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Marissa Mayer Facts – #50 Facts

Marissa Mayer Facts - Biography

Marissa Mayer Facts – Biography

Marissa Mayer: Wonder Years

1. Marissa Mayer Born (May, 1975)

Marissa Mayer was the President and CEO of Yahoo.

She was the Vice President and spokesperson for Google for a long period.

This American business executive is born on May30, 1975 in Wausau, Wisconsin.

She is the eldest of the two children born to Michael and Margaret Mayer.

2. Marissa Mayer Schooling

Marissa does her graduation from Wausau West High School.

She is also very active in extracurricular activities at her school, is president of the Spanish Club at her school, and takes part in debating competitions.

She is also nominated by Tommy Thompson who is Wisconsin governor as one of the two state delegates for the National Youth Science Camp, which is held in West Virginia.

3. Chooses a Computer Science Degree at Stanford University

Marissa Mayer chooses a Computer Science degree at Stanford University because she believes that life brings many new problems to which solutions can be found via systematically designed algorithms.

This is why she chooses symbolic systems, which is a hybrid of computer science, cognitive psychology, linguistics and philosophy.

4. Initially Mayer Intends to be a Pediatric Neurosurgeon

It is not Mayer’s intention to be a Computer Scientist from the very start.

In an interview with the world’s largest engineering community, she tells IEEE Spectrum that she intends to be a pediatric neurosurgeon.

When the pre-med enrollment requires beforehand knowledge of computer science, Marissa takes a course and realizes Computer Sciences is her true calling.

5. Chooses Artificial Intelligence as Her Major

With her Bachelors and Masters degrees at Stanford University, Marissa Mayer chooses Artificial Intelligence as her major.

The self-proclaimed nerd has multiple patents published under her name.

Marissa Mayer & Google

6. Marissa Mayer is Offered 14 Jobs Once She Graduates

A methodological thinker, Marissa Mayer, according to Pop Sugar, is offered 14 jobs once she graduates from Stanford University, which she ranks rather creatively based on salary, location, the chances of success, etc. on a matrix and hires an economist to help her make the decision.

We are guessing Google ranked on top despite her initial beliefs that Google has only 2% chance of success.

7. Marissa Chooses Google

Reportedly, Marissa chooses Google because it has the highest number of smart people, which reflect with her self-proclaimed inner ‘proud geek’.

According to Marissa, she has been fascinated by computers, but she only brings her first computer back when she starts at Stanford University.

8. Google Owes its Success to Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg

Google owes a relatively large amount of their success to the hard working women like Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg who have contributed their knowledge, time and wisdom to the company that is worth over $250 billion as of October 2012.

9. First Female Engineer at Google

Before making her place at Google, she has had a privilege to hold key positions in research both at SRI International located in California and UBS research Centrein Zurich.

Marissa becomes the first female engineer at Google in 1999.

She becomes Vice President of Search Products and User Experiences after managing Local search, Google Maps and Location services.

10. Good Relations with Sheryl Sandberg

Marissa Mayer has good relations with the also former Google employee Sheryl Sandberg.

She has recently joined Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ movement reflecting her struggles when she leaves Google and joins Yahoo as a pregnant woman.

Marissa Mayer & Yahoo

11. Decides to Quit her 13-year Tenure at Google and Join Yahoo

Marissa Mayer is not only the first woman engineer at Google, she is also their 20th employee so it comes as a shock to the world when Marissa decides to quit her 13-year tenure at Google and move to Yahoo.

She says in an interview that she has “an amazing time at Google” and that it is an easy decision to take the CEO position at Yahoo.

12. David Filo Gives Marissa his Stamp of Approval

Another reason for her hiring is that one of the biggest names at Yahoo and a cofounder of the company, David Filo, gives her his stamp of approval.

David Filo also has a Master’s of Science from Stanford University.

13. Mayer Joins Yahoo and Becomes the Company’s Third CEO

Mayer joins Yahoo in July 2012.

She becomes the company’s third CEO and becomes the member of the board of directors of the company.

She joins Yahoo, when the company faces a kind of downfall.

Yahoo faces declining stock prices and layoffs.

She helps in improving the condition of this company.

14. Rise in Yahoo’s Stocks after Marissa Mayer’s is hired

Within the year of Marissa Mayer’s hiring as the CEO of Yahoo, the company has seen a rise in company stocks, a whopping 50 percent.

This comes as great news for Marissa as she is one of the only 21 women CEOs in Fortune’s 500 Companies CEOs.

In a male dominated business world, Marissa receives criticism very often.

15. Announces ‘No Work from Home’ Policy

Even though Marissa Mayer decides to work from home when she is pregnant with her first-born, she announces, in February 2013, a ‘No Work from Home’ policy at Yahoo.

As the CEO of the company, she expects all her 14,500 employees to drive into work every morning.

Her spokesperson is reported saying that the company needs to form ‘one Yahoo’ and that ‘speed and quality’ are being affected because of low communication between employees.

