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Usain Bolt Facts – #100

Usain Bolt Facts - Biography

Usain Bolt Facts – Biography

Early Years of Usain Bolt

1) Usain St. Leo Bolt

On August 21, 1986, the legendary Usain Bolt was born to Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt in Trelawny, Jamaica.

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter.

He is often referred to as the fastest man on earth and is the first one to hold the world record for both 100 meters and 200 meters.

2) Parents

Usain Bolt’s parents, Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt, had ancestors from the West Indies.

The Bolt family owned a small grocery store in a rural area where both of his parents worked.

Usain and his siblings were at times expected to help around the store.

3) Childhood

Usain Bolt spent his childhood helping his parents with the family business, doing chores and small errands.

He was often seen in the streets playing sports such as football (soccer) and cricket with his brother Sadiki and other friends.

Moreover, he was also known as quite the prankster in his youth.

4) Education

Usain Bolt was interested more in sports rather than books and exams.

He completed his primary education at Waldensia Primary.

On completion of his primary school, Usain Bolt attended William Knibb Memorial High School.

This school helped him realize his potential as a sprinter.

Bolt received a number of scholarship offers from different American universities but he refused all offers and never attended college.

5) Religion

Usain Bolt, with the middle name of St. Leo, is a Catholic.

The Catholic News Agency has confirmed Usain Bolt’s faith in the Catholic Church, and he is known for practicing his faith on the track.

Bolt has been seen making cross signs before competing in any race and has great faith in the Catholic Church.

Wonder Years of Usain Bolt

6) Signs Of An Athlete

Usain Bolt showed signs of possessing true potential for sprinting while he was in primary school.

His passion for running and exceptional speed surprised the teachers and coach.

His trainers encouraged him and made him focus.

Bolt competed in the annual national primary schools meeting for his parish and made his mark.

He had become the fastest runner in the entire school.

7) High School Championship

Usain Bolt won his first silver medal by winning the annual high school championship in 2001.

He ran the 200 meters in 22.04 seconds.

The cricket coach of the school noticed Bolt’s speed between the wickets.

Usain’s coaches Pablo McNeil and Dwayne Jarrett worked on improving his natural speed.

8) First Coach

Every person needs direction and every athlete needs a trainer.

Usain Bolt had just started competing in high school competitions and his talent was evident to all.

In order to make best use of his talent, Bolt needed a coach, a mentor to discipline his training and to guide him.

McNeil was assigned as his primary coach and the two shared a healthy relationship for a significant period.

9) CARIFTA Games

Usain Bolt was given a chance to perform for Jamaica at the CARIFTA Games of 2001.

This event helped him believe in himself and boosted his confidence.

The CARIFTA Games gave Bolt a chance to beat his own best record, and he clocked 48.28 seconds in the 400-meter race.

This new personal record won Bolt a silver medal.

Bolt also participated in the 200-meter race and earned a silver medal with his 21.81 seconds.

10) First Appearance

Usain Bolt was first revealed to the world at the 2001 IAAF World Youth Championship in Hungary.

However, due to his lack of concentration and focus, Bolt failed to place in the finals.

The event was, however, a positive step in his career as he beat his own record of 21.81 seconds in the 200 and set a new personal best of 21.73 seconds.

11) Weakness For Pranks

Usain Bolt showed absolutely no dedication towards his training sessions, and to top it off, his tendency to pull pranks on just about anyone affected whatever little focus the young Usain had.

His coach McNeil was very worried as It took away all of his focus, and he was always planning his next move to pull off another practical joke.

The Rise Of A Star

12) Central American And Caribbean Junior Championships

Constant improvement was evident in Usain Bolt’s performances.

He performed in every competition and showed remarkable improvement with every passing day.

Bolt was improving his personal best records every time.

In the Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships, Bolt set a new record of finishing the 200m and 400m race in 20.61 and 47.12 seconds respectively.

13) Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association

Usain Bolt was making his mark at every level and his efforts and talent were the talk of the town.

He was successful in grabbing the attention of Former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, who later arranged for Bolt’s training at the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association and his move to Kingston.

14) Excelling At All Levels

Usain Bolt’s exceptional talent was hidden from no one.

He was making efforts to perform and excel in every race in which he participated.

He became of only eight athletes who have wona world championship at every level.

