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Warren Edward Buffett Facts: #100

Warren Buffett Facts - Biography

Warren Buffett Facts – Biography

Early Years

1) Warren Edward Buffett

Who would have thought that one of the most influential people in the world would be born during the Great Depression, nearly a year after the crash of the stock market! On August 30, 1930, Warren Edward Buffett entered the world in Omaha, Nebraska, as the only son of his parents and an only brother to two sisters.

2) The Millionaire Little Boy

Buffett had always been interested in business and making money.

Even at the age of 6, he made his money by selling used golf balls, newspapers, packs of chewing gum and Coca-Cola bottles.

Unlike any other 10-year-old, he went to the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate his tenth birthday and by the time he was 11 he knew he wanted to be a millionaire before he turned 36.

3) 11-Year-Old Investor

In 1941, when Warren Buffett was only 11 years old, he bought his first share.

It was from his father’s brokerage firm where he also started working in the same year.

He had already been a salesperson for a while before he became an investor.


4) High School Graduation

Warren Buffett attended Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, D.C., where the family moved when his father, Howard, was elected to Congress in 1942.

He graduated from there in 1947 at the age of 17.

After that, his father pushed him to go to college but Buffett did not take that very easily and kept resisting.

5) Harvard Rejection

Warren Buffett didn’t think going to college was that important because he wanted to jump into business straight away.

However, he started college at Wharton and finished at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

He then was rejected for graduate school at Harvard.

In a way Harvard is what is common among Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett, but in different ways.

The former two dropped out to become rich, but the faculty at Harvard unknowingly rejected a future billionaire when they did not admit Buffett.

6) A Ben Graham Follower

Buffett transferred from Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, after studying there for two years, to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1948 and graduated in three years.

He had always had a resistance to going to college but applied to Columbia Business School where Ben Graham taught.

Graham and his investment principles led Buffett to admire Graham enough for him to become a role model for Buffett.

7) Alpha Sigma Phi

When he finally gave up and enrolled at Wharton, he became a member of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.

Almost all the men of Buffett’s previous family generation were members of the same fraternity, but back in Nebraska.

8) The Only A+ Student

Not having an inclination for studies did not mar Buffett’s intelligence at all.

At Columbia, he was the only student who got an A+ in his mentor’s class, ever.

Buffett really cherishes the lessons taught by Graham, who was not just an iconic figure to Buffett but also his mentor.

9) Masters in Economics

Warren Buffett has a masters in economics from Columbia Business School and was eager to step into Wall Street to start his career journey.

He even offered to work for Ben Graham as a volunteer but was refused.

Just like Graham, Buffett’s father also was not in favor of a Wall Street career for him yet.

Personal Life and Family

10) Keeping Feelings Hidden

As a child, showing emotions and expressing feelings were off-limits for the Buffett children.

Warren and his two sisters were not allowed to say “I love you” and were never tucked in bed with a goodnight kiss.

This impacted Warren’s behavior in such a way that he forgot to pay attention to himself.

11) Complex Relationship With Mother

Warren Buffett may have been the only son of a stockbroker turned congressman, but he grew up in a strict environment.

He even got beaten up and “verbally lashed” by his mother, Leila, which he has admitted made it difficult for him to have a close relationship with her.

However, he was devastated at his mother’s death in 1996 not only because she left the world but also because of the fear he had which kept him from bonding with her.

12) Messy Dresser

In college, Warren Buffett was famous for not having a sense of style and dressing messy.

Susie, his first wife, looked past all of that mess and saw the actual person behind it all.

According to Buffett, she had a motherly effect on him and she was the one who “put him together.”

13) A Typical Couple

In Warren’s and Susan’s marriage, they lived like a typical couple.

Both of them were at ease with what they did and what the other did.

Warren was the breadwinner and made the money; Susan looked after the kids and busied herself in domestics.

14) Relationships

Warren Buffett met his first wife Susan (Thompson) Buffett at Northwestern University.

They were introduced to each other by Warren’s sister, who was Susan’s roommate.

Warren and Susan got married in 1952, separated in 1977 but stayed married until Susan’s death in 2004.

Warren has three kids from his marriage to Susan.

In 2006, Buffett married his longtime partner, Astrid Menks, whom Susan had introduced to him following their separation.

