20 Fascinating Facts About Steve Jobs, Founder Of Apple & Pixar Owner

1. Steve Jobs (°1955) Was Not Born As A Millionaire

Steve Jobs Photo 2 - Celebrity Fun FactsSteve Jobs (San Francisco, 24 February 1955 – Palo Alto, 5 October 2011) was not born a millionaire. He was adopted as a child by Paul and Clara Jobs and spent a life later on with practically no money. He had a bottle-collecting job that earned him a few dollars to buy a decent meal once a week. However, what he did have was passion and intellect, which made him soar to heights of success, once he started Apple.

2. Steve Jobs Only Met His Biological Sister Mona Simpson When He Was 27 Years Old

Steve Jobs Photo 3 - Mona Simpson - Celebrity Fun FactsAs if fame was in his blood, an interesting fact about Steve’s biography is that his biological father was a Syrian called Jandali, who married Joanne Carole after they gave up Steve for adoption. His biological sister is the famous author Mona Simpson, whom he met years later when he was 27 years old (photo courtesy: MonaSimpson.com).

3. Steve Jobs Spent His Youth Around Technology & Books

Steve Jobs Photo 1 - Celebrity Fun FactsSteve Jobs was a wonder boy with technology, even as a child. He loved to research and ponder over how things were made and assembled. Perhaps his biggest eight-grade achievement was a summer internship offer by the acclaimed Hewlett Packard Corporation.

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