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Maria Sharapova Facts – #100 FACTS

Maria Sharapova Facts - Biography

Maria Sharapova Facts – Biography

Wonder Years of Maria Sharapova

1) Born 1987

Maria Sharapova is the only child born to her parents; she opened her eyes in this world on April 19, 1987, in western Siberia’s city of Nyagan in what was then the Soviet Union.

Her parents decided to move to Nyagan from Belarus when her mother became pregnant because they were concerned about the effects of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster.

Maria Sharapova’s horoscope sign is Aries.

2) Religion

Maria Sharapova is an Orthodox Christian, as are most Russians.

This is visible from her appearance, as once she explained in an interview that there is only one piece of Jewelry that she never removes, and it’s a cross that was given to her by her parents when she was a young girl.

3) Parents

Maria was born to Yuri and Yelena Sharapova, who both were also athletes and liked playing tennis.

They met in the city of Gomel, Belarus, which they later fled to escape from the radioactive effects of the horrible nuclear accident that took place in April 1986, a year before Sharapova was born.

4) Other Family

Maria Sharapova has no siblings but she has some competition coming from her family as a number of her cousins like to play tennis.

Her cousin Dasha Sharapova is set to make her mark in tennis.

Dasha resembles Maria a lot and Dasha too is polishing her skills at the Bollettieri Academy.

5) Sharapova: Feminine Version Of Her Father’s Name

An interesting thing to note about Maria Sharapova’s name is that her surname is the feminine version of her dad’s name, Yuri Sharapov.

This is because, as per Russian custom, the last letter of all female surnames is “a”.

That is why Maria’s last name is “Sharapova” instead of “Sharapov.”

6) Maria’s Nickname

Maria Sharapova is also known by the nickname of “Masha.”

The nickname is composed of the first two letters of her first name and the first three letters of her surname.

The five letters together make her nickname “Masha.”

In Russia she is called “our Masha,” an endearment.

7) Struggling Days

When Maria’s parents switched cities, they did odd jobs to provide good opportunities for their only child.

Her father worked in restaurants and even in oil fields.

The couple saved money for four years in Nyagan and when Sharapova was two years old, they moved to Sochi, which is a resort town in the south of Russia.

8) Sharapova’s First Tennis Racquet

It was in Sochi where Sharapova’s father became friends with Aleksandr Kafelnikov, whose son Yevgeny was the first Russian to become world No. 1 in tennis.

Aleksandr gave Maria her first tennis racquet when she was only four years old and from that day her love for tennis started growing.

9) A Quick Learner

Maria proved to be a quick learner, as she was doing well with her gift racquet.

When she was only six, Sharapova with her parents traveled to Moscow to attend a Youth Tennis Clinic to polish her skills.

10) First Spotted By Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova

Maria’s tennis skills were first recognized by tennis legend Martina Navratilova in the tennis workshop in Moscow when Sharapova was six years old.

Navratilova recommended that Sharapova’s father send his daughter to Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida so that she could be trained and get professional tennis lessons.

11) Separation From Mother

The family decided to take Maria Sharapova to Florida and try to get her enrolled there.

However, only she and her father were allowed a U.S. visa.

Her mother had to wait for approval, so Yelena stayed in Sochi and waited to get the visa application approved.

After a delay of two years, Yelena was allowed a visa and Maria was reunited with her mother.

Maria Sharapova Education

12) Academy Refused Admission In 1994

In 1994, Maria’s father took her to Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton for admission but they were told that admissions were only made by invitation and apart from that, Sharapova at seven was too young for the academy.

During this time they remained in Florida and her father did odd jobs to support the family while Sharapova learned English only in four months.

13) Maria Won Full Scholarship

In 1996, when Maria was nine years old, they went again to the Bollettieri Tennis Academy, where she was given a chance to prove herself.

She made her mark and not only that, she won a full scholarship of $46,000.

This academy was a division of an agency that handled the careers of athletes.

14) Boarding and Bullying

During her admissions procedure, Maria’s mother also arrived but this reunion with her mother was very short as she had to go to boarding school when she entered Bollettieri Academy.

In some of her interviews she also said that sometimes she was bullied, and the environment there was tough and competitive.

15) Academics

At boarding school, Maria’s daily routine was mixed with academics and tennis training sessions.