15) Katharine Graham

Katharine (Kay) Graham, head of the Washington Post, had a very close relationship with Buffett.

Before 1977, there was a rumor that Warren and Kay were romantically involved but Buffett always denied that and insisted that they were only good friends.

Warren’s wife at that time was suspicious of their relationship too.

16) Biggest Mistake

Warren Buffett admits to letting his Susan go being the biggest mistake he has ever made in his life.

He blamed himself for their separation because he thought he drove Susan away due to his friendship with Kay.

He thought, “it was preventable, it should not have happened, it is my biggest mistake.”

17) Buffett’s Mistress

When Susan left Buffett and Astrid first moved into his house, people thought that he had brought in a mistress and that is what led Susan to leave.

After a while, Astrid realized that it was best to leave it the way it was – let Susan accompany Warren publicly.

She gave up and succumbed to being known as a mistress and housekeeper, until they got married in 2006.

18) Katharine Graham’s Death

Katharine Graham died in 2001, and at her funeral Warren Buffett did not do any readings or say anything about the departed.

It could have been because of their scandal, but only Warren knows the truth.

However, days later Buffett could not control his hidden emotions and was heard grieving for his dear friend.

19) Warren, Susie And Astrid

After Warren’s separation from Susan, his first wife, when Astrid moved in with him, people saw them as a trio as they all were more like friends than anything else.

Even their Christmas cards used to be signed from “Warren, Susie and Astrid.”

20) Susan Buffett’s Funeral

Even though Warren and Susan separated in 1977 they never stopped being close.

When Susan passed away in 2004, Buffett was devastated.

He could not even attend her funeral.

He told his daughter, also named Susie, that he would not be able to bear the overwhelming thoughts and love for Susan with all those people around.

21) Residence

As one of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffett still lives in the house that he bought in the 1950s in Omaha.

It is a sign of his simple lifestyle.

The billionaire does not have any gates or fences around the house nor does he believe in having a team of security guards to constantly hover about.

22) Prostate Cancer

Buffett was diagnosed with prostate cancer in early 2012 but still in its early stages, which is why he could likely be cured.

Doctors started treatments immediately.

Towards the end of 2012 Warren Buffett completed his radiation therapy and was declared clear of cancer.

23) Buffett Children

Warren Buffett has three kids from his first marriage to Susan Buffett.

He has a daughter, Susan, and two sons, Howard and Peter.

He named his oldest son Howard Graham Buffett, after his father Howard Buffett and his mentor Ben Graham.

He remarried in 2006 after his first wife’s death but does not have any children from that marriage.

24) Absentee Father

Warren Buffett, before he became a millionaire, was hardly ever seen at home.

He was always busy trying to make money and become rich.

Susan was almost like a single mother bringing up three kids on her own, but she always hoped that once they were rich Warren would spend more time at home and give his kids the attention they needed.

She was wrong, as for Warren nothing came before his passion!

25) Father’s Death

Warren’s father, Howard Buffett, died in 1964.

Warren did not show any signs of sorrow or devastation as he did on his mother’s death.

The one thing he did was criticize his wife, Susan, because he thought she overspent on the funeral.

26) Relationship Advice

According to Warren Buffett, the two most precious assets in the world are time and relationships.

They are like an investment.

This advice he uses for all kinds of relationships, be it personal or business.

For him, anyone who does not bring you any good should not be in your life.


27) Sharon Osberg

Warren Buffett met Sharon Osberg more than twenty years ago.

She is a world champion bridge player and executive at Wells Fargo.

Sharon is now one of Warren’s best friends, even though their meeting was quite an awkward game of bridge when Buffett invited her over to play with him.

28) 10-Hour Meeting

Even though they are two of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates had not met until 2007.

The meeting was supposed to last for half an hour but turned out to be 10hours long.


29) Job Rejection from Ben Graham

After Buffett finished his masters in economics from Columbia, he went to Ben Graham and offered to work for him at his small investment house.

Graham rejected him, apparently because Buffett was not Jewish.

Graham felt that that he should hire only Jewish employees because it was hard to get a job on Wall Street at that time if you were Jewish.

Buffett was crushed but didn’t stop trying to convince Graham and finally landed himself a job with Graham due to his brilliant ideas and determination.

