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Marissa Mayer Facts - Biography

Marissa Mayer Facts

Marissa Mayer Facts – #50 Facts Marissa Mayer: Wonder Years 1. Marissa Mayer Born (May, 1975) Marissa Mayer was the President and CEO of Yahoo. She was the Vice President and spokesperson for Google for a long period. This American business executive is born on May30, 1975 in Wausau, Wisconsin. She is the eldest of […]

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David Karp facts

David Karp Facts – # 50 fun facts David Karp Date of birth – Early life 1) Bornin 1986 David Karp, founder of short-form blogging Tumblr, is born on Sunday, July 6, 1986 in Manhattan. 2) Family David Karp is the son of Michael D. Karp who is a famous film and TV composer. Michael […]

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