16. Marissa Mayer Receives Criticism From  Yahoo Employees

This decision from Marissa Mayer is received with much criticism from employees of Yahoo and the social media.

Soon after the announcement, Forbes Magazine gives four reasons why they think it is a bad decision from the young CEO.

They also argue that the fact that despite Yahoo’s low productivity ratio compared to Google, most employees are under less stress when they work from home.

They also argue that it costs the company more with every employee working from the office.

17. Huffington Post and Boston Globe Views on Mayer’s Decision

Many reporters also regard the critical response as a biased response.

Huffington Post calls it a ‘Double Standard for Women CEO’.

Both Huffington Post and Boston Globe report that a similar decision from the male CEO of Best Buy a month earlier is received with no criticism.

They argue that Mayer’s strict policies are why she is hired as the CEO at Yahoo.

Marissa Mayer Family

18. Parents

Marissa’s father works in water treatment plants while her mother is an art teacher.

Her family helps her learn many skills such as ballet dancing, ice skating, piano and swimming.

Marissa admires Laura Beckman, learns valley ball tricks from her and mentions her in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

19. Marissa Marries Zach Bogue

Larry Page, the current CEO of Google dates Marissa for three years.

After him, Marissa marries Zach Bogue in December 2009 who is an internet investor.

The day she announces the news of her pregnancy is the same day on which Yahoo hires her.

20. Marissa Gives Birth to a Baby Boy

On September 30, 2012, Marissa gives birth to a baby.

Before naming her son, she asks people for their suggestions on the name of her son through social media.

However, prior to the suggestions from social media, she names her son ‘Macallister’.

Marissa Mayer: Personal Interests

21. Marissa Loves Baking

While being a working person, she loves baking too and has said so during many of her interviews.

She always makes cupcakes by trying new ingredients and variations to her original recipe.

She says it during an interview, “I’ve always loved baking; I think it’s because I’m very scientific.

The best cooks are chemists.”

22. Marissa Loves to Collect Art Pieces

She loves to collect art pieces and this is evident from the fact that she also owns original arts works and pieces by Warhol, A Lewitt.S and Lichtenstein.

She hires artist Dale Chihuly to make a ceiling installation of 400 pieces that features glass sea flora and fauna of brown color.

23. Marissa is a Marathon Runner

She is one of the leading business executives, but what many people do not know is that she is also a marathon runner.

The NY Times has reported that Marissa runs a half marathon that is held in San Francisco, the marathon of Portland and North America’s longest running ski race across the country.

She has also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Accolades Marissa Mayer

24. Ranked 14 in the List of America’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Business

Marissa’s name is included in the list of America’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Business by the Fortune magazine in year 2008 to 2011.

Her ranking in this list increases from rank 50 in year 2008 to rank 38 in the year 2011.

In year 2012, she is ranked 14th.

25. The Youngest Woman CEO in the Fortune 500 Companies

She is the youngest women CEO in the Fortune 500 companies at the age of 33.

26. Woman of the Year in Glamour Magazine

The interview of Lady Gaga with Mayer in 2011 obtains more than two million views on YouTube.

This interview is part of the Musicians Google series.

She is well recognized for her contributions to Google and Yahoo; this helps her gain the title of Woman of the Year in Glamour magazine in 2009.

27. Doctorate from Illinois Institute of Technology

Marissa chooses Stanford University over Yale and joins ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet.

She has done her Masters in Computer Sciences, also specializes in Artificial Intelligence.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in symbolic systems.

In acknowledgement of her work in the field of research, she receives the degree of doctorate from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2009.

28. Appears in Forbes Magazine’s Most Powerful Women in the World

Marissa Mayer has been listed in Forbes Magazine’s Most Powerful Women in the World in 2011 and 2012.

She is currently listed at number 21 between Maria das Gracas Silva Foster from Brazil and the Harvard graduate, Anne Sweeney.

29. Richest Women in the Silicon Valley

According to The Richest, Marissa Mayer has an estimated net worth of over $300 million making her one of the richest women in the Silicon Valley.

By December 2012, she receives a $1.2 million dollar bonus from Yahoo for her six months of work at the company as the CEO.

Her annual salary at Yahoo is currently $1 million.

30. Youngest CEO of all Top 500 Companies as per Fortune Magazine

According to both Fortune Magazine and Forbes, Marissa Mayer is the youngest female CEO of a leading internet company.

When she is hired at Yahoo, she is only 36 years old.

Fortune Magazine says she is the youngest CEO of all the Top 500 Companies listed by them.

Inspirational: Marissa Mayer

31. Quotation by Marissa Mayer

One of the Marissa Mayer’s quotes is, “I helped build Google, but I don’t like to rest on (my) laurels.

I think the most interesting thing is what happens next.”

32. A Great Example of Girl Power

Mayer gets herself involved in a controversy at the time of her pregnancy.

She takes only a week or two weeks maternity leave and decides to work from home.

