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Reid Hoffman Facts - Biography

Reid Hoffman Facts

Reid Hoffman Facts (LinkedIn) – #50 Facts Reid Hoffman: Wonder Years 1. Reid Garrett Hoffman (Born 1967) Reid Garrett Hoffman is born on 5th of August, 1967 to mother Deanna Ruth Rutter and father William Parker Hoffman. As a child, Reid is said to be extremely focused and determined. He grows up in Barkley, California […]

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Mark Zuckerberg Facts - Biography

Mark Zuckerberg Facts

Mark Zuckerberg Facts (Facebook) – #50 Fun Facts Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook – Coming Into Prominence 1. Mark Zuckerberg = Founder of Facebook When Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is young, he begins writing software for fun. His tutor believes him to be a prodigy. When he is older, he founds Facebook, the world famous social networking […]

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Jack Dorsey Facts Biography

Jack Dorsey Facts

Jack Dorsey Facts (Twitter) | # 50 Facts Jack Dorsey, Date of Birth 1. Born (November, 1976) Jack Dorsey, an American based web developer, is born on November 19, 1976, spends the early years of his life in St. Louis, Missouri. He shows signs of superior intelligence just at the tender age of thirteen when […]

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