Maria Sharapova Early Career

16) Maria’s First Coach

The young tennis player got her first coach when she was about eleven, signing with Robert Lansdorp, who had a history of coaching and guiding careers of winners including Tracy Austin (1962), who was a winner of two U.S. Open titles and Lindsay Davenport (1976), who won three Grand Slam matches from 1998 and 2000.

17) First Endorsement Deal With Nike

Maria Sharapova was recognized by sponsors for her marketing potential at a very young age.

In June 1997, when she was just 11 years old, Nike signed her to her first endorsement deal.

Before Nike, she had already been signed by Prince and Oakley.

Thereafter, she signed numerous endorsement deals throughout her career.

18) Early Career In 2000

Sharapova’s first match was in November 2000, when she played in the girls 16 division at just 13 years of age and won the Eddie Herr International Junior Tennis Championship.

She was given a special award, the Rising Star Award, which is only presented to players with exceptional promise and outstanding capabilities.

19) Professional Debut

Sharapova made her professional debut on her 14th birthday in 2001 and played the first WTA tournament of her life at the Pacific Life Open in 2002, where she won a match before losing to Monica Seles.

She could only play a limited number of professional events that year so she came back to junior tournaments to perfect her skills.

20) Return To Junior Tournaments

On her return to junior tournaments, Sharapova played in the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 2002.

Not only did she play these tournaments, but she also progressed exceptionally and reached the finals of both.

At the age of just 14 years and 9 months, she was the youngest of any girls to reach the Junior Championship of the Australian Open.

Maria Sharapova: A Tennis Star

21) Outstanding Rankings

On October 21, 2002, the International Tennis Federation ranked Sharapova at No. 6 in junior world singles standings.

Altogether, Sharapova won three junior tournaments playing single and stood in the runner-up position in five events, including two junior Grand Slam events.

Her outstanding win-loss record for all junior competitions was 47–9.

22) First Event Titles In 2003

In 2003, the young tennis player started playing full seasons and made a speedy climb to the top 50 by the year’s end.

She failed to win a match in both her debut tournaments at the French Open and the Australian Open.

She started proving her worth as a player by beating top-20 players and reaching her first WTA level semifinal match.

23) Honor Of Newcomer Of The Year 2003

During the same year, Sharapova entered Wimbledon on a wild card where she reached the fourth round by defeating 11th seed Jelena Dokic but lost to Svetlana Kuznetsova in three sets.

In September, she got her first WTA title at the Japan Open Tennis Championship, which is a smaller event.

She finished second at the Bell Challenge and to appreciate her professional season she was honored as Newcomer of the Year.

24) First French Open Quarterfinal

Sharapova qualified for the quarterfinal of the French Open Grand Slam for the first time in 2004, though she lost to Paola Suarez.

She was also ranked in the top 20 in WTA world rankings because of her performances and reaching the third round of both these Tier I events: Qatar Telecom German Open and Internazionali BNL d’Italia.

25) Wimbledon 2004

It was in 2004 when Sharapova won her third career title at DFS Classic at Wimbledon, defeating Tatiana Golovin in the finals.

She reached her first grand slam semifinal when she defeated Ai Sugiyama at 17 years of age.

In the semifinal, she defeated former champion and fifth seed Lindsay Davenport.

26) Won Wimbledon Final

In one of the most stunning upsets, Maria Sharapova defeated defending champion and top seed Serena Williams in the 2004 finals to win her first Grand Slam singles title and to become the third youngest woman to win Wimbledon and the second Russian.

She had made her place in the top 10 rankings for the first time.

During the same year, she defeated Serena Williams again in her debut WTA tour championship.

27) 2005, Being In The Top 3

At the start of 2005, Sharapova reached a Grand Slam semifinal for the second time in her career, though she lost to defending champion Serena Williams in the Australian Open.

However, in February she won back-to-back tournaments making her way to the top 3 for the first time.

In the same period, she also beat Venus Williams, the former world No. 1, to reach the final of the Tier 1 NASDAQ-100 Open.

28) Becoming World No. 1

In 2005 Sharapova became world No. 1 because of the injuries sustained by the previous world No. 1 Lindsay Davenport, leaving Sharapova to defend fewer points and becoming the next No. 1 on August 22, 2005.

However, her top ranking lasted for a week only and Davenport reclaimed the position.

Sharapova subsequently once again regained the position and retained it for six weeks.

