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15 Fun Facts You Should Know About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Facts - Biography

Steve Jobs was one of the most revered technologies CEO of his time.

Indeed, many believe that he revolutionized the technology industry when he was at the helm of Apple Inc.

A lot has been written about him, but here is a round off, of some interesting facts about Steve Jobs:

1. With all his career accomplishments, Steve Jobs did not go to college.

Well, he just attended Reeds College in Oregon for about 6 months and then dropped out.

2. Steve Jobs’ parents put him up for adoption as soon as he was born.

In his thirties, Steve Jobs and his father had met at a restaurant that his father owned even before they knew they were related; Steve Jobs frequented his father’s restaurant though at the time he had no clue this was his father.

3. His teachers had to bribe Jobs to study when he was in elementary school.

He was a great prankster but he would pass highly in his exams.

4. At one point, Jobs wanted to become a monk and a poet.

In 1974, after leaving work at Atari he travelled to India on a journey of spiritual enlightenment.

If he hadn’t started Apple he had planned to head off to Paris to become a poet, he once told Mike Scully.

5. Steve Jobs founded Apple Computers when he was only 21 years old.

He sold his Volkswagen while his partner Steve Wozniak sold his treasured calculator to fund the company.

6. Jobs became a millionaire by age 25 in 1980 when Apple II made sales of $117 million.

7. In 1996 when he returned to work as CEO of Apple (after being fired by the guy he had hired as Apple’s president, Mike Scully), Jobs elected to be paid a $1 annual salary.

He owned 5.5 million shares in Apple though, so did not go hungry because of his meager salary.

8. Jobs picked the name “Apple” for his company after visiting and working at the All One Farm, apple farm in Oregon.

He thought the name made the word “computer” less technical and more fun.

9. When he was in eighth grade, Hewlett- Packard offered Jobs an internship.

He was assembling a frequency counter and when he realized there was a missing part, he called Hewlett-Packard to inquire about it.

They offered him the parts and an internship post.

10. Job’s S class Mercedes Benz had no registered number plat yet he had driven it for a couple of years.

In place of a number, there was a bar code on the number plate.

11. Initially, Jobs was the greatest opponent of Apps: a feature that is essential to Apple products and has earned third party developers and Apple too, so much money.

It took a lot of convincing to get Jobs to agree to the revolutionary third party Apps.

12. During job interviews, Jobs was known to ask candidates random questions such as “are you a virgin?” or “how many time have you done drugs before?”

13. Jobs was 23 when he fathered his first child Lisa with Chrisann Brennan but he denied paternity on grounds that he was sterile.

Lisa only started to live with her father when she was 7 years.

He even named the Apple III ‘Lisa’ after her daughter.

14. Jobs admitted to doing psychedelic drugs including LSD and marijuana for inspiration.

He always said that drugs were the third most important thing he did in his life.

15. Steve Jobs lied to Wozniak about the amount of money Atari paid them to develop the game “Breakout.”

Atari paid $5000 for the game and Steve and Wozniak were to split the money equally.

But Steve lied to Wozniak that Atari had offered only $700 so Wozniak went away with $350 and Jobs pocketed $4650!

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