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Tom Cruise Facts – Biographycruis

Early Years

1) Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Tom Cruise is the only son of the four children of Mary Lee and Thomas Cruise Mapohter III.

Tom Cruise belongs to the Irish, English and German ancestry.

Mary Lee gives birth to Thomas Cruise Mapother IV on 3 July 1962 in Syracuse, New York.

2) Religion

Tom Cruise receives Catholic teachings in his early life.

Cruise’s parents are firm believers of the Catholic Church and Tom Cruise himself is very interested in the spiritual connection with God and follows all the teachings as much as possible.

However, later on in his life Tom Cruise does his own research and gets inspired by Scientology.

3) Childhood

Tom Cruise has a very troubled childhood.

Moving across countries and transferring from one school to another.

Tom Cruise faces adjustment issues and is unable to make many friends.

He gets bullied at almost every school that he attends; he faces problems because of his accent and his looks that are different from the natives.

Tom Cruise’s relationship with his father also affects his personality.

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4) Parents

Tom Cruise is born to Mary Lee and Thomas Cruise Mapother III.

Mary Lee is a teacher providing special education to children with disabilities.

Tom Cruise’s father works as an electrical engineer.

He is not very fond of his father because of his abusive behavior.

Tom Cruise’s parents divorces when he eleven turns years old.

5) Relationship with father

Tom Cruise describes his father as “a merchant of chaos.”

His relationship with his father is a very disturbed one.

Tom faces physical and verbal abuse.

In the eyes of Cruise, his father is a coward and he bullies his wife and children every chance he gets.

Tom Cruise, recalls his relationship with his father, once says, “He was the kind of person where, if something goes wrong, they kick you.

It was a great lesson in my life—how he’d lull you in, make you feel safe and then, bang! For me, it was like, ‘There’s something wrong with this guy.

Don’t trust him. Be careful around him.”

6) Siblings

Tom Cruise is the only son of his parents and has three sisters namely, Lee Ann, Marian and Cass.

He has always been a good brother and protects his sisters from their abusive father.

He shares a close relationship with his sisters.

Lee Ann stays Tom Cruise’s publicist until November 2005.

Tom Cruise also speaks a few inspirational words at the graduation ceremony of his niece, daughter of Lee Ann.


7) Education

Tom Cruise belongs to a somewhat nomadic family because of which he has to keep moving to different areas.

They say that Tom Cruise attends around 15 different schools in the USA and Canada in order to complete his education.

Due to their moving from one place to another, it is very difficult for Tom to adjust to new environments and make a mark in his academics.

8) Dyslexia

Tom Cruise suffers from dyslexia since early childhood.

This is diagnosed when he is seven years of age and enrolls in a school.

Since he is suffering from dyslexia he is not able to concentrate on his studies and get good grades.

This is why he does his best to excel in sports to make up for his shortcomings as a student.

Tom Cruise says that acting helps him overcome his problems with memorizing.

He later gives credit to Scientology in helping him cure his dyslexia.

9) IT, the Drama

At Robert Hopkins Public School, when Tom Cruise is in grade four he becomes interested in drama and under the guidance of George Steinberg, Tom Cruise along with six other boys present an improvised version of the IT at an Elementary school drama festival.

The audience loves the drama and praises the children’s performance.

10) Guys and Dolls

Tom Cruise acts in a high school production namely, ‘Guys and Dolls’ after he injures his knee and drops out from the wrestling team.

Tom Cruise wins the lead role in the school production and it is one of his very first roles as an actor.

Guys and Dolls makes Tom Cruise realizes that acting and stage feels like home and he can make it big in this field.

11) High school football player

Tom Cruise tries to make efforts in sports in order to make up for his bad academic record.

Tom Cruise involves himself in different sports at different times of life and excels in each one of them.

He is a part of the football team of Glen Ridge High School but he gets kicked off the team when they catch him drinking beer before a game.

12) Aspired to be a priest

Tom Cruise is brought up in a Catholic environment, with Catholic rules and beliefs.