29) U.S. Open Champion, 2006

2006 did not start well for Sharapova with losses in semifinals at the Australian Open and a rematch at the Dubai Tennis Championship.

The tennis player however regained her confidence by defeating Kim Clijsters for the first time and winning the Acura Classic.

Above all, she defeated Amélie Mauresmo in the semifinals and then Justine Henin in the final to win the U.S. Open and her second Grand Slam singles title.

30) Back-to-Back Winning

In the autumn of 2006, Sharapova won titles back-to-back at the Generali Ladies Linz and the Zurich Open.

She also won all the round-robin matches of the WTA Tour to extend her winning streak to 19 matches and finish the year as world No. 2, her top year-end finish to date.

31) Highest-Paid Female Athlete In 2006

In March 2006, Maria Sharapova was listed by an American magazine, Forbes, as the highest-paid female athlete globally, with over $18 million annual earnings.

In fact, Forbes magazine recognized her with this title for seven consecutive years.

Between June 2006 and June 2007, she was ranked third in the annual listing of the Top 20-Earning Stars Under 25 with the earnings of $23 million during the period.

Maria Sharapova Setbacks

32) 2007: Injury

Sharapova became the top seed player in the Australian Open due to the withdrawal of Justine Henin.

She reached the final of the Australian open for the first time but lost to Serena Williams.

However, after reaching the final Sharapova captured the No. 1 position again and held it for seven weeks before losing out to Henin because of a hamstring injury.

A shoulder injury also forced Sharapova to miss most of the clay-court season for the second consecutive year.

33) Falling Out Of The Top 5

In 2007 Sharapova experienced her earliest Wimbledon loss since 2003.

After all this, with very short preparation she qualified for the first time in the French Open.

However, in defending her U.S .Open title, Sharapova lost in the third round to 30th seed Agnieszka Radwańska, and she fell out of the top 5 rankings.

Back On Top: Maria Sharapova

34) Gaining The Top 5 Again

Sharapova managed to qualify for the Sony Ericsson Championships following the withdrawal of Venus Williams.

Despite losing in previous matches, Sharapova won all her round-robin matches, defeated Anna Chakvetadze in the semifinals, but then lost to world No. 1 Justine Henin in the final which lasted for a record 3 hours and 24 minutes, and after which Sharapova made her way back to a top 5 slot.

35) Australian Open Champion 2008

Sharapova was not considered a favorite in the Australian Open but she turned the tables by defeating then world No. 1 Henin in the quarterfinals, ending Henin’s 32-match winning streak.

She defeated Jelena Janković in the semifinals, and then in the finals defeated Ana Ivanović to earn her third Grand Slam title.

36) Winning Streak And The Longest Match In 2008

Sharapova extended her winning streak to 18 matches after the Australian Open.

Sharapova also won the Bausch & Lomb Championships, after surviving her longest-ever match, extending to 3 hours and 26 minutes.

In the next week, she lost a fourth time to Serena Williams, at the Family Circle Cup.

More Setbacks: Maria Sharapova

37) Dip In Her Performance

Though Sharapova gained the world No. 1 slot again after Henin’s sudden retirement, a dip in her performance continued which was witnessed by her early exit from Wimbledon, where she was defeated in the second round by world No. 154 Alla Kudryavtseva.

This was her earliest exit from any Grand Slam event in nearly five years.

38) Shoulder Surgery

Sharapova’s shoulder injury forced her to withdraw from the Rogers Cup tournament.

MRI scans of her shoulder revealed that she was suffering from a rotator cuff tear and that led to her withdrawal from all tournaments including the U.S. Open, the Beijing Olympics and the WTA Tour Championships.

After a failed attempt to rehabilitate her shoulder, surgery was done to repair the tear.

39) Dropping Out Of The Top 100

Recovering from the shoulder surgery, she did not defend her Australian Open title.

She returned in the doubles tournament in the BNP Paribas Open but lost in the first round, after which she withdrew from coming singles tournaments.

Her ranking dropped for the first time in six years to below 100.

40) Lost To A Teenager In 2009

Sharapova moved on to play in the U.S. Open where she was seeded 29th, qualifying for the third round where she was beaten by a teenager, Melanie Oudin.

It was the second time in Sharapova’s career that she had lost to a teenager at a Grand Slam event, making her ranking come down to 32.