Bolt along with other seven athletes won the youth, junior and senior level of an athletic event.

15) Michael Johnson’s Concern

Michael Johnson, former world record holder for the 200 meters, showed concern about the building pressure on the young Usain Bolt.

His main concern was that Bolt’s performance might be affected by people’s expectations of him.

Michael Johnson is known to have shown his concern for Bolt’s future performances in these words, “It’s all about what he does three, four, five years down the line.”

16) Nerves and Shoes Incident

At the World Junior Championships of 2002, Usain Bolt was so worried about fulfilling the expectations of his people that he ended up wearing shoes on the wrong feet.

The pre-race nerves affected Bolt’s confidence.

This proved to be a learning experience for him and he promised himself to not get so affected by the crowd and to keep his calm.

17) Jamaican High School Championship 2003

Usain Bolt competed in the Jamaican High School Championships in 2003.

On qualifying for the final round, he started working harder than before and his efforts paid off when he broke the records of both the 200m and 400m.

He was able to beat the previous record in the 200by more than half a second, and the 400m sprint record by almost a second.

18) World Youth Best

While improving his timing for the 200m race, Usain Bolt set a world youth record.

On July 20, 2003, he set the record for the Pan-American Junior Championships.

The record ranks second in the youth time list and has not been beaten yet.

19) Equaling The Record

Usain Bolt concentrated his attention on performing better and better in the 200m.

His focus and efforts paid off and Bolt was able to complete the 200m in 20.13 seconds, equalizing his timing with Roy Martin’s world junior record at the Pan-American Junior Championships.

20) A Rising Successor

With his exceptional speed and performance, Bolt was seen to have the potential to be the probable successor to Michael Johnson.

Without a doubt, at the age of sixteen, Bolt registered times that Johnson reached in his later years.

Bolt’s times were also better than the times of Maurice Greene in that particular season.

Setbacks of Usain Bolt

21) Losing Focus

Bolt became extremely popular and was able to attract a lot of attention from people.

The increasing expectations were proving to be a burden for him.

Anxiety and the need to fulfill everyone’s expectations were making the young star lose his focus and he started eating unhealthy food, playing basketball and partying late into the night.

22) A Missed Opportunity

Bolt had high expectations from the 200m Senior World Championships in Paris.

After beating all the first timers at the trials, he was very confident.

Unfortunately for Bolt, he found himself suffering from some sort of allergy, which ruined his training sessions.

Due to his health, Bolt was not allowed to compete in the championship.

Professional Career of Usain Bolt

23) CARIFTA Games 2004

Usain Bolt started his professional career in 2004 by competing in the CARIFTA Games in Bermuda.

He became the first junior sprinter to run the 200 meters in 19.93 seconds, beating Roy Martin’s junior world record after earlier tying it.

For a second time, he took home the Austin Sealy Trophy for most outstanding athlete of the games.

24) An Unfortunate Injury

Usain Bolt suffered an unfortunate hamstring injury, which made it difficult for him to participate in the World Junior Championships of 2004.

This injury was a minor setback for the otherwise excelling young sprinter.

However, Bolt was smart enough to focus on future events instead of dwelling over something that was out of his control.

25) Olympics 2004

Usain Bolt headed to the Athens Olympics of 2004 after securing a spot on the Jamaican Olympics squad.

He headed to Greece with a revived confidence and a new world record to support his credentials.

However, he was unable to give his best due to a leg injury and ended up being eliminated in the first round of the 200 meters with a time of 21.05 seconds.

26) Turning Down Scholarships

Even though Bolt was unable to perform at the Olympics, he was offered scholarships from a number of American universities based on his past record.

However, the young sprinter turned down all the offers and chose to stay in Jamaica and train at the University of Technology.

27) London’s Crystal Palace

In 2005, Usain Bolt was introduced to his new coach, Glen Mills.

Mills believed in Bolt’s abilities and proved to be beneficial for him.

Mills began his work by making Bolt see the professional side of the sport.

The training sessions helped Bolt improve his time on the 200m by a third of a second.

Bolt gave his best time of the season at London’s Crystal Palace by completing the run in 19.99 seconds.

28) 2005 World Championship

Usain Bolt saw the 2005 World Championships in Helsinki as a way to prove himself to everyone.

He was very confident about improvements in his technique.

Bolt earned his place in the championship easily.