Later in life, Tom Cruise gets so inspired by the Catholic faith and beliefs that he attends Franciscan Seminary in Cincinnati.

The church awards him a scholarship.

This brief period at the seminary gets Tom Cruise thinking about the faith and he is so inspired that he takes a vow of celibacy.

13) High School Wrestler

Tom Cruise is a student of Glen Ridge High School, New Jersey where he joins the wrestling team.

He does exceptionally well in the team and later decides on having a career in wrestling but fate has other plans for him.

Due to a knee injury, he loses his place on the wrestling team of Glen Ridge High School.

14) Neighborhood Playhouse

Tom Cruise becomes a student at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, New York.

Neighborhood Playhouse is one of the most prestigious schools, teaching drama and acting to the students.

It is located at the heart of New York.

During his time at the Neighborhood Playhouse, Tom Cruise gets the opportunity of learning from the legendary acting guru, Sanford Meisner.


15) Debut Film

Tom Cruise makes his debut with the film, Endless Love in 1981.

It is a France Zeffirelli movie.

Endless love does a moderate business at the box office.

However, it opens ways for Tom Cruise as many people notice him in his character, Billy.

16) Risky Business

Tom Cruise plays the character of a high school student in the film.

Risky business releases in 1983 and is a teen comedy.

The film does very well at the box office and earns Cruise a lot of critical acclaim.

Tom Cruise hits stardom with this film and makes it big.

Later follows films like Top Gun and so many more blockbuster hits.

17) Made a Mark with Top Gun

The film, ‘Top Gun’ is considered Tom Cruise’s claim to fame.

Even though Tom Cruise makes his mark in the industry with Risky Business, this film, Top Gun makes him enter the circle of A list actors.

Since then there is no looking back for the 50-year-old actor.

Top Gun strengthens his position in the industry.

18) Brat Pack

The Brat Pack is a name given to actors who appear as a team in many movies.

The critics expect the actors of the Brat Pack to take over the industry in the coming years.

The New York Magazine popularizes the term Brat Pack.

19) The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai releases in 2003 and is a commercial and critical success.

His portrayal of the lead character receives positive reviews.

20) A producer

Tom Cruise is known as an actor for most of his career.

However, he is not happy with limiting himself to the title of an actor.

In order to widen his area of expertise Tom Cruise starts producing films.

The Mission Impossible becomes his first venture as a producer and he makes it big with this film.

Since then he becomes a producer, producing around 13 movies or more.

21) Paramount and Cruise parted ways

Tom Cruise works with the Paramount pictures for as long as one can remember.

Tom Cruise and Paramount’s relationship lasts for fourteen years after which Paramount terminates their contract with the actor on the account of the under performance of Mission Impossible: III.

This comes as a shock to almost everyone as Tom Cruise is considered a major source of income for Paramount pictures.

22) United Artists Studio

After his break up with Paramount, Tom Cruise signs a partnership contract with United Artists Studio on 2 November 2006.

He agrees to produce and act in films under the banner of United Artists Studio from then on.

Tom Cruise and the team’s first project, Lions for Lambs in 2007 do not do so well at the box office.

By the end of next year, United Artists Studio is ready with Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise.

Later follows Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol and many other successful movies.

23) Singing career

Tom Cruise, an actor, producer and now a singer too.

Tom sings a couple of songs for his movie Rock of Ages.

People criticize the quality of his voice but the management of the film defends him stating that they have allowed him to sing because he can sing.

The songs later grows on people and people begin to like his voice after all.

24) A director too

The Frightening Frammis, an episode of Fallen Angels marks the directorial debut of Tom Cruise.

Fallen Angels, a television series, which comes on air in 1993, gets more and more popular every day.

Instead of directing a film like many of his fellow actors, Cruise decides on directing an episode of a television series.

25) Tom cruise as captain planet

Captain Planet is the most popular cartoon of 1990s.

Captain Planet and his team with their mission to save the world from pollution and destruction, if is played now will fit the scenario perfectly.

