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1. Did you know that growing up in Detroit, Madonna was a straight A student. Immensely involved in studying, Madonna passed with flying colors and started her term at the University of Michigan where she realized her fondness for a show-biz career. In 1977, she finally dropped out midterm and moved to New York.

2. Madonna’s music was first brought to the attention of Sire Records when she formed a small band with her old boyfriend back in 1980. After experiencing hard times due to lack of money, her magical voice was finally recognized and her first single came out just three years after she moved to New York.

3. Madonna is one of those lucky artists to make their way into the Guinness Book of World Record. This honorary mention makes Madonna the most successful female artist of all time. Not only was her music popular, Madonna herself has a brand image and a cult following with her fans.

4. Having sold over 200 million records worldwide, she ranks in the list of singers who almost never have a failed number! Apart from all the fame and popularity, this 50-year-old singer is also a top earning female artist of her time with her grand worth more than $400 million

5. Madonna has always been multitalented. Not only has her music dazed millions of people, she has performed as a fine actress in 22 Hollywood movies including Evita which earned her a Golden Globe Award.

6. Madonna’s video in “Like a Prayer” attracted a bit of criticism from certain factions because people saw it in connection with religious beliefs. This outlook made Pespi-Cola cancel their sponsorship with her. Despite such controversy, look at her luck! The video for “Like a Prayer” turned out to be one of the bestseller hits worldwide.

7. In 1990, Madonna was selected by critics to get a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, this famous actress cum singer turned down the offer.

8. Madonna’s brand image has seeped to places beyond Hollywood as well. Her father, Tony Ciccone has recently expanded his winery business by launching a wine called “Madonna” and is available in five different variants! The name Madonna attached to bottles of wine instantly adds a touch of class to them and is testimony to the undeniable personality of this singer.

9. Want to know something interesting? Madonna hates the color Orange. It is one color you will never see the superstar carry, wear or even be close to.

10. Madonna has never been a beauty without brains. Apart from her impressive record in school, her literary ambition in life is commendable. Despite a busy career in singing and acting, she has written a total of 10 children’s books, all of which have been published. No doubt, she is a complete package of beauty and brains.

11. Unlike most celebrities, Madonna is completely self-made and worked her way to the top by carrying part time shifts at Dunkin Donuts. Being fond of ballet dancing as a child, her ambition to dance took a slightly different turn and made her a stunning singer instead.

12. In 2008, Madonna made it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A very well deserved accolade for this superb singer. According to the Hall of Fame, the popularity of Madonna’s album, “Like A Virgin” has made it count in the list of the Definitive 200 Albums of All Times. Therefore, her music is truly timeless.

13. Among her professional achievements has been a tour called the Confessions Tour that is reputed to the highest grossing concert tour done by any female artist ever! Such awards and recognitions make Madonna a true celebrity who deserves to be remembered.

14. A celebrity with an interesting past, Madonna made it to the list of the 25 Most Intriguing People of 2001 and was also a top contender of the 50 Most Beautiful people of 1991 by Peoples Magazine. Such recognitions in various listings have been a heartwarming gesture to the amazing performances Madonna has given in her glory days.

15. Talk about being an all-rounder, apart from the tons of concerts and famous literary books, Madonna also has a flare for fashion. She designed a clothing line for the giant, H&M in Britain. It is safe to say her achievements are diversified but in each one of them, one can see Madonna’s heart and soul.

16. Ever thought of how often Madonna released super hit songs? Well you are in for a surprise! Every year except 1988, 2004 and 2007, one of Madonna’s singles topped the UK 40 charts regularly! This is definitely a big achievement for any artist!

17. So you love Madonna? But which Madonna do you love? According to popular gossip, Madonna has had a way with her personality all these years. Every song that she has sung and every video that she has performed, showcases a different personality and image of Madonna. She has the talent to immerse herself in a particular role and adopt a character that it demands.

18. Madonna’s facial beauty has attracted a lot of praise. According to surgeons, her cosmetic facial features are the most sought after features by women who opt for getting facial visages. No wonder she was called the ‘ultimate face’ in one of New York’s plastic surgery editions.

19. Did you know Madonna’s song “4 minutes” is actually supposed to be four minutes long! However, due to some technical issues, it turned out to be four minutes and four seconds long.

20. At present, Madonna’s life has been influenced by a mystic Judaism belief in the Kabbalah. An inner sense of peace, belief in the evil eye and a connection with the infinite universe are some of the teachings that Madonna’s red wristlet stands for.

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