However, he faced another injury in the final and was unable to perform his best.

He came in last with a time of 26.27 seconds.

29) World Top 5

With every passing day, Bolt was keen to improve his technique and his times.

He was concerned about not being able to prove himself at the most important world athletics competitions.

However, in 2005 and 2006, with his improved performances he gained a spot in the world’s top five rankings.

30) Hamstring Injury – Again

Bolt was concerned about his injuries, which were not allowing him to complete an athletic season.

He had been unable to participate in the 2006 Commonwealth Games held in Melbourne because of yet another hamstring injury.

Bolt was injured in March and was unable to return to track until May.

Later his trainer introduced him to new flexibility exercises.

31) Best Of 19.88 Seconds

Usain Bolt beat his personal best in the 200m at the Athletissima Grand Prix of 2006; his new record time was 19.88 seconds.

Though he finished after Xavier Carter and Tyson Gay and won a bronze medal, Bolt was able to see the potential in himself and was able to gain confidence.

32) IAAF World Athletics Final

At the IAAF World Athletics Final of 2006, held in Germany, Bolt finished third and earned a bronze medal for his 20.10 seconds.

This was Bolt’s first major world medal.

After this bronze medal, Bolt tried hard to make sure he focused on his training sessions and improved his times.

33) National Record Of 36 Years Broken

Usain Bolt’s coach Glen Mills challenged Bolt to break the 36-year-old national record in the 200 meters as an incentive to fulfill Bolt’s wish of running in the 100m.

Bolt made this record his main focus and in the Jamaican Championships he broke Don Quarrie’s record by 0.11 seconds.

Bolt finished the 200 meters in 19.75 seconds.

34) Best In 100 Meters

After complying with his coach’s challenge, Bolt was able to compete in the 100 meters.

He participated in the 23rd Vardinoyiannia meeting in Crete and won the race with his personal best of 10.03 seconds.

This win earned him a gold medal.

Bolt got very excited and celebrated the event enthusiastically.

35) Evident Technical Improvements

By 2007, Usain Bolt was showing signs of improvements.

Glen Mills was very satisfied with Bolt’s improved techniques and balance.

His turnings at 200 meters were more refined now and his stride frequency improved significantly.

36) May 31, 2008

The crowd at the Reebok Grand Prix held in Icahn Stadium, New York, witnessed Bolt’s new record in the  100 meters.

Bolt was able to beat Asafa Powell’s record of 9.74 seconds with his 9.72 seconds and set a new world record on May 31, 2008.

His speed and techniques were highly praised by both commentators and competitors.

37) Setting a New Record

In the 2008 Olympics, Usain Bolt set a new world record for 100 meters.

He finished in 9.69 seconds and beat his personal best.

He won the sprint with ease; he slowed down towards the end of the race in order to celebrate, as he knew he was not covered.

Richard Thompson finished second with 9.89 seconds.


38) Bolt Criticized

Usain Bolt faced criticism in June 2008.

The athlete was called lazy and said to be relying on his natural abilities only.

According to Bolt, these criticisms were triggered by his lack of interest in training for the 400 meters.

He defended himself by commenting that he was working to his full potential and training very hard to make his mark in the field.

39) Jamaican Faced More Criticism

Usain Bolt was criticized for his celebratory actions before finishing the 2008 Olympic 100m final.

His actions were seen as bragging and showboating.

Kriss Akabusi, an Olympic medalist, and the IOC president, Jacques Rogge, criticized him.

In his defense, Bolt said he was just happy to win the race and did not mean to brag.

He was supported by his coach and by Lamine Diack, the president of the IAAF.

More Success

40) Breaking The Record Of Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson managed to set a world record of 19.32 seconds in the 200 meters in 1996.

Bolt was the favorite to win the gold medal in this event in 2008 but some people were doubtful about him being able to break Johnson’s record.

Bolt, however, proved everyone wrong and finished the 200 in record time of 19.30 seconds.

41) Celebratory ‘Happy Birthday’ Song

After the 200-meter race, a celebratory “Happy Birthday” song was played all over the stadium to wish Bolt a happy 22nd birthday, which was to begin at midnight.

Bolt’s victory in setting a new world record for the 200-meter race was celebrated with this song.

42) Third World Record Set

After setting two world records on his own, Usain Bolt set a third world record along with his 4×100 relay team to finish the race in the record time of 37.10 seconds.