41) Struggling Year, 2010

The tennis princess lost a majority of the tournaments she played in during 2010.

In Australia, Sharapova lost in the first round at the start of her season, which was her first loss in an opening match since 2003.

She lost in the BNP Paribas in the third round.

However, her first win this year was the Cellular South Cup, for her 21st career WTA title.

42) First Title On Red Clay

Sharapova won her first title on the red clay in 2010 at the Internationaux de Strasbourg, where she qualified through a wild card and advanced to the finals where she defeated Kristina Barrois and won her 22nd overall title.

However, her red clay season was concluded as she lost in the fourth round of the French Open to four-time champion Justine Henin.

Further Career Moves

43) Changing Coach

The news was circulating that Sharapova would get a new coach named Thomas Högstedt for the 2011 season.

After the ASB Classic, Sharapova decided to take a break from Michael Joyce’s coaching despite having a great working relationship and working together for a number of years, including throughout her successful years when she won multiple Grand Slam championships.

44) Gaining The Glory Back

Sharapova defeated Alexandra Dulgheru in the quarterfinals of the 2011 Sony Ericsson Open in a match that lasted for 3 hours and 28 minutes, turning out to be the longest match of her career.

She made her way to the finals but lost to Victoria Azarenka.

Because of these hard-fought matches, she regained her position in the top 10 for the first time after February 2009.

45) Biggest Clay Victory In 2011

Maria Sharapova bagged her biggest clay victory when she participated in the 2011 Internazionali BNL d’Italia and seeded seventh, she defeated Caroline Wozniacki, the top seed, in the semifinals and sixth seed Samantha Stosur in the final to get her best clay court victory to date.

46) Regained Top Positions

Sharapova started gaining momentum and continued her winning streak.

She contested in the 2011 Western & Southern Open, where she beat former world No. 1 Jelena Jankovic after a 2 hour and 49 minute struggle, making it the longest final of WTA history and taking her rank up to No. 4.

In the U.S. Open Sharapova reached the third round, but because of a fall in other player rankings, Sharapova became world No .2.

47) Return To World No. 1

Sharapova in the French Open in 2012 defeated Alexandra Cadanțu and Petra Kvitová to make her way to the finals.

On reaching the finals, she recaptured the world No. 1 ranking, and she also defeated Sara Errani in the final for her first French Open title.

After winning it Sharapova became the tenth woman to complete a Career Grand Slam by winning the French Open victory.

48) Shining At Olympics, 2012

During the French Open, the Russian Olympic Committee asked Maria Sharapova to carry the Russian flag in the Olympic Games.

She also participated in the Summer Olympic Games in London.

She defeated former No. 1 Kim Clijsters, and in the match to reach the Olympic final she defeated Maria Kirilenko but then lost to Serena Williams, and so took home her first silver Olympic medal.

49) 28th Career Title In 2013

Sharapova’s brilliant performance at Indian Wells resulted in defeating former No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki after an hour and 21 minutes in the final.

This was Maria’s 28th career title win and second at Indian Wells.

This win let her stand at No. 2 in the world just behind Serena Williams.

50) Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams have played around fourteen matches and Sharapova has won only two: one at tour championships in Los Angeles in 2004 and another at Wimbledon.

Serena’s wins include the latest Sony Open final held on March 30, 2013.

51) Maria Sharapova Roundup

Maria Sharapova has an 80% winning record in her singles matches; she has won 495 and lost 118 in singles, and currently is world No. 2.

She has won four Grand Slams: Wimbledon in 2004, U.S. Open in 2006, Australian Open in 2008 and French Open in 2005.

She also won a silver medal in the London Olympics 2012.

Maria Sharapova Work

52) Sony Ericsson’s First Global Brand Ambassador

In January 2008, Maria was selected as the first global brand ambassador by Sony Ericsson, a well-known mobile communication company.

Later she undertook several innovative brand campaigns, which were specifically initiated to involve the target audiences of Sony Ericsson.

According to Sharapova, “It is really exciting to be working with a cool brand like Sony Ericsson which has such a strong reputation in the entertainment industry.”

53) ‘Tiffany For Maria Sharapova’

In 2008, Maria became Tiffany’s celebrity and wore Tiffany earrings at all major events: the French Open, the Australian Open, the U.S. Open and Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

Referring to Tiffany earrings, Maria said, “These earrings sparkle with every movement, and they are so lightweight which makes them perfect to wear on the court.”

