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Angelina Jolie Facts - Biography

Angelina Jolie Facts

Angelina Jolie Facts | # 100 Facts Angelina Jolie Date of Birth 1. The Famous Actress, Angelina Jolie Was Born In 1975 Angelina Jolie was born as Angelina Jolie Voight, on a summer’s morning on June 4th, 1975. She is an internationally acclaimed actress, film director and screenwriter. She has been very successful in her […]

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Ashton Kutcher Facts - Biography

Ashton Kutcher Facts

Ashton Kutcher Facts – # 100 Fun Facts Early Years 1) Ashton Kutcher (Born in 1978) One of the most desirable American actors, the extremely famous and handsome Ashton Kutcher was born on 7th February, 1978, to parents Diane nee Finnegan and Larry M. Kutcher, in the town Cedar Rapids located in Iowa, USA. Kutcher […]

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Sandra Bullock Facts - Biography

Sandra Bullock Facts

Sandra Bullock Facts 1) Sandra Bullock was born on 26th of July 1964 in Arlington, in the state of Virginia to a German opera singer who also gave voice training. Bullock did not belong to a well off family because of which, most of her childhood and early years were spent on the road. She […]

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Tom Cruise Facts - Biography

Tom Cruise Facts

Tom Cruise: # 100 Facts Early Years 1) Thomas Cruise Mapother IV Tom Cruise is the only son of the four children of Mary Lee and Thomas Cruise Mapohter III. Tom Cruise belongs to the Irish, English and German ancestry. Mary Lee gives birth to Thomas Cruise Mapother IV on 3 July 1962 in Syracuse, […]

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Ellen DeGeneres Facts - Biography

Ellen DeGeneres Facts

Ellen DeGeneres Facts – # 100 Fun Facts Ellen DeGeneres Date of Birth 1. Ellen DeGeneres Born on 26th January 1958 The famous actress and the award winning host is an outstanding American celebrity born in 1958. Yes, the powerful star of the past many decades is only fifty-five years old. Her birth month is […]

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