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Tina Fey Facts - Biography

1) Elizabeth Stamatina “Tina” Fey is one of the most famous comedian screenwriters in American.

In fact, she is the first female to be promoted to the post of head writer for Saturday Night Live which she joined in 1997.

Fey has been involved in comedy writing ever since she graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Drama.

2) Tina was born on 18th May 1970 and spent most of her childhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia where life was humble and basic.

Even today in interviews, she recalls herself as a nerd with messy eyebrows and a knack for studying Drama, which she eventually did.

3) Fey first discovered her flair for writing in high school when she wrote anonymously for the school magazine.

The Colonel was her first official piece of writing that appeared in the magazine as a famous column.

4) Most of Tina’s career has been spent writing comedy.

Right after graduation, she enrolled in The Second City, a Chicago institute for comedy training.

It was here that she was nominated by a group of students as a writer for Saturday Night Live in 1995.

This was the start of a glorious career that any fresh graduate right out of college could wish for.

5) Looking at her today, can you imagine Tina as a chubby and don’t-care-about-the-world kind of girl? No, right! But she sure was.

Till she became a part of SNL, Tina never really paid attention to her looks, comedy was her lifeline and it was in her blood.

However, as she became a rising star on the show as a writer, she evolved her looks for an actress as well.

6) Over the years, as her writing skills sophisticated and became flawless, Tina’s career prospered with multiple writing jobs.

One of these was as a news reporter along with Jimmy Fallon for the Weekend Update segment where she wrote some of the most remembered jokes of the time.

7) After leaving Saturday Night Live in 2006, Tina went on to write comedy for movies.

Some of the movies that include her screenplays are The Mean Girls in 2004, Baby Mama in 2008 and Date Night 2010.

Apart from these movies, what Tina is acclaimed for is her series 30 Rock which went on air from 2006 to 2013.

8) Unlike the other movies and segments she wrote for, 30 Rock is one powerful yet highly comedic storyline that draws from Tina’s experiences and life in general as part of Saturday Night Live.

Because SNL marked the start of her career, it has a huge importance in her life; therefore, she chose to give it an entertaining twist for her beloved audience.

9) For all the above mentioned work, Fey has received a number of accolades that emphasize the importance of her work for American TV and the silver screen.

In a nutshell, she has received seven Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, five Screen Actor Guild Awards and four Writers Guild of America Awards.

10) Tina Fey is one of those witty comedians who can give an interesting twist to almost any situation.

Her own autobiography, Bossy pantstopped the New York Times Best Seller List for 5 weeks in a row.

She was also nominated in the Grammys for the same.

11) Famous as the ‘hottest geek on TV’, Tina has also appeared in a number of silver screen acting roles that include parts in Date Night, Mean Girls and Baby Mama.

In 2010, after 15 years as a comedian in a very challenging industry, Fey received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

To date, she remains the youngest ever winner of this privileged award.

12) In 2008 when Fey did several impersonations of the Republican candidate Sarah Palin, Entertainment Weekly put her acting in the role as the ‘best-of’ impersonations in the decade! For the same impersonation Tina Fey was awarded the Entertainer of the Year Award by Associate Press.

13) Apart from being a comedian, a screen writer and an actress, Fey has also tried her luck at rap music! In 2012, she made her debut with Donald Glover who has also been a writer for 30 Rock.

Fey’s image as a rap artist in the ‘Real Estate’ may be unbelievable for a few, but clearly shows her creative and talented personality.

14) Unlike many celebrities and stars, Tina is a family person.

She has a reputation for restraining herself in late night parties and spending a lot of time with her husband, Jeff Richmond.

Their two children, Alice and Penelope are the center of Tina’s attention.

15) Not only is Fey an intelligent person to be around, she is all beauty too.

She is one of the few people who made it to Maxim Magazine’s list of the 100 Sexiest Women and People’s Magazine’s list of 50 Most Beautiful People in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

16) Even though Tina attended the University of Virginia and graduated with a coveted degree in Drama, her family had a humble background.

In her initial years as a student she worked at a low paying gym receptionist job to make ends meet.

However, soon her efforts paid off with a signing contract of being an SNL writer.

17) Ever noticed the scar on Tina’s left cheek? According to Jeff, her husband, the scar is a reminder of one of the most horrific incidents of Tina’s life.

Back when she was five years old, a stranger slashed a knife across her face.

18) The list of accolades for Tina is never ending.

In 2007, New York Post included her in the 50 Most Powerful Women list, Times ranked higher in the 100 Most Influential People of the World list and she was one of America’s 10 Most Fascinating People in 2008.

19) In 2011, Forbes Magazine ranked Tina as one of the highest paid actresses of Hollywood.

However, her intense charity work speaks wonders of her high-flying career.

Tina is a constant supporter of Autism Speaks and Mercy Corp organizations that aim to improve the quality of life among under privileged people.

20) For her inspiring efforts in a number of walks of life, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011.


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