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1. Sergey Brin (°1973), Co-Founder Of Google, Moved With His Family From the Soviet Union To The US In 1979

Sergey Brin Photo 1 - Celebrity Fun FactsSergey Mikhaylovich Brin was born in the Soviet Union on August 21, 1973. His family immigrated to the United States when he was only six years old and set up a new life in Maryland.

2. Sergey Brin’s Father, Michael Brin, Wanted To Be An Astronomer

Sergey Brin Photo 2 - Celebrity Fun FactsSergey’s father, Michael Brin had always dreamed of being an astronomer. His dream was cut short when he realized further studies in physics would be hampered because of unofficial anti-Semitic policies at his university. Michael Brin took on Mathematics, and at a math conference in Warsaw, Poland, met people from ‘the West’. Realizing they were not the ‘wrong people’ the government made them out to be, Michael Brin decided it was time to take him family to the US and start a new life.

3. Meeting Larry Page At Stanford University

John Donahoe Photo 2 - Stanford - Celebrity Fun FactsSergey continued in his father’s footsteps, studying math, as well as taking on computer science at the University of Maryland. He later moved to Stanford University for his doctorate. Here he made a new friend, Larry Page and the two started working in a cramped dorm room on a new search engine.

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