Captain Planet becomes the hero of every young child, what is unknown about the character is that Tom Cruise initially gives his voice to record the narration of Captain Planet and records a couple of episodes.


26) 29 awards

Tom Cruise is one of the most brilliant actors Hollywood has ever produced.

Tom Cruise with his charm, his acting skills and smoldering looks wins approximately 29 film awards ranging from the Teen Choice Awards to MTV awards.

All these awards are presented to the actor to appreciate his efforts and his exceptional work.

27) Rain Man for Best picture

Tom Cruise has been a part of a number of films that have been nominated for Oscar.

Tom Cruise’s film, Rain Man won an Oscar for Best Picture in 1988.

He played the role of Charlie Babbitt in the film.

28) 3 golden globes

Tom Cruise is nominated seven times for his mind-blowing work.

However, out of the seven nominations, he only wins awards for three.

He wins The Golden Globe for Born on the fourth of July, Jerry Maguire and Magnolia.

These three films  brings critical acclaim to him.

29) Entertainment Icon Award

Tom Cruise receives the Friars Club ‘Entertainment Icon Award’ on 12 June 2012.

The award is presented in a ceremony held in midtown Manhattan.

The club, in its 108 years only presents the award thrice before.

The Friars Club Entertainment icon Award signifies a tribute to a person who makes great efforts to improve the culture and the quality of entertainment in a positive manner.

30) Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award

Rain Man is one of Tom Cruise’s most critically acclaimed movies.

Rain Man does good business at the box office and brings praises and acclamation for Tom Cruise and he wins the Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for the Best Supporting Actor for his role in Rain Man.

31) Nova Award

Tom Cruise and his partner, Paula Wagner win the Nova Award in 1997 for Most Promising Producer in Theatrical Motion Pictures.

This award is presented for Mission Impossible (1996).

The film makes history in Hollywood and rates as one of the best movies of all times.

32) The Walk of Fame

Tom Cruise wins the Star on the Walk of Fame in 1986.

He wins many prestigious awards but the Walk of Fame is one of its kind.

Cruise only gets nominated once for this award and he is able to win it in 1986.

33) Greatest Movie Star of All Times (2005)

Tom Cruise is a fine actor and such actors need appreciation for all the work and efforts that they make for the industry.

In 2005, Premiere Magazine ranks Tom Cruise at third position in the Greatest Movie Star of All Time list.

This honor is mentioned in their ‘Stars in Our Constellation’ feature.

34) Sexiest Man Alive- 1990

The People magazine awards Tom Cruise the title of the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in 1990.

Tom Cruise and his smoldering looks bring the x factor to films.

He is rated highly because of his good looks and this is just another example of how much his beauty effects people.

35) Top 10 Box Office Stars of the 1990s

Tom Cruise’s exceptional looks and his acting abilities make him one of the favorite stars of the industry.

Star TV awards Tom Cruise number 4 position in its Top 10 Box Office Stars of the 1990s list.

They present this award to him keeping in mind his highest grossing films and by estimating the worth of his upcoming movies.

36) 100 sexiest stars in film history

In 1995, Empire Magazine ranks Tom Cruise number 41 in the list of the 100 Sexiest Stars of the film industry.

Tom Cruise is always popular for his good looks and his attitude that sets him apart from others.

37) The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time

People notice Tom Cruise not only for his physical appearance but also for his acting skills, which is exactly why the Empire Magazine UK ranks Tom Cruise number 3 in their ‘The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time’ in the October issue of 1997.

38) 50 Most Beautiful People in the World

The People magazine always acknowledges the good looks and the beautiful traits of Tom Cruise’s personality and rates him highly.

Tom Cruise is the only star to make it to the ‘50 Most Beautiful People in the World’ list thrice.

He is on this list consecutively for two years, 1990 and 1991.

Later on in 1997, he makes it to the list again.

39) Best Dressed Male Movie Star

The year 1997 brings along yet another award and adds to his popularity.