This is recognized as a great example of girl power.

33. Mayer’s Choices are Very Success Oriented

Boston Globe argues that Marissa Mayer’s choices are very success oriented.

She installs a nursery next to her office after her two-week maternity leave.

According to New York Times, Marissa Mayer pulls two hundred and fifty all-nighters at Google.

She is determined to work harder than anyone else does, which is why she thinks ahead when creating policies at Yahoo.

34. Successfully Survives in a Male Dominated Business

Fellow businesswoman and Facebook employee, Sheryl Sandberg loudly supports Mayer’s decision to start the ‘No Work from Home’ policy at Yahoo.

She says that all the negative media towards Mayer is sexist and she is criticized only because she is a woman in a male dominated business world.

Sheryl Sandberg has recently published the book ‘Lean In’ highlighting her struggles as a woman trying to make it in a business and technology world largely dominated by men.

35. Marissa Mayer’s Obsession with Perfection

While New York Times has called her a ‘notorious workaholic’, many others have highlighted her obsessions with perfection, reporting that she creates spreadsheets for logging cupcake and frosting recipes, tries them and then adds her new recipes.

36. Marissa Mayer’s Advice to Women

In an interview, Marissa Mayer advises women to defy the norms and think out of the box.

She asks them to work with the smartest people they can find and to work in an environment that is comfortable so that they may flourish as individual women.

37. Marissa has Excellent Leadership Qualities

One of the reasons why Yahoo chooses to hire Marissa Mayer is because she has great mentoring talent, adding up to her leadership qualities.

She reportedly creates a program at Google that trains product managers on executive leadership.

38. Encourages Women to Break the Stereotype

Marissa Mayer very strongly believes that the modern woman can break the stereotype of gender with her passion.

She says that she is great with the science subjects at her high school and her teachers always appreciate her interests and good scores.

It is not until she comes to Silicon Valley that she understands the stereotype that exists there, like an elephant in a room no one wants to discuss.

39. Works in Various Capacities

She works in various capacities as a designer, engineer, product manager and strategic planner.

She plays a vital role in the development of Google Search, News, Images, Toolbar and Gmail.

Marissa’s influence on the success of Google Earth, Google Books and many more, is very significant.

She has worked with Google for almost thirteen years.

Other Facts about Marissa Mayer

40. Member of Many Non-Profit Boards

Above mentioned are her contributions to profit making companies.

She is also a member of many non- profit boards like Cooper-Hewitt, New York City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, National Design Museum and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

She has been an active member in all of these non-profit boards.

41. Owns a Luxury Penthouse at the Four Seasons

Marissa owns a luxury penthouse, worth five million dollars, in one of the renowned hotels in San Francisco, named Four Seasons.

The penthouse is located at the top of the hotel.

It is after scrutinizing various properties that she makes the decision to buy a house designed by Palo Alto Craftsman.

Nevertheless, these are not her only possessions; there are a number of other expensive things as well.

42. Believes in Giving to Charity

She believes in giving to charity.

Marissa is a serious devotee of fashion and design and one of the many customers of Oscar de la Renta.

She also contributes an amount of $60,000 at a charity-based auction and gets the chance of having lunch with Oscar de la Renta.

43. ‘A Geek at Google’

Marissa has had to face many stereotypical views of the media.

In an interview with Martha Stewart, Marissa Mayer says she has been asked many a times what it is like to be a woman at Google but her response has always been that she is ‘a Geek at Google’ and not a woman.

44. Why there are Fewer Women Engineers in Silicon Valley

According to Pop Sugar, Marissa Mayer believes that the lack of women engineers in Silicon Valley is due to the negative image of what a geek really is.

She thinks that the ‘rigid picture’ of a computer scientist is why many students cannot relate to the jobs at Silicon Valley.

45. Marissa Mayer’s Increasing Popularity

Marissa Mayer’s popularity keeps growing because of her fascinating goals.

If you Google her today, you will receive about 12 million results.

46. Who Takes Care of Her Home Affairs?

The San Francisco resident has most of her home affairs taken care of by the Four Seasons staff at her Pent House with the five-star hotel.

This, along with a self-financed nursery at her office, allows her to give in more hours at Yahoo.

47. Marissa Considers Herself a Shy Person

Marissa’s chooses for ballet classes when young because she feels she is generally a shy person.

48. Refuses to Be Stereotyped

Marissa Mayer is quoted by New York Times saying: “I refuse to be stereotyped.

I think it is very comforting for people to put me in a box.

‘Oh, she’s a fluffy girlie girl who likes clothes and cupcakes.

Oh, but wait, she is spending her weekends doing hardware electronics.’ ”

49. Mayer Does Not Consider Herself a Feminist

Unlike Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer does not consider herself a feminist.

She believes in conquering success by bringing gender balance to the workspace.

50. Talent Matters to Mayer, Not Gender

Mayer says that as CEO she will hire the person with the most talent to offer, regardless of their gender.

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