Sandra Bullock Facts

Sandra Bullock Facts

Sandra Bullock Facts - Biography

Sandra Bullock Facts – Biography

1) Sandra Bullock was born on 26th of July 1964 in Arlington, in the state of Virginia to a German opera singer who also gave voice training.

Bullock did not belong to a well off family because of which, most of her childhood and early years were spent on the road.

She travelled throughout Europe while studying dancing and singing and made her debut at the age of five in a small opera role.

2) At the age of 12, Bullock moved back to United State and settled near Washington.

Since she was already involved in cheerleading and dramatics, she was able to adjust in Washington Lee High School.

She then went to East Carolina University to study acting but never completed her degree.

3) She then moved to New York after leaving college to pursue a career in acting and supported herself through bar tending while struggling to achieve her dream.

Her major break in her career came with a Broadway production at the age of 21.

Before that most of her plays, television roles and B class movies were unsuccessful.

4) She worked onan NBC sitcom Working Girl, followed by an action thriller and a romantic comedy Demolition Man and Love Potion Number 9.

However, she became known as a Hollywood actress for her movie Speed which was released in 1994 in which she co-starred with Keanu Reeves.

Her acting in the movie led to the success of otherwise a generic film.

5) After the success of Speed, Sandra Bullock starred in a number of successful movies including A time to Kill, While you were sleeping, The Net, 28 Days and Miss Congeniality.

However, she was also a part of a couple of flop movies during this time like Speed 2 and Two if By the Sea.

6) Bullock got a major break in her career when she won an Oscar Award for the movie The Blind Side that was based on a true story of an African American football player.

The movie made around $ 248 million in the box office and gave Bullock the chance to get the award for the best actress.

7) In May 2007, she was chosen amongst the 100 most beautiful people in the world by the People’s magazine.

A year before that i.e. in 2006, she was also given the award of “women of the year” during the 17th Annual Glamorous Women of the Year Awards.

She shared this award with Queen Latifah who got the same number of votes as her.

8) To keep herself fit, Sandra Bullock uses acupuncture along with regular exercise.

She loves to eat sweet things especially chocolates.

Because of her excessive chocolate eating habits, she had to work hard to get back in shape for her Oscar night.

9) Bullock is known to have kissed girls more than once.

She planted a kiss on Scarlet Johansson’s lips during the MTV awards and did the same during the 15th Annual Critics choice awards when she got an award tie with Meryl Streep for their roles in the Blind Side and Julia and Julia.

However, girl-to-girl action in her life is limited to the screen only.

10) As far as the Hollywood super star’s finances are concerned, she has way more money than many can image.

For her role in Murders by Numbers she earned around 15 million dollars.

According to Forbes Magazine, her net worth was well above 85 million dollars in 2007.

11) However, Bullock has also been a part of a lot of charity work.

She donated $ 1 million to the tsunami victims in Asia and she has donated a large sum of money for development of housing in New Orleans.

She also donated 1 million dollars to Red Cross to help the victims of 9/11 incident.

12) Sandra Bullock launched her production company but made her own sister Gesine Bullock its president.

The production house has released a couple of dramas and movies so far.

13) Since she has spent most of her childhood in Germany, she is able to speak German very fluently.

When she was called to give an award in Germany, she made her thank you speech in the native language leaving a large number of people surprised.

Her English accent however does not indicate any signs of foreign influence.

14) Sandra Bullock currently lives in Austin, Texas.

She got married in 2005 to Jesse James who is also a part of the film and television industry.

Their marriage however was not a complete success and the couple filed for a divorce in 2010 when the news of James having an affair with Michelle McGee became public.

James however apologized for the incident but Sandra applied for sole custody of their adopted son Louis and won the case.

15) During her shooting of Murders by Numbers, she worked with Ryan Gosling; the two ended up dating each other despite the age difference of 17 years.

16) Bullock received a star in the Hollywood Hall of Fame in 2005; the star is located in 6801 Hollywood Boulevard.

17) She claims that her favorite time of the day is dusk and that the perfume that she likes to use the most is Dune by Christian Dior.

She likes to dress casually for family gathering and tries to avoid makeup as much as possible.

18) In order to fit in her role in 28 Days, she spent a month in a rehab clinic to study the behavior of the patients and the doctors.

19) Sandra Bullock loves to keep pets; she has two dogs that she adopted.

She also loves horses but is allergic to them.

She found that out when she was filming Two if by Sea.

20) She is 5 feet 7.5 inches in height and she likes to tie her hair in a ponytail while she is at home or casually out with friends or family members.

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