He is voted the Best Dressed Male Movie Star in 1997.

It is no hidden fact that everyone tries to copy his style after the release of his movies.

From the glasses to the watches he wears, to how he coordinates the colors of his outfit.

He always manages to make an impression.

40) Top money making Actor

Tom Cruise is named number 1 top moneymaking actor seven times.

Quigley Publications conducts the polls between 1986 and 2005.

Tom Cruise breaks Tom Hank’s record of topping the list six times with his respectable seven times.

41) Forbes list of 100 Top Celebrities

Tom Cruise tops the Forbes magazine’s list of ‘100 Top Celebrities” in June 2006.

With his movies doing great business, Tom Cruise is included in the 100 top celebrities list where he comes ahead of the big names like Oprah Winfrey and The Rolling Stones.

42) John Huston Award for Artists Rights

The John Huston Award for Artists Rights is about artists who make efforts to have the artist’s vision intact during production and editing of the film.

An actor can put in his views of the scene to a certain extent only.

Tom Cruise receives this award for his efforts towards ensuring that the artists’ work is protected from alterations and preserves it for future generations.

43) Forbes celebrity 100 list*

Tom Cruise topped the June 2006 list of Forbes celebrity 100 because of his movie’s success and his romance with Holmes.

He made a fortune of $67 million dollars and was the most talked about celebrity of the time.

He made it big not just with his movies but also because of the bad publicity he gained due of his outburst on his views of Scientology.

44) Razzie “winner” for Worst Picture

Only Tom Cruise is a part of such versatile movies, that one of his films receives an Oscar for the Best Picture and his other film is a winner of Razzie Award for Worst Picture.

Both these awards releases in the same year, 1988.

The award for the Worst Picture is given to Tom Cruise’s film Cocktail.

45) No Oscar yet

Tom Cruise, the superstar that he is, is nominated for Oscar thrice but hasn’t been lucky enough to win the golden statue yet.

He is nominated in the categories of Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his films, Born on the fourth of July, Jerry Maguire and Magnolia.


46) Charitable Person

Tom Cruise is a very charitable person donating generously for many different causes.

He believes in helping out others with whatever he has.

His acts of charity are well known to all.

He is a regular donor of charities like The Ashley Flint Fund, Hilary Rodham Clinton’s Campaign, The Church of Scientology and many more.

47) Humanitarian award

Tom Cruise receives the Simon Wiesenthal Humanitarian Award in 2011.

This award is presented to him for his acts of charity and his love for humanity.

However, a large number of people condemn this act.

Many followers of the Simon Wiesenthal Center are unable to digest the news because of Tom Cruise’s association with the Church of Scientology.

48) Jackie Chan charity

Tom Cruise owns the Jackie Chan Charity.

He establishes this organization to help the people of Hong Kong.

The charity provides scholarships and medical services to young people.

In addition, the charity supports people by providing aid to the victims of natural disasters.

He invests the money which he collects through this charity into the future of the people of Hong Kong.

49) Co founder of downtown medical

Tom Cruise sets up a downtown medical center mainly to treat the people who have inhaled fumes from the attack of 9/11.

The fumes are very dangerous to people’s health and the victims show different symptoms.

This is at first seen as a good effort but later on, people start to criticize his move because of the medical centers financial association with the Church of Scientology.

50) Children’s Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition

Tom Cruise establishes this charity to benefit children in every possible way.

He sets the foundation of this charity to create awareness about the medical attention that every child needs when he falls ill and the things that are required to ensure the healthy upbringing of every child.

The charity works for children’s hospitals and home health agencies.

51) Stockings with Care

Tom Cruise owns a charity known as the Stocking with Care.

The main aim of this charity is to spread smiles on people’s faces on Christmas.

This charity ensures that the needy families have enough to make Christmas a happy occasion for their children.

It believes that no child should go without a smile or a little magic especially on Christmas.

Personal Life

52) Marriage to Mimi Rogers

Tom Cruise’s first marriage is to the American TV and film actor and producer, Mimi Rogers.