This Olympic gold medal was the result of the joint effort of all the teammates.

The team was very happy to earn the third gold medal for its country and the team members were delighted to help Bolt set his third world record.

43) Concerns From Anti-Doping Agencies

The anti-doping agencies were unable to believe that a man could run as fast as Bolt without taking illegal substances.

Due to the cases handled in the past, officials were concerned that Bolt was on drugs or any banned substances.

Usain Bolt, along with his coach, confidently rejected all the allegations and invited the agency to come down and test Bolt anytime they wanted.

44) Xavier Carter’s Record Equaled

In the athletic season of 2008, Bolt, with his second fastest run of 200 meters, was successful in equaling his record with that of Xavier Carter at the Super Grand Prix final in Lausanne.

45) Order of Distinction

Bolt, on arriving in Jamaica, was presented with the Order of Distinction because of his exceptional performance in all the events of the Olympics.

Bolt was awarded the title of Commander, which gave him the right to use the initials “CD” after his name.

46) 150 Meters In 14.35 Seconds

After recovering from a leg injury during a car crash in late April 2009, Bolt was all set to compete at the Manchester Great City Games.

Even with him not being perfectly fit, Bolt recorded his fastest run of 150 meters in 14.35 seconds.

47) Lost To Tyson Gay

In 2010, Tyson Gay beat Usain Bolt by a significant difference of 13 seconds.

Tyson’s 9.84 seconds for the 100 meters to Usain’s 9.97 seconds reflected that Tyson had been working hard and was in much better shape than the man with three new world records.

This was Bolt’s first loss to Tyson in the 100 meters.

48) Diamond League

Usain Bolt scored an easy win at the IAAF Diamond League of 2010 at the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix.

He was unable to break Michael Johnson’s record 30.85 seconds for 300 meters but he won the race with his 30.97 seconds.

This race, however,caused a problem of the Achilles tendon for Bolt.

49) Defending The Title

In the 2012 Summer Olympics, Usain Bolt competed in the 100-meter race and won the gold medal, setting a new record of 9.63 seconds.

This race was not only about winning a gold medal but also about defending his gold medal from the 2008 Olympics.

50) Highly Paid Athlete

Usain Bolt ranks No. 63 on the Forbes magazine list of Highest Paid Athlete, thanks to his endorsement deals.

Usain Bolt earns $9 million per year alone from his Puma deal.

He is the face of a number of brands earning him a significant fortune.

Usain Bolt Accolades

51) Youngest World-Junior Gold Medalist

Usain Bolt saw the World Junior Championships of 2002 as a golden chance to prove himself in front of the world.

Despite of the fact that he was 0.03 seconds slower than his personal record time, he won the race.

Bolt’s win in the 200 meters earned him the title of the youngest world-junior gold medalist.

52) Austin Sealy Trophy

The Austin Sealy Trophy was introduced in 1977 and is a prestigious award presented to the athletes with outstanding accomplishments or performances in comparison to their rival athletes.

Bolt received the Austin Sealy Trophy at the 2003 CARIFTA Games for his exceptional performance.

Along with the trophy, he also earned four gold medals at the same event.

53) Rising Star Award 2002

With his increasing number of gold medals, Bolt was able to attract the attention of the athletes on the panel of the IAAF Rising Star Award.

Bolt with his exceptional performance won the hearts of the athletic hierarchy and made his mark by receiving the Rising Star Award of 2002.

54) IAAF Rising Star Award 2003

The IAAF Rising Star Award of 2003 was awarded to Usain Bolt for his record-equaling sprint.

He was presented this award to appreciate his efforts in both the youth and junior world championships.

Bolt was unable to compete in the World Championships that year.

55) First Senior International Silver Medal

In 2006, at the IAAF World Cup in Greece, Bolt earned his first senior international silver medal for his superb timing of 19.96 seconds in the 200 meters.

Wallace Spearmon of the U.S., who won the gold medal for his 19.87 seconds, beat Bolt’s time.

56) A Piece Of The Berlin Wall

Usain Bolt’s fans have always appreciated him.

The mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, honored him with a 12-foot-high piece of the Berlin wall.

This happened on the last day of the 2009 Berlin championships.

The piece of the Berlin Wall was later delivered to Jamaica.