30) Businesses Owned

Warren Buffett has more than 80 businesses under him that range from food and beverage industries to jewelry, clothing, furniture, insurance and finance, construction, media, logistics, utilities and chemical industries.

Some of the most renowned businesses he owns are Heinz, GEICO and Fruit of The Loom.

He also has shares in Coca-Cola, IBM and American Express.

31) Worst Investment Decision

Buffett confesses that the textile mile that gave its name to Berkshire Hathaway may have been his biggest investment mistake.

The textile industry was not doing well in the 1960s when Buffett bought it.

At the time, he didn’t realize what he was getting himself into.

He kept running the textile mill at a loss for about 20 years, thinking one day it would reap fruit but to no avail.

It was then that he realized that it was time to branch out into new industries like insurance.

32) First Million

The world knows that Warren Buffett always wanted to be rich.

He knew he would become a millionaire by the age of 35.

And it is his confidence that got his dream fulfilled.

In 1962, through his partnership that he had only contributed $100 to, Buffett became a millionaire, at the age of 32.

33) ‘Hold Them Forever’

When Buffett buys into something, he does not let it go.

Therefore, he only buys businesses in industries he knows.

Regardless of how big or small the industry is, once he’s bought it, he’s keeping it.

His advice is to “find undervalued companies, regardless of their industry, and hold them forever.”

34) Alcohol – Only An Investment

As Roger Lowenstein mentions in his book on Buffett, Warren Buffett is not so keen on drinking.

He would rather drink fifteen cans of Coca-Cola per day than consume alcohol.

He has, however, invested in Empire Distributors, a distributor of alcoholic beverages, which had been operating for 70 years before Buffett bough it.

35) Buffett On Cigarette Business

After acquiring R.J. Reynolds tobacco company Buffett said, “I’ll tell you why I like the cigarette business.

It costs a penny to make.

Sell it for a dollar.

It’s addictive.

And there’s fantastic brand loyalty.”

36) First Billion

At the age of 55, Warren Buffett earned his first billion and became a proud billionaire in 1985.

This was the year when Berkshire Hathaway acquired ABC, which in that era was the largest media deal ever.

This is what got Buffett his billionaire status.

37) MidAmerican Energy

Where the rest of the world may be dubious about solar power, Warren Buffett’s company, MidAmerican Energy, is investing in great projects.

This is because Buffett is investing in solar energy as he would in a bond.

He thinks the value will grow over the years and for him “price is what you pay and value is what you get.”

38) Ted Weschler

One of the most recent employees hired by Warren Buffett is Ted Weschler.

This employment is worth mentioning because Weschler paid more than $5.2 million just to have lunch with Buffett over the course of two annual charity auctions.

Weschler previously was managing partner of the hedge fund Peninsula Capital Advisors.

39) Washington Post and Coca-Cola

It is quite public that Warren Buffett became a salesman and a businessman at a very young age.

That is one reason he has had a lifelong relationship with Coca-Cola and the Washington Post.

When he was young he made money selling the Post and bottles of Coca-Cola and now he owns the former and is one of the biggest investors of Coke.

40) Salomon Brothers

Warren Buffett had invested nearly $700 million in Salomon Brothers and in 1991 had to spend 9 months and 4 days in New York trying to save the bank.

This was because illegal activities were going on through unauthorized means to increase the shares.

Due to Warren’s honest reputation, he had to lead the way.

41) Berkshire India

Warren Buffett has spread his wings all the way to India as well.

Berkshire Hathaway is renowned for its investment businesses and similarly in India they are aiming to launch their life insurance product through Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance.

At present, Berkshire India is already selling travel, health and car insurance in the country.


42) First Private Jet

In 1986, Warren Buffet bought his first private jet.

This was an old second-hand Falcon which he bought for $850,000.

It was not because he really wanted or needed a private plane but because it was getting more and more difficult and awkward for him to fly commercially.

43) ‘The Indefensible’

Warren Buffett has a private jet that he bought for about $10 million that he has called “The indefensible.”

He does, however, still prefer to fly on commercial planes.

44) Laguna Beach Home

Buffett does not believe in extravagance.

In 1970, nevertheless, he bought a vacation home in Laguna Beach, California, worth $4 million only to fulfill his wife’s wish.