Mimi Rogers marries Tom Cruise on 9 May 1987.

This is Rogers’ second marriage and she is 31 where as Tom Cruise is only 24 at the time.

Their relationship lasts for 3 years on papers and ends in February 1990 whereas they already separate ways in 1989 due to uncertain issues.

53) Marriage to Nichole Kidman

Tom Cruise meets Nicole Kidman on the sets of Days of Thunder in 1989.

The couple hit it off easily and certain chemistry is visible between the two.

The two get married on 24 December 1990.

They spend their first few years in bliss and adopt two beautiful children.

However, the last few years of their marriage are not so smooth.

They try to defend their marriage in front of the media and to each other as well.

The couple divorces in February 2001 after a marriage of ten years.

54) Adopted two children

Tom Cruise with his second wife, Nicole Kidman adopts two children, a girl and a boy.

The couple adopts a girl born in December 1992 and name her Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise.

And they adopt the boy, born in January 1995 and name Connor Antony Kidman Cruise.

The couple even after their divorce take turns to look after the children.

55) Live-in Relationship with Penelope Cruz

Shortly after his divorce with Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise gets into a relationship with his co-star in Vanilla Sky, Penelope Cruz.

This romantic relationship lasts for around 3 years and from a casual relationship becomes a more serious live-in relationship after which it ends due to Cruise’s extreme involvement in the Church of Scientology.

56) Most Romantic Proposal

In 2005, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes go steady with their relationship when he proposes to her for marriage.

This proposal rates as one of the most romantic proposals of all times.

The couple is on top of the Eiffel Tower when Tom Cruise proposes to Holmes.

Kissing at Eiffel Tower becomes a cliché after this proposal.

57) Marriage to Katie Holmes

The TomKat romance begins in April 2005.

The couple makes their first official public appearance later in the month by being seen together in the streets of Rome.

Tom Cruise professes his love for Katie on The Oprah Winfrey Show in May.

TomKat relationship moves at great speed and on 6 October 2005, they announce that they are expecting a child together.

Holmes gives birth to Suri Cruise in April 2006.

The couple ties the knot later in the year on 18 November 2006 in Italy.

However, they file for divorce after 5 years of marriage on 29 June 2012 and their divorce  finalizes on 9 July of the same year.

58) A responsible Father

Tom Cruise is a very responsible father who makes his children his first priority.

It is a known fact that in 2002 he opens the Academy Awards however, he does not stay for the rest of the ceremony as he has to rush home to look after his children because it is his turn to look after Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise, his children with Nicole Kidman.

59) Children

Tom Cruise has three children with his ex- wives.

Two of his children are adopted where as his youngest child; Suri Cruise is his biological child with Katie Holmes.

He adopts his first two children with his wife at the time, Nicole Kidman.

However, he is a very responsible father making sure that he makes no distinction between Connor, Isabella and Suri and gives them all equal attention and love.


60) Mentioned in Songs

Tom Cruise, being the celebrity that he is, is mentioned in a number of songs.

The popular singer, Kanye West talks about Tom Cruise in his song, “Though the Wire.”

In addition, artists like Bowling For Soup mention him in their song, ‘High School Never Ends.’

A famous French rap band also mentions him in one of their very popular songs.

61) Tom Cruise Day

Most people are happy with what little praise and acclamation they get but Tom Cruise is big.

He is huge in terms of popularity and has always done everything in grand style.

The Japan Memorial Day Association announce to celebrate the Tom Cruise Day on every 10 October since 2006.

62) Twitter following 3848095

Tom Cruise makes many fans since his first appearance in the film industry.

From the tough role in Top Gun to the lighthearted comedy of the Cocktail to the musical Rock of Ages, he is able to win the hearts of many.

Thus, Tom has a huge Twitter following with fans waiting impatiently to get a word from the actor.

Personal Values

63) Hint of Humanity

Tom Cruise is a hero in real life too, helping people financially and by being there for them.