54) Maria Sharapova Shoes And Handbag Line

In 2009, Sharapova proved her innovative fashion skills by collaborating with Cole Haan and designing a line of handbags and shoes.

The tennis player said that her line of shoes and bags was immensely inspired by her extensive travels and that she loves “seeing how someone carries her bag, creates an outfit around her shoes, and expresses herself through her clothing.”

55) The Most Lucrative Deal With Nike

In January 2010, Maria Sharapova renewed her deal with Nike and signed an 8-year contract for $70 million.

This deal with Nike is the most profitable contract ever for a female sports celebrity, surpassing the former record of a $45 million contract awarded to Venus Williams who remained the Wimbledon champion for five times.

56) Nike Maria Sharapova Collection

Maria followed the footsteps of other tennis stars who had been in the clothing business such as René Lacoste and Fred Perry.

In 2010, she introduced her tennis clothing line called Nike Maria Sharapova Collection, which included apparel designed by her for all big tournaments, partnering with Cole Haan and Nike.

The dresses were worn by many WTA players such as Sofia Arvidsson, Andrea Hlavackova, Kai-Chen Chang, Madison Keys and Anastasia Pivovarova.

57) Porsche’s First Global Brand Ambassador

In April 2013, the German car company Porsche signed its first global brand ambassador, Maria Sharapova.

On this occasion, Sharapova expressed her happiness in the following words, “I have had the privilege to be associated with some of the best brands in the world, but now to be partners with Porsche is such an amazing honor.”

58) Endorsing Head Racquets

Sharapova entered into a multi-year endorsement contract with HEAD Racquet Rebels and joined their marketing team of various tennis celebrities including Novak Djokovic, Robin Soderling and Andy Murray.

Maria showed her excitement before joining the team by saying, “I am excited to be in the Head team and looking forward to this partnership.

With my new Head weapon I am confident to regain a spot among the top 10 again soon.”

59) Maria Sharapova Candy Business Venture

Recently Maria has gone into the product development and branding field of her own line of premium gummy candies named Sugarpova.

The candies have a sweet and sour flavor and are for all ages, not just children.

Sharapova said, “We felt that there was an unmet market need for a fun, flirty, feminine candy collection that felt luxurious but was also accessible.

Most candy is marketed to children – but grown-up children need their candy too.”

Accolades Maria Sharapova

60) The Coolest Girl In America

Maria Sharapova appeared in the list of The Coolest Girls in America published by YM magazine.

Also Sport Magazine mentioned her as one of the “21 Athletes to Watch For in the 21st Century.”

In 2002, she was in the list of 20 Teens Who Will Change the World in 2002.

Teen People Magazine published the list.

61) The Beautiful And Hottest Athlete In The World

Sharapova is a celebrity with exceptional beauty.

In April 2005, she was named by People Magazine as one of the “50 Most Beautiful Celebrities” globally.

Similarly, it was the fourth time in the year 2006 that she was ranked by Maxim magazine as “the Hottest Athlete in The World.”

Also in the same year, Maria was ranked eighth on the annual list of “100 Sexiest Women in the World” published by FHM Magazine.

62) Top Ten Eligible Bachelorettes – 2007

In 2007, Maria Sharapova appeared in the list of Top Ten Eligible Bachelorettes.

The poll was conducted by Britain’s FHM magazine in which she was ranked seventh considering both her wealth and looks.

It was noticeable that she even surpassed famous celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Keira Knightley on the list.

63) Ranked World No. 2

In the start of the season of 2012, Maria Sharapova played four tournaments and smashed her way through the semifinals and finals in all the four tournaments.

She played in the Australian Open, Fed Cup, Indian Wells and Sony Ericsson Open; however, out of the four tournament finals, she lost three of them and won one, but due to consistent performance she was ranked at No. 2.

64) Broke Monica’s Record

Maria Sharapova broke the record of Monica Seles in 2013 of fewest games dropped in approaching to a Grand Slam semifinal.

She also suffered from a collarbone injury and had to withdraw from the Brisbane International.

She was the first player to win back-to-back double-bagels at a Grand Slam since the 1985 Australian Open.

Maria Sharapova Charity

65) Florida Hurricane Relief Fund

In December 2004, Maria Sharapova appeared in a tennis exhibition held in Tampa in order to raise money and donate it to the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund.