It is decorated with a picture of Bolt running.

57) IAAF World Athlete Of The Year

Usain Bolt’s rising career and strong record of earning gold medals one after the other resulted in him being named the IAAF World Athlete of the Year.

This is an extremely prestigious award and Bolt won it  for four years: 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012.

58) Track & Field Athlete Of The Year

Track & Field Athlete of the year is an award introduced by Track & Field Magazine.

The panel consists of international athletes who select the winner after taking a good look at his or her performances.

Usain Bolt won this award for 2008 and 2009.

59) Laureus World Sportsman of the Year

The Laureus World Sports Awards are among the most prestigious sports awards.

The management had designed a rather lengthy process to get the award to the most deserving candidate.

The panel on the Laureus World Sports Awards includes editors, writers, etc., from more than 80 countries.

This award was won by Usain Bolt for three years, 2009, 2010 and 2013.

60) BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year

The BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the year is presented at an award ceremony.

This award is especially designed for non-British sportsmen.

The winner of this award is decided by a panel meeting of over 30 journalists.

Usain Bolt won the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award for the third time in 2012.

61) Order Of Jamaica

The Order of Jamaica was presented in 2009 to Bolt, the youngest person to receive the award.

This award signified appreciation for Usain Bolt’s performance in the field.

This award recognizes outstanding performances at the international level.

It allows Bolt to be called “The Honorable” and to use the initials “OJ” after his name.

62) The Usain Bolt Statue

The Birmingham, England, City Council honored the young sprinter Usain Bolt by having his statue made in wicker.

He came to Birmingham to train for the upcoming Olympics.

This was seen as a grand gesture but the Usain Bolt pose was on the right side while he always does it to the left.

63) Special Olympic Award

Usain Bolt’s efforts and hard work are evident in his speed and techniques.

Bolt along with his trainers has been working hard in order to gain recognition and to maintain his performances.

Bolt’s efforts are highly appreciated and he was awarded a Special Olympic Award for those efforts.

64) Six Olympic Gold Medals

Usain Bolt has won six Olympic gold medals.

He won three gold medals in the 2008 Olympics and the other three were earned in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Usain Bolt participated and won in 100 meters, 200 meters and 4×100 meter races and earned six gold medals.

Opinions On Bolt

65) Compared To A Ghost

Usain Bolt was able to defend his gold medal from the 200-meter race.

Bolt came in first with his 19.32 seconds as Yohan Blake, who won second place, followed at 19.44 seconds.

The sprinter from South Africa, Anaso Jobodwana, described Bolt as a “ghost who disappears in front of you.”

66) International Olympic Committee (IOC)

After his outstanding performance at the 2012 Olympics, Bolt regarded himself to be at the level of Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali in their respective fields.

The president of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, did not like this boasting comment of Usain Bolt and is known to have said that Bolt was not a legend yet.

However, the president later said he regarded Bolt as the best sprinter of all time.

67) Howard Hamilton Praised Bolt

Usain Bolt’s talent is mind-blowing.

His speed and his height are ideal for sprinting.

Howard Hamilton, a public defender and Jamaican sports official, urged the authorities to nurture Bolt’s talent.

He praised Bolt by calling him “the most phenomenal sprinter ever produced by this island.”

These words signify the importance of Bolt’s talent for the sports industry.


68) Charity For The Children Of Sichuan

Usain Bolt helped the victims of the Sichuan earthquake of 2008 by donating $50,000 for the betterment of the children of Sichuan.

This charitable donation was made after Bolt won three gold medals and celebrated his victories.

69) Usain Bolt Foundation

The Usain Bolt Foundation is a charitable organization, established by Usain Bolt.

The foundation serves the purpose of giving children a good environment.

It also helps build their futures in the fields of education and sports.

The Bolt Foundation also provides for medical treatments and surgeries of children.

Personal Interests

70) Bolt’s Idols

It is very important to have the right form of motivation and inspiration to achieve any goal.

Usain Bolt got his inspiration from world record-holders such as Don Quarrie, Michael Johnson and Herb McKenley.

The young Bolt spoke of these athletes very highly.

71) Love For Cricket

Usain Bolt is known to be a cricket buff.

Since his early years, he has been a fan of Sachin Tendulkar, Waqar Younus and Chris Gayle.

