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The Samwer Brothers Facts – # 50

Oliver Samwer Facts - Biography

Oliver Samwer Facts – Biography

Wonder Years – Samwer Brothers

1. Educational Background of the Samwer Brothers

The brothers come from different academic backgrounds.

Alexander, the youngest, has an MBA from the Harvard School of Business.

Oliver has a business degree from WHU, a distinguished German business school.

Marc, the oldest brother, has a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Cologne.

2. Participation in the“Idea Lab” Business School Conference

The Samwer brothers make sure to take part in the annual “Idea Lab” business school conference for promising entrepreneurs.

This is where the brothers usually find their group of CEOs they like to run their start-up companies using Rocket Internet.

3. Grow up in a Wealthy Family

The Samwer brothers are no strangers to money.

As young boys, they grow up in a wealthy family in Germany.

Their father is one of the most famous lawyers in their city.

Both of the Samwer brothers’ parents have worked in the legal sector.

4. Samwers are Attracted to the Online World

Since they are young boys, the brothers have agreed to create a company.

This is an ambitious goal for teenage boys to make, but they are committed to their plan.

They are initially interested in airplanes and airline companies, but figure this plan can cost too much money.

When the Internet arrives, the Samwers are immediately attracted to the hundreds of possibilities of the online world.

Marc Samwer Facts - Biography

Marc Samwer Facts – Biography

5. Visit Silicon Valley to Gain Knowledge

In 1998, after gaining interest in the opportunities of the Internet, the brothers decide to visit Silicon Valley.

They work as interns, hungry for any knowledge that they can use to their advantage.

They attend talks and speeches, and it is here that they discover eBay.

They are amazed by the idea, and decide to start something like it in Europe, which is exactly what they have done.

6. Invention of Alando

Marc, Oliver and Alexander Samwer found Alando, a German version of the online website eBay in 1999.

Just 100 days later, Alando sells to eBay for €38 million.

This is just the beginning of their success story.

Rocket Internet – Samwer Brothers

7. The Samwer’s Invention of Rocket Internet

The Samwer’s invention of Rocket Internet is what aids them in their further investments.

Rocket Internet helps companies literally, ‘start up’.

It involves launching the company, hiring the staff, and managing the company, until the start-up company is able to operate on its own.

Revenue and net worth are kept quite private, but the company is rumored to be worth at least US$ 1 billion.

8. Success of Rocket Internet

Rocket Internet, though a very young company, has proved successful.

The company has launched over 30 start-up companies.

Only a small number of these, 5 to be exact, have been unable to work and have failed.

9. Hire MBA Trained Professionals to Manage Their Startups

The Samwer brothers only want the best of the best to manage their startups with the Rocket Internet Company.

They hire MBA trained professionals to run their start-up businesses.

Because these businesses are copies of already accomplished websites and have reputable managers, they become instant successes.

Alexander Samwer Facts - Biography

Alexander Samwer Facts – Biography

10. Rocket Internet is All about Thinking Globally

Most of the largest internet companies are American based, such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

These companies are mainly concerned with evolving within their own market.

Rocket Internet however deals with creating companies that can be used all over the world and in any business market.

Rocket Internet is all about thinking global.

11. Face Public Criticism and Receive Complaints from Rocket Internet

The Samwer brothers not only have to face public criticism, but also have recently begun to receive complaints from within their company, Rocket Internet.

Employees have been leaving the company to begin their own ventures.

Other Investments by the Samwer Brothers

12. Another Successful Company by the Samwers, the Payleven

One of the Samwer brother’s successful startups is Payleven, a mobile payment company.

As of late 2012, it is the only company of its kind to have included a chip and pin reader, which many credit card companies have begun to use for increased security.

13. Samwer Brothers’ Intelligent Investments

How are the Samwer brothers able to invest in companies they are not always 100% sure of? The answer is their intelligent investment of earnings that are made in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

They use this money to invest in their start-up companies, and more often than not, end up making quite a profit.

14. Collaboration with Fabian Siegal

The most recent development of the Samwer brothers is their collaboration with Fabian Siegal to create the Global Founders Capital.

The new fund will be worth US$ 194 million, and promises to fund any startups all over the world.

They will mainly be focused on online companies.

15. Companies Interested in investing in Samwer Brother’s Business

The Samwer brothers have created an impressive empire, with over 27, 000 employees working for other companies worldwide, in 43 countries.

They have attracted a lot of interest, and many large companies are willing to invest millions of dollars into their business.

16. Establish an Office in Bangkok

The Samwer brothers have targeted Southeast Asia as their new playground to experiment with.

They have begun to develop offices all over Asia, and are set out to expand their employee working force in the region.

In 2012, they establish an office in Bangkok, and plan on hiring over 300 people.

The Samwer brothers’ ventures are sure to bring more jobs and economic success to the area.