He likes to live in his family home in Omaha most of the time.

45) Forbes List

As of March 2013, Warren Buffett is No. 4 on the Forbes billionaires list and No. 2 in the United States, No. 15 in the World’s Most Powerful People List and No. 2on the Forbes 400.

His latest acquisition is that of Heinz which was worth nearly $23 billion and that took his net worth to $53.5 billion.


46) Largest Philanthropic Gift

In 2006, Warren announced what he wanted to do with his assets.

And surprisingly enough, even though everyone knew he would donate a large chunk to charity, it was announced that 85% of his wealth would go to charity and not his children.

This in history will be the largest philanthropic gift ever.

47) 82nd Birthday

On his 82nd birthday, Warren Buffett announced the donation of $600 million worth of his company’s stocks to the foundations his children run, as a gift.

Initially it was thought that he had some health concerns but it was revealed that he had decided to give away a larger chunk of his assets to charity anyway.

48) Lunch With Buffett

In 2003, eBay started auctioning a lunch experience with Warren Buffett for $250,100.

It was sold for $351,100 in 2005 and then again for $650,100 in 2007.

And in 2012, an anonymous bidder paid a whopping $3,456,789 to have lunch with Buffett.

The money from the auction goes to charity.

49) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has always had two trustees, however, Warren Buffett has recently become the third one.

Buffett has announced that out of the 85% of his wealth that is going to charity, assets of over $40 billion will go to the Gates Foundation.

Political Views

50) Republican or Democrat?

Because of how the civil rights movement was managed, Buffett’s political belief wavered a bit.

He was a Republican through his upbringing but having witnessed the civil rights movement he thought that the Democrats were more likely to understand what needed changing in the country when it came to civil rights.

It was then that he converted from a Republican to a Democrat.

51) Team Schwarzenegger

Buffett was appointed as an adviser to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gubernatorial campaign in 2003, however not everyone liked his ideas on California property taxes.

And his response to the opposition was, “I took the job yesterday.

And it’s going to be his [Schwarzenegger’s] policies.

Any advice I give is going to be to him.”

52) The Liberal Buffett

It may seem strange for someone from Warren Buffett’s time to be liberal.

But even in the early 1960s Warren and his then-wife, Susan, were different as he had gatherings where black Americans mingled.

Buffett’s father was the president of a club but he quit it as he thought “it was racist and elitist.”

53) Tax Increases Proposed By Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama wanted to use the so-called Buffett Rule to introduce tax changes so that wealthy people would pay at the same rate as middle-class people.

However, Warren Buffett was not totally convinced about them.

Even though Buffett favors increasing taxes, he thinks people who are earning less than $500,000 should not have to face higher tax rates.

Valuable Advice

54) Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Just like the famous kids’ story of the tortoise and the hare, Warren Buffett also believes in taking each step cautiously.

For him, yes, it is important to set goals and targets and to achieve them ahead of anyone else, but it does not mean you rush everything because, “You might miss something important.”

Therefore, it is always important to take a steady step.

55) Let Them Learn

Warren Buffett thinks it is important for children to become their own person.

He said, “Don’t give your kids the idea they’re special just because their parents are rich or powerful.”

Buffett himself can be an example of this as, even though his father provided for him to go to college, Buffett made himself what he is today.

If a child has the determination and the passion to learn, he/she can achieve anything.

56) Do Not Overspend

Warren Buffett does not favor overspending.

His advice to all, investor or non-investor, is not to waste your money.

He believes in spending less than you earn.

That’s the secret to success.

According to him, if you spend more than you get, you will end up in debt and nothing is worse than that.

57) Reputation Most Important

For Warren Buffett nothing is more important than business and investment BUT reputation.

He said that he would not mind if his company and its people lost money.

However, he would be “ruthless” if they were to risk the company’s reputation because without a good reputation, a business is nothing.

58) Secret To Success

According to Buffett, “If people get to my age and they have the people love them that they want to have love them, they’re successful.

It doesn’t make any difference if they’ve got a thousand dollars in the bank or a billion dollars in the bank… Success is really doing what you love and doing it well.

It’s as simple as that.

I’ve never met anyone doing that who doesn’t feel like a success.”

59) Bridge And Investment

According to Buffett, bridge and investment are very similar.