The Australian batsman Matthew Hayden also ranked high in Bolt’s book.

Usain Bolt speaks of cricket very fondly and expressed his love for the game by saying that if he was not a sprinter he would have been a fast bowler.

72) A Manchester United Fan

Usain Bolt is a big fan of football and especially Manchester United.

He attended the UEFA Champions League final in 2011 as a special guest of Manchester United.

The sprinter is known to have said that he would like to play for Manchester United once he retires.

73) NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game

Usain Bolt’s immense love for basketball has been evident since his childhood.

He played basketball  every chance he got and was always at an advantage because of his height.

In 2013, Usain Bolt played in the NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game and after making a slam-dunk earned two points.

However, after playing at the event he realized that he managed to score because of his height and that he was lacking in other areas of the sport.

74) Cars

Usain Bolt has great passion for cars and speed.

The sprinter owns three very beautiful cars.

Bolt has been seen riding the Nissan GT-R to match his need for speed.

The GT-R goes from 0-60 in under three seconds.

The blue BMW M3 was a present from his sponsors because of his exceptional performance on the track.

This car is very popular for performing as a sports car.

The Ferrari F430 Spider is a spectacular car with a remarkable engine and other features.

The car symbolizes Usain’s love for speed and taking control.

75) Hobbies

Usain Bolt is a fan of cricket, football and music.

In his free time Bolt also likes to play “Black Ops” and “Call of Duty.”

He is a video game buff and plays video games every chance he gets.

Cricket fascinates Bolt and he is very happy with the Twenty20 format of the game where he can take out time from his busy routine and follow the match easily.

76) A Music Lover

Music is known to be good for the soul.

The famous sprinter Usain Bolt shares the love of music and listens to different genres of music.

In 2010, a reggae DJ sequence was played by Usain Bolt to entertain a crowd in Paris.


77) Bolt’s Association with Puma

A sponsorship deal was signed between Usain Bolt and Puma after the World Junior Championship of 2002.

Bolt’s deal with Puma earns him $9 million every year.

After the deal was signed, Puma prepared to promote Bolt with videos and clippings.

A special set of Puma Complete Theseus Spikes with “Beijing 100m Gold” printed across the shoes was made for Bolt to wear during the race.

78) Lightning Bolt

“Lightning” Bolt is the nickname for the world’s fastest man.

The sprinter has been mentioned by this name a number of times in different magazines and articles.

The nickname “Lightning” Bolt suits the sprinter’s personality and speed completely.

79) Bolt From The Blue

“Bolt from the Blue”is another one of Usain Bolt’s nicknames.

Some say that Bolt got this nickname because of the lightning storm that happened after a record-breaking run.

80) Virgin Media

In January 2012, the founder of Virgin Media, Richard Branson, was impersonated by Usain Bolt for an advertisement of Virgin Media.

Richard Branson selected Bolt as the brand ambassador of Virgin Media to signify the speed of the broadband service.

81) ‘Bolt!’

A mobile app called “Bolt!” was launched on July 12, 2012.

It was the latest iOS game about Usain Bolt.

The app was rated No. 1 in Jamaica and was also becoming very popular in the UK.

“Bolt!” reached the No. 2 position on the Top Free Apps list.

82) Hubolt

The Hubolt watch is specially designed to honor the fastest man, Usain Bolt.

The watch features Bolt’s signature pose on the dial.

The gold-colored shoes Bolt wore for a record-breaking race inspired the color scheme of this watch.

The straps on Bolt’s watch are the same color as the Puma shoes he wore.

This is a limited series and the watches are priced at $24,000.

83) Ad Campaigns

Usain Bolt has signed deals with different companies and is seen endorsing the brands in ad campaigns.

Recently he was seen endorsing the VISA card and he starred in the ad for London Olympics 2012.

84) RockLive

RockLive is an entertainment company and makes Smartphone apps.

RockLive introduced the Bolt! app to entertain Bolt and to increase his fan following by drawing attention to the man as much as possible.

85) Extra Source Of Income

Endorsements form a major portion of Usain Bolt’s income.

Endorsements from Nissan to Virgin Media to Puma and many more brands help Bolt earn well.

86) World’s 50 Most-Marketable Athletes

Usain Bolt is one of the 50 most-marketable athletes.

This ranking is based on the mark Bolt made in the industry and his popularity among youngsters.