Cruise at a premiere of his own film saves two children from being trampled.

It is like a stampede, people running to get a word from the actor himself and the fans to take a picture with the big star.

In the chaos, he saves two little children.

64) Scientology

Mimi Rogers introduces Tom Cruise to the faith of Scientology.

Tom becomes a true supporter of Scientology and campaigns for it to be given the status of a religion.

Almost everyone criticizes Scientology.

There are FBI inquires going on about the Church of Scientology and their main motives.

Legal Troubles

65) Lawsuit against publications

People bombard Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman with false allegations of their marriage falling apart which forces them to defend their marriage.

The couple files lawsuits against two publications for printing bogus news to get highlights and making allegations on the happy couple.

In both lawsuits, the couple receives a public apology and a monetary compensation, which they donate.

66) Sued Michael Davis

Michael Davis, Publisher of Bold Magazine claims that he has a sex tape of Tom Cruise and himself and that the tape will prove that Tom Cruise is homosexual.

Tom Cruise sues Michael Davis for such allegations.

However later the matter settles outside court where Michael Davis, in his public statement says that it is not a video of Tom Cruise and that he is heterosexual.

67) Lawsuit against Slater

Chad Slater, a porn star in an interview with the Actustar magazine says that he was romantically involved with Tom Cruise.

This proves to be another allegation at the star who is already struggling to defend himself in front of the media.

Tom Cruise makes a point by suing Slater for $10 million.

Slater does not have that kind of money and saysthat he will not be able to pay the damages.

The matter is put to rest with an apology and other settlements


68) Actor, Producer

Tom Cruise is an extremely popular actor with many successful films to his credit.

He is the star of films like Risky business, Mission Impossible series, War of the worlds and so many more.

The actor with his exceptional looks and his phenomenal acting abilities is rated very highly.

He is the producer of a number of films including the most popular, Mission Impossible series.

69) Aladin

Men and women alike praise Tom’s looks.

Disney’s character, Aladdin’s look is actually inspired by the toothy grin of Tom Cruise.

He is the face behind the creation of Aladdin, the character that makes its place in the hearts of millions of children.

70) The Oprah Winfrey Show

Tom Cruise’s appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show on May 2005 titles the number 1 Celebrity Meltdown Ever.

This title is given due to his act of ‘Jumping the Couch’, as it commonly comes to be known as.

He is overwhelmed with his love for Katie Holmes and jumps on the couch confessing his love for her on the show.

71) Outspoken Scientologist

Tom Cruise defends the Church of Scientology and his faith for a long time.

The Church of Scientology is accused of separating families, treating people differently because of their status, and involving too much in people’s personal lives.

However, Tom Cruise denies all these facts.

He campaigns for the beliefs of Scientology and receives a lot of criticism for this act.

His popularity drops by a major 40% due to his campaigning for the Church of Scientology and his breakup with Paramount pictures.

72) Hot List of 20 Top People

Tom Cruise wins a number of awards because of his looks and his attitude that adds a certain charm to his personality.

The annual list of ET  Hot List of Top 20 People ranks Tom Cruise in 2008 on number seventh position.

73) Top 5 film stars of all times

Empire Magazine, in 1997, ranks Tom Cruise one of the 5 top film stars of all times.

Tom Cruise receives different awards and rankings in his acting career and this ranking adds to the prestige and honor of the great actor.

Tom Cruise with his acting and honesty to the roles makes a place in his fans hearts.

74) Compared to Christopher Reeve

Tom Cruise makes his own mark in the industry without anyone’s help.

He is never really compared to anyone or said to be a look alike but Times magazine once describe Tom Cruise as the “baby faced Christopher Reeve.”

75) Hollywood’s most powerful actor

Tom Cruise is ranked Hollywood’s most powerful actor in 2006 by Premiere magazine.

Cruise comes at 13th position in the magazine’s list of 2006.

He is however, the highest ranked actor on that list.

He makes it to the list in 2002 and 2003 as well and lands in the top 20 on the list.