She also participated in an exhibition match held in Bangkok to give a large amount of money to charity for tsunami relief.

66) Donation To Victims Of Beslan School Hostage Crisis

In 2004, Maria Sharapova with other Russian tennis players showed their support for the families of the victims of the Beslan school hostage crisis by wearing black ribbons.

In this incident, over 1,100 people were taken as hostages, resulting in the deaths of more than 380 people.

She also donated $50, 000 to the victims of the crisis.

67) UN Goodwill Ambassador – 2007

In February 2007, tennis celebrity Maria Sharapova was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for UNDP (the United Nations Development Program).

On this occasion, she committed to making use of her fame and charisma in order to gain the support of people to fight against poverty and help eliminate it globally.

68) Donated $100,000 To Chernobyl Projects

Maria Sharapova donated $100,000 to UNDP to support eight of its projects in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine that were adversely affected by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

The main aim of the projects is to reinstate sports and hospital facilities, enhance access to computers and help promote ecological awareness in these three countries.

Regarding these projects, she said, “I was just briefed on Chernobyl effects and how I will be involved with it, and I’m just so excited to be a part of this process.

I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to help with everything I can.”

69) Maria’s Parents, Survivors of the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster

Maria’s parents are survivors of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, the world’s worst nuclear accident, and that is why she has special sympathy with victims of this accident.

According to her, “The area around Gomel is very close to my heart.

My parents lived there until they moved away after the Chernobyl accident.

It is an area that has suffered a lot but I know it has a great potential.

I want to do my part in making sure that this potential is fully realized.”

70) Launched Scholarships in Belarus

Sharapova collaborated with UNDP to launch a scholarship program worth $210,000 for students in the Chernobyl-affected regions of Belarus.

The program awarded five-year scholarships to twelve students of the Belarusian State University and Belarusian State Academy of Arts.

According to Maria, “Enabling talented young people to pursue higher education is part of a broader effort to build a brighter future for the region.”

Maria Sharapova Work Ethic

71) Playing Style

Sharapova is known as an aggressive baseliner, with depth, high power levels and sharp angles on her backhand and forehand.

She uses reverse forehand frequently and is one of the small number of players in the WTA who use it.

She prefers to hit a “swinging” drive hit with full power instead of a traditional volley when attacking lobs.

Sharapova has powerful and accurate ground strokes and powerful serves.

72) Maria’s Physique

Maria Sharapova is blonde with long legs and a tall and hard body structure.

She stands six feet two inches and weighs around 130 pounds.

She plays right-handed (two-handed backhand).

73) Mentally Tough

Sharapova’s mental toughness is one of her greatest assets.

Tennis educator Nick Bollettieri once stated that she is as tough as nails.

She was also acknowledged as of the best competitors in the history of tennis by John McEnroe, a Hall of Famer.

74) Famous Grunting

Maria’s “grunting” is very famous.

In her second round Wimbledon match in 2003, Sharapova was told to cut down her grunting because her opponent Nathalie Dechy had complained to the umpire.

She is said to have reached a recorded 101 decibels of grunting in 2005 during her match at Wimbledon.

However, Sharapova’s response to her grunting is that it’s natural and an instinct.

75) Prefers Fast-Playing Hard And Grassy Courts

Slow clay courts have never suited Sharapova as she has never played comfortably on clay courts and faces difficulty with her body movements.

On one occasion, while sharing her experience of playing matches on a clay surface, she defined herself as a “cow on ice” expressing her incapability to slide.

Maria Sharapova: Personal Life

76) Maria Dated Maroon 5 Front Man, Adam Levine

In 2005, Maria Sharapova was caught by the media dating Adam Levine, the front man of a famous band, Maroon 5.

A source reported to the Britain’s The Sun newspaper that “Adam always has a lot of women after him, but he really likes Maria and they have been seeing each other quietly for several months.”

77) Dated Andy Roddick

In 2006, Maria Sharapova was again in the news, dating Andy Roddick, who is also a top-ranked tennis champion.

The two stars were found holding hands on the red carpet at several events.

According to US Weekly magazine, they were also seen together, “beside each other all night” at the Zinc Lounge located in Manhattan Beach.