17. Creation of Food Panda Delivery Service

Food Panda is an online food delivery service that is created by the Samwer brothers.

Their food delivery service, which has been launched in regions that have been ignored quite a bit by markets, is doing well.

Food Panda has been successful in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

This initiative is part of the Samwer brothers’ desire to reach out to the Southeastern region of Asia.

18. Establish The European Founders

The Samwer brothers establish The European Founders to help fund technology companies.

They are especially interested with e-commerce, and pride themselves as being highly experienced and able in helping these companies succeed.

On their EF website, they promise businesses that they will help them develop their business successfully while avoiding any problems or downfalls that can occur, and will provide funding where needed.

19. The New Venture- GFC

They are some of the few entrepreneurs who are reaching out to countries that have not been included in technological ventures.

Their new venture, the GFC, is going to be mainly focused on the global market.

20. Main Funders of GFC

For their latest accomplishment, the Samwer brothers are going to be the main funders of the venture, the Global Fund Capital.

Other entrepreneurs are also funding the project.

The fund has gained admirable recognition for its aim to work globally.

21. Aim Behind Creation of Global Capital Fund

The Global Capital Fund, a recent project of the Samwer brothers, is aimed to focus on projects that their company, Rocket Internet is unable to accommodate.

The brothers are thinking beyond what they can do and are trying to find ways to broaden their perspectives.

22. Notable Investments of Samwers

Some notable successful investments include Studivz, a German version of Facebook.

The company is sold in 2007 for €100 million.

Another investment that creates much criticism is MyCityDeal, which they sell to Groupon for around €100 million.

The brothers create MyCityDeal in 2010, which becomes very popular all over Europe in just a matter of months.

23. Samwer Brothers’ Investments have Become Very Successful

The Samwer brothers’ investments have proven to be very successful.

In the average month, their company or their ‘offspring’ will bring millions of dollars to the table.

Some main investors who are cashing in on the successes of Rocket Internet have been noted to be JP Morgan, a financial services firm, and Kinnevik, a Swedish investment company.

24. Pioneers of German Internet Companies

The Samwer brothers are said to be the main influence on Germany’s internet revolution.

They are the pioneers of the German internet companies, bringing to life online ideas as early on as the late 1990s.

25. Decide to Create a Luxury Online Shopping Store

Rocket Internet has recently decided to create a luxury online shopping store,

Using this website, customers can access top brands such as Cavalli and Ralph Lauren.

Exclusive brands will be available to customers easily online.

Personality : Samwer Brothers

26. Work as Hard as Their Employees

Oliver Samwer has been criticized for work he expects from his employees.

However, he does not only talk the talk, he works as hard as employees do, and sometimes even more so.

Oliver and his brothers have invested their lives in this business and want the best of the best for their company.

27. Oliver Follows Strict Routine

Oliver has a routine he believes in which he says is what has helped him run his business.

During the day, communication should be the key to your routine.

Once your workday is over, spend the rest of the downtime analyzing the statistics and information.

Maximizing the daytime workload is necessary, as during the day is when you can make the most progress.

28. Oliver Works Hard and Fast

Oliver Samwer has been described as an aggressive person, who works hard and fast to obtain what he sets his mind to.

When he makes up his mind to do something, Oliver uses resources and time efficiently to execute his idea quickly.

He is quoted to have written in an email, “I will die to win and I expect the same from you!”

29. Oliver is Detail Oriented

Details and business statistics are important to the company, particularly to Oliver.

He makes a point to be informed at all times about the minute details about the company’s figures.

He also expects those who want to be funded by the company to be fully aware of their company’s micro details.

30. Oliver Compares Himself to Bob the Builder

Oliver gives a rare interview in Berlin, in front of a crowd of 130 people.

He compares himself to Bob the Builder, saying that some people are good at inventing (Einsteins) and some people are good at executing those inventions (Bob the Builders).

This is Oliver’s first appearance in over three years, as he conducts private meetings.

31. Enjoy Experimenting with New Ideas

The Samwer brothers rely on trial and error.

They enjoy experimenting with new ideas in different areas that few other technology companies have decided to explore.

In the Rocket Internet workplace, ideas are tested quickly and if they do not work, they are fine-tuned and are tested again.

This is the reason Rocket Internet continually spews out new innovative techniques.

32. Love The Feeling of Winning

Oliver, who has been unofficially deemed the spokesperson for the trio, claims that money is not what they are after.

If it has been, they have stopped their tactics years ago.

Oliver says that they love the feeling of winning.

They want the world to know that they are the best, and will prove this again and again.

33. Quick in Transforming Idea into Reality

The main idea behind Global Founders Capital comes from the middle Samwer brother, Oliver Samwer, more comfortably known as ‘Ollie’.

The Samwer brothers like to work quickly, and when they have an idea, they want to establish, it does not take long for that idea to take flight.

The GFC idea begins to develop over a period of just a few months.