Personal Interests

76) Hobbies

Tom Cruise loves adventure.

Tom Cruise enjoys skydiving, scuba diving and flying his beautiful Pitts Special plane.

Tom Cruise takes out time from his busy schedule to indulge in his love for these adventurous activities that give him a sense of life and danger while making him feel content.

Just like in his films, Tom Cruise likes to pull stunts in real life too.

77) Pilot’s License in 1994- Canada

Tom Cruise with his love for adventure, gets training as a pilot and becomes a licensed pilot in 1994 in Toronto, Canada.

This later proves to be his favorite past time.

He loves to fly his Pitts Special S-2B stunt plane.

This plane is from the era of World War II and no one produces this kind of plane anymore.

78) Favorite holiday destinations

Tom Cruise is a frequent visitor of Milan, Italy

. Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and Tom Cruise likes to visit this beautiful place as much as possible.

In addition, the Napa Valley is one of Tom Cruise’s favorite spots for a vacation.

He visits this place since his struggling period.

He comes to the valley with his family and friends.

The Maldives is an all time favorite too.

Maldives is also known as his honeymoon spot.


79) Six consecutive movies crossed $100 million

Tom Cruise is a superstar because of his acting in movies like Risky Business and Top Gun.

He always makes it big with his attitude and his charm and is one of the few actors to have six consecutive films cross a business of $100 million at the box office.

He repeatedly proves himself as a successful actor and is therefore always respected for his efforts.

80) Tom cruise estate

Tom Cruise is a multi millionaire actor, and producer.

He makes it big with his acting career and his production.

He spends his money building up an estate with a New York Condo apartment, which is worth more than $3 million.

After he marries in 2006, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmesbuy a $30 million Telluride Estate and The Cruise Beverley Hills Mansion worth $35 million.

81) Highest paid celebrity of 2012

The Forbes magazine reports that Tom Cruise makes $ 75 million between May 2011 and May 2012.

The Magazine concludes that this makes Tom Cruise Hollywood’s highest paid actor for that year.

82) Highest grossing film

Tom Cruise has some of the highest grossing films to his credit.

His hard work is the most important ingredient in his establishment as a successful actor.

His highest grossing film of all times is Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol of 2011.

The fourth film in the Mission Impossible series makes a fortune of $694.7 million.

83) Net worth

Tom Cruise with over 13 films grossing more than $100 million is worth $ 250 million.

From his first film to his production of the Mission Impossible series and many other movies, he makes a bank balance worth $ 250 million.

84) 13 movies grossed $100 million

Tom Cruise adds to the quality and the worth of every movie that he acts in.

Tom himself is a brand.

From his first film, Endless Love to his latest film Jack Reacher, he matures as an actor who knows how to make a film big.

He acts in 13 movies, which gross $100 million and make him the highest paid actor in the Hollywood industry.

85) Celebrity Who Made Bank

In 2006, while Tom Cruise becomes one of the highest paid actors, he lands on the Forbes list of 100 Celebrity Who Made Bank.

He secures first position on the list with his $ 75 million a year.

Tom Cruise in those years makes money from his home productions and in the movies that he acts.

86) Earnings in 2007

Tom Cruise earns since he makes an appearance in his first film, however with passing times his paychecks increase in value and he starts making fortunes for his films.

The 2007 issue of Forbes magazine estimates Tom Cruise’s earnings to be $31 million per year.


87) Knight in shining armor

Tom Cruise, no matter what faith he belongs to has always been a people person, doing his best to help the people in need.

In 1996, he saves a victim of a hit and run incident.

He witnesses the accident and rushes the victim, Brazilian actress, Heloisa Vinhas to the nearby hospital and when he learns that the victim has no health insurance, Cruise clears all her medical bills without any hesitation.

88) Tom Cruise’s take on work

Tom Cruise works with energy and enthusiasm and gives every film his best shot.

According to him, he works hard, very hard to make all of his films a success and for that he looks for the best teams and the best directors to work with.

