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Tim Cook (Apple) – #50 Facts

Timothy Cook Facts - Biography

Timothy Cook Facts – Biography

Tim Cook: Wonder Years

1. Timothy Cook is the CEO of Apple Inc.

Timothy Cook is the CEO of Apple Inc., the second largest technology company in the world.

He is previously COO but becomes CEO after the previous CEO, Steve Jobs passes away due to cancer.

As of 2012, Cook is paid US$ 378 million, making him the highest paid CEO in the world.

2. Education and Beginning of Career

Tim Cook goes to Robertsdale High School after which he enrolls at Auburn University from where he receives a BS.

Degree in industrial engineering.

For his graduate, Cook goes to Fuqua School of Business at Duke University for his MBA degree.

At the start of his career, Cook serves as COO of Intelligent Electronics, in the computer reseller division.

After that, he joins IBM as the director of North American Fulfillment.

Tim Cook Joins Apple Inc.

3. Most Suitable Candidate for Apple

Steve Jobs has long been looking for a suitable candidate to hire for Apple and in 1998 he eventually comes upon Tim Cook.

Jobs has been looking for someone who can improve the shipping and manufacturing processes of the company.

4. Cook’s Quick Decision To Join Apple

In 1998, when Cook is contacted by an agency regarding a position with Apple, Cook dismisses their phone calls.

After just five minutes of meeting with Steve Jobs, the previous Apple CEO, Cook changes his mind immediately and leaves his other job.

5. Becomes Temporary CEO of Apple

In 2004, Timothy Cook serves as temporary CEO of Apple for two months when Steve Jobs has to take leave of absence for a serious pancreatic cancer surgery.

Cook’s second experience as CEO of the company comes about again a few years later in 2009 when Jobs has to take leave of absence for many months for a liver transplant.

6. Cook’s First Designation at Apple

When Tim Cook is hired by Apple, his first designation is that of Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations.

A lot of people believe that Cook single-handedly pulls the company out of manufacturing by closing down warehouses all over the world.

Over time the margins are increased significantly because the supply chain is streamlined and inventory levels are introduced.

7. Promotion to the level of COO

These efforts help Cook to give Apple the extra edge in market competition because the company is able to unveil their next-generation products by keeping their products secret until the very last moment before distribution.

It is because of these achievements and techniques by Cook that he is finally promoted to the level of COO in 2007.

8. Cook’s Third Appointment as CEO of Apple

In January of 2011, Steve Jobs applies for his third leave of absence, which is granted him by the Board of Directors.

During this time, Cook is appointed to run the daily operations of the company while Jobs still makes the major decisions.

However later in the year, Jobs finally resigns as CEO and Cook is finalized as the new CEO of the company.

9. Cook does not Intend to Fill Jobs’ Shoes

After Steve Jobs died and Cook takes over as CEO, many people begin comparing his work to that of Jobs.

Cook is not dismayed by this, rather he expects it.

He says that he does not intend to fill Jobs’ shoes.

Job is good at what he does, and Cook will be good at what he does, in his own way.

10. Failure of Apple Maps

After becoming CEO of Apple, 51-year old Tim Cook has certainly made some mistakes.

The most recent being the failure of Apple Maps.

Although he has put a trusted executive in charge of the product, there is certainly a lack of involvement from Cook in dealing with problems that are faced by developers.

As CEO of the company, he should have had a better idea of what is going on.

11. Cook fires Forstall for Failure of Apple Maps

In 2012, Apple stock begins to fall.

This decline in stock has been said to be connected to the company’s introduction of Apple Maps.

Apple Maps has had many mixed reviews, most of them being negative.

The failure of Apple Maps is believed to be due to the executive in charge of the project at the time, Scott Forstall.

Cook takes action and fires Forstall after he does not take accountability for the project’s failure.

12. Cook is Criticized for Hiring John Browett

Much criticism is received by Cook regarding his decision to hire John Browett.

Cook announces the decision to add Browett to the Apple team early 2012, and in October of the same year, he announces that Browett will be leaving the company.

Critics are dubious about Cook’s decision-making capabilities, as he has hired and then fired Browett in such a short span of time.

13. Disagrees With the Decision to Sue Samsung

Tim Cook does not agree with the company’s decision to sue Samsung.

Apple buys many of its parts from Samsung.

The company plays an important supplying role for Apple’s biggest and most popular products, the iPhone and the iPad.


14. Parents

Tim comes from a humble background.

His father is a shipyard worker and his mother stays at home and takes care of him and his other two brothers.

He is born in the small town, Robertsdale located in Alabama.

15. Cook Comes from a Hard Working Family

Cook’s parents, Donald and Geraldine Cook live in the same house Tim grows up in.

