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Sheryl Sandberg Facts

Sheryl Sandberg Facts - Biography

Sheryl Sandberg Facts – Biography

1) Sheryl Sandberg was born on August 28, 1969 and is one of the wealthiest self-made women in the world, earning a solid $400 million in just market shares as of 2012.

2) Sandberg is the Chief Operations Officer at Facebook where she is also the highest paid employee as of 2012.

She was appointed as the eighth member of the Board of Directors by the existing Board of Members at Facebook in 2012 and she is the only woman to have achieved it.

3) In 2013, Forbes has listed Sheryl Sandberg at number 10 on their The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list.

In 2012, Time Magazine listed her in their annual 100 Most Influential People in the World.

In 2008, Fortune Magazine named her in their 50 Women to Watch list.

In 2007, Business Week listed her on their 25 Most Influential People on the Web.

4) Before Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg worked at Google for eight years where she was influential in creating the powerful company that Google is today.

From Google Inc., she left as the Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations.

She was also greatly involved in Google Grants during her tenure.

5) When she was first hired at the company, her business card reads ‘Business Unit General Manager’.

She says there was never a Business Unit and she was not a General Manager of anything.

When she complained of no job to Eric Schmidt, he said ‘No, no, get on the rocket ship and all things will take care of themselves.’

6) Sheryl Sandberg is an Independent Director at Walt Disney Co. since 2009.

Prior to Google Inc., Sheryl Sandberg worked as the Management Consultant with Mckinsy and Company.

One of her earliest hiring was at the World Bank as an Economist.

On a trip to India for eradicating leprosy, she had the opportunity of meeting women with lesser opportunities than those in America and hearing their influential stories changed her.

7) Sheryl Sandberg is the oldest of her three siblings.

She attended public schools in Florida and was an aerobics teacher back when she was in high school.

Almost all members of Sandberg’s family are doctors and she considers herself daring to choose a career in business in a family of medicine.

8) Sheryl Sandberg was previously married to Brian Kraff, co-founder and chief executive of Market Hardware.

She is currently married to David Goldberg since 2004 and they have two children.

9) Sheryl Sandberg has always been a workaholic.

Even though she was given a three-month maternity leave, Sandberg got back to work the day after her son was born.

She held meetings from home and worked all day and night.

She recalls it being an unhappy time of her life.

Google exclusively made a Pregnant Lady Parking for Sheryl Sandberg.

10) Sheryl Sandberg was a top student right from the first grade.

She calls herself a geek and tells women it is okay to be called geeks.

She says in an interview ‘I was a proud geek growing up and you should be a geek too. Sturdy harder.’

11) In 2011, Sheryl Sandberg was asked to make the Barnard College Commencement Speech to a graduating group of all women.

Sandberg claims to have promised herself she would not make any more speeches but could not give up on such a great opportunity.

She recalls ‘It was the single speech that meant the most to me. .  I cried on the stage.’

12) Sheryl Sandberg has a graduate and undergraduate degree from Harvard University.

She received the John H. Williams Prize in 1991 for her A.B. in Economics.

She also received a distinction in her MBA program in 1995.

13) Sheryl Sandberg is a self-acclaimed feminist.

She promotes women equality and believes that even in this world of modernization; men have more power in the office.

Sandberg wishes for a balanced workplace at every office.

14) Sheryl Sandberg’s greater inspiration was her maternal grandmother who, according to Sandberg, was a better business person than her grandfather was.

Her great grandparents immigrated to America from Eastern Europe and she thinks was a great influence on her through her grandmother’s diary who wrote about their struggle leaving behind their homes in the now, Austria.

15) Her attention to women’s issues was evident from the very beginning even though she explains that she was never consciously aware of it.

It was not until she wrote her thesis at Harvard on Economics of Spousal Abuse with Larry Summers as her thesis adviser.

16) In 2013, she published the book ‘Lean In’ where she encourages women to lean in and grab the opportunities that are given to them.

In her book, she writes ‘A truly equal world would be where women ran half our country and the men ran half our homes.’

17) Sandberg has always looked up to her ambitious parents for inspiration and attributes her rise to Silicon Valley a combination of her father’s drive and mother’s warmth over the years.

She says her father was ‘very focused on doing right and doing a lot’.

She recalls that her parents had a very deep commitment to ‘do something for the world’.

18) When she was a junior at Harvard, she met Larry Summers who has been her mentor ever since.

When Larry Summers was appointed the United States Treasury under President Bill Clinton, he hired Sheryl Sandberg as her Chief of Staff.

19) Sheryl Sandberg calls her family a Family of Runners.

Whenever there was a problem or an issue that made them low, her parents would always encourage her to go take a run instead of sitting in bed feeling sorry for her losses.

20) Oprah Winfrey once tweeted about Sheryl Sandberg saying that after meeting Sheryl Sandberg she is proud to be a woman and that meeting her was the highlight of Oprah’s week.

Later, in an interview with Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg revealed that her husband shares 50% of the responsibilities at home.

She also told Oprah that Mark Zuckerberg has the office be a family office, which is something that worried her before joining Facebook.

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