He takes pride in what he does.

He believes in doing everything to the end and not breaking down on the way.

89) Not afraid of injuries

Tom Cruise’s dedication towards his work is not hidden from anyone.

He works hard and with immense dedication.

The fight consultant, Andy Norman after working with Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher, is surprised to see that injuries never bother the actor.

His only interest is in making the scene look good and does not want to hold back on any of the scenes.

90) Produced but didn’t act in some movies

Tom Cruise is one of the most brilliant actors in the history of Hollywood.

He’s a phenomenal actor and a very smart person.

He sits out in many of his own productions because the role does not suit him.

Unlike many actors who want to be a part of every film they produce, Cruise acts smartly and never puts the film in jeopardy.

91) Cruise on Lady Diana’s funeral

Tom Cruise met Princess Diana on many occasions and speaks very highly of her.

On September 6 1997, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman attend the funeral of Princess Diana.

Later on Tom Cruise declares that he and his wife, Nicole Kidman have also been followed by aggressive and impatient paparazzi.

Other Facts

92) Tom cruise and Brooke Shields

While defending his faith of Scientology, Tom Cruise makes remarks on the false treatment that psychiatry provides to patients and criticizes Brooke Shields for using an antidepressant to relieve postpartum depression.

Brooke suffers from depression since the birth of her first child in 2003.

She very aggressively replies to Tom Cruise to mind his own business and not to tell her what is good for her and what is not.

However, later on Cruise apologizes to Shields for his rude comments.

93) Cruise and Pitt

In 1994, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt star together in the film Interview with the Vampire and win the Razzie Award for the category of Worst Screen Couple in 1995.

94) Certificate of Irish heritage

Tom Cruise receives the certificate of Irish Heritage when he lands on the Irish soil.

His family history dates back to approximately 800 years.

His family members in the 12thcentury were knights, later become rebels in the 17th century and Patrick Russell Cruise becomes a hero when he gives people a place of shelter on his land until the 19th century.

95) Worst Celebrity Meltdown Ever

The TV Guide Magazine ranks Tom Cruise’s appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show in 2005 as the number one Celebrity Meltdown Ever.

This meltdown refers to Cruise’s declaration of his love for Katie Holmes and the incident of him jumping up and down on the couch.

96) Tom Cruise’s films worth

Tom Cruise works for more than twenty years and has makes it big with almost all of his films.

Tom Cruise is known for the business that his films do at the box office

As per 2013, Tom Cruise’s movies gross more than $7.3 billion worldwide.

Tom Cruise and his films always gain critical acclaim, all his films do quite an impressive business at the box office, and then there are films like Mission Impossible that break almost all the records.

97) The Beast Publication

The Beast Publication includes Tom Cruise in its list of ’50 Most Loathsome People of 2004.’

Tom Cruise sees this as an act of defamation and his lawyer, Bertram Fields threatens to file a lawsuit against the publication.

The Beast Publication is not a very popular publication and see this as a shortcut to success and popularity.

However, Tom Cruise does not file any lawsuit and seeing this reaction Beast Publication again includes his name in the next month’s issue, this time more prominently.

98) No Inspiration for Video Games and Action Figures

Tom Cruise has no problems allowing Disney to design their character according to his features.

However, the star refuses to lend his features to be the inspiration to design any video games or action figures.

It is because he does not want children to see him as an evil person, promoting violence.

99) Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey, the two renowned celebrities host the annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert together.

The ceremony takes place in Oslo, Norway in 2004.

Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey are both known for their charity work and are both seen as idols by many youngsters.

This event proves to be a platform for bringing together the two social workers.

100) 3rd Rock From the Sun

Tom Cruise apart from all the films to his credit has also appears in a series on the silver screen.

The TV series known as, 3rd Rock From the Sun features Tom Cruise in the third season episode, Dick and the other guy as a guest appearance.

Apart from the interviews, this is the only show in which Tom Cruise makes a guest appearance.

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