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Reid Hoffman Facts - Biography

Reid Hoffman Facts

Reid Hoffman Facts (LinkedIn) – #50 Facts Reid Hoffman: Wonder Years 1. Reid Garrett Hoffman (Born 1967) Reid Garrett Hoffman is born on 5th of August, 1967 to mother Deanna Ruth Rutter and father William Parker Hoffman. As a child, Reid is said to be extremely focused and determined. He grows up in Barkley, California […]

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Peter Thiel Facts - Biography

Peter Thiel Facts

Peter Thiel Facts – # 50 Fun Facts Peter Thiel – Early Life 1. Birth Peter Thiel is born in West Germany and grows up in America; he has a good background in education. He finishes a B.A degree in Psychology and acquires a J.D from Stanford Law later on. However, for Thiel, true love […]

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