He once commented, “The approach and strategies are very similar in that you gather all the information you can and then keep adding to that base of information as things develop.

You do whatever the probabilities indicated based on the knowledge that you have at that time, but you are always willing to modify your behavior or your approach as you get new information.

In bridge, you behave in a way that gets the best from your partner.

And in business, you behave in the way that gets the best from your managers and your employees.”

60) Unpredictable Social Media

According to Buffett, “In the business world, the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.”

It is for this reason that he has expressed no interest in having shares in social media sites.

He also thinks that such companies are highly overpriced.

He did mention on one occasion that, even though it is a great business, he is not interested in investing in Facebook, the reason being the unclear future.

61) Every Penny Counts

Being one of the richest people in the world doesn’t mean that Buffett is ready to blow his money away or just go on a spending spree.

For Warren Buffett every penny, every cent is as important as the next billion.

His principle of success is to keep your own “scorecard” and you will never fail.

According to him, “Life is like a snowball.

The important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill.”

62) The 2-Rule Rulebook

Buffet’s rulebook is as simple as his business style and lifestyle.

It only consists of two rules for the CEOs of the companies he owns and they make the shareholder the most important part of a business.

According to him, rule one is: Don’t lose your shareholder money, and rule two: Always remember rule number one.

63) World’s Most Quoted Investor

As well as being the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett has the honor of being the world’s most quoted investor too.

Buffett’s quotes are widely used around the world by financial experts who would believe every word that ever left Buffett’s mouth with closed eyes.

64) Do What You Know You Can

Warren Buffett does not take huge risks when it comes to business.

That’s why he likes to study, observe and forecast the deal he is about to make.

He  said, “I don’t look to jump over 7-foot bars: I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over.”

This means that he only does what he knows will bring him benefit.

He would not just take a big risk just because a huge return is expected.

That’s what his 80-plus businesses demonstrate.

He has his feet grounded in every possible industry.

65) Going For Gold?

Warren Buffett does not think investing in gold is a good idea.

He said, “If you put your money into gold or other non-income-producing assets that are dependent on what someone else values that in the future, you’re in speculation.”

66) Buffett On Isaac Newton

“Long ago, Sir Isaac Newton gave us three laws of motion, which were the work of genius.

But Sir Isaac’s talents didn’t extend to investing: He lost a bundle in the South Sea Bubble, explaining later, ‘I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the madness of men.’

If he had not been traumatized by this loss, Sir Isaac might well have gone on to discover the Fourth Law of Motion: For investors as a whole, returns decrease as motion increases.”

67) Do What You Like

Warren Buffett does not like forcing or being forced into something that one does not have the aptitude for.

He famously said, “Find your passion.

I was very, very lucky to find it when I was seven or eight years old… You’re lucky in life when you find it.

And you can’t guarantee you’ll find it in your first job out.

But I always tell college students that come out (to Omaha): Take the job you would take if you were independently wealthy.

You’re going to do well at it.”


68) Hairstyle

The world’s greatest billionaire, you would think, would also be one of the world’s most stylish people.

This is untrue when it comes to Warren Buffett. Bloomberg TV, in their Warren Buffett profile, showed how Buffett has had exactly the same hairstyle since he was a little boy.

69) Down To Earth

Warren Buffett may be one of the richest people in the world but he is also one of the most down-to-earth people.

When his daughter was born, Susan and Warren lived in an apartment that was not ready for a child.

They had no problem using a dresser drawer as a makeshift crib for little Susie.

70) Fear Of Criticism

Like a normal person, Warren Buffett also has his own fears.

According to business writer Alice Schroeder, Buffett confesses to not being so calm, collected and calculated in his personal life.

He said he is a needy husband and he has a great fear of criticism.

He tries to avoid people who can possibly throw criticism his way.


Warren Buffett’s car license plate makes it evident that his way to becoming the richest man in the world was to accumulate wealth but not part with any of it.

He very boldly displays “THRIFTY”as  his personal car license plate.

72) 1,000 Calories a Day

When Susan was diagnosed with oral cancer and was hospitalized toward the end of her life, she was on a liquid diet.

Even after being separated, his love for her did not die and he vowed to do the same and consumed only 1,000 calories a day on a liquid diet.

He said, “That cannot be a lot of fun, so I won’t have fun either.”