His family still lives humbly, and Tim is not ashamed of this.

He comes from a hard working family.

One of his brothers is the manager of a shipbuilding company.

When Tim is young, he delivers newspapers.

16. Cook Values His Family

Cook values family enormously and at the commencement ceremony at Auburn University he says, “I am where I am in life because my parents sacrificed more than they should have.”

Inspirations of Tim Cook

17. Big Fan of Lance Armstrong

Cook is a big fan of the famous Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong.

He quotes him during meetings and likes to follow certain aspects of Armstrong’s lifestyle, which has fueled his interest in cycling.

Rumor has it that his haircut is influenced by Armstrong’s hairstyle.

18. Inspired by Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy

In an interview with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, Tom Cook reveals the personalities that he looks up to.

At the All Things D’s D10 Conference, he tells them that if they walk into his office, they may probably find Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.

As for the leaders that are living currently, he believes that Bob Iger who is part of Disney has a huge influence.

19. Devoted Fan of the Football Team at Auburn University

Even though Tim Cook graduates from Auburn University in 1982, he has been regularly in touch with the program there and is a devoted fan of the football team at Auburn University.

20. Bobby Kennedy is Tim Cook’s Hero

The US politician Bobby Kennedy is one of Tim Cook’s heroes when he is growing up.

21. Tim Cook’s Idols

Tim Cook’s idols include Bobby Kennedy and all-time favorite Martin Luther King Jr.

If you go into his office, you will find portraits of both.

Their ideas and lifestyles have inspired Cook.


22. Charitable Donations by Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook is extremely concerned about charity and making philanthropic contributions to society as well.

He strongly believes in the quote by John Kennedy that states, ‘To whom much is given, much is expected’.

At the start of February 2012, Cook announces his plans of donating $100 million to charity.

To celebrate the successful fourth quarter of Apple, Cook announces in an internal town hall meeting that $50 million will be donated to Stanford’s hospital including the children’s hospital.

The other $50 million will go to Product RED, which is a campaign to combat diseases like tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria.

23. Known For Establishing a Nationwide Charitable Program

Cook is also known and much appreciated for laying the grounds for a nationwide charitable program that matches all of the donations that are made by employees, of up to $10,000 annually.

Tim Cook Personality

24. Cook’s Single Status

Cook’s single status and the fact that he has never been married with no kids, leads to speculation that he is gay.

He has never officially announced his sexuality publicly, but he is not afraid to do so, as he has Apple’s full support.

25. ‘The Most Powerful Gay Man in the Silicon Valley’

The Gawker blog Valleywag has officially named Tim Cook as ‘the most powerful gay man in the Silicon Valley’ and even though Cook is known for not revealing too many personal details of his life, his quiet mannerism belies his position of strength.

26. Most Influential Gay Men of America

Unofficially labelled as a gay man, Tim Cook has been regarded as one of the most influential gay men of America.

In a magazine called Out, Cook is found at the top of the “Power” list.

This list rates the most influential gay people in America.

27. No.35 in the List of World’s Most Powerful People

Currently 52 years of age, Tim Cook is at number 35 at Forbes.com in their list of World’s Most Powerful People.

28. Likes To Lead a Simple Life

When he is asked about confronting the fame that is attached to being CEO of Apple, Cook claims that he does not feel famous because he continues to lead a simple life.

He misses the privilege of being anonymous but at the same time, he enjoys being the CEO of Apple despite some major life adjustments.

29. Monetary Success does not Motivate Cook

True to his humble background, Cook lives in an average four-bedroom condo in Palo Alto, California.

It has a small yard in the front.

Tim says that he likes to be reminded of where he is from.

Again, he doesn’t like to think of himself as someone superior.

He says that monetary success does not motivate him.

30. Concern for the Workers and Laborers

Tim Cook is extremely sensitive about the working conditions of people in factories; he expresses his concerns at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in February.

In relation to the millions of Apple products that are manufactured and produced by the Chinese Foxconn factories, Cook conveys his dissatisfaction with their lack of concern for the workers and laborers.

31. Never Raises his Voice on His Employees

Many people begin to compare Cook’s work ethics with Steve Jobs’ way of doing things.

Over time, his employees notice a difference in their temperament and methods of tackling issues, Cook’s workplace rages are few and far in between.

Unlike Jobs, he never raises his voice if somebody in the company makes a mistake or does not know how to do their job; instead, he lapses into silence and stares at the person at fault.

32. Something that Steve Jobs and Cook Have in Common

However, one of the traits that Jobs and Cook share is their love and passion for Bob Dylan, his life and his musical works.