34. Samwer Brothers are Each other’s Best Friends

The Samwer brothers have great inspiration ever since they are young.

Their parents who are both lawyers provide them with continued support and inspiration.

The brothers enjoy spending time with one another, and as children, are each other’s best friends.

Accolades: The Samwer Brothers

35. 6th on the List of ‘Billionaires in the Making’

The Samwer Brothers have a net worth of US$ 650 million, according to an article by Forbes magazine in 2012.

As of March 2012, they are 6th on the list of ‘Billionaires in the Making’, and by the looks of their progress, it seems they will be advancing to the list of the youngest billionaires in no time.

36. Marc Receives the Eisenhower Fellowship Award

In 2003, Marc Samwer is awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship Award.

This is awarded to people whom the foundation believes to be prominent achievers and have the potential to become a strong influence in their area of expertise.

Marc has been very active as an Eisenhower Fellow, and plans to mentor other potential business Fellows.

Other Facts about the Samwer Brothers

37. The Samwer Brothers’ Successful Technique Results in Huge Profits

The Samwer brother’s successful technique involves an initial investment in a company, and then just as the company begins to find its bearings and starts making profits, they sell it.

Their technique has worked for them so far, and they have made millions of Euros in profits.

38. Avoid Public Appearances and Interviews

The public does not always appreciate brilliant minds.

That is why the Samwer brothers have tended to keep their lives private, and very rarely give interviews.

They also avoid public speeches and appearances, and have been known to walk out of interviews whenever they feel fit.

39. IT Techs of Europe have Concerns Regarding Effect of Samwer Brother’s Company

The IT techs of Europe are becoming increasingly worried about the possible domino effect the Samwer brother’s company may have in Europe.

They believe that seeing the success of the Samwer brothers will encourage others to begin their own ‘copycat’ businesses, and will diminish the idea of innovation in Europe.

Entrepreneurs will think that the best way to make money is to copy a company, create it where it does not exist, and then sell it back to the original company.

40. Popularity of the “Crazy Frog” Ringtone

If you remember the “Crazy Frog” ringtone, then you will know the Samwer brothers.

The tune is at first considered annoying, but the catchy tune finds itself at number one on charts across Europe and is popularized all over the world.

41. Avoid Appearing In Front of the Media

The Samwer brothers are quite hesitant to appear in front of the media and are known for being quite stingy with interviewers.

However, due to recent negative press, they have become more open  as to dissuade any negative impact or influence their reputations.

42. Loyalty of Samwer Brothers to Their Company

The brothers have great loyalty not just within themselves, but also within their company and the founders.

It is not always a perfect arrangement, but the commitment each worker shows to the company and each other has helped them grow into a success.

43. Known as ‘Copycats’

The Samwer brothers, have been called ‘copycats’ because many of their companies and websites are a follow up of ideas that have previously been created, such as eBay.

The main difference though between the Samwer brothers’ companies and the ‘originals` is that the Samwer brothers are interested in globalization.

They take these businesses and spread them across the world.

Stripe, an online payment company is offered only in the US and Canada.

Whereas the Samwer brothers’ version, Paymill is offered in 34 countries worldwide.

44. Samwer Brothers Welcome Innovative Ideas from Employees

Working for the Samwer brothers has been noted to be fast paced, with employees working long hours.

Innovation and bringing your ideas to the table is encouraged, and for ideas that have been approved by the company, the resources are given to the employees to implement them.

45. Provide Various Facilities for Employees

Employees are also given free food, including drinks and breakfast items.

The atmosphere can be slightly relaxed, with employees deciding what time they want to start working.

The company realizes that the employees are essential to the business, and also holds events for employees to enjoy.

46. Successful Ideas are the Motivating Factor Behind Any Business

For the Samwer brothers, a successful idea will do more for a business than a successful team.

The idea is what drives the team to work hard and produce results; it is the motivating factor behind the business.

47. Believe in Being Good to Employees and Customers

Contrary to what many people have thought about the Samwer brothers, they believe in being good to the employees and the customers alike.

Charisma and charm will help a business succeed in delivering a pitch and gaining profitable investors.

48. Oliver Samwer Controls The Brothers’ Company

Oliver Samwer has taken charge of the brothers’ company.

He makes the main decisions and believes that whatever the decision, it should be made quickly and efficiently.

This methodology has proven to save the company money and time.

49. Firing of 400 Workers in Turkey

The company has been forced to make some painful and rash decisions, such as firing 400 workers in Turkey.

Oliver believes that sometimes these decisions must be made and you must remain remorseless otherwise, you will be caught up in the emotional aspects.

50. Invest Large Amounts in Creating Strong Marketing Campaigns

Rocket Internet has been admired for its amazing sales and marketing departments in its various companies.

The Samwer brothers are firm believers that the main production of income is sales.

They invest much of their money in creating strong marketing campaigns.

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