73) Uncomfortable About Illnesses

Since his childhood Warren Buffett has not been very expressive of his feelings but it was clear that he was not comfortable discussing illnesses even if it was something as minor as cough or flu.

However, he forgot all his resistance and read anything he could about oncology to help his dying wife.

74) Religion

Warren Buffett did not adopt his family’s Presbyterian religion.

He is too logical for believing in something so intangible.

He considers himself to be an agnostic.

75) Investor And Philanthropist

Warren Edward Buffett is one of the greatest investors and philanthropists of the century.

What gets him this “greatest” title is his determination because he always knew he was going to be something! He said, “I always knew I was going to be rich.

I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.”

76) Oracle Of Omaha

Warren Buffett is known as the “Oracle of Omaha.”

This is because of his simple rules and lifestyle and his deep-rooted attachment to his community, combined with his powerful investment mind.

This combination makes him a lethal competitor in the world of business and investment, thus the title.

77) A Man Of Calculations

Warren Buffett has always had a sharp, business-oriented mind.

He started saving money at a very young age and has great mental mathematical ability.

Being good at calculations is what probably makes him so passionate about bridge, as he told Forbes Magazine in 1997, “Bridge is about weighing gain/loss ratios.

You’re doing calculations all the time.”

78) Lowenstein On Buffett

Roger Lowenstein said in his book about Buffett: “Buffett’s uncommon urge to chronicle made him a unique character in American life, not only a great capitalist but the Great Explainer of American capitalism.

He taught a generation how to think about business, and he showed that securities were not just tokens like the Monopoly flatiron, and that investing need not be a game of chance.

It was also a logical, commonsensical enterprise, like the tangible businesses beneath.

He stripped Wall Street of its mystery and rejoined it to Main Street – a mythical or disappearing place, perhaps, but one that is comprehensible to the ordinary American.”


79) Hobby

When it comes to hobbies, Buffett enjoys playing bridge.

Warren Buffett is such a keen bridge player that he donated the cup for the official USA versus Europe bridge challenge, which is also named after him: Warren Buffett Bridge Cup.

A frequent partner of Buffett’s in bridge is Microsoft’s Bill Gates, who is one of the board members at Berkshire Hathaway.

80) Junk Food Lover

With shares in Coca-Cola, Warren admits to despising healthy food.

He loves popcorn, chocolate, burgers and sandwiches.

Earlier in his life, his wife Susie said he often breakfasted on chips and Pepsi.

Whenever he has free time, he prefers making popcorn and watching the television instead of socializing.

81) Buffett – A Shy One?

It is hard to imagine Warren Buffet as being shy and reserved when he was a child.

You would think he was born with his confidence just like his flair for business.

But no, as 20-year-old Buffett took a Dale Carnegie public speaking course.

He is not embarrassed by the fact that he has that diploma, but keeps it as one of his most prized possessions.

82) A Man Of Few Words

Warren Buffett owns 80-plus businesses and is one of the most powerful people in the world.

However, he does not hold regular meetings or conferences with his company heads.

He only writes to them once a year to state their goals and targets for the year and what he expects them to achieve in relation to what is going on in the world.

83) Favorite Books

Warren Buffett likes to read a lot and encourages reading in young people.

In 2003, he made some recommendations which were “Bull!”  by Maggie Mahar, “The Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron”  by Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind and “In an Uncertain World: Tough Choices from Wall Street to Washington”  by Robert Rubin and Jacob Weisberg.

84) Favorite Food

Unlike many people his age, Warren Buffett does not like to eat healthy.

He would rather have chocolates than eat his vegetables.

Like a young American, his favorite foods include the cheeseburger and Cherry Coke.

85) Technology – A No-No

It’s not that Warren Buffett isn’t tech savvy, but it is true that he does not like technology.

Even in this era, he lives like he is from another century.

He still does not carry a mobile phone and does not have a computer on his desk.

He calls himself a “computer” and he doesn’t even like to use a calculator.

86) Still A Local At Heart

The “Sage of Omaha” still likes to roam about in his hometown as freely as just another local.

He loves to eat at the local eateries and one can usually spot him around town.

He still drives his old Cadillac, which makes him one of the most loved billionaires as well.