33. Views of Employees About Tim Cook

According to one general manager of an Apple store, ‘Steve is the face of the company and very involved with product development but Tim is the guy who takes all those designs and turns it into a big pile of cash for the company’.

On the other hand, a former subordinate of Cook says in an interview with CNN that Cook can be brutal in meetings, ‘shredding’ his employees into pieces.

34. Careful and Strict in His Work and Meetings

On the other hand, Tim Cook also does not call himself a shy person, especially because of the rigor and force that he puts into each and every meeting at Apple.

According to Cook, ‘I’m not a person that puts value in being recognized’ and instead he says, ‘I am driven by great work and seeing people do incredible things and having a part in that’.

35. Firm Believer in Technological Progress

When it comes to the future of Apple, Tim Cook is a firm believer of technological progress; as a child, he is a huge fan of ‘The Jetsons’ and on NBC he reveals that he can like this age with the technology portrayed in the show.

36. The First One to Get to Work

Cook has a strict routine that he follows.

He wakes up quite early and begins sending emails as early as 4:30 am.

He is usually the first one to get to work, and holds telephone meetings on Sunday nights to discuss plans for the upcoming week.

37. Appears on the List of 100 Most Influential People in the World

In mid-2012, Cook is made part of the list of 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time Magazine.

He also has the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors for Nike.

38. Cook Hates Litigation

Cook has always hated litigation and prefers to settle rather than battle tirelessly in court.

Other Facts about Tim Cook

39. Takes Care of His Health

In 1996, Cook is misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

This eye opening experience urges Cook to take care of himself and his health.

He enjoys cycling and hiking, and abides by a firm gym routine.

Even though he spends most of his time working, he makes sure to take out time for himself.

40. Concerned About Work Environment in Apple Factories

Cook knows how it is to work in the labor industry, and is concerned with poor working conditions of Apple factories.

He himself works in an Alabama paper mill and a Virginia aluminum factory, a past that he is proud of and has announced in a public gathering.

41. Appreciates Other Successful Companies

Cook is not afraid to speak highly of other successful companies.

He appreciates the work of Facebook, and says that it is very similar to Apple.

He has a lot of respect for the highly popular social network.

42. Likes to Mingle with Employees

He likes to mingle with his employees.

He does not feel that he is superior to them and sometimes will have lunch with his employees.

This is not something that many big company CEO’s will do and his employees must feel valued by his actions.

43. Motivates Audience at the Commencement Ceremony of Auburn University

In 2010, Cook is invited to speak at the commencement ceremony of Auburn University where he speaks about the importance of having good intuition.

It can guide one in making the most important decisions in one’s life and he also speaks about hard work and preparation, both of which can help to invigorate one’s intuition.

At the same ceremony, Cook claims that his decision to join Apple is perhaps the most significant one of his life.

44. Cook is the Highest Paid CEO

In 2012, The New York Times article reveals that among the largest publicly traded companies in 2012 alone, Cook is the highest paid CEO.

His annual salary at Apple alone amounts to $900,000 and in addition to this, he is responsible for bringing in a lot of income from other sources including stock awards, bonuses and other forms of compensation.

Most of the time, this additional source of income also amounts up to millions of dollars annually.

In the year 2011 alone, Tim Cook earns about $378 million from compensations alone.

45. Cook’s Memorable Day at Apple

According to Cook, one of his most memorable days at Apple is perhaps his first one there.

He has to cross a picket line to get into the building because the lines of customers are protesting Jobs’ decision to kill the Newton device.

At that moment, Cook recalls feeling inspiration and awe for the company that has customers who care about it so much.

46. Controls Stress through Exercise and Visiting Parks

To keep stress at bay, Cook employs exercise and activities like going to national parks.

47. Steve Jobs’ Advice to Timothy Cook

In an interview with Businessweek, Cook talks about the valuable advice, which is  given to him by Steve Jobs about following intuition and instincts.

Following the example of Walt Disney’s studios after Disney’s death, Jobs makes it clear to Cook that he does not want Cook to question what Jobs must have done in a situation; instead, Cook is advised to do what’s right.

48. Seriously Fulfills All Corporate Obligations

Tim is also very serious about fulfilling corporate obligations; giving back to the community, producing environmentally friendly products and focusing on education.

49. Price of a Product is Insignificant for Cook

Price of a product, for Cook, is hardly ever the most important thing; rather, it is the joy you get every day from using the product.

50. Dislikes Introduction of OLED Displays

Cook does not like the recent introduction of OLED displays.

He agrees with his predecessor, Jobs, that OLED displays do not have great color and absorption.

Interestingly, even though Cook does not like OLED displays, Apple has begun to sign patents on OLED technologies.

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