People associate speed with Usain Bolt and because of this Bolt is an excellent choice to market products that have speed as their key feature.

Other Work: Usain Bolt

87) ‘My Story: 9.58: Being the World’s Fastest Man’

“My Story: 9.58: Being the World’s Fastest Man” is the story of Usain Bolt.

Bolt signed a deal with HarperCollins in 2010.

He made a deal for his autobiography and later took the help of Chris Nathaniel to negotiate the deal.

The book was launched in 2010 in Paris.

88) Restaurant Business

Apart from participating in athletic events and endorsing different brands through ad campaigns, Usain Bolt runs his own restaurant/sports bar.

The restaurant, Tracks and Records, is located in Kingston, Jamaica.

89) Headphone Line

Usain Bolt signed a contract with Soul Electronics to launch a headphone line with his name.

The headphones show Usain Bolt doing his signature pose in the picture used with the headphones.

Interesting Facts

90) Lightning Strike

The lightning strike is Usain Bolt’s signature celebratory pose.

He makes this pose at the end of every race in order to express his happiness.

Apart from his signature style, Bolt has been seen carrying off the Mobot pose as a tribute to his friend and fellow track star Mo Farah.

91) Chicken Nuggets

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Usain Bolt went on a chicken nugget diet, as he did not trust eating anything else in China.

Bolt had nuggets three times a day, fifteen nuggets in every meal.

When Bolt was questioned about what he had for breakfast the day that he broke the world record, Bolt simply answered, chicken nuggets.

92) Twitter Following (2.7 million)

Usain Bolt has made many young people crazy about his talent.

The youngsters are always waiting to get some sort of update from the legendary Usain Bolt.

He enjoys the attention of a huge fan following.

Usain Bolt’s Twitter page shows approximately 2.7 million followers.

93) Net Worth

Usain Bolt had a net worth of $30 million as of March 2013.

Bolt has been earning from his different ad campaigns and his sponsorship deals; his net worth is also based on his earnings from his restaurant which is operating in Kingston.

94) Suggestion: Enter The Long Jump

Mike Powell, the long jump world record holder, suggested that Usain Bolt enter the long jump event.

Powell insisted that Bolt’s height and physique would help him become the first man to jump over 9 meters.

To Powell, Bolt was “a perfect fit.”

When asked to comment, Bolt said that he would think about long jump if his trainers think it is good for his career.

95) Usain And Powell

Even though Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell were rivals on the track, they gave the 4×100 race their complete dedication.

Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt were recorded to have set nine out of the ten fastest 100m paces in the world.

Either Usain or Powell recorded the nine fastest times.

96) An Early Start

At the 2011 World Championship in Daegu, Bolt was disqualified for making an early start.

It was a 100-meter final when by mistake Bolt made an extremely early start and was eliminated from the race.


97) Usain Bolt On Competition

Usain Bolt with his natural ability and high speed has made a mark in the field and secured his position.

However, he still views everyone as his competition.

The sprinter is known to have said, “But anybody who steps into the lane beside you is the biggest competition because they made it to the finals.”

This approach shows that Bolt simply thinks of everyone as his competition even when he knows that there are not many people who can beat him and his record

98) Bolt’s Take On Hard Work

Usain Bolt is not an athlete only because of his natural ability.

He is a successful athlete because he put his heart and soul into the sport and worked hard for it.

Bolt is known to have said, “I’ve worked hard over the years, I’ve been injured and I’ve worked hard through it, and I’ve made it.”

The sprinter has faced numerous injuries but somehow has always stood up, practiced and trained harder than before and made his mark in international world competitions.

99) Love For Hometown

Usain Bolt turned down offers to attend university in the United States.

He has always been very fond of his city and his culture.

In an interview, Bolt said that he loves his home country and would not leave at any cost.

After retiring from sprinting, Bolt said he would make a big house for his family in Jamaica.

100) Confidence or Overconfidence?

It is always good to believe in yourself but there is an extremely thin line between confidence and overconfidence.

The young sprinter has sometimes been criticized for being overconfident and bragging about his qualities.

The sprinter is known to have said, “I’m now a legend.

I’m also the greatest athlete to live.”

This statement was made after Bolt won the titles for 100m and 200m for the seventh time.

Eyebrows were raised, opinions were voiced but the athlete took no notice.


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