87) Favorite Restaurant

Warren Buffett’s favorite restaurants are Gorat Steak House and Piccolo Pete’s, both in Omaha.

At Gorat, he has his steak with a Cherry Coke (his favorite drink) and at Piccolo, he finishes off with their Root Beer Float.

88) Favorite Stocks

Buffett owns over 80 companies and stocks in businesses.

But he still has his few favorites.

Among Buffett’s top five stocks are Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola, IBM, American Express and Procter and Gamble.

89) Ham Sandwich

Warren Buffett said he can eat the same thing over and over again.

He is so fond of a simple ham sandwich that he said, “I would eat a ham sandwich every day for fifty days in a row for breakfast.”

Interesting Facts

90) $100 For A Partnership

Warren Buffett is not known for being a great spender.

It is evident when you find out how he got his first partnership.

His first partnership was in 1956, with six other partners including Warren’s sister and mother.

Of the $105,000 collected in total, Warren Buffett’s contribution was only $100.

At least it was a start!

91) Absentminded Young Buffett

Warren Buffett may have always been organized with his business, money and calculations but Bloomberg TV found out that he had been an absent-minded and messy student at college.

His roommate told Bloomberg TV how, without even noticing, Buffett usually managed to put different shoes on each of his feet.

92) Charles Munger

Berkshire Hathaway’s Vice Chairman Charles Munger is from the same city as Warren Buffett but they were not so well acquainted.

Munger, who is Buffett’s senior by six years, took two years to become convinced before he gave up his law practice to come and join Berkshire.

To be frank, Buffett told Munger he did not think law would get him anywhere.

And Buffett was right!

93) $10,000 If I Weigh More Than 173 Pounds

Warren Buffett devised a unique way of keeping his weight in check.

He used to make checks worth $10,000 in his children’s names and leaving them unsigned, saying he would sign the checks if he weighed more than 173 pounds on a certain day.

To date, he hasn’t had to sign any such checks.

94) The Billionaire’s Challenge

In 2007, Warren Buffett challenged the Fortune 400 to get their taxes recalculated and confess that the tax rate they are paying is lower than what they should be paying.

As a response, he said, “only three close friends got back to him and confessed.

Obviously, they wished to remain anonymous.”

TV Appearances

95) Cameo Role In Hollywood

Hollywood is not where Warren Buffett sees his future but he did make a cameo appearance in a Hollywood flick in 2010.

The movie was “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” and he played himself.

96) ‘All My Children’

Warren Buffett appeared twice on ABC’s “All My Children” soap opera.

He was given on a check for each of his appearances but did not cash the first one.

He cherished the experience so much that he kept it as a memento.

The Future

97) Warren Buffett Successors

As of March 2013, Warren Buffett still is not sure who he wants to fill in his shoes at Berkshire Hathaway.

He has, however, given some hints as to what he expects.

He has mentioned that once he retires, he will require a CEO and a couple of people to manage the company finances.

Most people are guessing that his elder son will take up the CEO post.

98) Disowned Adopted Granddaughter

Warren Buffett disowned his adopted granddaughter, Nicole, after she appeared on a TV documentary.

Unlike any other Buffett, for the first time ever someone from the family had opened up about their upbringing and the Buffett household.

She did not make Warren aware of her appearance on TV beforehand and when questioned about what she expected his reaction would be she replied, “I definitely fear judgment.

Money is the spoke in my grandfather’s wheel of life.”

It was after this that Warren wrote to her, “I have not emotionally or legally adopted you as a grandchild, nor have the rest of my family adopted you as a niece or a cousin.”

99) Investor Versus Businessman

Warren Buffett thinks being an investor is directly related to being a businessman.

He said, “I am a better investor because I am a businessman and a better businessman because I am an investor.”

100) Tips For Young Investors

Warren Buffett has a few tips up his sleeve for the new generation of investors:
• Stay away from credit cards and bank loans, and invest in yourself.
• Live your life simply.
• Don’t do what others say, but do listen to them.
• Don’t buy brand names.  Wear what feels comfortable.
• Don’t waste money on unnecessary things.  Give it to people with real need.
• Most “toys” are a pain in the neck.
• Avoid “ongoing” expenses, like subscription fees for things, such as cell phones, Internet access, real estate taxes and maintenance expenses for toys.


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