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Pierre Omidyar Facts - Biography

Pierre Omidyar Facts

20 Facts You Should Know About Pierre Omidyar (eBay Founder) Pierre Omidyar, the chairperson and founder of the online auction site, Ebay, has made an indelible mark in the world of internet technology and commerce. Compared to other internet gurus, Omidyar might be low-key. Still, here are some interesting facts about this self-made businessperson and […]

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Peter Thiel Facts - Biography

Peter Thiel Facts

Peter Thiel Facts – # 50 Fun Facts Peter Thiel – Early Life 1. Birth Peter Thiel is born in West Germany and grows up in America; he has a good background in education. He finishes a B.A degree in Psychology and acquires a J.D from Stanford Law later on. However, for Thiel, true love […]

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Niklas Zennstrom Facts - Biography

Niklas Zennström Facts

Niklas Zennström Facts (Skype) – # 50 FUN FACTS Early Years of Niklas Zennström 1. Niklas Zennström on February 16, 1966 Niklas Zennström, a famous entrepreneur of Swedish descent, is born on February 16, 1966. He marries Catherine Zennström and they currently reside in London. 2. Family Niklas comes from a family where no one […]

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John Donahoe Facts - Biography

John Donahoe Facts

John Donahoe Facts – # 50 Facts  John Donahoe: Wonder Years 1. An Ordinary Kid Born in Evanston What is one of the most inspiring facts about John Donahoe is that he is an ordinary kid born in Evanston who works hard through college and twenty years at a good firm, and eventually makes it […]

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Jeff Bezos Facts - Biography

Jeff Bezos Facts

Jeff Bezos Facts, AMAZON | # 50 FACTS Jeff Bezos Date of Birth – Biography 1) Jeff Bezos: Born 1964 Jeffrey Preston Bezos (famously known as Jeff Bezos), the founder of one of the most successful e-commerce website Amazon.com, is born on Sunday, January 12, 1964. He shares the same birthday as other famous personalities […]

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