78) Engaged To Sasha Vujacic, 2010

In October 2010, Maria Sharapova got engaged to basketball star Sasha Vujacic who plays for the team Anadolu Efes S.K in Istanbul.

They were seen cuddling at a U2 concert held in Los Angeles.

The couple had developed a strong bonding since they met in 2009, and said they had decided to get married soon.

79) Broke Up With Sasha, 2012

Maria Sharapova broke up with her fiancé Sacha Vujacic in September 2012, for some unknown reason.

Although the couple split, Maria still has great respect for her ex-fiancé and considers him her friend, as she said, “We have a tremendous amount of respect for each other… Still would love to call him as a friend.

We spent really great years together.”

Personal Interests

80) Maintaining a Healthy, Low-Fat Diet

Being a serious athlete, Maria is very much concerned about her health and fitness.

She likes a low-fat, healthy diet especially when she is training to compete.

After 6 p.m., she avoids carbohydrates.

During one of her competitions, it was noticed by a waiter that she took the same food for dinner for three consecutive nights: grilled chicken without vegetables or sauce.

81) Maria’s Favorite Workout

Undoubtedly, Maria’s favorite workout is tennis, which is an excellent workout for arm sculpting, core strengthening and of course cardio.

Sharapova enjoys playing tennis daily and practices with her training coach twice a day.

The practice includes strength training and cardio intervals.

Apart from this, she enjoys doing yoga, biking and taking salsa classes as well.

82) Maria Has A Sweet Tooth

Maria is fond of eating desserts and has a sweet tooth.

Her favorite dessert is crepes filled with Nutella, which is a French dessert.

On one occasion while shopping in Paris, she was found asking for white-hot chocolate, candy baskets and a piece of delicious cake at a bakery.

In order to satisfy her craving for sweet, she eats food substitutes that are healthy for her like sugar-free pudding, avoiding creamy cake.

83) Prefers Thai And Russian Cuisine

Maria Sharapova‘s favorite cuisines are Thai and Russian.

In fact she has expressed many times in the media that a favorite dining place during Wimbledon tournaments is Thai Tho restaurant, which is well-known for serving delicious Thai food.

Because she has Russian roots, since childhood she has loved eating Russian foods as well.

84) Maria’s Daily Diet Plan

Tennis star Maria Sharapova follows a strict diet plan.

At breakfast, she likes to have an omelet with a few spoons of oatmeal and at times a smoothie of different fruity flavors.

Low-protein foods and fresh fruits are also a part of her diet, which she prefers to take as snacks to get fuel for her workouts.

At lunchtime, she often likes to eat a halloumi sandwich or sushi, whereas for dinner, she likes grilled chicken with some vegetables.

85) Favorite Beverages

Sharapova’s favorite beverages include a non-alcoholic drink called a virgin strawberry daiquiri which is perfect for summer days, and a carbonated beverage called Orangina, prepared from lemon, orange, grapefruit juice and mandarin.

Maria also likes to enjoy afternoon tea.

Black English tea with raspberry jam is her favorite.

86) Favorite Books/Movies

Maria Sharapova is fond of watching movies.

“Pearl Harbor,” “Mona Lisa Smile,” “Love Actually” and “Something’s Gotta Give” are her favorites.

Apart from this, she has a habit of book reading as well.

Her favorite books are many, including “Pippi Longstocking,” Sherlock Holmes stories and stories from the world of spying.

In fact, she is a great fan of children’s literature.

87) Would Love To Try Acting

Tennis princess Maria Sharapova has also expressed her wish to act in a movie and if given a chance, she would love to try her luck in this field.

In 2012, while giving her interview with the Hindustan Times, she stated, “Right now, too many things are happening in life.

I’m tied up with my matches, brand associations and several other commitments.

But someday, given an opportunity I would love to act in a Hollywood movie.”

88) Favorite Brands For Apparel And Accessories

While describing her favorite brands for apparel and accessories, Maria said that she likes to wear “Chloe, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, Stella McCartney, Lanvin and Rick Owens, but I travel so much that it depends.

A lot of pieces that I have I’m able to wear a lot and layer.

I love blazers and jackets and pairing them with loose, cool, wide legged pants.

I’m tall and I feel like I can get away with that a little more.”

89) Maria Does Not Like To Wear Heels

Maria likes to wear flat shoes and does not prefer to be in heels except for some special event or dinner.

