revolve Around Perry and Her Mother

As it happens with many talented artists, false and nasty rumors begin to circulate concerning Perry and her mother.

A British tabloid states that Perry’s mother says she finds her daughter’s music to be “shameful and disgusting”.

Perry deals with the issue easily, simply stating that her mother is misunderstood and the rumors are false.

92) Her songs “Ur So Gay” and “I Kissed a Girl” Have Been Highly Criticized

From both ends of the spectrum, religious groups and gay activists have criticized the hit songs “Ur So Gay” and “I Kissed a Girl”.

It has been circulating that Perry is using these controversial subjects to sell her records and gain a fan base who are more curious about bisexuals than her songs.

93) Perry Denies Any Accusations of Misrepresenting the gay Community

When Perry is faced with these allegations surround her songs, “Ur So Gay” and “I Kissed a Girl”, she states that she is merely referring to people as in “’you’re so gay,’ like, ‘you’re so lame,’”.

She is not referring to any stereotypes and states that it is not her intention to offend anyone.

She handles the issue with professionalism and a calm attitude.

94) Publicity Photos Try to Give Perry a “Sexy” Edge

In 2008, a publicity photo is released that shows Perry with a switchblade.

The photo is highly criticized.

Reporters defend Perry’s photo, stating that it is done in order to give her a “sexy, harder edge”.

She has surely changed since then, and does not require any ‘instruments’ to give her image a boost.

The magazine, Men’s Health states Perry to be the “Sexiest woman of 2013”.

Katy Perry Personality

95) Katy Perry is the Third Most Popular on Twitter

Based on October 2012 results, Katy Perry is the third most popular celebrity on Twitter.

She is just behind hit artists Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

Perry has over 30 million followers!

96) Perry Has a Style of Her Own

Katy has a special sense of style that gives her a unique and different look.

Her outfits are usually very bright in color and she enjoys ‘dressing up’.

Perry describes her sense of fashion as “a bit of a concoction of different things.”

97) Multi-Talented Musician, Actress and Songwriter

Perry is a multitalented success story.

The successful American born pop singer is also an acclaimed songwriter.

Perry has tried her hand at acting too, and has recently released a concert-film based on her life.

98) Madonna and Katy Have a Mutual Liking

We already know Madonna is a fan of Perry, but the appreciation is mutual! Perry states that Madonna is a big influence on her musical career, and says that “I want to evolve like Madonna.”

99) Perry’s Vocal Cords are Highly Efficient

Katy Perry has a ‘contralto’ vocal range.

The contralto is a classical singing voice, and it has the lowest vocal range.

She is able to sing very low notes beautifully.

Perry writes many of her own songs, and can play the guitar.

100) Perry Continues to Evolve as an Artist

Perry’s music style has evolved over the years and she has developed a lot as an artist.

Her first mainstream album, One of the Boys, is a clear departure from her original choice of gospel music.

Her second mainstream album, Teenage Dream also shows a change from her first album, which is more inclined towards the rock genre.

Teenage Dream has more pop and electropop songs.

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