She said in an interview, “I’m always in flats; I’m a ballerina type of girl.

I’m obsessed with my Bacara ballet flats from Cole Haan.

I don’t wear too many heels – only to an event or dinner or a night out.”

90) True To Her Russian Roots

Maria Sharapova sticks to her Russian roots, although she has been living in the United States since childhood.

Her love for Russia is evident in her words, “I have always had the Russian feeling inside me.

There was a time when I was asked why I never chose to change citizenship.

Deep down inside of me, I know where I’m born.

I’m proud of my Siberian roots.

Apart from my parents, all my family live there.

It’s all about Russian culture.

We speak Russian, we eat Russian food, it’s natural to me.”

91) Enthusiastic Stamp Collector

Maria Sharapova is passionate about collecting stamps, which enables her to relax when she is away from the tennis court, as she says, “It is something introduced to me when I was very young.

I have been very lucky over the years to travel to some amazing countries and I always try to collect stamps from every place I go.

I am hoping one day that I will be able to hand my collection over to my kids.”

92) Maria’s Retail Therapy

An interesting thing to know about Maria Sharapova is that whenever she loses a match, she goes shopping to get over the depression.

She has called this her “retail therapy.”

However, when she wins any match, she gets more motivated and starts practicing for her next match.

93) Maria Is A Lefty

Maria Sharapova is a lefty.

She uses her left hand for performing most tasks.

The fact is proved by her words,  “I’m actually naturally a lefty.

I played left-handed for a year in my junior year, and then I played two hands on both sides.

I actually kick and throw left-handed all the time.

There are many things, yeah, that I like to do left-handed.”

94) Maria’s Favorite Purchases

Maria Sharapova has an inclination towards artwork as well and spends a lot in purchasing Ed Moses’s paintings, as confirmed by her words, “My favorite purchases of all time are pieces from painters Chris Gwaltney and Ed Moses.

I love to collect modern art.”

In addition, she likes spending on a Rick Owens leather jacket whenever she visits Paris, as she said, “Every time I go to Paris, I have to stop at the Rick Owens store and get a new jacket.

I have about seven.”

95) Family Women

Maria Sharapova likes to spend much of her time with family and friends.

She visits her family and grandparents in Sochi either once or twice a year.

She frequently sends some of her Nike apparel to her two young cousins who are also pursuing tennis.

While talking about her best time, she said, ”The best time is when I’m around family and friends cooking or having an afternoon tea party or doing karaoke.”

96) Maria Likes Listening To Music All The Time

Maria loves listening to music and her favorite singer is Adele, as she said, “Recently, I’ve been listening to Adele a lot.

I like ‘Someone Like You,’ the emotions of it are strong, powerful.

Music is a part of my life all the time—on the plane, before matches, driving out to the court.”

97) Maria Sharapova – A Face For Brands

Maria Sharapova’s accomplishments in the tennis world, together with her real beauty, led her to become a spokesperson for several popular brands, which include Speedminton, Parlux Fragrances, Motorola, Canon, Land Rover, TAG Heuer, Cole Haan, Honda Japan, Tiffany & Co., Prince Sports, Sony Ericsson and Colgate-Palmolive.

98) Sharapova’s Prince Racquets

Maria Sharapova played with Prince racquets in all her tennis matches.

In the 2004 Wimbledon finals, she used the Prince Shark OS which was specially designed for the tennis girl.

She gave that racquet to the famous talk-show host Regis Philbin on his show “Live with Regis and Kelly.”

In January 2006, she started playing with the Prince O3 racquet.

Then in 2008, she switched to the Prince O3 Speedport Black.

Maria Sharapova Facts

99) The Best Lesson Learned By Maria

Maria Sharapova knows how to control her emotions and accepts with an open heart whatever destiny has chosen for her, whether victory or defeat.

That is what she has learned being an athlete: “The best lesson I’ve learned, in terms of being an athlete, is when faced with adversity keep a balance line.

Whether you win a match or lose a match, in terms of your emotions, it’s important to be pretty level-headed.”

100) Loves Playing In The U.S. Open Because Of The Crowd

Maria Sharapova enjoys playing in the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament, because of the enthusiastic and lively crowd, giving her the motivation and energy to perform well. S

he said, “My favorite thing about playing in the U.S. Open is the crowd.

They’re always great and enthusiastic.

You really feel that energy when playing.”

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